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Advanced guide on how to succeed in a Nigeria University

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how to succeed in the University

Every one craves to secure a University degree for a definite chance of survival in our Nigerian discrepancy economic system, the demand for quality education is our everyday quest. If you managed to secure admission into the University, my best bet would be about your inclination to succeed through the University and earn yourself a degree.

First, acknowledging all the stress you have put in to pass jamb, perhaps you used other means, there is no doubt you would not want to joke with the chances you have got.

Here at osasdivineblog, we are focused on helping everyone achieve their goals, we build scholars and most certainly you will find something to help you tackle any tough time you would be or may have been facing through your University days in the shores of this article.

“We understand that the University days usually comes with hurdles and difficult times, yes we have been there especially the intimating lecturers you will face on daily basis and if you are not properly guided you would obviously fail to achieve what you want to achieve before you even begin.”

A lot of Nigerian Universities, especially federal institutions are frustrating; I mean so frustrating to the extent that you will prefer suicide over the situations that would present itself.

Why is there always a problem, such as problems with lecturers, about the environment, influence, and pressures, if you ask me then your guess is as good as mine?

This isn’t a call for alarm but guidance. In this guide, I will highlight some challenges faced in Nigeria University and give you some tips on how to succeed in a Nigerian University.

7 Challenges everyone faces at the University in Nigeria and how to deal with them.

  1. Financial difficulties

Without having to exaggerate, it is no news that finance is the number one difficulty faced by students and whether you want this or not you would face this.

Not everyone was born with a silver spoon and come to think of it, everyone needs to care about projects, course materials, feeding, get items of clothing and other substantial needs.

What happens when the finance to keep up to these needs are not there?

As a matter of fact; a lot of students would be driven to source for money.

Oh! yes, that spells it out all, when money becomes another difficulty that one has to fend for, the University days becomes tougher.

I remember the times I had to sleep on “Ewa” and “Garri”, yes that is if we even have N50 to spare for “Ewa” (Beans) since we can always get “Garri” from pals.

This is the least of all.

Knowing full well that one has to be financially stable to succeed and survive in a Nigerian University we all stretch further to seek for financial opportunities, and that is where working while schooling comes in.

This is the most common dilemma you will face or already facing.

How to deal with Financial problem at the University?

Now that we know finance is a great deal, and one of the setbacks in academical grounds, let me drop some relevant tips that may be helpful while you go about saving some “Kudi” to survive your remaining years or months in the University.

First, have it at the back of your mind that there would be both positive and negative means to handle financial hurdles.

The negative means will appear quicker and better while the positive means will look strenuous, longer to achieve and less rewarding.

This is how life works, remember the negative means does not last it may come with lots of benefits however it comes with ten times more problems so no matter how tough your days may be in the University choose the positive means of making money to sail through the University.

Most certainly, there are a lot of difficulties that will come. You will have to think of sharing your study times to make money.

It is the only way to help anyway. THE WISE MAN ALWAYS SAY, “NO PAIN…..NO GAIN”

So, you need to face reality, look for some kind of little handwork, not heavy ones that will take your study times.

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Don’t say you would not find one if you have not tried because you never know you will until you try.


  1. Catching up with studies especially when you are an average learner.

This is another daunting problem that 80% of you reading this will face.

Obviously, everyone will find it hard to cope with academics at a certain time or the other, following the arising problems that tertiary students face in Nigeria.

So, let’s expatiate more.

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Not everyone is intelligent enough to handle tough courses, there must be one course that would appear intimidating to you.

You have only two options.

One says, fight tooth and nail and the says quit.

Of course, you can’t come that far to quit. You must ensure you stand your ground not to fail any course, compulsory or not.

Sometimes, you will get unexpected grades, it is a common thing in the University. The unexpected grade is not a new phenomenon as it is a process that you must overcome and not let overtake you. This can happen even if you think you are the best, you study and put in all effort.

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How to deal with this.

I can bet that you will face this, but let me tell you a secret.
It is not because you are a failure, it is a major means of encouragement, something to make you hit reality, drop your old ways, and try to catch up in case you have been nursing any negative agenda that will affect your academic performance.

Take my words out of experience, be ready to get unexpected grades, and ready to face it.

  1. Lustful desires and attentions getter that kills academic performance.

Most often, there are lots of attention getters in the University, tough ones that a lot of students would find difficult to overcome.

Lustful desires for girls, the spirit to party, the mindset that all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy will most certainly surface you and you will apparently think of catching fun.

A lot of this so-called fun actually leads to a bad lifestyle, and it all ends up affecting your academic performance.

If you are not yet facing this, then take heed just like I earlier emphasized, the University days comes with hurdles, but you must sail through, you need to be among those that excel exceptionally in a Nigerian University, remember all you went through before gaining admission into the University.


So How can you overcome this problem faced in a Nigerian University?

This doesn’t call for many talks, you have to decide your purpose and re-think what brought you to school, think about those that have lost their better academic performance to these attention-getters.

Are we to blame the pressures that it comes with or the need for fun?

Anyway, you need to know that a serious student does his/her best to overcome anything that takes academic attention away.

Stick with the right friends, focus on your destination, and you wouldn’t have to worry about attention getters as the case may be.

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  1. Academic Stress.

Let’s not talk about the late-night studies, 7 am Classes, all the exam/test pressures, pressures, and assignments from lecturers.

Take for example, a situation encounters in the University of Ilorin that has to do with students collapsing in the course of examination, due to a crowded environment, yes I am talking about limited resources which are widely experienced in lots of Nigerian Universities.

Come rain come shine, you will face a lot of stress at the University that you will sometimes forget to sleep.

How to overcome stress in a Nigeria University.

This is one of the major focus on this topic ” How do succeed in a Nigeria University?”

Stress affects the brain and kills the passion for study.

I cannot guarantee that you can avoid it, but I am sure you can get over it by always taking naps, being persistent and more hardworking.

Also, resist anything that brings stress. Avoid last-minute preparation for exams. Do things at the right time effectively to avoid stress.

  1. Inability to manage time effectively.

Another issue students face in the University is being tied to so many activities which contribute to stress as talked about earlier about.

A lot of activities will hold you by the neck, different things begging for your time.

Your friends are begging for your time,
Your books are begging your time,
Social media is begging your time,

Little task to make some money is begging to take your time,
so many things come along the line that shares the little time you have.

But the problem is your inability to manage your time effectively.

When different things, start creeping your way, the way you handle them matters even if everything seems important.

How to properly manage your time at the University.

In order to properly manage your time at the University, you must understand the priority first system.

You need to analyze every activity in order of priority.

When I mean Priority, let me explain deeper.

There is a difference between want and need. You will be faced with the activities you want and those you need. In terms of priority, you must put the things you need before the ones you want.

So when you have so many things seeking for your time, ask yourself which do I truly need? Put those first before you go for the wants if you have to, this is the most proper way to properly manage your time.

  1. Arising health issues:

Health is life, but all humans are vulnerable, and base on our environment we are all prone to illness.

There would be health challenges that would almost feel like the world is ending especially your first year in the University usually due to change of environment.

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Why this is normal to live, it could become worse must time and health challenges could affect academics.
You need to understand this and be ever ready to fight this.

How to ensure you live good health during your University days?

Always remember health is life, eat healthy foods, be careful of foods you eat in the school canteen, be careful of the process involved in cooking your food.

Be as hygienic as you can be, wear clean clothes, be careful of what you share and with whom you share sensitive materials.

Remember health is life, never joke with it. Once you have an issue with your health performing better in studies would be difficult.
Remember to always go for medical check-ups and do not wait till you fall sick before doing that.

  1. Bad companies:

The last problem students face that I will share in this article is bad companies, simply put; peer pressure just as you expected.

The moment you step your foot into the University, you meet people of different culture and races, people from different part of the world, people with different characters.
Most of them would be the religious types, some party geeks, some would be the focused type and others might be the bully type.

You need to pick the people you move with like beans.

Don’t jump into making anyone your friend no matter their good acts, interact with people of like minds, people who you can gain knowledge from and not those who would take your focus away.

How to choose the right friends in the University?

Don’t beg for friends let them come on their own, and if they are the good ones you can make them friends; however you must not let them get into your privacy to stick to your head, keep them at arm’s length and do not get too attached if you want to graduate.

Don’t let your friends choose you, choose your friends.

I suggest you look at those people in the same department as are you, look for those who are scoring the highest and stick to them to learn their secrets.

Of all the seven mentioned challenges, which of these have you faced. These are the 7 little foxes that attack a student at the University.

A final note on how to succeed in a Nigerian University in the current system.

Perfection does not exist and you can never be perfect. Oh! yes, I know how much of a wish you had always wanted to graduate with a first-class, though most folks don’t give a freak about a first-class provided they get the degree in the long run.


Never forget these three pieces of advice.

  1. People would not define you, but they will design you and give you either a positive or negative look:

The people you will move with at the University will determine whether you will succeed or not.

Not as if they will define you, but they will design you. Move with the right people if you want to successfully graduate in a Nigeria University with flying colors.

Focus! Focus Focus!

  1. You must face every challenge with a solution, and great dexterity, do not ask yourself or anyone why.

When a problem comes, do not ask why just seek for solutions.

Challenges will always come to make you, to build you, to encourage you, and to strengthen you, do not ask why to go get the solution, you must fix whatever challenge that comes your way in the University.

It is not over until you say it is, if money is your problem face it and don’t shy away if you’re failing your courses, face it and stop complaining.

The real problems are those you call problems; whereas, others are events to shape your life so deal with them.

  1. Before you, others have been there, and have dealt with University challenge so face yours.

We went through what you are about to go through or what you already face in the University, a lot of us came out with bright colors, you can make it if we did.

Challenges did not start in your time, it has been even before you existed, if it didn’t kill us it cannot kill you either.

So, learn to stay strong, learn to stay cool. Learn to be a man, learn to be the Unique you that you have been always, be a lady that sees a future, and not the one that easily gives up. it takes pain to succeed so do not try to escape it because you cannot.

How to boost your academic performance at the University.

I hope you may have already learned good points in this article, it is really an advanced guide to show you how to succeed in the University.

So, let me wrap off with some points to perform well in the University that is steps that you must take to have a good GPA.

  1. You must compete with top people in the same department as you.

Look at those people are doing well in class, are they any better than you? You must compete to do better than them.

This will help drive you off the failures zone and give you more passions to study. Even if you don’t end up doing better than them, you will improve academically.

  1. Always be found in the library.


There are a lot of places to be found in the University, it could be at the party, it could you chasing ladies around. If you want to perform better; please be found in the Library.

Remember, It doesn’t matter if your parents support you or not, you can make it.


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