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The largest library in West Africa – Kwasu’s Library

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Largest Library in west Africa

July 6th, 2019, the ongoing Kwasu library project which has been on construction since 2017 was commissioned, and as a remarkable history; kwasu Library becomes the largest Library in West Africa.

The Kwara State University, Malete (KWASU) is doing her very best to be noted as a world-class University; standing in it abode today is edifice building (KWASU Library) of which is said to be an N3billion project carried out by Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) currently sitting at the main campus.

The Kwasu Library project as of today is the toast of the town, and as at that, this Library is identified specifically as “Library Annex”, without an iota of doubt the Kwasu Library has become surveillance of all eyes.

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A look into Library Annex Biggest/Largest Library in West Africa.

Of course, while one might pounder on other large top libraries we have seen, and heard of in Africa, like the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Library Commissioned by the Minister of education June 5th, 2009.

And also, the National Library of South Africa which took on their own uniqueness, but today Library Annex (KWASU’ LIBRARY) surpasses them all.

Annex library kwasu
Instead view of Library Annex in Kwasu

Photo of the Largest Library in Africa – Library Annex

On clear evidence, this has shown the commitment of the university ‘s administration to crown Kwara State University (KWASU) as a World-Class University and a center of attraction.

By rationalism, Kwasu must have met some unique features before it could be adjudged as the most suitable emplacement for the library project being the north-central of Nigeria.

Kwasu Library building

Library Annex – Biggest Library in West Africa

Facts to know about the largest library in West Africa

1. Commissioning of Library Annex.

As of July 6th, A library ” Library Annex”, Kwasu’s Library emerged as the Biggest Library in West Africa.

Library Annex was commissioned by the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of UNIABUJA; “Prof. Abdulrasheed Naallah, who is also standing as the erstwhile V.c of Kwara State University (Kwasu).

Kwasu Library - Annex

The Library was also commissioned by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) General Secretary.

Notably, a representative from Unilorin (The University of Ilorin), a representative from Alhikmah University and the Deputy Governor of Kwara state where all present to Commission the new Library.

2. Location of Library Annex.

The library is located at the Kwara State University, and the commissioning took place at the Main Campus.

Biggest library in West Africa - nigeria

The university now has its sobriquet as ” World Class University.”

Kwasu will from hence, produce quality graduates with a philosophy that a Library is a key to success, while they strive to provide high standards, quality education, and academic superiority.

Kwasu has promised to set high standards, a pace for other institution in Nigeria, good morals and academic excellence for its students and better create a conducive learning environment fit enough to compete with other universities across the nation and abroad.

According to ProfessorAbdul Rasheedeed, Nalla said that ” Library is the heart of every university. Without a standard library, a university cannot achieve the pre-determined goals of its parent body. The library is open to all Nigeria students.”

3. Annex Library Design.

Furthermore, the Vice-chancellor commended Mr. Raja the architect, who carved out the Library’s design since 2009 upon the establishment of the prestigious organization.

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Commissioning of Kwasu library

TETFUND has given their words that their support will continue efficiently owing to the fact that it meets more to their expectation to be crowned as the largest West Africa Library.

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