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What to do if you fail or did not pass Post Utme?

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what to do if you did not pass post utme

A lot of federal Universities in Nigeria deems it fit for her aspiring candidates to participate in their pre-admission screening exam, commonly known as post utme, and it is a necessity to pass the post utme exam before one can secure admission into such Institution.  This guide will further educate you on what to do if you failed post utme or did not the minimum requirement for your desired institution in particular.


Let’s take, for instance, the University of Ilorin. Unilorin sets 50% as the minimum cut off mark for her post utme test out of a possible 100%.

More than likely, a lot of students will not meet the minimum 50% cut off mark for the post utme test.

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In predicaments like that, we can only conclude that such student did not pass post utme, and that only means such students will have no chance of gaining admission.

Many other institutions like the University of Benin (Uniben) have concluded their post utme exam and released results.

Same applies to other institutions.

So, what are the best advice for students who did not pass post utme, are there any recommended actions to be taken for students desperately in need of admission but got cut off in the post utme net?


Long before now, as agreed by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), so many federal institutions like Uniben Unilorin, Unilag, Abu, Uniport, Unibadan, Futminna, Oau, and others have made it compulsory for aspirants to sit for their specially designed post utme exam to further test whether a student is qualified.

Post Utme test has therefore become a major subject of concern. While it still takes its place as a setback, let’s rather say aspirants have no choice than to comply with this even though it is disdain.


So, in this article, we will put out some advice and recommended steps to take if you did not pass post for the institution you applied at.

Advise for students who did not pass post utme exam.

So here is it, if you find yourself as a victim of those candidates this article address, then I would urge you to accept the truth and stick to the information contained in this article as it defines the way forward if there would still be a chance of you gaining admission.

1. Admit your error, and face reality:

If you didn’t score as expected in the post utme exam, there is no cause to act sorry or bundle up complaints.

A lot of candidates immediately begins to lay blames once they find themselves in cases like this.

Intelligent people fail, most of the time it is more than just reading

You do not have to blame anyone, we know you did your best but the best wasn’t just enough.

Nevertheless, you need to admit the errors, and face reality.

2. You need to immediately take actions if you still can.

If time still permits you, you must search if there are any University or institution open for applications into their Undergraduate programmes and if jamb change of institution is still open.


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Before you take this action, remember you need to think twice, and at the same time act fast, be conscious of the institution you decide to change to assuming you did not pass the post utme for the current University you applied to.

This is the most recommended step assuming the opportunity still presents itself for change of your institution.

What you must not do if you failed post utme!

A lot of candidates will start thinking of looking for connections to cover themselves up the moment they find themselves in cases like this.

Take note, Institutions have standing protocols and you should understand that connection doesn’t help the whole time, and it may not work for you especially the University of Ilorin.

This is in case you have any mindset of such to cover up for your performance.

What to do, if change of institution is no longer possible.

If there is no way to change to another institution or there is no possible institution that you would want to change to, then it is wise you try again.

That is to say, give yourself more time to prepare for the next session.

This may be a choice you do not want to make, we understand that it would be a bitter experience as no one wants to sit at home anymore.

But, it may be worth it if you wait one more year and prepare earnestly for the next season.

Sometimes, I think Tertiary education is not meant to be rushed, there are usually reasons for the delay most times.

Delay isn’t denial.

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But one thing that I know is: You didn’t fail because you are dull or less intelligent, it is a major encouragement to make you stand on your feet (be more prepared) because University life is not a joke but one that you must be fully prepared for.

There isn’t any cause for alarm, just hold steadfastly and wait for your next opportunity.


All the best!

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