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7 Mistakes students make in their career

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Today, we are looking at a very important topic. Above is a podcast on 7 mistakes students make in their career path.

Listening to this podcast will change the way you think. This podcast will give you a new mindset that you must engage your mind in as a student.

Your main purpose of life is to become a well known successful person. That is the main reason why we go to school so that we can have a very substantial future.

But there are mistakes that most Nigerian students make in their career path. We have to address these mistakes if you want to live the life you dream off.

In this podcast, it was explained that you can be successful without going to school in Nigeria.

A lot of truths that may break your heart were discussed, it is not really to break your heart. It is re-align your life purpose.

The 7 mistakes students make in their career that was shared in the podcast is one which will inspire your life and the way you think.


Here is a summary of the seven mistakes that were discussed.

mistakes students make in career

1. Thinking of Making profit when you start your career:

I know that you have always thought about making money. This is not a crime but you need to understand that before you can start making money from your career, something must be done.

You need to do something, focus on that thing and engage in it before thinking if making money.

So, does it mean you should stop thinking of how to make money in your career, yes!

Find out what you need to do in the podcast.

2. Thinking that the best time to start your career is when you’re a graduate.

This is the second mistake that student makes in their career that was discussed in the podcast.

A lot of students make this mistake, and maybe you’re making the same mistake too.

When do you think is the best time to start a career?

Is it after you leave school? Well, I am sure you have a lot to learn. Career is simply not what you think.

I think you still have no idea of what a career truly means. But in this podcast, you will find the bitter truth that you didn’t know about.

3. Trading career with education:

This is another, career mistake that students make which I know you may be guilty of.

As a student, I know there are times when you will want to start up something to make money, while you are in school.

That is not the problem, the problem is trying to balance academics with school, many students get too attached and place less value for education.

So, we addressed this mistake and gave a lot of examples. You have to know how to balance your career and school which we have addressed in the podcast

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4. Rushing your career goals.

Admit it, you want to make quick money right?

But no, that is one of the mistakes that students make in their career. You needn’t rush your career.

You know why?

We shared the reason for this in the podcast. Maybe you need to find out what you need to do instead.

5. Putting hope on parents for sponsorship:

Many students put blames on their parents for not contributing to their career goals. Well, I wish you listen to this podcast.

Expecting anything from your parents is one of the biggest mistakes that students make in their career path in Nigeria.

6. Letting women take over your career path

Having too much concern for women will hinder your focus and it is one mistake students make which is not really a mistake.

 See, most women do a lot of damage than good. As a student, you will have many distractions while building your career, one of which is women.

Do you know what you must do, then listen to the podcast?

7. Not having a mentor:

The last mistake that was discussed in the podcast is not having a mentor to guide you? our path.

What is a mentor? Do you really need them?

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How can you get one? Find out.

Listen to this podcast on 7 mistakes students make in their career and you will find enough things to learn. Feel free to download and listen at your leisure.


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