08 March, 2019

How to get A+ in Waec English Language

waec english language

Come to think of it, English language is a very important and core subject in the West Africa Examination Council.

Aside from that, i don't need to tell you that when it comes to Admission processing in Nigeria institutions, without a pass/credit in Waec English Language, it would be impossible for you to study anywhere, even abroad.

In a nutshell, today i am going to teach you how to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper, in one sitting. But if this is not your first sitting, no problem, ride on.

Welcome to the center of excellence, i am "Osas Divine" your Admission coach.

Keep reading.

Strategies on how to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper

I have discovered, many students have little or no knowledge about English language, and so, therefore, they really think they can use cheats to pass waec.

Because of this, and for any other problem you would have a problem in other subjects, i wrote a very powerful guide that would suffice. You can check below.

" Cheats on How to Pass waec and get A+ in all Subjects"

Nigerian students are poor English speakers and at the same time poor writers.

Don't forget the importance of English, it's not a must you malpractice or cheat, believe me, it's very easy to fail when you malpractice because wrong answers come and examiners are very strict these days/

Before i unveil the whole secrets on how to get A+ in Waec English Language paper, let me show you the structure of the exam.

Structure of the Examination( Theory)

In the examination, you will have to answer two papers.
PAPER 1 AND PAPER 2, this would be packed in a single section paper, which is usually written in the morning.

But after you submit that paper, you would have to wait for paper three later in the day, which is strictly Oral English.

Don't worry we will iron all.

So let's start with Paper Two.

Note: You just entered Our Classroom so behave like a student, sit down comfortably like to a queen or king, if you like get a glass of wine, cross your leg but don't cross your mind and let's learn. It's time to claim your success. 

Lack of Preparation leads to destruction, so let me prepare you now.

You're going to be given three sections in the exam, SECTION, A B AND C.

THE INSTRUCTION WOULD COME IN THIS MANNER:"Answer three questions in all: one question from section A and all the questions in section B and C.
Note: Could be switched at any time.
Paper 2: Section A

  • The first question and any other question is usually A letter: Eg " A friend of yours wants to study in your school and has written to you for information and advice. Write a reply to him, telling him all that he has to know about the school." So there is a possibility you would be given two letters, you would decide which one you would answer

  • The second question or third question would likely be an article: Eg. " write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the topic: The importance of national sports festival.

  • Then you will also get a question from a Debating topic. Eg. You're a principal speaker in a debate, on the motion: Instead of free education, we should have free medical care. Write for or against the motion.

  • The last section would be a story eg. Write a story ending with the statement: We apologized to each other and reconciled.

Good news! You must answer only one from this section and whichever you are writing, it must not be less than 450 words.

I am only going to give you a basic foundation on how to answer questions from this section.
Because i have covered each of them in a separate article.

Click here for " How to Write a perfect Letter in Waec English Language 
"Click here for " How to Write a Perfect Debate Topic in  Waec English Language" 
Click here for " How to write a perfect Article in Waec English language 
"Click here for " How to answer a perfect Story in Each English language Paper" 

  • Do exactly as you are told. For instance, you're told to pick one from section A, make sure it is only one, doing otherwise all in the name of getting more marks is " I too know and will only yield to deduction of marks"
  • You are told not to write less than 450 words, that does not, mean you count every single word in your answer, that would be silly and time-wasting, it must flow naturally, by the time i teach you what you do, you will have a perfect idea of how to pass this instruction, but make sure you don't write heaven and earth, if not you're proving to the examiner that you're such a guru, and they will start checking your spellings and punctuations. So keep it natural.
  • In no account must you copy anybody, the examiners are very strict and intelligent. Suppose they see two same answers in this section, both you and the other person would be penalized. SO MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE YOURS PERFECTLY WITHOUT COPYING ANYONE
  • Make sure your work is neat an sensible, don't write off point. Eg, describing situations that do not have any business with the topic. Always remember the examiners are strict. You can't bribe the examiners, because you can't know where they are going to mark your script. 
  • Feel free to answer anyone you know how to do best each question carry equal marks. The total mark for this is 50.

Paper 2: Section B and C

Section B is a comprehension passage with preceding questions, usually within the range of Letter A to I, i mean The questions under the passage would be, a, b, c sometimes to h or i.

This section carries 20 marks.

Most students find it difficult to answer the comprehension passage because sometimes to read and understand is a problem.

it's a good advantage if i was the one unlike Jamb Use of English where you have to answer in an objective manner, but in this case, you have to write out your answer with your own words.

There is a high chance you can make it because i have dealt with this topic already. Using the S.R.S.R technique, it works for any exam.

Click here for " How to Use the S.R.S.R. Technique to Answer Comprehension in any exam" This works for any examination.
For section which is a Summary Passage, the best thing is also to Use the S.R.S.R Technique to answer the question. It works like Magic.



So your remaining marks would come from paper 1, which are all objectives, good for you, but this where you need smartness not just intelligence, with cases of similar questions.

Overall Things to do to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper.

  1. Get Prepared before the examination.
  2. Study Words Meaning and spellings
  3. Study Sentence Constructions
  4.  Study Letter writing, debating topics, essay, and articles.
  5.  Practice Having a good Handwriting
  6.  Practice with Waec Past questions Many past questions.
  7.  Don't be too slow or over fast in the examination
  8. Write your answer in a rough sheet before filling it inside the answer sheet, so that you don't rough your answer sheet why cleaning mistakes.
  9. Tick with a sharp pencil, do not paint it. Examiners love clean work.
  10.  In your theory,  be very careful, don't spell wrongly,  quietly ask a friend if possible,  you would get a little minus score for your spellings, in section A for most examiners.
  11.  Let your writing has spacing, Don't compress your work too much all in the name of managing paper. Ask for an extra sheet if possible
  12.  Think before you answer anything. Don't be too much in a hurry.
  13. Don't get distracted by anyone remain focused.
This is the best tip I have for now on how to get A+ in Waec English Language paper, if you can successfully do as i say you would get A+ in one sitting.


It's good to read this guide to guarantee your success
Click here to Learn 15 Tips on how to pass Jamb
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06 March, 2019

How to Prepare and Pass Jupeb 2019/2020 Entrance Examination

how to prepare and pass Jupeb entrance examination

I once wrote Jupeb Entrance Examination while processing my Unilorin Admission. Actually, that was what I used to secure admission at last into the University of Ilorin after much struggle with Jamb.

As part of my mission to see people get admission, I believe that Jupeb works and that is why I have decided to teach you today, how to prepare for Jupeb and pass Jupeb entrance examination in the case of 2019/2020 session.

Welcome to the hallmark of Admission success I am your "Osas Divine" Your Admission Coach.

Keep reading.


Some say Jupeb examination is hard others say it's not!
Which do you believe in?

If you point that question back to me I will say; Yes it's very hard, and at the same time I will say it's not hard.

It all depends on you, just as my own depends on me and nothing else.

I wrote Jupeb once and I made 13 points and got admission to study Computer Science at the University Of Ilorin. Shockingly, there many cases of student's who score 2 points, 4 points 6 points and even 0 points in Jupeb entrance examination.

But likewise, I am happy you found this website today because I am going to teach you exactly how to get serious with jupeb and get 13 points and above.

To pass Jupeb entrance examination, then you must take this guide seriously. Don't go and mess up because the cost of writing Jupeb exam is too high to waste, I am going on this journey with you if you permit.

My duty first is to prepare you very well for the exam and give you all the juice to pass Jupeb entrance examination.

 What to do if you must Pass Jupeb Entrance examination : Prepare

Sometimes I keep asking what amount of preparation is enough for Jupeb, yet the answer I keep getting is, no preparation is enough for Jupeb.

It all moves down to how intelligent you are.

But is the exam that difficult?

Like I said, to say whether it is difficult depends on your brain and your amount of preparation, although many jupeb student's prepare very hard for the exam but still fail, so what should you do in other not to end up like them.

  1. Attend a very good Jupeb based Lecture
  2. Prepare according to Jupeb Syllabus
  3. Practice Jupeb Past questions every time
  4. Don't rely on Jupeb Malpractice
  5. Be prayerful


Whether or not you will pass Jupeb depends on your medium of preparation and this varies from center to center.

The textbooks they use for teaching and mode of teaching greatly matters.

Don't just prepare or attend Jupeb classes for attending sake.

There are many centers that claim to be preparing Jupeb student's yet the quality of their teaching is so thin.

It would be difficult for you to pass Jupeb examination if you don't attend classes, and please be mindful of the center you choose to attend for Jupeb classes.

Jupeb entrance examination is different so, attend a professional lecture center.


Jupeb has a syllabus preparing outside it would be a total waste of time, whether in class or, personal study get the current 2019/2020 Jupeb Syllabus and use it as a guideline for study.

Meanwhile, it is a must for all student's who wants to pass Jupeb entrance examination to have Textbooks.

Jupeb is just an objective examination, not theory so there would be no need for stories, so study straight to point.


Likewise, Jupeb is just an objective exam, so if you can be able to chew enough past questions you will make pass the exam.

But if you ignore past questions then it's so unfortunate you're lowering your chances.

Past questions are the prophecies of the examination, i can bet you, 50% of past questions are repeated in Jupeb examination.

During my time we were not allowed to go with the Past questions, being obvious that the questions would be spread, Jupeb always repeats past questions so get a valid past question and prepare.

Most of what you will get is Likely questions, correct Jupeb past questions would be more effective. 


The day you start casting your hope on malpractice is the day you wrote your name on the list of people who failed.

I hope you say God forbid to that.

Success depends on your sacrifice.

Being curious about passing should not let you put your hand in a fire, always believe in yourself.

I have a very close friend, she was promised answers in the examination hall in a 100% rate that she prepared less believing that her center will feed her with answers in the examination hall since she paid for it.

But guess what, no answers came in, not even one till the end of the examination, after being promised. And that was a sweet 3 Points for her.

Don't be fooled, by those websites only asking you to come to their center for Jupeb runz, promises are good but keep them is hard.

That was when i realized that me, my book and my brain is the best hope i have for myself.


If a God exists in your life and you value your success spare some time and talk to him. Prayer still works.

These are the best tips i have for you to pass Jamb entrance examination in 2019/2020, i have more tips for you coming soon.

I remain your Osas Divine. Any questions, leave a comment below.

05 March, 2019

Waec 2019/2020 Cheat on how to Pass and get A+

Have you been searching for a cheat to pass waec 2019 Exam?

Today I am here to give you a very sure cheat that you can use to pass and get A+ In Waec/Ssce Examination.

Welcome to the center of excellence I am 'Osas Divine' your Admission coach.
cheat to pass waec exam

Today I have decided to clear the air because Early preparation always results in perfection, that is why I have taken the time to write this 2019 Waec guide.

Hey! Can I tell you something? if your mind has been stuck on how answers will be leaked in the examination or how to malpractice.

Then you are making a very big mistake.

Most students believe it's easy to use waec Cheat to pass the Exam and because of that mindset they don't prepare and many students have been writing the exam over and over.

Fact: In in the Presence of cheats in the Exam, there is still possibilities of failing the exam.

 But today you are lucky to be here because I am going to show you the exact cheat to pass waec.

First, I have to suggest the reason students fail waec.

4 Reasons Students fail Waec and Cheat to Pass Waec 2019/2020 Exam.

  • Lack of Preparation
  • Relying on Waec runz
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Not writing the whole subjects applied for

I believe if you look at these four reasons very well you will most likely agree with me that, these four reasons are the main cause of mass failures in Waec

In brief.

Lack Of Preparation:

Most Waec Students don't have time to prepare for the exam, otherwise, their mind is " We will surely get answers in the hall"

Some start preparing 1 month to the exam thinking it's the best strategy.

But today I am spelling it at straight, if you want to pass waec in 2019 then you must start preparing at most, 4  months before the exam.

I wrote a very important post on how to pass Jamb in 2020, where I shared 15 tips that will definitely make anyone score high.

Do you know the number one tip I shared?

This is it, Get drunk with Study.
Yes, you heard me right.

Success is not free, you have to pay a price for it.

Even in free town, you must pay the price for the price.

The same rule applies to waec.

Stop looking for waec cheat to pass the exam. The best Cheat is your brain.

To be frank, when I wrote my own exam, we were given waec cheat,  can I shock you.

60% of the answers were confirmed wrong.

Secondly, the school was penalized for examination practice and our results where withheld.
I had no option than to write Neco.
Waec has many easy ways for expo but yet it's the easiest exam to fail.

So don't joke with it, without it you can't get admission
Don't waste your time on things that don't mean so much to you.

Click here to Learn 15 Tips on how to pass Jamb

Relying on Waec Runz

Would you want to waste all your time and money?

Yes sometimes it's easy to get answers in the hall, and some times it is not.

The problem is, not all are solved correctly as in my case. Which means even if you were promised malpractice you have to still read very hard to pass the exam.

It's good to be on the safer side always.

Poor Handwriting.

To remind you, there is no such thing as a cheat to pass waec
Student's with bad handwriting always place adverse effects on their result.

Waec is a handwritten examination and for you to please the examiner to get a good mark you must be able to write clearly and smart.

This is why many students fail, they know the answers but due to poor handwriting, they get poor marks.

Take note: In Waec English Language paper you would be scored for your handwriting, in the letter writing aspect the most important thing to know is to spell correctly because examiners deduct marks from wrong spelling.

In overall before you write Waec learn how to write clear and boldly

Not writing the subjects you applied for

No subject is less important in Waec, in other to pass waec make sure you write all the subjects you applied for, you never know which will help you.

In a nutshell, write every subject perfectly

Cheats to Pass Waec and Conclusion to get A+

I will recommend you try to make Waec in one sitting, it really gives you more advantages in Examinations.

  1. Even if anyone promises Waec runz you still have to study and don't fully rely on them.
  2. Make sure you don't take any form of irregularities to the exam like phones or notes sneaked with you if you get caught by the supervisors you would be punished.
  3. Don't believe any website that promises to help you get answers a night before the exam, 87% of them are fake.
  4. Practicals give you mark more in Waec for the Science students, get your specimen ready in time, most schools can help with this, prepare for it before the exam.
  5. Answer carefully, it's good to start with the theory before the subjects
  6. Don't feel so intelligence as a friend if you can but silently in a way you don 't get noisy as it will be on your own if you get caught.
  7. Arrive in the hall in time and revise.
  8. I always say this and will always say this, it's not about intelligence but smartness
  9. Improve your handwriting.
  10. Pray and be Hopeful
My last words, read, read, read... This is the best cheat to pass Waec take it or leave it.

I hope I will see you at school next year?
There is no cheat to pass waec, prepare and write base in what you know, all the best.

Are you also planning to Write Jamb alongside with you waec?

It's good to read this guide to to guarantee your success
Click here to Learn 15 Tips on how to pass Jamb
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How to prepare and pass Unilorin Post Utme 2019/2020

how to pass unilorin post utme

Unilorin Post utme is one of the most interesting screening test you would ever participate in, yet it is the simplest screening test to fail but today I shall teach you the surest ways on how you can prepare for the screening test and pass Unilorin post utme 2019

How does it feel viewing pictures of students during their matriculation ceremony, when you have been trying to secure admission for years and all to no avail? Painful I guess.

Yes, Unilorin remains in the top ten most difficult institution to get admission in Nigeria.

Passing Jamb is not the Problem for most students, they eventually do well in jamb but the problem comes in the screening test, most student's find it hard to pass Unilorin post utme.

Today I am going to show you a proven way you can pass Unilorin post utme, this guide is your guardian angel. Gently read and I promise you will be among the next set of Matriculating students in the University of Ilorin.

I am going to show you how to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme
Welcome to the Solution center I am "Osas Divine" your Admission Coach.

Keep reading.

Ways To Pass Unilorin Post Utme.

So you have been writing Unilorin Post Utme for years and yet to gain admission!

Is it that you were not able to score high? Or what is the exact problem?

Perhaps, the case is the reverse, this is your first year of writing Unilorin Post Utme and you want to make sure you pass it once.

I used to think the problem with admission was students who find it difficult to pass jamb.

And with that Mindset I wrote a very powerful guide:  You can read it.

Best Solution on how Pass jamb in One sitting
Little did I know that most times the problem with admission in Nigeria is scoring high in Post Utme.

So I have decided to iron that problem.
I graduated from the University of Ilorin and I am going to show you what works and what doesn't work if you want to pass Unilorin Post Utme, so read this Post-Utme guide very well.

Currently, this guide is up to date, and I am not going to tell you stories or what doesn't work anymore. I will teach you what works in the current system.

So from today, after reading this, I am going to wait for you to write the exam and come back with your testimony of 80% and above in Unilorin Post utme. I hope that's amen.

That is if only you read this from start to finish and do all that is required.

Why student's fail in Unilorin Post Utme

A Yoruba Adage says:
Enibama ba esu jeun sibi e a gun -
Meaning: You need a long spoon to dine with the devil.
 I have always sat and watch how students who claim that they want to study, this course or that course but they don't know what it takes.

Take it or Leave, the higher the course you're going for, the higher the chance of Admission, that is why I said, you need a long spoon to dine with the Devil.

To understand this better, students fail Unilorin post utme because they are not fit and so do not know what it takes to pass unilorin post utme.

What this means is that, if you must be successful and score high in Unilorin Post Utme, then you must pay the Sacrifice, in other words, be ready to clean the Poo of a Dog, if that is what it takes to pass Unilorin Post Utme.

Should I let you know, no good thing comes easily in Life.

Before I go deep, debunk the idea that Only, prospective candidate or citizens of Ilorin, ( otherwise speaking, Student's from their catchment area,) have the more chances of admission.

It's a big lie.

Yes, Unilorin Uses Catchment area for Admission processing but see how it works.
Catchment area only increases the chances of Admission it does not reduce the chances of Admission.

Did you get that, what I mean is, no matter where you are from, you can get Admission in Unilorin, but the first thing is to pass your Post Utme, that is what determines it.
So even a student from the catchment area that fails the Screening Exam or does not meet the Cut-off mark will likely not get Admission

The reason students fail are.
  • Preparing with the wrong Past Question
  • Not Preparing enough
  • Not being fast and smart in answering questions.
  • Lack of Information. 

In details:


I once walked into a bookshop and requested for Unilorin Post Utme past question.
She said the price for it, is One thousand Naira, I was happy because I was told it was One thousand Five hundred Naira, and I asked her to quickly give me.

Then boom! Here comes this big, I mean so large that I was already getting scared.

I paid for it and went home.

Guess what, when I got home my friends who were also writing Unilorin Post Utme, started laughing at me.

That was when I realized I got the wrong Past question.

It comprises of English Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and other subjects. Which was obviously in the old system, but currently Unilorin doesn't use that system.

The only subjects are Mathematics, English, current affair and general paper.

I need to save you from making deadly mistakes.
Many people print wrong past questions just for the sake of making money.

In fact, 70% of past questions online are fake.

They got distributed online by copy cat bloggers.

With time, the real past questions will be available on Osas Divine Blog, trust me, it's difficult to get the correct one.

Being that, I am a graduate from Unilorin, I will get the Correct Past question for you. you can contact me to get it through the contact page before we upload it.

So make sure you prepare with the correct past questions.


I hope you have heard, Unilorin Post Utme is very intricate.
Yet it is so easy to pass.

Many students take it as just an ordinary exam.

No doubt, it is an ordinary exam, but that ordinary exam will determine whether you will spend another year at home.

Good for you if you pass and get Admission, but what if you don't get the course you actually applied for? That can only happen if you didn't score high enough.

What is your definition of Preparation by the way?

Reading and solving past questions is that it all?

Well, I don't think that is all.

If you want to fully prepare for Unilorin Post Utme, spare your time and always visit OSAS DIVINE BLOG. I have so many things to prepare you on, like.

Use the time in the exam in a way you can be able to answer the questions in the time you are given which is 30 minutes for 50 questions.

The questions are somewhat tricky. Worst of all most student's don't get enough time to answer all the questions before the time elapse.


Like I earlier said, the timing system in the exam is very alarming, before the blink of an eye, the exam is over. So even if you knew the answer but where not fast enough to answer it, the time gets elapsed.

So start learning time usage, soon I will roll out a very powerful Unilorin Post Utme Cbt app that will help student's score 80+ in the exam.


The best place to get information on Google and the worst place to get information is on Google.

I mean it, be careful of where you get information regarding the structure of Unilorin Post Utme.

Let he who has ear listen.

A stubborn fly will always end up in the grave.

Ways to Prepare and pass  Unilorin Post Utme.

  1. Study the right Past question.
  2. Be very good in English language.
  3. Learn how to solve mathematics questions fast
  4. Spend if need be, get Unilorin mobile CBT app
  5. Attend Osas Divine Unilorin Tutorial to show you the tricks of answering questions
  6. Be smart not just intelligent
  7. Believe in yourself
  8. Don't fear the exam because you hear it is hard, it is very cheap, just prepare.
  9. Think of the score you want and be pondering on it.
  10. Go and write the exam in faith and come share your testimony.
That is not all.

But an intelligent student should be able to use this post utme guide to understand the necessary things he or she needs to pass unilorin post utme.

But since your admission is our mission, just stay tuned I will deliver other excellent articles on how to pass Post utme, just ask any questions you have in the comment box and subscribe. stay tuned, I remain, Osas Divine,

How to answer questions fast in Jamb

Let me tell you a secret.  Students who are answer questions fast in Jamb are likely to score better.

Today I am going to teach you how to answer questions very fast In Jamb.

If you can achieve this, then success is yours.

Welcome to the solution center.

I remain 'Osas Divine' your Admission coach.

Keep reading.
answering questions with speed in exam

10 ways to answer questions fast in Jamb

  1. Practice before the exam:
  2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages
  3. Don't waste time in one question
  4. Always be focused and Time conscious
  5. Don't spend more than two minutes on each question
  6. Don't use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases
  7. Use the elimination method when answering difficult questions
  8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly
  9. Answer questions you know first
  10. Never give up
1.Practice before the exam:
Practice makes perfect.
Before the exam, get Jamb CBT mobile app with timing feature and practice with it.

How well you do it before the exam, will determine how well you will do in the examination hall.

Spend more of your time practicing.
You will always be good at what you do occasionally.

When I was preparing for my exam I was more based on Past questions.

What I do is set a stopwatch on my phone and time my self. I then try to answer those questions as fast as I can with time, it made me better and I began to answer questions fast in Jamb

2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages

The S.R.S.R technique is my favorite tool and I always recommend it for Jamb students in all my jamb guides. Because I know it works and can help you answer vquestions fast in jamb

S.R.S.R technique is a technique that works only for reading passages.

If you noticed, students waste time the most in Jamb Use of English, and that is where you can effectively use the S.R.S.R technique.

Trying to read the passage very well in other to understand.

But today, if you have not heard about the S.R.S.R technique, let me teach you how to use it.

First of all what does  S.R.S.R technique mean? 
S = Scan through the passage first
R = Reflect on it as you scan 
S = Solve the Question next to the passage 
R = Re-read the passage.

"Scanning" means just browsing through the whole passage.

That's the first step. Scan the passage.

When scanning, ensure you reflect on the passage to get the main idea of the Question.

After doing that, go to the Question and see if you can answer it, if you can't Don't answer it yet, just make sure you have an idea of the question.  Then go back and re-read.

This time you will automatically be fast and easily understand it.

3.  Don't waste time in one question.

The most time you should spend while answering a question is 2 minutes.  Anything more than that is slow.

You sure don't want the time to elapse before you finish. So do your best and leave the rest.

Don't spend more than two minutes in a question.
Always be focused and Time conscious
4. Always be Focused and Time Conscious

Time is not your friend, be as fast as you can in the exam.
Be time conscious always.

There is no time to start thinking about what you left at home or what you will do when you finish.

Everything about you should be present in the exam all.

Your mind focused and your eye pointing to the computer.

No matter what don't get distracted by any action taking place in the hall

5. Don't Spend More than two minutes on one question

Yes, you heard me right.

If you are not quick you won't have any time left to Cross Check your work.

It's possible you made mistakes or clicked the wrong answer .....so for your own good you are only permitted to spend two minutes per question.

6. Don't use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases

It is good to use the calculator, but due to experience sometimes it's better to use your head if you understand some basic of calculations.

Use your head if you feel the calculator is a bit slow, that is if you are good in basic calculations.

Trust me, I used my head for 60% calculation, then while I was writing jamb.

If you are not good in mathematics then no problem you can use the calculator.

It is Not like the Calculator is special. It will only allow you to do simple arithmetic i.e Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.

Which you can as well use your head to figure.

7. Use "elimination" method when answering difficult questions

One of my favorite.

Whenever you come across a difficult question, instead of wasting your time thinking of the possible answer. Use the Elimination method.

How to use the Elimination Method.

Let's say you have a question.
First remove the one that you know could not possibly be the answer, usually, one option will not make sense.
Secondly, if you are left with three option, pick the first two you think could be the answer.
Finally, weigh the two answers you have left with the question.

If this doesn't work for you, just guess if you believe in your instinct.

8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly

Fear can make your hand start shaking.
If your heart is pondering it will indirectly affect you thereby making you slower.

Do not be scared.

Answer boldly, I can see your name in the list of students who scored 260+

9. Answer questions you know first

It's not a must you answer questions in order.
In order to answer questions fast in jamb, answer the ones you know first. When you are true you can Come back and waste your time on those ones you don't know.

10. Never Give Up

Everyone keeps saying jamb is difficult! How true is that?

Well, it depends on your belief.

If you think it is difficult you are right!
If you think it's not, you are also right.

To conclude, never give up.

I remain your 'Osas Divine'
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