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Unilorin to start giving admission in September 2019

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when will Unilorin start giving admisison

Apparently speaking, the University of Ilorin seems to be high-minded about rolling out a fast academic calender, things have been happening pretty expeditious this session and all we can say is, admission seekers who were all participants in the School’s screening exercise should be glad and most favored by the Varsity’s new system Academic Calendar.

Therefore, speaking, the board is set to let out the first batch admission list anytime middle of september.

The question I am meant to ask you is, would you make it to the first list?

However, for those getting this article back in time, we have shared an article on how Unilorin admission grading system would be in 2019 for a recap see: How Unilorin gives admission, were we talked about what you must do to experience a hitch-free admission processing for the 2019/2020 session.

When will Unilorin start giving admission (When would Unilorin admission list be out 2019)

Unilorin first batch admission list is expected to be out  middle september, 2019 if there are no alterations as earlier enunciated.

In a short note, all aspirants are advised to visit the school’s portal on the 21st of August 2019 to confirm their entries as the final aggregate would be made known to all thence, August 21st, 2019.

Updated: The board would not be releasing the final agregrate for 2019 admission anymore.

From what we gathered, the board is already compiling her admission list, and for the meantime, all candidates are advised to stick to a reliable source of information in case of any action needed to be taken to ascertain a foolproof admission processing perhaps for those who are qualified.

Below are some interesting thoughts or questions you might have and the answers to them.

Information had it that they are going to combine our O’level result with our post utme score to get the final aggregate; does it man those having below 50% would have a chance?

No, despite the fact that the Varsity introduced a new formal system of admission base on calculating post utme score and O’level, the board will not admit or consider anyone having below 50% in the earlier conducted screening exercise.

Learn more: 15 interesting facts about Unilorin.
You can hover to Unilorin helpmate website, a platform specified for University of ilorin aspirants, see this article on how Unilorin calculates admission aggregate for further information.

Also, we recommend reading this article if you scored below 50 in Unilorin post utme.

Does it means Unilorin will release all admission batch in August, if not how long does it take to release another batch?

As earlier declared, Unilorin is expected to release the first batch around mid-september, we expect the following batch to follow immediately (not longer than one month) believing that they are candid about rolling out a fast academic calendar.

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In the previous years, Unilorin takes about a month each to release one batch of admission list, but we urge you to expect something faster this session.

How many admission lists does Unilorin release?

Unilorin releases four admission lists, the first batch also known as the merit list, the second batch also known as the second merit list, the third batch also known as the supplementary list and finally the fourth batch also known as the VC. list.

This has and would always be the format.

When should we expect the whole batch to be out?

If you ask me this, i probably wouldn’t be able to give a certain date as the Calendar is always subject to change.

However, we expect it to be faster than last year’s admission session, and we expect all list to be out on/before November 2019.

For more information please download Unilorin HelpMate news app.

I am happy to announce that the Unilorin Helpmate team has rolled out a News app, to deliver quick and reliable information to all aspirants and concerned dignitaries.

It is not just a News app it is that in which you will find enough information about the school on daily bases, we advise all of those waiting and praying to gain admission into the University of Ilorin including freshers to download the Unilorin News application.

You can download it here

Final note:

Enrol jupeb

Why you await the admission list we urge you to be prayerful, see you in school.
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