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Topmost competitive and Lucrative courses in Nigerian – 2020


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lucrative ciurses in nigeria

Being an Educationist has thought me a lot, it has been our major priority to ensure students like you are properly guided why you sail through your tertiary Education in Nigeria. It is most necessary that you know the topmost competitive and the lucrative courses to study in Nigerian Universities or Polytechnic.

So, today i will show you those courses that are lucrative but competitive in Nigeria.

What courses are competitive in Nigeria for science students, art students, and social science?

It is important to know this because most students just jump ahead, choosing a course they know nothing about as it pertains to different institutions, and at the end of the day, they end up highly disappointed in the quest for admission.

Most students go to school to study any course that they get pushed to, in the end, they end up battling for a Good Job!

That is why we shared an article earlier on about How to choose a course that fits you in Nigeria.
Today, i will show you courses that are very hot in Nigeria. Most people term it as Hot cake courses in Nigerian Universities and polytechnics.

Most apparently, these courses are very competitive, and as well lucrative in terms of earning a living from them.

However, take note of something. In Nigeria, a course is not equal for all institutions.
Federal Universities, State Universities, private universities, colleges of education and Polytechnics take each course base on their system, but at the end of the day same degree is earned.

One course could be competitive in Institution A, but less competitive in institution B.

So, let us look into the competitive course in general that you must take heed on.
Remember we also have competitive Universities, you have to be very careful with especially on these most competitive courses when choosing a school in Nigeria if you want to gain admission.

You must be ready to put in hard work if you plan to study any of these courses because they are currently the hot cake courses in Nigeria as of 2019/2020.

Top 10 Lucrative/competitive courses in Nigeria – 2020

Now get it straight, these courses are very good and earning a degree in these courses would land you a good job, a Career in each of these courses is very lucrative.

However, each of these courses is tough to get just as they pay good, getting admission to study these courses especially in Federal Universities in Nigeria is not a cakewalk, but you can follow this guide on how to gain sure admission in Nigeria.

1. Medicine and surgery

Medicine and Surgery have been the toughest course to study globally and this has been so for centuries.
Are Medicine and Surgery A good course to study? I often ask myself, we have seen so many quack doctors that have nothing good to show in terms of the earning being a Medical Doctor.

The truth still remains, Medicine and Surgery still stand as the best course, most lucrative course and most competitive course to study.

Let me give you a piece of my mind, Medicine and Surgery have been seriously graded too low in a country in Nigeria, the way it is being taken makes it less a normal profession that is all about saving lives and getting your salaries.

Moreover, many of the Doctors we have are not well trained, many of the institutions in Nigeria offering Medical courses are not well equipped this is the only reason why Medicine and Surgery get belittled in most cases.


If not, this is the most valuable profession that pays well, Medicine and Surgery is a good course, just bear in mind that you would not get the knowledge you require in most institution in Nigeria, so if Medicine is your dream course please ensure you study in Top Universities that are good i Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria.

2. Nursing

Nursing Science or Nursing as a profession is just as good as being a Medical Doctor, Nursing is also lucrative and people who have a degree in Nursing are well demanded in Hospitals and clinics, even outside the country.

Nursing pays well and it is the third-best course under the College of Medicine and Surgery.
Nursing Science is quite a well-paying job as long as you have the passion for this course.

3. Law

One big benefit of studying law in Nigeria that you must know is Nigerian Lawyers are more grounded in the Nigerian Legal system, customary laws, and the Nigerian constitutional law.

This is unarguably the true position as no one will teach you the Nigeria Legal system plus our customary laws which are largely unwritten not to talk about the Nigerian Constitution. No way!
That is to say outside earning a good living by choosing law as a career you would be well educated about the Legal system in Nigeria.

I did say law is one of the top 5 paying courses in Nigeria, these people are needed in all aspects of lives as to where there is no law or a lawyer to judge and settle dispute Nigerian as a company would not be a peaceful environment.

Lawyers and the like will always be part of our lives so without much exaggeration law is one of the best and lucrative courses in Nigeria and one that is competitive too.

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4. Accounting

Can you imagine a country or simply put, an organization without a financial institution. Accountants are well demanded in all organizations to keep records and handle financial parts of a company.
Accounting is a very good course and you will enjoy it if you study this course at a good Institution in Nigeria.
Accounting pays more than many of the courses mentioned in this article, so this indeed is a lucrative course in Nigeria.

5. Pharmacy

Pharmacy comes next in line after Medicine and Surgery, it is a course after mu heart because many Medical centers in Nigeria cannot operate without a pharmacist.
Pharmacist are trained to diagnose drugs to patient, if you have visited the hospital then you should have noticed that many patients are given prescriptions to get drugs on the pharmacist, this body can stand alone but I must commend that Pharmacy is a very lucrative course in Nigeria but don’t forget that Pharmacy is very competitive in many Nigerian Universities.

6. Chemical Engineering

Without any exaggeration, it is very obvious that Engineering course s are the next high paying professions in Nigeria after Medical courses.

Chemical Engineering is just another good course to study in Nigeria, a career in this would mean so much if you choose to study Chemical engineering, once you know what you want gaining admission would not really be a big task although chemical engineering is tough course in Nigeria, but it would pay well if you successfully get a degree in Chemical Engineering.

7. Mass Communication

Media Communication has increased in Nigeria, a lot of people now depends on media platforms like radio stations and Tv.s for information.

This is under mass communication where people are trained to this cause, indeed it is a very nice course to study and if you want to know it is under the top 10 best courses to study in Nigeria.
Mass communication is also a competitive course but the benefit of studying it is worth it.

8. Medical Laboratory Science

This is yet another interesting course in the medical line that is worth studying.
There is a group of health professionals who scientifically analyze body fluid of humans and animals for the purpose of medical diagnosis, treatment, and research. Causes of ailments are established and chemotherapeutic agents recommended.

They also monitor the response to therapy. These professionals are called Medical Laboratory Scientists.

This is just another profession that yields good income.
In Nigeria, the Federal Government salary range for Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria is about N70,000 monthly and Director Salary is around N350,000 monthly.
In a nutshell, a Medical laboratory is a very lucrative course in Nigeria.

9. Mechanical Engineering

Here is another Engineering course that is on high demand in Nigeria and other countries.
Engineers are well sort after in various affairs if life, not just sort after but well paid. Just as these courses are lucrative they are also one of the competitive courses in Nigeria.

10. Computer Science

Let us end this article with computer science, it is also a course everyone would want to study because we are moving to a digital world where technology rules.
Computer science along with computer engineering is also one of the best courses to study in Nigeria that pays very well.

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I have shown you the top 10 competitive courses to study in Nigeria also standing as the top 10 lucrative courses to study in Nigeria.

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