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12 March, 2019

Jamb series 1: How to pass Jamb mathematics


Do you agree with me that mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in jamb that makes you score lower? If that is the case,  today I am going to show you how to pass jamb mathematics

Welcome to osasdivineblog our Jamb series starts today and i am glad you joined me, this is the most reliable examination blog that guides you on how to make any Examination perfectly.

Today our focus in on a very crucial topic " How to pass jamb  mathematics with three simple steps "

I am "Osas Divine" your admission coach keep reading.

How To Pass Jamb Mathematics in three simple steps. (Jamb series 1)

The good news is! You don't have to be a scholar or a guru to pass jamb mathematics.

The bad news is! If you don't know much on mathematics before then you have to put in some serious efforts.

Anyone can get a very high score in mathematics if you understand some few basic rules.

Right from the onset, I have always had a mathematics phobia and I never really enjoyed mathematics class.

Does that mean I didn't pass mathematics in jamb? Wink!

 I did, I understand that I am not the only one who had a total dislike for mathematics,  I know you also have some fear for mathematics and today we are going to tackle that fear and believe me after reading this you are entitled to score high in Jamb mathematics.

All you need to do is follow this three-step and it's going to be a guarantee that when next you sit for jamb you would definitely pass jamb mathematics,  I hope you enjoy my jamb series: 1 on how to pass jamb mathematics.

Let's ride on.

Content in this series 
Step 1: Building a foundation - Get equipped 
Step 2: Self Bombardment -perfect yourself 
Step 3 : Dealing with the exam

Before I start this Jamb series officially let me do two things that are very obligatory and fundamental for this series.


Has anyone told you that jamb mathematics is difficult?

Have you been failing as well in jamb  Mathematics?

Do you think mathematics is hard to understand?

Then always remember this!

Nothing is difficult in this life unless you believe it is, nobody has two brain or some set of magical brain it all depends on you and this question. 

Are you ready to learn?

If your answer is No, then you need to work on your self or better still go for a course that doesn't require mathematics.

If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place.


There are two sets of people reading this article now.

Those that are already good in mathematics but just want to see if there is anything else they have to know and those who are really here to learn.

If possible bookmark this page and come back later if you're not ready

I need You to focus very well without your readiness to learn you would just read this with nothing to write home about.

So sit majestically or whatever position Suits you,  cross your leg but don't cross your mind.


Mathematics is very different from other subjects,  so different don't you think.

You know subjects like English,  history biology you just need to be able to understand some few terms memorize some definitions.

You can memorize other subjects being that you only need to provide terms and nothing so technical.

Anyone can read and understand those subjects all by themselves.

But when you get to mathematics! Omg! You have to really open your brain because you can't memorize problems,  you can only solve them.

More precisely,  mathematics is indeed a serious subject and my intention today is to teach you how to pass jamb mathematics easily.

The first step is to have a foundation in mathematics, simply put; a background knowledge.

You can never ever understand advanced mathematics or make it in jamb if you don't understand the basic mathematics.

Before anything else, hear this out.

What you must know first!

Mathematics is all about problem-solving, if you can solve a given problem you're good to go.

So here is what to do.

Start by learning 10 formula's and principles everyday. 

English language is to rules as mathematics is to formula.

90% of mathematics deals with formula.

So you're preparing to write mathematics in Jamb let me ask you.

How many formulae can you use now?

If you know formula's you can solve any question that comes your way.

To be frank, there is no way you would get to answer questions correctly without formula.

To answer any questions use formula.

The problem is, some formula is difficult to understand.

That's why you also need to understand the principles behind formals.

That's to say it's not all about memorizing formula's but knowing how it works and how to use them.

Some formula has some restrictions you must know in order to perfectly utilize them for instance in order to use the quadratic formula you must understand the quadratic in standard form.

You would get stock up while trying to use formula if you don't know the principles behind them,  don't forget a human like you created and derived them.

Let me make this easier for you to understand, in a calculus course it’s not terribly hard to memorize the formula for integration by parts for integrals.

 However, if you don’t understand the major principle and how to actually use the formula to identify the appropriate parts of the integral you will find the memorized formula worthless.

So my advice,  it's not about cramming formula's but knowing how it works.

When you know the formula enough then you have eventually build your foundation on mathematics.

To get all this in a perfect match you need to:

1. Study and Use The formula's you learn every day.

Knowing a formula once and not working on it would actually be a waste of time learning it.

If you don't practice the formula's every day you can't use them well. Practice makes you perfect.
So in other to get it right.

Start attending mathematics tutorials for jamb.

If you keep learning those formula's every day, believe me, it would become a part of you.

But if you can't afford or attend jamb tutorials study on your own with jamb mathematics textbooks or with your friends who offer mathematics as well.

Just make sure you practice and make use of those formulae.

2. Have a separate note that contains all the formula's you have studied. 

Remember I said,  study at least within five to ten formula's a day.

If you keep doing this you're building your foundation in mathematics.

A building with a strong foundation can never go down.

But if you limit your space you're eventually building a limited foundation

Give your time to mathematics so that even if you're sleeping and they ask you to state the almighty formula you would just spring it out.

3. Practice more with past questions. 

As you study formula and some basic mathematics principles.

Balance it with jamb past questions and answers.

In case you haven't heard.
Past questions are the most necessary tool to use if you don't want to fail jamb.

Check out : Advice for any student who failed Jamb

The conclusion to step 1: You need to know so many formula's and principles.
That is the first step towards passing any exam.

Attend classes and study past questions to master them and use past questions to practice them.


Hey! You will never be good in mathematics by just going to class, following the tutors lecture and solving assignments.

 If you want to score High in Jamb mathematics you must be actively involved in a very personal learning process.

Yes, you've got to attend tutorials. You’ve got to take a good set of notes. You’ve got to solve assignments, even if the tutors don’t assign any.

But most significantly you need to prepare yourself deeply, you’ve got to study and prepare yourself on a regular schedule, not just the nights or few days before exams.

 In other words, you need to be involved in a self-learning process.

If you’re willing to spend a couple of hours studying before every day by yourself I have no doubt that you would blast the exam. You will find that mathematics is so easier than you think.

But if you're not willing and you keep running away from it or just rely on classes then mathematics would keep running from you.

I won't lie to you my friend, If you ain't willing to be actively involved in the process of learning mathematics, both inside and outside of the classroom, then you will find it hard to score high in mathematics exam.

Mathematics is actually easy for those that give it their time.

Just follow the following process. 

1. Study mathematics on your own every day use the formula's you learned in step 1 to work on your own.

2. Go online and study more mathematics tips. 

You would find large mathematics resources on Google or pdf's to advance your learning.

Personally, do more research and always try to apply whatever you have studied.

The more you build yourself personally the more equipped you would get and discover that mathematics would be your favorites subjects.

Conclusion: Don't just rely on classes. Use your phone and other methods to personally equip yourself.

Study and solve problems every day.  The more problems you solve the better.

Study and solve your assignments every day if you attend a tutorial.

When you get an error in your assignment or you don't know how the answer came about trying to understand what the error is known where It's coming from, never ignore errors no matter how little. Search for something about the mistake you made so that you won't make the same mistake again.

If you discover that you continually come across silly arithmetic or notational mistakes then slow down when you are working the problems.

Never rush mathematics,  if not you would clash and mix things up.

 Most students get errors while solving mathematics because they get in a hurry and don’t pay attention to what they are doing.

When you find yourself keep making mistakes or not getting the right answer on one particular type of topic or a problem then it means you don’t have a really good knowledge of the concept behind that problem.

Get back on your notes or textbook find more examples on it; you can get online if no enough examples on your textbooks and figure out where you are getting it wrong.


Now you have understood some basic necessities to work on before the examination.

Let's now focus on the major area which is the exam.

Remember that you must already be studying before the examination.
 Cramming used to be an old tradition it no longer works.

Not for mathematics for that matter.
If you don't understand it then you don't know it.

Remember to test yourself with jamb CBT apps before the exam in other to know where you are still weak and not to improve.

Just do the following. 

1. Before the exam BE RELAXED

If you don't relax before starting the exam you may blank out and forget all you studied.

So try and relax take something chilled before the exam.


If you want to know the real juice on how to pass Jamb mathematics then understand that it's not all about intelligence but smartness. I mean you have to be smart as you take the exam.

 First of all, solve all the problems that you KNOW you can do very well.

Second, solve all the questions that you think you can do but aren’t too sure.

 Last, go back and solve the remaining problems. In this way, you will get all the points that you know you can get from jamb mathematics


Don’t spend so much time trying to get the points for one problem! Always check your time and be efficient.  If you spend more than 3 minutes in a question you are too slow.

You won't be able to finish the exam and you would eventually lose more points than you gained by wasting more time and ignoring others remember you need to cross check your work.

4.  If You’re Stuck on a question Move ahead. 

If you find that you’re stuck on a question, move ahead to another question and come back later to finish the ones you didn't answer.

How to Solve difficult problems.

We're still in our jamb series on how to pass jamb mathematics.

Now let me give it a finishing touch and teach you how to answer difficult problems.

Step 1: Read the question to get the idea of what you’re being asked to calculate or solve.

It is very important to read and understand the question first. So many students just scan the question and assume they know what to do if you don't understand the question don't solve.

Step 2: Read the question Again.

First, you read to know what the question is asking you to do this time around check the parameters you're given in the question and take note of what  you're to find or solve for...if you have a sheet by you jot them in with a pencil,  pens are not allowed in jamb, take note.

So if you know any formula's to solve the problem use it or Devise a Plan. Try to figure out what you need to solve the question.

See if there are any idea, break it down and see if you have any sure answer.

Solve another  Similar question. If you can’t figure out how to answer the question then find another similar question that is easier then use the idea for the harder ones.

I wish you all the best.
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Best jamb Guide Ever on how to Pass jamb

11 March, 2019

Advice for any student who failed jamb

failed jamb

There was this case of a 23 years old girl who had been writing Jamb for 5 years while she watched all her secondary school friends easily gain Admission. - Tope Alabi

Not that she always failed Jamb but she sometimes passes but she doesn't get Admission. So, therefore, she has to write Jamb over again and again in another year.

I am still in awe after she shared her story of how she has planned never to write Jamb again since the path was not working for her.

Tope Alabi is a living example of a story to glory, hear her

" I have tried all I could and I have always put in my best, I bought all the textbooks I needed and all the required past questions and materials. 

I studied night and day and I was always focused, still, yet I struggled with Jamb for 5 years.

I told myself that I won't write Jamb the following year and I was already planning to tell my parents that I am no longer interested In education and they should convert the money they would have used to sponsor me to open a small shop and be selling clothes in Alaba market. 

About one week before the registration closed I came across Osas Divine Facebook post that really encouraged me not to give up by bringing situations of many people like me who had been writing Jamb for many years.

I messaged Osas Divine at that spot and told him how I have been trying to make Jamb and get admission but all to no avail.

 each time I wrote and failed jamb I would be hopeless...."

She was even mocked by her allies as she was referred to as the unserious type in life. Even though she did her best, nothing showed up.

"But after some chat with Osas Divine,  I became a little encouraged and just a day before the registration closed I hurried and registered.

And I told God that this would be the last time I would ever write Jamb......dear friend I didn't know whether to cry for joy or jump up when I saw my result,  it was the first time I scored above 300 in Five years. 
To my greatest surprise, I scored 312 in jamb, it was indeed the last time I failed Jamb. I processed my admission and I was given nursing at the University of Lagos. "

My advice to you if you have failed Jamb

See I don't care to know how long you have been writing Jamb. Oh, the fruit of persistence! She wanted to quit, but refused to! Yes!  Her friends who were already in school laughed at her, oh I remember how they also mocked me when I struggled with Jamb too, but today Admission has located her.

That is how Admission would locate you this year! Ah! There's always a story behind every glory. That's why you must never give up! *Sometimes it's the Last Key in the bunch that opens the lock!* Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is dear to you!

Don't forget this " *The difference between the DIFFICULT and the IMPOSSIBLE is that the IMPOSSIBLE takes a little longer"

There is a reason for any delay,  but don't forget delay is no denial.

Keep doing your best.

What you must do in other to make this year the last time you would write Jamb.

1. Invest enough in Good materials
2. Drop distractions
3. Surround yourself with Like Minds.
4. Drop your old mindset  and wear a new gown
5. War a good warfare in your closest tonight
6. Get busy! Get occupied and start dining all day with your book.
7. Don't memorize be very ready for the examination study to remember.
8. Take Jamb CBT and test your level of readiness.
9. Decease from Exam malpractice mindset.
10. Envelop yourself with the mindset that this year Admission awaits you.

Invest enough in Good materials.

Many jambites are very selfish for their own life, if you can't spend for your success,  Please tell me, what would you spend on.

Walk into the bookshop. Get Jamb textbooks,  Get jamb past questions and answers get Jamb key points.  Get enough material and chew them all.

No wonder they say! If you want to hide money from a black man put it inside a book.

 I know you don't like reading, 1-hour read is not enough.

Read my guide " How to fall in Love with your books and enjoy reading"
It would really help you.

From today start investing in good books.

Drop distractions

Your enemies have a strategy they are using that you don't know.

Let me tell you,  the time you are having so many friends,  so many fun things to do, and events that will engage yourself is the exact definition of your enemies have finally got you.

Your enemies would surely bring things and people to distract you,  if you can't resist them, they are going to weigh you down.

Yes, even your closest friend can be a distraction to you,  your phone can be a distraction to you. ...and so much more things that look like goodies to you.

Now that you know these, it's time to say no to everything that would come your way to distract you.

This year unless you sacrifice some things you would keep having the same result you had last year.

So count all those things that won't help you and kick them away.

Start like this ....carry your phone and say " Hey you're a distraction to me I don't want you anymore" Then kick it away.

Lol! Don't say I am the one that sends you shall.

In a nutshell, start kicking distractions out of your way as from today.

Surround yourself with Like Minds.

Birds of a feather,  Flocks together.

Listen you can't expect to fly like an eagle when you're clinging around chickens. 

Who are the people you move with? Do you know those people can define whether or not you would succeed?

I beg your pardon, my dear friend,  run away from people that would waste your time.
It's my friend. friend that has killed many people. Pull yourself out of the crowd, you would have enough time for them after your exams.

For now, move with people that you can benefit from. In a nutshell,  throw away parasitic relationships and get symbiotic relationships.

The company you keep will tell where you're going and would either make or mar you.

Drop your old mindset and wear a new gown.

What I mean is simply stop thinking about your past failures.

Stop thinking about the past as a whole, if you keep reminding yourself of how you failed then you're inviting failure once more.

Put on new armor and a gown of faith.

This year I can see you wearing your matriculation gown,  I can see you jubilating and celebrating your admission,  I can see you dancing with your friends and family,  I can see you in school sharing your story.

I can see you encouraging others the way I am encouraging you now,  I can see you shinning your teeth forgetting to close it...

I can see you coming back to share your story in Osas Divine Blog.

Whether the devil Likes it or not this is your year of Success.

War a good warfare in your closest tonight

Sometimes failure is not your fault,  I still believe that there are some enemies who don't want your success,  people who have sworn to watch you fail and fail.

Unless you handle it in the spiritual you may keep struggling with just an ordinary exam.

Haven't you taught about it! Many people you're far intelligent than are already in their final year in school, even your old secondary school friends.

If you have been doing your best physically then it's time to go on the spiritual.

Trust me you can't lose a battle with God.

It's time to war a good warfare,  like Peter,  like Timothy like Job, like Tope Alabi ( the lady In our story) and like me.

I don't care what religion you're whether a Muslim or a Christian,  all I know is today go to your closest and talk to your God.

Let me tell you something! A Tear is a prayer.

If you can cry, do it painfully.

If heaven can hear your tears then it would provoke God's favor, but if you keep your mouth closed, you are supporting the enemies who are shutting down your success.

It's time for your spiritual battle.

War a good warfare in your closest tonight.

Success is not free. You have to pay for it, If you don't want to tell a story of how you failed Jamb anymore,  then get yourself acquainted to study.

Study violently

When you finish eating,  get your books.
When you wake up in the morning get your books
When you are at work, put your books beside you.

Your book should be your closest friend.

There is an amazing reward for hard work.

At night wake up and study.

If reading can gain 70% of your life....there is 70% chance as well that you would never fail jamb again.

So get busy on your books.

Idleness would kill your brain so get busy every single hour of the day with studies.

Don't memorize be very ready for the examination study to remember. 

Wherever you have heard that it's good to memorize.

It may be partially correct if you find it hard to understand that thing.

But it can impose dangers on you because exam fear can make you forget what you crammed.

So don't go with that option.

Please, I don't want to hear that you failed Jamb this year.

Read and understand,  don't give up if you don't understand it...keep trying to get your friends to help you out.

Interact don't sit in one place and say you don't understand.

Meet people that can help you out.

Education is not about learning on your own,  you have to as well learn from others.

Majority of what would stick in your brain is what you learned from others.

If possible go to tutorials.

Take Jamb CBT and test your level of readiness.

Many students have a mobile phone,  please what are you using your own for?

Playing games? Chatting?

Oh! When have you used it to download applications (jamb CBT mobile app)?

Don't use your hand to spoil your success,  get Jamb CBT apps and practice with it on your phone instead of using it for things that are irrelevant.

Test your level of readiness with it, discover your weaknesses and fix them in accordance.

You can download Jamb prep, it's free and very powerful. If you can't afford myschool or flashlearners CBT app, get Jamb prep I bet you would find it triple Useful, I used that in my own preparation.

Decease from Exam malpractice mindset. 

I have never failed to talk about this in any of my Jamb guides.

People think Jamb runz can make them pass, but to their own stupidity,  they don't know the runz would make them fail jamb instead.

I have shared my story of how Jamb runz killed me Twice.

I have listed so many things and tips that would help you pass Jamb, please don't do otherwise.

Envelop yourself with the mindset that this year Admission awaits you. 

Yes, I know it and I don't have any doubt.  You have made it, I see you at the top of life.

I like your faith please keep it alive keep it burning.

Please don't forget I am 'Osas Divine' your admission coach.

Did you enjoy this, then while not stick around with me.

Like and follow my Facebook page and you would keep getting more like this guide to keep your fire burning.

If you keep reading my guides you would surely make this year jamb because when I write I have already spoken and made declarations that whatsoever eyes read my write up,  it's the end of failure in their life.

This is the best advice I have for anyone who failed Jamb.

You can also check out other of my guides.

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Best jamb Guide Ever on how to Pass jamb

10 March, 2019

Jamb 2020: What will jamb set in Use of English

Use of English is the most compulsory subject for every Jambites. That is why I have decided to show you what Jamb always set in English,  from year to year.

So from today, I believe you will know what to expect in Jamb Use of English.
what jamb set in use of english

What will jamb set in use of English?

  • Comprehension Passage
  • Cloze Passage
  • Questions from the recommended Novel
  • Lexis and structure
  • Oral English

Jamb will only bring questions from the above. If you check *Jamb syllabus* they broke it down according to the above sections I just listed.

What should I expect in specific in Jamb use of English?

From Comprehension

In those days,  Jamb used to set not less than three passages in the exam. Comprehension Passage used to the most vital. That was when Jamb Use of English question where 100 in total.

But now Jamb only sets 60 questions in English.

Although they only set just one or two passages in the current system, just each question from that single passage as it was in 2018 carries more mark than any other part of the examination.

In other words, if you want to get more marks from use of English then focus on comprehension passages.

Each comprehension passage carries five questions and as I earlier stated expect just one or two passages from Jamb. Unless the system changes.

How to answer Use of English Passages

Use S.R.S.R technique.

Now that you Know what jamb set in Use of English comprehension section let me teach you how you can score high in Comprehension.

The S.R.S.R technique is very effective and if you use it you are sure of two things.

* Check my next guide on how to answer Jamb English Comprehension Passage using the S.R.S.R technique*

From Cloze Passage.

The next thing jamb set in use of English is cloze passage.
Cloze passage is the next vital part of Jamb that you will always see every year.

It is always complicated and easy to fail.

A cloze passage is like a given comprehension.
They opt out some words in the passage and mix It with other similar options.

In use of English to answer questions from close passages.  You need the knowledge of registers.
Registers are a group of related words under a family.

For example, let us use "church organization".

Some words that have to do with church organization are;

Pastors,  offering box, church workers,  bible,  covenant e.t.c

These are termed as registers.

So, in that case, you may get a question like.

The ............. uses a Bible [A. Pastor B. Imam C. Doctor] during a......... [A. Meeting B. Sermon C. Discussion] to preach the word of God to the........ [A. Audience B. Congregation. Crowd] in a .......... programme [A. Mosque B. Church C. Conventional ]

Many students answer cloze passages poorly, in my next article I am going to teach you how to answer questions perfectly from cloze passages this is just how Jamb sets questions from Cloze passages.

Jamb sets just 10 questions from Cloze passages.

The recommended novel.

The next section jamb set in Use of English is from the recommended novel.
Jamb definitely set questions from the recommended novel.
In the case of 2019, the recommended novel is 'Sweet Sixteen' By Bolaji Abdullahi.

It will most likely be used also in 2020, following the tradition that Jamb uses a novel for two years.

The questions set from the novel are usually around the range of 10 - 15 questions from the novel.

How to Answer Jamb Use of English novel perfectly.

 Start reading the novel 3 months before the examination: Preparation is the major tool for success in Jamb if possible join a book review club. Present the novel in one of the book reviews. If you and your team can thoroughly review the novel there would be a very chance that you can answer any question from it.

You can also search for Past questions or likely questions from the novel.

From Lexis and structure.

Jamb past question would be empty without lexis. This is the next thing section jamb set in Use of English.
Lexis simply means words study.

It deals with your understanding of words.
Under this, you will find other branches like.

  • Synonyms ( nearest in meaning)
  • Acronyms ( Opposite in meaning
  • Sentence interpretation and Question tags.

You will get around 20 - 25 questions in total from lexis and structure

In my next article, I will likewise show you how to answer questions correctly from lexis and structure.

The last area is in Oral English.

Oral English is the hardest part for most students like me then.

That is where you will find.

  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Stress Patterns and emphatic Stress.

The good news is you won't get more than 10 questions from these.

Conclusion and what to do while writing Jamb use of English

English has really affected so many jamb students
I have shown you the complete area on what Jamb set in Use of English. 
So I hope you know where to study.

But before i drop my pen.....listen carefully.

  • Use of English is very technical in Jamb, study the question carefully before you answer
  • Don't rush while answering use of English.  How will you enjoy a very hot food if you don't settle down and eat it? How will you crack a strong bone if you're rushing?
  • Give in your best; use your brain, not your head. And you will pass.

Stay tuned for more solid Jamb Tutorials on these areas.

You can also check out other of my guides.

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Best jamb Guide Ever on how to Pass jamb

05 March, 2019

How to answer questions fast in Jamb

Let me tell you a secret.  Students who are answer questions fast in Jamb are likely to score better.

Today I am going to teach you how to answer questions very fast In Jamb.

If you can achieve this, then success is yours.

Welcome to the solution center.

I remain 'Osas Divine' your Admission coach.

Keep reading.
answering questions with speed in exam

10 ways to answer questions fast in Jamb

  1. Practice before the exam:
  2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages
  3. Don't waste time in one question
  4. Always be focused and Time conscious
  5. Don't spend more than two minutes on each question
  6. Don't use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases
  7. Use the elimination method when answering difficult questions
  8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly
  9. Answer questions you know first
  10. Never give up
1.Practice before the exam:
Practice makes perfect.
Before the exam, get Jamb CBT mobile app with timing feature and practice with it.

How well you do it before the exam, will determine how well you will do in the examination hall.

Spend more of your time practicing.
You will always be good at what you do occasionally.

When I was preparing for my exam I was more based on Past questions.

What I do is set a stopwatch on my phone and time my self. I then try to answer those questions as fast as I can with time, it made me better and I began to answer questions fast in Jamb

2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages

The S.R.S.R technique is my favorite tool and I always recommend it for Jamb students in all my jamb guides. Because I know it works and can help you answer vquestions fast in jamb

S.R.S.R technique is a technique that works only for reading passages.

If you noticed, students waste time the most in Jamb Use of English, and that is where you can effectively use the S.R.S.R technique.

Trying to read the passage very well in other to understand.

But today, if you have not heard about the S.R.S.R technique, let me teach you how to use it.

First of all what does  S.R.S.R technique mean? 
S = Scan through the passage first
R = Reflect on it as you scan 
S = Solve the Question next to the passage 
R = Re-read the passage.

"Scanning" means just browsing through the whole passage.

That's the first step. Scan the passage.

When scanning, ensure you reflect on the passage to get the main idea of the Question.

After doing that, go to the Question and see if you can answer it, if you can't Don't answer it yet, just make sure you have an idea of the question.  Then go back and re-read.

This time you will automatically be fast and easily understand it.

3.  Don't waste time in one question.

The most time you should spend while answering a question is 2 minutes.  Anything more than that is slow.

You sure don't want the time to elapse before you finish. So do your best and leave the rest.

Don't spend more than two minutes in a question.
Always be focused and Time conscious
4. Always be Focused and Time Conscious

Time is not your friend, be as fast as you can in the exam.
Be time conscious always.

There is no time to start thinking about what you left at home or what you will do when you finish.

Everything about you should be present in the exam all.

Your mind focused and your eye pointing to the computer.

No matter what don't get distracted by any action taking place in the hall

5. Don't Spend More than two minutes on one question

Yes, you heard me right.

If you are not quick you won't have any time left to Cross Check your work.

It's possible you made mistakes or clicked the wrong answer for your own good you are only permitted to spend two minutes per question.

6. Don't use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases

It is good to use the calculator, but due to experience sometimes it's better to use your head if you understand some basic of calculations.

Use your head if you feel the calculator is a bit slow, that is if you are good in basic calculations.

Trust me, I used my head for 60% calculation, then while I was writing jamb.

If you are not good in mathematics then no problem you can use the calculator.

It is Not like the Calculator is special. It will only allow you to do simple arithmetic i.e Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.

Which you can as well use your head to figure.

7. Use "elimination" method when answering difficult questions

One of my favorite.

Whenever you come across a difficult question, instead of wasting your time thinking of the possible answer. Use the Elimination method.

How to use the Elimination Method.

Let's say you have a question.
First remove the one that you know could not possibly be the answer, usually, one option will not make sense.
Secondly, if you are left with three option, pick the first two you think could be the answer.
Finally, weigh the two answers you have left with the question.

If this doesn't work for you, just guess if you believe in your instinct.

8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly

Fear can make your hand start shaking.
If your heart is pondering it will indirectly affect you thereby making you slower.

Do not be scared.

Answer boldly, I can see your name in the list of students who scored 260+

9. Answer questions you know first

It's not a must you answer questions in order.
In order to answer questions fast in jamb, answer the ones you know first. When you are true you can Come back and waste your time on those ones you don't know.

10. Never Give Up

Everyone keeps saying jamb is difficult! How true is that?

Well, it depends on your belief.

If you think it is difficult you are right!
If you think it's not, you are also right.

To conclude, never give up.

I remain your 'Osas Divine'
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  How to enjoy reading while preparing for jamb 
Best jamb Guide Ever on how to Pass jamb

04 March, 2019

How to Pass Jamb and secure Admission 2020 ( Best guide)

I  have received tons of complaints on how to pass jamb.

'Hi, Osas, I have been writing Jamb for three years'

'Hi, Osas I do not know what to do, I can't score above 250 in Jamb

So I have decided to straighten things out the best way, and I prepared this guide for students who want to know how to pass Jamb in 2020 excellently.

A lady "Maria" also asked me a question one certain time.

She said " Hi Osas, I am not the reading type how can I score high in Jamb once and for all."
So I took my time out and wrote this guide.
 " 15 Tips to Pass Jamb in one Sitting" (Read this guide)
When she tried that 15 Tips. She scored 309 even more than I did in my time.
But for the fact that she mentioned not being the reading type. I also took my time and wrote a more concise and powerful guide on
"How to enjoy reading while preparing for Jamb" (Read this guide)
That being said and done, as at the time or writing this post, Maria is in the University of Port Harcourt studying 'Banking and Finance' as a 200 Level student.
Welcome to the hallmark of success and solution center, I am 'Osas Divine' Your Admission Coach.
Keep reading how to pass jamb and get admission.
With this guide, anyone can make Jamb and score perfectly. Just on the grounds of executing the correct strategies, I am going to teach you now, no matter how long you have been writing Jamb you would definitely make jamb.

Solutions on how to pass jamb in 2020 excellently.

passing Jamb

Every student's that read this guide is entitled to undeniable Admission Chances in 2020.
It is not that students don't get admission because they failed Jamb, many students score high in Jamb but yet they were not offered Admission, so they have to write Jamb again.
That is why I have fine-tuned this article,  not only for those who failed Jamb but for those who score high but yet do not get admission.

     Two problems Jamb students face.

    • Scoring High in Jamb yet not Getting Admission.
    • Not having the capacity to meet the required cut off mark.

    Scoring High in Jamb yet not Getting Admission

    I feel terrible when I perceive how hard students put in their time and efforts just to make the exam.
    They put a valiant effort and score high yet they get precluded from securing Admission.
    Admission in Nigeria is getting progressively troublesome persistently every year.

    The reason Admission Gets troublesome consistently cannot be overemphasized.
    You might want to ask me why Admission difficultly is dependably an issue in Nigeria.

    Let me give you the most common reason.
    Suppose you are intending to write Jamb this year.
    Do you realize you will be competing with those student's who somehow did not get Admission the previous year, added side with those writing it for the first time?

    Hence, you are going to be welcomed with the extending figures of both new and old jambites.
    Since as a whole you know that the Joint admission and matriculation board is the most widely recognized body of gaining admission in Nigeria institution, therefore the question is, is there any straightforward strategy to get this Admission?

    To be honest with you, there are only two straightforward ways on how to pass jamb and fully assure yourself of admission in Nigeria.

    And that is, write your Jamb fully prepared and post utme nothing more. But there are some other things to consider first, let's take it one after the other.

    As disillusioning all these may sound, we can't keep away from the obvious truth – Admission in Nigeria isn't so easy as you think, because of the high competition.
    A huge number of student's register for JAMB reliably and this figure keeps extending, and the admission spaces are constrained.

    Indeed, I know numerous candidates can make the exam. But where is the Admission space to contain everyone? They just have to delete some.
    The significant issue we will talk about in this guide Is the means by which you can basically blast jamb, subsequent to getting Admission.

    Your primary concern is to sit down and study the system effectively, then fix some things if you have to; at that point, I am exceptionally certain you will get admission into any school in Nigeria.
    We will cover the basic foundation in this article – and give you a few steps to accomplish your dream once and for all this year.

    In the 2018/2019 Admission process, 1,662,762 candidates enrolled for JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD EXAMINATION and as stated by NUC, only 200,000 of these 1.6 million hopeful candidates were chosen for admission into the diverse Nigerian tertiary Institution.

    By and large, what will be the faith of the remaining 1,462,762 contenders, who are fit for admission?

    These number of candidates will probably need to sit for the exam again and in all probability pass through a comparative fate, year in, year out?

    What of those whose issue come specifically from the school and not Jamb.
    The Vice-Chancellor of UNIZIK, Prof. Boniface Egboka said out of in excess of 80,000 applicants who wrote the school's Post-UTME and were fit for admission, just around 3,700 were given Admission for that session.

    Alluding to a point of reference from the school's law and Medical department, out of the 2,000 hopefuls who scored 291 in JAMB examination and should have been given admission only 100 contenders would be selected for admission.

    Should we chastise the Joint Admission and Matriculation board for Admission issues in Nigeria or the school we select in for?

    No, please you can't censure the school for not giving you admission.
    The institution did not say you should fill them in your JAMB form.
    You essentially need to be responsible for all of your exercises and what will make them select you out.

    Should we even be talking about this? Yes! Then what am I endeavoring to state here?
    Regardless of whether you will get admission or not, it is in your own doing.

    I realize you have been battling for admission, no need for us to overstate that.
    If I start listing all the reasons that affect your admission you will sure get bored with this article, so let me go straight to the point.

    Steps to get Admission in Nigeria

    Remember we are still dealing with how to pass jamb and get admission, so consider the following.
    • First Apply for a course and school you contend for
    • Furthermore, do your best to make Jamb and get your required cut off mark.
    • At that point, you need to get ready for your school screening.

    On the off chance that you do these three things appropriately, you will definitely get Admission.
    Have you done these before yet did not get Admission? Okay we will go deep on that in my next guide. For now give me a chance to discuss the main issue, which is the difficulty on how to pass Jamb, after that we will at that point examine on the best strategy to secure Admission In Nigeria

    Not having the capacity to meet the Cut off mark.

    Personally speaking, I wrote JAMB for four (4) years without scoring more than 201/400.
    My dream was to study Medicine at the University of Ilorin.

    My parents were not pleased by my persistent failure, they were constantly tired of my failure in JAMB.

     My companions took me as a nonserious student in life, and they blamed that I was so dull-headed.
    My parents nearly lost interest in my Education, and I also searched for a guide on how to pass jamb for the better as you did.

    Genuinely speaking, that could be you saying these words, yet I let you know, if it's isn't so difficult to make the exam.

    But the truth is you're yet to pass since you have not done the needful.
    Trust me if you follow these steps you can deal with it and you would never come around to ask anyone how to pass jamb.


    My tutors in the tutorial center I attended then did not only teach me the subjects I was offering but also taught me how to pass jamb.

    You should begin going to a tutorial center at least 3 months before the examination.
    It's isn't that everybody who goes to tutorials will really pass. It depends on the other stuff you add to it like personal study.

    Going to a jamb based tutorial will help you to an extent. However, it would be better if the classes are structured on Jamb syllabus.

    You can use with jamb past questions and answer and study with your friend's circle as well.
    But to tell you the truth of the matter.
    The best Preparation for any exam is to study personally. In any case, tutorial centers are likewise useful, on the grounds that you can ask your tutors questions.
    Remember to start early.
    What you should Do and Avoid
    You must start early, I don't buy the idea that it is better to start preparing 1 month to the exam so that you won't forget, the earlier the better. Avoid procrastination
    On the off chance that you can't bear the cost of a tutorial fee, that does not mean you can't pass Jamb, a study on your own. Just get jamb syllabus, Jamb recommended textbooks and jamb past questions and answers

    Stage 2 - Get Jamb recommended textbooks, past questions and answers with Jamb syllabus.

    Let me add more light on step one. Whether you attend a tutorial or you are studying for jamb on your own use recommended Jamb materials only.

    Also, jamb past questions and answers help a lot. In the event that you don't have it, your odds for admission will be poor. Since practically the final examination questions are styled out from Jamb past questions.

    In addition, get Jamb CBT practice apps, I hope you are reading this article carefully with me.
    There is no way you can pass any exam without getting ready for it.
    Don't feel you know everything already.
    What you should do and stay away from
    • Have a good time management technique for scheduling your study.
    • Try not to peruse any book you feel like. Study just jamb recommended books only, in other not to get your brain confused.

    Stage 3 Always get information and be present online on Jamb related concerns.

    Go on the web and concentrate progressively about Jamb, find out about the Registration date on time, mock and when the main exam will begin for the year.

    Also, search for more guides like this on how to pass jamb.

    Another thing to do online is, Join Jamb based Whatsapp/facebook group.
    You can join a good jamb group, just message me (08088698450 - Whatsapp only)
    Doing all these shows that you're getting ready for the exam.

    Sitting at home doing nothing Will not pay you and it will make you less focus.
    What you should do and maintain a strategic distance from
    •  Ensure you're the first to get any Jamb information. Continuously be exceptional. You have to be up to date online, at that point dependably I recommend you get information from, Samphina Jamb news ( my favorite) Myschool news, and school-home jamb news.
    •  Stay away from idleness, always be busy with your preparation.

    Stage 4 - When Jamb enrollment begins, be among the first students to register.

    It is not that student's who register in time have exceptional advantages. Yet, it just hints at earnestness that you're ready.
    What you should do and stay away from
    •  I suggest you register at Jamb main office in your location in the case of spotting out any mistake if not you can do it in an accredited center. Just ensure you avoid any errors while filling out your form.
    • Ensure you collect the required materials after registration such as the novel and CD with a printout.
    • Ensure you show interest for Jamb Mock amid your enrollment.

    Stage 5 - When the time fits, ensure you take part in  Jamb Mop-up test.

    The Mop-up a.k.a mock isn't obligatory thou, but I recommend it at least to try yourself and have a pre-experience.

    Stage 6 - Finally, write the exam and send Jamb to hell.

    This time do your best to pass Jamb.
    I reiterate, put forth a valiant effort.
    Never joke with your Success.
    I trust this is a speedy and concrete step by step guide that will pave the path for your success this year.

    Top 3 reason that affects students in making the exam.

     If you scored high but did not get admission,  then the High is not high enough:
    Admission is becoming tight in Nigeria every passing year. So if you must secure admission then you have to score very high.
    If this is your first time to write Jamb then blend along.
    #1 Reason: Officiousness
    #2 Reason: Lack of Preparation and Unseriousness.
    #3 Reason: Applying for a Course (I.e subject combination) that you are very poor at.
    I am going to call this 'I too know' in a lay man's language.
    A student feels he is so intelligent and prepared for the exam with so much bosting of himself.
    But at the end of the day, he scores low.

    I like students who believe in themselves, but don't you ever feel that you Know everything. No one is an island of knowledge.

    That may only lead to officiousness, if you believe that you are such a brain filled person you will end up picking the wrong answer due to the too much of pride in you.
    No matter what you feel you know.

    Bring yourself down and always be ready to learn more and even from others.

    I am happy you have learned so much on how to pass Jamb but remember, no preparation is enough.
    No or little preparation will strongly affect your score.
    As much as you find it difficult to study, that is why I wrote a very comprehensive solution.
    "How  to enjoy reading while preparing for Jamb" (read this guide)
    Apart from studying also prepare yourself in all the needful and not needless areas.
    Beloved reader, I wish I could tell you that it's possible to score 300+ in Jamb without studying.  But I can't and I know there is no way you can.

    Conclusion on how to pass jamb

    I hope this article has taught you a lot on how to pass jamb and secure admission.
    Read more guides from Osasdivineblog frequently.
    Preparation yields to Perfection. If you have anything that will stop you from making any exam, we are here to help you out.
    If you are able to read at least 10 of our guides before you write your exam or virtually all that covers the topic you need, then I have no doubt you're going to pass Jamb 2020.

    Get Jamb 2020 Syllabus and understand the exam structure
    Get Jamb 2020 syllabus and start using it for your preparation.  Syllabus and past questions will help you understand the Questions in the exam.

    Read Jamb recommended Textbooks and key  points:
    Don't just read any book that comes your way.  In other not to waste the short time you have,  read Jamb recommended textbooks and Jamb key points.
    You would find Jamb key points here soon.

    Make Past questions your best friend
    Practice makes perfect.
    If you can practice at least 10 years past questions before the Exam you're good to go.
    So for your success benefits start preparing with Past questions.

    Have an exam strategy
    I beg of you to do all I have taught if you want to stop asking "how to pass jamb?"

    You have over three months to prepare for the Exam but just less down three hours to write the exam.
    So it's necessary that you pre-plan and have a strategy you will use to prepare and answer questions in the exam.

    Since you have to study for jamb for me when I am preparing I use mnemonics to take key points.
    I can draw the full periodic table in two minutes with the help of mnemonics.

    Eg. The first twenty elements.
    How I remember them with mnemonics.

    He has a Large brain but can not offer Full nine subjects.
     Mr. Ali said all farmers should come and plant cassava.
    With this, I know:

     He represents - H hydrogen.
    Has represents -  He helium
    Large represents -Li lithium
    Brain - Be Beryllium
    But - B  Boron
    Can -C  carbon
    Not - N Nitrogen
    Offer - O oxygen
    Full -F  fluorine
    Nine - Ne neon
    Subject - Na Sodium
    And so on, I can quote them till the end.

    Also See: How to score very high in Jamb

    I have so many strategies I used.

    Now that you know what to do, I wish you all that best and I trust you will secure admission in 2020 or whatever time you wish.

    If you enjoyed this, why not package it as a gift for your tweeter followers. and Facebook friends. Please share.

    How to enjoy reading while preparing for Jamb

    Do you agree with me that most time you don't enjoy reading and so definitely, you try to force yourself just so you don't fail while preparing for jamb or any exam?

    If so, It is not like any of us like reading those huge textbooks. I only want to read what is fun and Interesting not boring, isn't it?

    Well, in today's guide, I am going to reveal that secret I discovered sometimes back on how to enjoy reading every single time you read. 

    Welcome to the solution center, I am 'Osas Divine' Your Admission Coach.
    Keep reading.

    These days, reading has grown into a huge problem and in this case, we are focusing on the Jamb students.

    They keep telling you that if you want to *Pass Jamb remarkably* then you have to read, read and read.....but the problem Here is, not everyone enjoys reading those huge textbooks. Most especially when you are a science student and you have to cover that textbook or whatever it is, twice.
     We read our phone in text messages, tweets, and facebook posts. But when we sit down to read textbooks when preparing for Jamb, we find ourselves fading.
    preparing for Jamb

    Studies show that the average student now start to skim what they are reading at 140 characters, they likely lose attention at about 8 seconds. So if you are still reading at this point, you are doing better than most students.
    I am one of those students who hate reading,  but I discovered something that really helped me.
    Today we are going to solve that reading problem.
    Guess what!  Do you Love fried rice mixed with Chicken served with a chilled coke?
    how to enjoy reading

    What's your favorite food you always eat without getting tired?
    Well just think about the fantasies of that food, that's how you will start enjoying your textbook after now.

    Ways to enjoy reading while getting preparing for Jamb/waec.

    Think about it, if you have to read a textbook without pictures then you are in real trouble.
    While students are preparing for Jamb, apart from the distractions from the environment, seeing how voluminous and plain text with no pictures a textbook is; it really discourages students from reading.
    But I have a good news, reading is going to your favorite hubby from today.
    You have to love reading unless you are not ready for Jamb.
    Let me show you how to enjoy reading.

    Solutions to enjoy reading for students who are writing  Jamb or any exam.


    This sounds crazy! Yep!
    But I can bet my life on this, if you don't enjoy it while reading serially, start from the end.
    You will really find it interesting.

    You can come back and thank me later.

    It sounds stupid,  but it is something I have tried, taught many, and it worked.
    I know when you read from the beginning you will likely understand better.

    But when you keep using one method and it is not working,  the best thing to do is try a different method.

    Start reading from the back and just forget whether it makes sense or not. Once you do that from the end to the beginning.
     Then start again from the beginning.
     You will start enjoying that book.
    But when you start reading from the beginning,  do not use the old method. Use the method I am going to teach you next.


    Reading a full textbook is not funny; that's right,  it's really weird.
    So when I was preparing for Jamb years back, I always get bored making me really hate exams.
    But, soon enough I started experimenting with different techniques and lucky for me I discovered something that works. It's called the S.R.S.R Technique.
    What is S.R.S.R TECHNIQUE?

    S = Scan the Book Chapter by Chapter
    R = Relect on every details you get while scanning.

    S = Solve questions on each chapter After scanning.

    R = Re-Read chapter by chapter.
    I am not bragging about this,  no way! It's something I know works.
    S.R.S.R technique is the best method students can use while reading a textbook.
    If you try this you're going to see results.
    Reading a book from Beginning to End without using S.R.S.R technique, is like reading a novel, just for fun or to while away time. 
    How to use  S.R.S.R technique during your study while preparing for Jamb.
    Step 1 - Go to the first chapter and just browse through it without wasting much time.
    Step 2. While your scan through the book, be reflecting on it. To do this correctly; frame a picture of what you are reading in your mind.  Just make sure you are reflecting round that topic or chapter.
    Step 3 - After scanning through,  look for questions on that particular topic or chapter either online, Past questions (P.Q) or the textbook itself.
    You don't have to be correct while working through the Questions,  just get an idea of it.
    Step 4 - Start reading that Chapter from the beginning.
    After using this  S.R.S.R technique, you will not only enjoy it but you will understand it.
    That now leads me to the next item on the list.


    When you read in your mind,  if it's not your thing,  you will most likely get bored.
    Reading aloud keeps your brain working alongside with your emotions. So from today if you don't enjoy while reading read it aloud. But make sure it aligns with your emotions.


    Emotions are quite important when you study.
    Research shows that when you study when you are not in a good mood. You will indisputably find it useless or boring.
    Don't read when you are sad or worried. Solve your problem and then come back to read.


    When you are reading a textbook,  underline, circle or jot down the main keywords and points in each paragraph and subsections.
    Let's say for instance.
    This context below is your Textbook.

    Chapter 1 
    How to enjoy reading.
    Reading is sweet if you do it rightly you will understand it.  Reading helps keep your brain alive. After reading this post on how to enjoy reading, please don't forget to comment and come back to read more.
    Benefits of enjoying reading . 
    1. It makes you understand .
    2. It keeps you reading more.
    3. It will make you pass Jamb.
    The most effective method to enjoy reading is start from the back and use the S.R.S.R technique.
    1. What is the benefits of reading
    2. What is the most effective method  to enjoy reading?
    The above Is just an assumption and example of how to mark up,  highlight or underline key points in a reading context.
    So that when you come back,  you will find it easy to understand.
    In my case, the lines I highlighted in blue are my key points. You can use any method to highlight the points while you read.
    Having known that.


    If you are using just one or two positions during the study. You will easily get tired and lose interest.
    Change positions, try sitting, try posing, try bending down.
    Whatever positions just be moving but not in a way to get you distracted.
    Staying in one place without moving is going to result in loss of appetite for study.


    To be candid with you.  I used to enjoy reading in the loo (toilet) years back when I was 18.
    Not that I will go and sit in the loo and start reading.
    When I am going to the loo. I will go with my book, while I am pressing I will be reading.
    Lots of laughter!

    But here is the key.
    No law states that you should only read in your room or class.
    While preparing for Jamb,  you have to prepare vigorously.
    Read In any cool place you feel is okay.
    However,  you will Not likely enjoy reading in a noisy environment.
    So read in the right environment.


    No one is chasing you,  rushing a textbook or reading without breaks just so you can cover the book is going to affect you.
    Read in intervals at least 30-45 minutes per session then take breaks.


    If a book is too big then you may get discouraged to read it.
    Best way to this is, break the book into your own sections at least 10.
    And appoint dates for each section.
    You can appoint a week for each section.
    If you finish the section before the weekends,  relax don't jump to the next section. Wait till the time for the next section.
    If you don't finish it before the next section move on to the next section. When you finish the whole sections then re-read where you missed.
    It is not a must to read a textbook in an orderly manner.

    To conclude.

    Read only the books you need while preparing for Jamb.
    My happiness right now is, after using this 100% assured tips you will start enjoying your reading in light of your Jamb preparation.
    But the main reason I am happier is, you found us.
    Stay tuned and subscribe, most importantly comment below for more.
    I remain your 'Osas Divine'
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