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Unilorin Post Utme Registration issues- Solution

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Unilorin post utme registration

It has come to our notice that a lot of students face problems at the course of post utme registration. Such as those who changed their course, but still did not reflect in the University of Ilorin portal.

No aspirant wants to experience the repercussions of not gaining admission, So, it is normal to worry.

A lot of questions have been placed on our desk as regards the issue encountered at the point of Unilorin 2019/2020 post utme registration just after the University of Ilorin started to sale pre-admission screening form (post utme distractions).

Today, I will talk on all the problems that may occur during your post utme registration, and how to fix it asap!

Most likely, a lot of aspirants either changed their course or institution only to be held back amid their registration.

I bet you have a lot of questions, and probably a worried mind right now.

Relax, today you will surely have an answer.

Our team “Unilorin helpmate” is dedicated to facilitating easy admission processing for every aspirant.

So, we believe you are here for a solution and that is what we strive to provide.

It is our mission to easy that you easily gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

So, let us start with the registration issues.

You are not Qualified for your course issue.

Did you come across something like this?

Unilorin post utme registration says not qualified for course

You are not Qualified for your course of choice based on your jamb scores of (…..). The minimum score for (…..) is (….). Use change of course option.

One time or the other, you may come across this issue while registering for Unilorin post utme that you are not qualified for your course.

Well, this issue is not coming from the school or the portal, the issue is entirely on your ship, and it is up to you how you sail it along.

As a policy or condition for gaining admission at the University of Ilorin, it is very important that you meet the minimum cut off mark or you cannot register for the post utme, let alone gain admission.

Let’s say, for example, you applied for B.A History and international studies in jamb and you scored 209 in Jamb.

The bad news is, you would be prompted to change course because the minimum cut off mark is 210.

Learn more: List of less competitive courses in Unilorin that you can apply for with low jamb score.

The solution to this:

If you find yourself in a case similar to this, but you, however, scored 180 and above in Jamb, just relax your mind, you can still gain admission if you do the needful.

Here is what to do: You need to change the course to a course in the range of your utme score.

Enrol jupeb

In this case, it is not compulsory to go to jamb office to change the course.

Over the course of the registration, just change the course there. You would be provided with some courses that you qualify for.

Remember you do not qualify for any course you don’t find there.

So pick another course and you will finally be able to proceed with the registration.


You are not qualified for your course base on your jamb subject combination.

Here is another issue that you may have encountered similar to the first issue.

It says:

You are not qualified for (….) based on JAMB Subject Combination of (….). Use change of course of option.

You are not qualified based on jamb subject

Still, on this issue, it may go as far as this:

You are not qualified for any of our courses based on your JAMB Subject Combination.

Enrol jupeb

Error during unilorin post utme

The reason you get issues like this while doing your registration is that the subjects you wrote in Jamb are not the required subject for Unilorin for your particular course.

There is something called ‘special Waiver remark‘. It means what other schools prefer in terms of the subject required for a course may not be accepted by other schools who will have their own choice.

Unilorin has special waiver remark for most courses, so what you may have thought was right may actually not be right for Unilorin.

That is why you have to make a lot of inquiries, ask questions and be very sure of what you do.

The solution to this:

Just as stated, your only option is to change course or quit, you need to change to a course that fits your Jamb Combo.

Most aspirants would want to know what exactly is the required JAMB combo by Unilorin for their course in accordance with how unilorin gives admission.

We will publish a complete article on that soon here at Osasdivineblog.

So kindly change the course directly from the portal or quit while you still can.

Payment parameters are missing.

Another problem faced during Unilorin post utme registration is this:

A student sent us a mail.

” Hello sir, I cannot register for Unilorin post utme, it shows Error: important payment parameters are missing.

Enrol jupeb

Important payment parameters are missing

If you somehow got an issue similar to this, relax.

This issue would only be short-lived, it is either you made one or two errors while filing the form or it is a temporary network issue.

A lot of candidates try to register for the post utme through their mobile phone which we do not recommend, and they likely get this issue.

Reasons for this.

#1. Could be you missed something while using that page.

#2. Unilorin portal contains some high level of programming codes and languages that can only work in Html 5 browsers.

Most browsers are outdated and may simply be Html 4.

In order words, your browser may not be compatible with the portal and this gets worse when accessing it with mobile devices that do not support the system.

#3. Temporary network issue can also cause this.

As a matter of fact, a lot of requests are sent daily to the portal and it may likely be that the server becomes too heavy and it starts misbehaving.

The solution to this:

1. You need to double check every detail you input to ensure it is corrected.

2. Do not use your phone for the registration, kindly visit a cafe with a good internet connection in order to fix this issue.

3. If it persists, try doing the registration at night, you can send your detail to the person in charge of the registration to try it at night when the server would be less busy and the network is stable.

4. Try using a chrome browser on the desktop, not your phone. Do not use a browser that does not support HTML 5.

5. There are situations whereby all you have to do is wait.

The solutions above can fix the error you get during unilorin post utme registration if it doesn’t just give it 1 or 2 days and retry.

Remita payment issue.

Somehow you may face this issue.

Unilorin remita payment

Enrol jupeb

In the majority of the cases, there are issues faced on REMITA PAYMENT GATEWAY at the University of Ilorin pre-admission screening portal while trying to pay money for Unilorin post utme.

The cause of this is 100% network. When your network connection is bad, issues like this will come up.

The Solution to this:

If you are trying to pay through remita and it fails, try again over a stable network coverage and you will successfully be able to pay.

Be careful so you would not be charged twice at Remita, if you are charged twice during Unilorin registration, you need to go to COMSIT at the University of Ilorin to fix this.

Change of Course or Institution not reflecting.

The last Unilorin post utme registration issue I will talk about today is this.

So many candidates changed their course or institution and some are about to do this, but your new course or institution has not shown or reflected in the Unilorin portal even when it was successful at Jamb portal.

This issue has kept so many candidates terrified, and you may start getting scared so that the form does not close before this issue gets fixed.

The solution to this:

Notice: This problem is widely faced so, it is a problem with either the school, the portal or jamb where you made changes.

I assure you that this would be fixed in no time by the school, you just have to be patient, and keep trying, your new changes will surely reflect.

Jamb will have to send the corrections to the school and this doesn’t happen immediately.

Let us say, 5 people, do a change of course or institution each day, they have to wait till everyone has corrected their data for a given time frame before sending the details to the school, once this is done the school will also have to update their portal.

So this issue would soon be resolved.

Invalid Login Detail Issue


If you tried to log in after making payment and it shows you “Invalid Login Detail” Relax it could be fixed.

Most cases like this were encountered by other students and it got first.

The solution to this

First, ensure the log in detail you are entering is correct, in terms of your Jamb Registration number and your same.

Take note, this fault is not a browser or network issue it comes as a backend issue.

On the real world, most people confirmed that they were deducted and their payment was successful but was not able to login to continue registration.

Drop a comment on this post if you have this issue and we will work it out for you.

Double Payment Issue

Most students got deducted twice while trying to pay for Unilorin post utme.

This is caused by a network issue or repayment believing that the first try was not successful.

The solution to this

So, will Unilorin refund you after double deductions?

I cannot promise you that they will, but if you try they might refund you but not in an easy way, just report this at Comsit in the Universit of Ilorin.

Please drop a comment for whatever issue you face trying to register for Unilorin post utme so we can follow it up for you

We hope these have solutions settled your doubts and provided an answer to anyone having issues with Unilorin post utme registration.

Other information about Unilorin post utme.

Please read my guide on “How to register for Unilorin post utme.

That article will guide you and show you the perfect way to register for Unilorin post utme 2019.

How much is Unilorin Post Utme form?

The total fee including bank charges is approximately N, 2400 Two thousand four hundred naira (estimated).

How to pass Unilorin Post Utme.

Now that we have solved some few problem lets see this.

We have written a powerful guide for you to pass Unilorin Post utme; see ” How to pass Unilorin post utme.

We wish you all the best, leave a comment if you have any more problems needed to be solved which is not in this particular article.

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105 thoughts on “Unilorin Post Utme Registration issues- Solution”

    1. Relax, i assure you that whatever issue you are facing now would soon be corrected.

      However, do ensure you check from your end, perhaps the errors may come from you.

      If all this still proves abortive, then you need to bring your issue to comsit for a proper check.

      1. I trying to fill out my bio-data since yesterday morning but it is just loading it is not taking me to the next step

        1. Please, use a desktop chrome browser and ensure you have a very good connection, that is the only place where you have the issue.

    1. I cannot say, however, we have contacted the school and it was explained to us that any issue currently on the ground would only be short-lived and it would be fixed before the registration closes, but less than a week from now.

  1. I have an issue with continuing my registration it keeps loading and not uploading my details so I can’t move to the next stage .what can I do pl

  2. Good morning i am having issue with my post utme registration, i have paid and when i check the status it says the payment is successful but when i want to login it is saying invalid login details.

  3. Jello, I am a DE aspirant, and i changed my coirse with jamb already, buy it doesnt reflect on unilorin portal(my old course is still being displayed)
    pls can I go ahead with the registration?
    (since u said d change of course problem will be rectified soon)

        1. Please login to your portal again, change it, save and reprint your schedule slip. White background passport is not accepted in Unilorin post utme registration.

  4. I’m having issue uploading my passport, the site keep throwing error 403. Has anyone come across this and how can it be solved.

    1. Check that your passport is in a correct image format, well resized and less than 20kb. Also, check your browser and internet connection.

  5. Pls help me out, they deduct money two times although I did change of course because of my subject combination so am to pay for it also

    1. U don’t pay for change of course in Unilorin portal except for Jamb.

      For the deductions, it would take alot to get your money back and sometimes you may not be able to get it, just report at comsit in the University of Ilorin and explain to them.

  6. Hello.
    Please help ooo.
    During the registration process of the post Utme. I already paid through the remita and it said transaction successful and I was debited. Now to continue the process I was told I the payment was unsuccessful on the portal

    1. For successful payment you would get a receipt as evidence of payment. If you have any evidence that you paid we can retify it.

  7. Hello, pls if the change of course space is not displaying any other course(on d registration portal) does dat means one is qualified for the course chosen?

  8. Please I want to know if changing of course can affect or reduce my tendency to gain admission in Unilorin?

    1. As far as i know, you change course when you do not meet the cut off mark for the intial course so that you can have a chance of admission…i don’t see how that affects or reduce your tendency to gain admission.

  9. i made a mistake in date of birth while registering. typed 08/08/2003 instead of 19/08/2003. can this affect me negatively and also how can correct the error

    1. Please login again and correct it while you still can, whether it would affect you or not shouldn.t be thought upon, just play your part perfectly to ensure your admission is well processed

  10. I have made my payment and it’s successful, so I have been trying to continue with the registration but the response i get is that I should click on the link on the left side to continue the registration but there is no link on the left side… I hope I can still continue the registration some other time without issues? also if my change of course hasn’t reflected yet should I hold on for a while or just continue with the registration like that.

    1. wait till the course reflect, you can continue the registration anytime before the form closes.
      You will surely find a link with an anchored text ” Continue registration” on the left part of the screen while on desktop mode, please check properly.

      1. so I shouldn’t continue with the registration yet and wait till the course reflect? I hope I won’t have to make another payment again on remitta whenever I want to continue with the registration?

  11. Hy,I did COC since 21st of may,2019 at jamb office,ikoyi.up till now,unilorin portal displays the former course of study.registration will soon close.i am worried.should I go ahead with registration or visit jamb office again .please advise me

    1. You need to wait for the course to reflect and i assure this would take effect before the end of the registration.

      1. I have a similar issue. I did change of course last 2 weeks and it’s yet to reflect on unilorin’s portal. I’m unable to continue with the screening registration due to this. And unilorin’s post utme screening registration closes on Saturday. Pls what can I do? Jamb already confirmed the change of course. And I already sent the school my complain through their email but nothing has been done. Pls how can you help??

  12. Hi pls,there was a mistake in my name,and the correction of name has been approved by jamb,it is even showing my correct name on my profile but it is not reflecting on the post utme registration.The registration is ending soon,plz wat could be wrong

    1. Hi,
      Just relax and be patient, the corrections are definitely going to reflect before the end of the registration.

  13. pls sir i was unable to register for unilorin post utme it’s showing error important payment parameters are missing

  14. hi ,pls am having issue on unilorin post utme registration it’s showing error important payment parameters are missing

  15. I did change of course but when I want to register for the post utme it was still reflecting my previous course

  16. I was able to successfully login but after filling my details, it’s saying “you have a error in the data. Phone number or email address is not valid”……it’s the same email n phone number I used to register for jamb.

    1. Issues like this is from your end, this is just a small issue, if you still face it. WhatsApp me 08088698450 for a fix.

  17. hello, please I have invalid login detail issue. I have checked my details carefully and it is correct but the site still displaying invalid detail login

    1. Yea, it is a common issue, if you are patient and keep trying it always. It would work, if you can’t be, contact us on WhatsApp.

  18. I’m trying to register the post ume for my kid bro with my system. But it’s saying invalid email address or phone number at the BIODATA side.. I have paid and done the necessary.

    1. Not sure, Unilorin doesn’t show an error when filling your Biodata even if you leave it blank it would move to the next stage, please explain your issues better so we can help.

  19. Sir please i made a mistake in my biodata
    I have no date of birth.The date of birth that is saved there is 00-00-00 sir please how would i change it

  20. Hi sir i am unable to register for the post utme is showx me important parameters are missing i am really worried bcz the registration is ending this saturday. Pls what can i do now?

  21. Sir,I have filled my biodata and everything but the issue is that when I want to print it out, he did show my number, email, nationality,date of birth, state of origin and local governments. And they have given me the. Date of exam and time .
    Please help me out

    1. The browser you are using does not fully support that is why it happens. Contact me and we will solve this.

  22. please sir, I did change of course and institution and i want to register for post utme, it did not show my details and it says important payment parameters are missing what should i do sir

  23. I did a change of course and it’s yet to reflect. It’s worrying because the close of the registration is drawing nearer. How long exactly do we have to wait? We have almost no time left now.

    1. I wouldn’t advice any more wait. We expect candidates facing such to report immediately by contacting us, we would help you sort it out.

  24. hello I did the change of institution on the 26TH of June but I still can’t login the unilorin portal
    It’s showing invalid login details
    I can’t do the registration yet

    1. Hi, i need you to explain better, and you have to be informed that you cannot login unless you pay first. However, we have helped some aspirant solve issues like this. Contact us if you still have this issue.

  25. Excuse me Pls.i registered for d post Utme but never received any confirmatory message on my email for successfull registration

  26. Pls how do I know Im successfully registered for 2019 unilorin post Utme though have already paid and schedule and given all my slips from d cafe. But I did not receive any message on my email apart from d remitas payment receipt say I’ve successfully registerd and I registered on the 4th of july
    Pls it’s very urgent sir

  27. pls sir, I did change of course on 15th of July bt it has not yet reflected on d school portal and without that I cannot obtain d post utme form.
    Am really scared right now becos d registration will soon close….pls how can u help me sir

  28. Pls I made a mistake while registering post utme.
    instead of Female I inputed male Pls hw can I rectify this and doesn’t have any implications

  29. Please help me sir,i did change of institution nd course to unilorin on 16th july and it has not yet reflected

  30. Pls am having the invalid login issue, I have been confirmed payment but can’t still continue with the registration. What is to be done

    1. If you used bank to pay for Unilorin post utme exam it takes longer process. Card payment is more advised, please contact us.

  31. Hello Good Afternoon, I really appreciate the good job your are doing here, God bless you richly. Please I have a issue with the registration, I couldn’t get passed Bio-Data stage, It keep loading forever, I’ve been on this for the past 3days and I have used different browsers including chrome but I keep experiencing the same problem. Please what can I do?

    1. If your result is actually awaiting, you have no problem. But if it is not, then login back to your portal and put the correct result.

  32. The first time I was registering I made a mistake in my A level result but today I went to correct it
    The issue is the previous one is still showing
    Is it normal

    1. You can correct it, just input the new one and it would replace the old one, if it doesn’t work. Just contact us.

      1. The old one still shows even after imputing the new one
        The cafe told me its normal that the old one would still show but its does not have any effect
        Its only the new one that will be effective

  33. Good afternoon, pls help me out, on my portal we were asked to fill in five relevant subjects but four subjects were automatically filled in. How should I go about it?

  34. I changed my course and it reflects on jamb portal but not on unilorin portal and now have registered like that any issues at hand?

  35. I change my course on unilorin portal during registration but when I did the post utme and I checked my result and is still showing the formal course I choose
    So, I want to know what happen sir/ma… But I suggest that is it that I did not change it on jamb portal..

  36. Hello,if i want to login to unilorin undergraduate portal,it gives ”invalid login parameters”mean why it is correct ! what should i do?

  37. My course was changed from mass com to PFA as i didn’t meet the cut off. I was told I have to do change of course on jamb portal as it still has mass com as my course. My question is if I do change of course must I put PFA as my new course even if I don’t want it?

    1. Whichever ways, note that the course you will get after you gain admission is what you must put in jamb, so it is recommended to do change of course in jamb after admission.

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