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List of 12 Most Competitive courses in Unibadan (ui) 2020


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most competitive courses in unibadan

Today i will show you the most competitive course in the University of Ibadan, this information will help if you seek for admission into the University of Ibadan. Unibadan is one of the most competitive institutions in Nigeria, securing admission into Ui is always difficult, especially when you chose a competitive course.

We have sometimes back talked about the most competitive courses in Uniben and the most competitive courses in Unilorin.

It’s necessary to know the courses that are tough to get in the University of Ibadan and the courses that are less competitive, it will help you measure your success and know how to work towards your admission.

Generally, getting admission into a federal institution is usually not a cakewalk, and the University of Ibadan is one of those institutions that have a tough standard of admission.

The University of Ibadan is the first University in Nigeria, without exaggeration, it is very obvious that a lot of students chose the University of Ibadan as their first choice institution.

So what are the tough courses in Unibadan? The following are the 10 most competitive courses offered at the University of Ibadan.

  1. Medicine and Surgery:

Medicine and Surgery have remained the ideal and most respectable course because it is an hot deal profession anyone can think of.

A lot of people go for Medicine and Surgery because its the highest paying profession especially when walking in a government-owned medical center.

Medicine and Surgery is always known as the most competitive course in Unibadan and other federal institution, it is not only the most competitive course but also the and toughest course.

Gaining admission into the University of Ibadan College of Medicine and Surgery is always difficult, you would have to fight tooth and nail to get there.

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Meeting the required Utme score for Medicine and Surgery is never a guarantee, you also have to meet a certain score in Unibadan’s post utme test before you can be admitted to study Medicine and Surgery.

Over the years, the number of candidates seeking admission increases, in 2019 not less than eight thousand plus candidates choose to study Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ibadan.

  1. Law

Law is the second most competitive course in unibadan, this is the toughest course in the art department that is highly sought after.

A lot of candidates chose Law yearly. Seeking admission into the University of Ibadan law department might not necessarily be a walk in the park. The University of Ibadan has over the years had alot of candidates who seeks admission owing to her name and academic system.

So far, Law has been on the topmost competitive course in the University of Ibadan.

  1. Nursing Science

Nursing Science happens to be one of the most competitive medical courses, a lot of people opt-in for Nursing Science due to space it holds in the Nigerian economic system. A lot of nursing graduates get employed in various health care centers and are well paid.


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Nursing Science is one of the hot cake courses, getting admitted is not usually easy, even though a lot of students gets to chose this course, the University of Ibadan only admits few Nursing students which makes it a very competitive course in the University of Ibadan.

  1. Political Science

Conclusively, Politics is one of the key sectors and a very imperative part of everyone’s life, A lot of people opt in to study political science at the University of Ibadan.

Political Science is the 4th competitive course in the University of Ibadan and just as i have emphasized it is a very hot course due to the importance it holds in Nigeria as a Nation, without politics the nation would be dead, so to play a better role, a lot of candidates have to study political science for advancement, more knowledge and better service in the Political system.

You can as well gain admission but take into consideration that political science is one of the most competitive courses in the Unibadan.

  1. Pharmacy:

Let’s talk about pharmacy, you see if there is any other course more competitive after Medicine and Surgery it is Pharmacy, in most institution more candidates chose pharmacy over Nursing, as at our last record, Pharmacy happens to be the third most competitive course in Unibadan (ui), this comes after Medicine and Surgery and Nursing, a lot of students still chose Pharmacy because it still holds a very important role.

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All medical organization is dependent on the pharmacist who is trained to prescribe the right drugs for patients.

Apparently, the University of Ibadan requirement for studying Pharmacy is obviously not a straight go to, and that nails it.

Pharmacy is the fifth most competitive course in the Ui as of 2019.

  1. Computer Science:

Take a look around you, the whole world is becoming more digitized, eventually, all organizations rely on digital inventions like mobile apps, software, websites, portals, and the others. These, as you have known, are simply the inventions from computer scientists who are taught computer codes to make our world, even more, better and easier.

Just like it is in every other institution, computer science is quite competitive to an extent but not compared to most of the already mentioned courses.

  1. Communication and Language Arts:

As far as Unibadan is concerned, Communication and Language Arts is a hot cake course, a lot of students actually go for it. There are a lot of career opportunities one might have if you have a concrete degree from the University of Ibadan as a graduate of Communication and Language Arts.

Without exaggeration bear in mind now that this course is to an extent competitive in the University of Ibadan.

  1. Mechanical Engineering:

Every Federal Institution in Nigeria holds Engineering courses in high esteem just as Engineering holds an important space in the Nigerian Labour market and outside the country. Mechanical Engineering the most competitive course in Unibadan, it’s most times difficult to get admitted into courses in this line, but students would eventually get admitted, just have it at the back of your mind that mechanical engineering is one of the top 10 competitive courses in Ui (Unibadan).

  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

After the above-mentioned course, Electrical and Electronics Engineering comes next in the engineering courses. Yes, majority of the engineering courses are usually competitive, Electrical and Electronics Engineering happens to be a top hot cake course at the University of Ibadan.

  1. Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering does not make an exception in the most competitive engineering courses in ui (Unibadan).

Let put it this way, after the top Medical courses we have mentioned the next set of tough courses to watch out for are Engineering courses, they would land you lucrative jobs, so ensure you are up to the task if you would for any reason decide to study Civil Engineering in any Medical course in Nigeria.

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  1. Medical Laboratory Science.

MLS is also a competitive course in Unilag, might not really be tough as others but it sure holds its own ground and have it level of competitiveness, but in totality Medical Laboratory Science is a competitive course in Unibadan.

  1. Theatre Art:

The final course which happens to be the twelfth most competitive course in Unibadan. Theatre Art. This is a very sound course that could earn you a living, it’s highly lucrative and sought after. Many candidates usually opt in to study. Theatre art at the University of Ibadan.

We have just shown you the top 12 most competitive courses in the University of Ibadan, we will continually update this list in case any changes are made to this ranking of top 12 most competitive courses in Ui.

We hope this information will help you compare, decide and work hard.


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