June 23, 2019

How to Study for Jamb 2020 to Score high as 300+

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Listen, your success is all I care about, and it is my mission to see that you pass jamb 2020 with less stress.

The Unified tertiary matriculation examination is obviously not a cake walk.

You need to get acquainted with the new system if you don’t want what happened to 2019 Jambites to happen to you.

When I mean the new system; gone are days when malpractice in jamb was rampant and easy to go about with.

By now, you needn’t any reminder that malpractice is now a huge risk if not impossible in the new utme system.

Without an iota of doubt, Jamb new system of setting question is very delicate and I must say, it is a complex system that only someone who sits and understand it will perform well in it.

That in a simple language means, without an ultimate preparation for the forth-coming Jamb, then you will keep counting how many years you have written jamb, but that will not be your portion.

 So how do I really prepare and study for jamb 2020 so that I will pass?

If this question means so much to you, or simply put; you want to ask me that. Then while not hang around for a moment let me show you 13 easy steps on how to study for Jamb 2020.

With these easy steps, I am very sure you will be very prepared for Jamb 2020.

So get your trumpet ready, get your dancing shoes because, in 2020, you will be putting on a matriculation gown.

Ways to study for jamb

Before I Share these 13 steps to study for jamb 2020.

Let me give you a highlight of our previous post.

The highlight of 15 Tips to Pass Jamb (Scoring 300+ and above).

Sometimes ago, we shared a very powerful article for all jambites.

If you don’t want to go back and read the 15 tips to pass Jamb in one sitting, then don’t worry here is a highlight.

The reason I am sharing it again is that all these will contribute to your success and help you get fully prepared for Jamb 2020.

Top 15 Tips to Blast Jamb in One Sitting

  1. Get drunk with Study.
  2.  Pick Your Friends Like beans.
  3. Cut down your social life.
  4. Stop working hard, start working smart.
  5. Burn your Candles on both ends.
  6.  Stop Studying Alone
  7. Get jamb mobile Cbt apps and P.Q
  8. Teach people what you Know.
  9.  Attend Jamb Tutorials.
  10.  Stop Excessive eating.
  11.  Don’t be afraid.
  12.  Give yourself a nickname.
  13.  Believe and be Prayerful. 
  14. Don’t Malpractice.
  15. Write the exam and excel.

You can go back on this article with the link shared above and read more on this.

So our business for today is how to study effectively for Jamb, so let’s get started.


Right now I will take you through some effective steps to study for Jamb 2020.


Plan the course you want to study, and what school you want to attend.

The first thing that you must do before you start studying for Jamb 2020 is to know the course you want to study.

Enrol jupeb

Not just knowing it, but you have to be sure of it before your preparation starts.

The reason is that different courses have a different subject combination. Once you know the course, you will have to start working towards those four subjects pertaining to it.

Let me show you how to choose the best course to study at University or any higher institution in Nigeria.

Starting with, which field to base on.

(A.) Science
(B.) Social Science
(C.) Art

As practical, I am going to use myself as an example, you can follow the same pattern in your own interests.

Without further ado, let’s know how to find out the course I want to study.

Level 1: I choose the sciences because I have a flair for the sciences.

Level 2: I start thinking of what I can do best.

Level 3: After thinking, I discovered I love programming stuff a lot, I like playing games and I wish I can make one, I Like anything technology.

So to find it what course I want to study I use the best search engine in the world to find it.

Enrol jupeb

Now I pick my phone and search on google like this:

Search google which course to study for jamb

At last, I found out that the best course for me is *computer science*.

So I came up with these required Utme subjects for Computer science.

1. Use of English
2. Mathematics
3. Physics
4. & Chemistry.

Now I am sure of which subjects to study for Jamb.


Purchase Printed Past Questions For all Four subjects.

Now, that you know what course you are going to study, it is time to get Jamb Past questions.

No matter what, even if you are planning on attending Jamb tutorial, you need to purchase Jamb past questions.

You can get one for four hundred Naira (N4, 00), in any bookshop.


Download Jamb Prep Mobile App on your Phone.

Jamb Prep really helps for students who are preparing for Jamb.

You will need to download it because we need to prepare with it.

Enrol jupeb

Download study app



Get Jamb Invisible teacher Textbook and other subject Textbooks

Without a textbook, you cannot effectively study for Jamb 2020

The recommended, Jamb Use of English Textbook is the Invisible teacher By Dayo Ashade.

It is the most effective textbook to prepare for Jamb 2020.

If you study for Jamb with the invisible teacher textbook then you will score as high as 300+ and I have no doubt.

Also, get other subjects related to the textbook.

Do not miss this step if you truly want to prepare and score 300+ in Jamb 2020.


Draw your Study Time-table.

Now, that you have all the materials and textbook to study for Jamb 2020 intact, it is time to start the study process.

You have to create a personal study time-table.

Listen, time table helps very much, you need to find a little time to create one, so for you to create your time table, you must picture out your daily schedule.

Do not create unrealistic time-table. Your time-table must be simple and easy to follow.

If you punch in too many subjects a day for long hours, you may not be able to always keep up with it.

Note: Remember to add night periods to your study time table.

I recommend you set Three subjects a day.

Fix two subjects during the day within the range of One hour 30 Minutes to Three hours per subject.

You can go above three hours a subject if only

1. You are very intelligent
2. You are always free
3. And you enjoy reading.

Enrol jupeb

If not, stick to three hours maximum reading time per subject.

During the night, you can fix within two hours to four hours of study, but do not let it be more than four hours.

The reason for this is; occupying your brain too much will make you forget some things. So, you need a space of time to make what you are studying as preparation for Jamb 2020 to digest in you.

Remember to treat difficult subjects at night.

Do you understand this?

Alright, let’s proceed.


Plan and Prepare your study environment.

I hope you are following? Please do, it is important.

The next step is to plan your study environment.

It is important to have a good environment where you will always relax on, to study for Jamb 2020.

boy studying for jamb

Do not study in all kind of environment.

Understanding what you are studying is very important.

Some kind of environment will distract you.


If you are always in your social circle you will easily lose focus, so sometimes choosing a quiet and lonely place is recommended for your 2020 Utme preparation.

The place you study it must be free from noise and distraction, it could be your personal room.


Be determined to follow your timetable and ensure you keep up to it.

Have you crossed your mind? Are you finally ready to do the right thing at the right time?

You must do this because Jamb is not a fun fair.

Unless you study for it you will end up scoring lower than you expected, that is why I am showing you how to study for Jamb effectively so that you can easily gain admission.

No matter what I say now, your determination is all that matters, please ensure you are determined.


Start studying, by reading your textbook.

Sometimes back, we discussed how to enjoy studying when you are preparing for Jamb.

Most times, when reading your textbooks, you will get tired or bored.

No matter what weakness, you have, read the guide I linked to above, and you will learn a trick to read textbooks and enjoy it in a way you won’t feel like stopping.

How to read for jamb

One trick I shared is, starting from the back of the textbook to the front.

Does that sound weird, don’t jump to a conclusion until you read that.

Eventually, you will learn more on how to read for jamb 2020.

My main point: Follow the time-table you created and always study.


After some time of studying textbooks, solve questions from textbooks.

The last thing you want is to read and forget, after reading a topic.

When you study a topic, hover to your past-question, this is why I said you need one.

Reading your textbooks alone is like eating rice without stew.

So browse through your past question for questions, solve them and keep learning.

STEP 10:

Ask people who know more than you any question concerning what you read.

When you are studying, learn to ask questions.

If you are still schooling, ask your teachers questions.

You can also ask your friends.


If your parents are there for you, ask them. If your siblings are there, ask them.

Even if you have no questions, purposely form questions to ask them.

The spirit of questioning helps you grow stronger and have an unforgettable memory of that topic.

So while studying for Jamb, try to ask questions.

STEP 11:

Play around the Jamb Mobile App at your leisure.

Whenever you are free, get your phone and start trying yourself with the Jamb mobile app.

If you missed the part where I asked you to download jamb mobile app, then once again I am telling you.

Jamb prep mobile app is very good, and it is free to use.

Download this app it will help you.

STEP 12:

Make Google your study mate.

For me, Google is always a must visit when i am studying.

At least, everyone has a phone that can browse.

All you need to is to search on topics that are in your Jamb Syllabus and prepare accordingly.

You can as well search for questions and solve them, Google can be your study mate while preparing for Jamb. Always remember that!

STEP 13:

Ensure You have Jamb 2020 Syllabus.

Every stage of your preparation, do not go outside your Jamb syllabus.

Get Jamb 2020 syllabus and prepare with it.


I have just shown you how to study effectively for Jamb 2020.

Believe me, if you follow these 11 steps, you will score above 300 in Jamb 2020.

You can also start jamb tutorial lessons to improve more on studies but person studies help the more.

Remember to study at night too.

We wish you all the best of preparation and success in your forthcoming Utme examination, see you in school.

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