June 24, 2019

How to Study Jamb Past Question [The perfect way]

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First, why should you study past questions?

See, the most effective material to aid your preparation for the forthcoming utme exam is a past question and that is conclusive.

Are you hoping to write the approaching unified tertiary board examination?

If you are, I am sure what you want is to score high as 300+ and above.

So get it plain, no matter the number of lectures you are going to attend, no matter the number of textbooks you are going to study.

The most effective material is Jamb Past Questions.

In the past few years, I have come to the realization that most jambite do not know just how to prepare effectively with past questions.

But before we move on to this topic, where I will expose the secret of studying past questions, let me call your attention.

“If an angel appears to you right now, and asks you to make a wish, what would it be?”

how to prepare for jamb

What else would be your wish if not to score high as 300+ and above in order to gain admission?

You see, if you truly want your dream to come true, that dream where you finally gain admission to your school of choice, get to wear your matriculation gown, and in a matter of years graduate and start your life, then a lot is demanded from you.

Oh yes! It is easy to think about your success to come, but you eventually have to pay a price before your dream to gain admission and become a graduate can come to reality.

That is why we have taken a pledge here at Osasdivineblog to provide all the materials you need to effectively prepare for Jamb 2020 exam.

So, to start with, let me highlight you on some of the articles we have shared.

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I hope you find time to read them after reading this.

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Next, we shared a beautiful content also on how to study effectively for jamb 2020, that article will eventually help you learn so much.

Students who want to score high in Jamb must be willing to read and sacrifice their time.

But those students who are not serious are too busy they don’t have the time, so proceed with reading these articles so you can emerge one of the best candidates in Jamb 2020 and exclude yourself from those who rely on Jamb runz, which obviously is not legit.

And now, let me show you some few techniques on how you can study jamb past questions effectively.

Enrol jupeb

5 Important Reason to study Jamb Past Question the most.

Before we start exploring this topic, let me share five Reasons you need to study Past question because a lot of students still don’t know how important it is.

1. Jamb Does not have new questions to present.

Unreasonable right! Far in, that is the ultimate reality.

A lot of students who wrote utme in past years will actually go against this.

They would be like “I studied past questions, but did not come across any questions in the exam”.

Oh yes, you never will because you simply did not study it in the right way.

For your information, the Joint admission and matriculation board examinations started back in 1978.

Fast forward till today, there are now over 41 years of past questions.

If you wrote Jamb and you didn’t see any past question, may I ask; did you study all 41 years?

That’s not possible you see.

I want you to know this, Jamb has no new question, questions are always repeated, but the problem is you don’t know what year they are going to choose from in your set.

In 2018, jamb repeated a passage that was once asked in 2000 utme exam, a whole passage.

Enrol jupeb

This is why it is important to study past questions.

I am going to show how to prepare with jamb past question in this article, in a way you will finf what you studied in the exam, so relax and follow me.

To conclude:

Past Question is a revelation of what is to happen during the main examination.

Once you take heed, prepare and act on it as if you are taking the real exam, then the exam would be a walkover for you, just a revisiting.

2. Jamb Past Question Paves way and Pre-inform you of the style of questioning.

If you have never written Jamb before, you will definitely love to know how it looks like, right?

Yes, with the aid of Jamb past Questions, you will know how the exam is constructed.

In terms of topics they set questions from.

For example, remember I said as of 2019, we currently have 41 years past question in hand (1978 – 2019).

Let’s assume you offer physics in Jamb if you trace down jamb physics as in, the most topics questions come from, from 1978 till 2018, you will surely be definite of which topics you should focus your study on the most.

In a nutshell, past questions reveal the style of the exam, and that should make your study and preparation for the exam easy.

The issue most candidate encounter is, they don’t know how to evaluate these topics.

Past Question must be used in a unique way, in this article you will find out the real strategy.

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3. Past Questions Kills Jamb fear in a way.

Sometimes back, I shared a topic on how to avoid jamb fear.

Fear is one of the most common battle encountered the most by Jambite.

But, I discovered later on that, someone who is amicable with past questions, someone who always confronts past questions by solving and solving, either in printed format or in a device, such person will have no fear of failure when facing the real exam.

So how do past questions kill jamb fear?

Well, studying past questions will get you more familiarized with Jamb itself because you are dealing with same questions others attempted in the past. So, you are more likely to be bold when facing the main exam.

4. Studying Past Questions makes you learn directly from the source more quickly.

Past Question is obviously the source of all utme exam, so when you study with it, you are learning directly from the source.

Learning directly from the source is more reliable, and it is your gateway to performing better in the main exam.

When you study textbooks and visit past questions, then there is every assurance that you will definitely do well in the soon to come unified tertiary matriculation examination (utme).

5. Past Questions serve as a road map to you when studying Textbooks as well.

While studying your textbooks, having past questions by you will greatly help because it serves as a road map to you.

It makes your preparation easier.

You can follow-up and learn faster if you study past question with textbooks.

Without saying more than this, you should be convinced by now and well-informed that past question is very important if not the most important material for jamb preparation.

5 Steps to study with Jamb Past Question for perfect understanding.

Now, that you know just how important Jamb past question is, let me show you how to prepare and study it to understand easily.

how to study past question

A lot of students waste their time and put in effort into the wrong preparation.

On the other hand, not everyone can study all years in the past question before the main exam.

You don’t need to study all years, by following these steps I am about to show you, you will be so much prepared for Jamb 2020 in order to score high and gain easy admission.


Ensure you have the Recommended Textbooks and all other materials.

To start your preparation all materials must be at hand.

Studying past questions must be done uniquely, some required materials are:

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1. A notebook or Jotta:

Purchase a notebook or jotta, it would be very much needed in our preparation for Jamb while studying past questions.

You are going to be taking note of the key points you get.

2. A Good pencil and Pen is needed as well:

You need to have a pencil with an eraser and a pen by you. If it is your type, you can mark in the answer and erase it directly inside the past question.

You could also note down answers elsewhere too.

3. A correct printed and up to date Jamb past Question that has no shading.

Most printed past questions have errors in terms of answers.

You need to get a correct one so that you won’t be preparing wrongly.

For now, forget about past questions online, you need the printed type because it is more effective for studying.

Printed past questions are sold in bookshops.

Also, for those who would be lending past question from someone, it is better to take the one that is not shaded or ticked inside so that your study can be effective.

4. Textbooks and keypoints:

Textbooks is a “must have” if you want your study with jamb past question to be effective.


You need to get a recommended textbook for the subjects you would write in Jamb, not just any textbook.

Then you need to have it by you while dealing on past questions.

5. Pocket Calculator:

For the science students, accounting students and others offering mathematics and other subjects that include calculation, you need to get a good scientific calculator by you.

Although, a time will come when you will need to look away from solving with calculator since Jamb will not provide you with a scientific calculator.

You just need to know how to do simple and basic calculations but most fundamentally, you would be needing one during the study stage.

6. Pocket Dictionary:

This is something ignored by lots of students.

When dealing with use of English questions, you will come across words that you don’t know before, jamb is good at such.

Most especially from comprehension passages, synonyms, and antonyms section.

With the aid of a dictionary, you can look up the meaning of any word and your learning will improve fast.

7. Your phone:

This one is optional but others are compulsory.

The reason you may need this is to browse the internet or calculate for those who don’t have a pocket calculator.

With your phone, you can surf the internet for topics, browse through the meaning of words and get more concise and broad understanding of anything upon search.

This would be a good alternative if you have no dictionary or calculator.

Once you have all these ready, move to the next step.


Have a time-table for studying.

It is not wise to just be reading randomly, although this may be preferred by some.

We recommended that you schedule a little time table that you will follow in preparation.

With your time table, you will know what subject to study at a different time of the day.

So ensure you have one and try to follow it up.


Once you start studying, use this simple technique.

What you must do?


The Most important step to start studying past question is to first preview the whole part.

You have to skim through everything and all topics you recognize and the ones you don’t.

Start from 1978 till the last part, skip through every part and see what it looks like to you.

Preview the full past question booklet and know what you are going to be covering.


One question you must ask yourself as you preview is; “Are the questions simple or difficult?”

As you check through each segment, always be thinking about this “what am I expected to know? What topics do questions come from the most? How well do I know these topics?”.

This gets your brain in to synchronize with the main juice of the past question.


Before you start, visit your textbook you need to read in summary, those areas you know appeared the most in the past question, consider the importance and relate what you read in the textbook to what you are being asked from the past question.

Do some underlining or featuring of catchphrases with a pencil so that it could be erased later on.

While going over the textbook, remember it is just a summarizing and a memory refresh stage, in-depth study will come later on.

Try not to go too deep for now! In the event that you need to take notes, read the entire area first, and after that condense it later.

Remember to browse topics on the internet with your phone if you have no textbooks to visit.


When you have gotten a brief idea and summary of a topic from the textbook or internet, recollect those main primary thoughts you learned consecutively.


With the basic summary and previous knowledge, start attempting the questions.

Start from any year, go over each year topic by topic.

Let’s, say you briefly read on a topic ‘Elements’ in chemistry.

Go over each year’s question on the element and attempt the ones you can and leave the ones you can not, but have it noted.

Test yourself with your jamb past question

If by any chance, you made notes, read through them. Consider the importance of what you realized and how everything fits together.

After solving some question, go back to your textbook and read in full.


Use this technique most of the times instead of the technique in step 3.

In step three, I have given you a clear technique to use while studying for Jamb.

Sticking to just one technique would be less effective, so let discuss another technique.

Here is what to do.

Get your past question and pick any year, this could be done randomly at intervals.

Now, pick a piece of paper, start answering all the questions from beginning to end without checking through the answers.

Ensure you are really focused, try to avoid any distraction.

Consider choosing a cool environment when you want to start dealing with Jamb past questions.

After solving all the questions and jotting down your answers, start scoring yourself with the answers provided in the past question.

At the end of the day, see which topic you did poorly and best in.

Note those topics, go back to your textbook and study them once more.

Keep doing this for some time and you will start catching up and getting fully prepared for Jamb.


Solve Jamb Past Questions in a group.

The last method I am going to show you how to study jamb past question is the group study method.

This method is yet another effective strategy.

When you study in a group, you will learn a lot faster and you will learn never to forget.

Get some of your pals who are dealing with the same questions as you’re and then study questions altogether.

If this could be done occasionally, in no time you will be exceptionally prepared for the exam.


Now you know just how to study with past question in a way you will understand and never forget.

So does that mean you will come across the topics you studied?

#1 – Yes: You might be lucky if you are always dealing with a past question you will definitely come across an exact question you treated before in Jamb past question during the major exam.

#2 – No: Sometimes, you may not see the exact questions, but I promise it would be very similar to what you studied.

From today, bring up the habit of preparing for Jamb with past question and I promise you an awesome result.

All the best!

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