June 25, 2019

How to Prepare and Pass Unilag Post Utme 2019

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Information is the most important weapon to pass any exam.

A lot of students don’t have enough information as needed, they wake up one morning, and say they want to school at the University of Lagos, but what do you know about Unilag?

Without much hesitation, let me tell you this, as I had always advised, high jamb score is not a guarantee of admission into Unilag. The most important factor that grantees your admission is scoring high in Unilag post utme.

However, only students who meet up to the fixed Jamb cut off mark will be admitted on the merit list in the condition of scoring high in the designated post utme examination.

 If truly wish to know the exact strategy on how to prepare for Unilag post utme and how to pass Unilag post utme with a high score so that you would get a strong admission chance into any department of your choice then this post is for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy all the information I have to give you.

Here at Osasdivineblog, we have vowed to help all Nigerian students.

First, we wrote a guide for Unilorin aspirants on how to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme.

Secondly, we also decided to write a guide for Unibadan aspirants, and now we have how to prepare and pass Ui post utme.
Thirdly, we also thought of oau aspirants, and today we also have a guide on how to prepare and pass oau post utme.

Then, we remembered Ahamdu Bello University, as a rule of thumb, we have also written on how to prepare and pass Abu Zaria post utme.

Today, we have decided to share all those powerful tips we have been sharing for post utme success with unilag aspirants.

There is every guaranty that any studious and diligent student who reads this guide will not make any of the mistakes that most students made last year, and of course, will have over 90% in their post-utme exam. See you at school. 

Introduction to Unilag Post Utme (what you must know)

Foremost, Unilag tests students on their use of English capability, ability to solve problems in mathematics and knowledge of current affairs in the post utme exam.

That is to say, the subject combination comprises, mathematics, English and general Paper (current affairs).

Most of the times, lexis and structure, Concord and rules governing aspects of English plus oral English domain are been tested in Unilag post utme.

For Mathematics, learning to solve word problems in a jiffy, equations, calculus bearings and distances… Etc is important.

While For your General paper, countries, states, and capitals Sports (National sport), Location of countries and some other current affairs topics are tested on.

Do you know that lot of students put in a valiant effort, i mean their best and prepare well for the exam, but still ended up getting low scores, prior to not being able to manage time effectively during the exam.

Along with the situation of coming across questions that you are not used to and other common frights students face in the exam hall?

Today you will learn how to escape all of that.

The secret of Passing Unilag Post Utme

The first secret is, passing Unilag Post utme is more than just being intelligent.

Actually, what matters the most is; being smart, fast and sensitive to question formats.

The second secret is, there is a right and wrong way of preparing for Unilag exam.

Just read through from beginning to end of this article and make sure you don’t skip any vital point.

I will be taking you through two sections; one, how to prepare before the exam. And the other, how to pass during the examination.

We have learned that students go to post utme examination hall unprepared, but within the shore of their beliefs, they think that they have already prepared well for the exam, but in reality, they are not.

Enrol jupeb

Dear Reader, If you are of such type, then you will end up getting the shock of your life when you see your result.

Post utme exam demands your attention more than the joint admission and matriculation board examination itself.

Therefore, if you are going to end up among the successful ones then double up your preparations with these few powerful tips I have for you.

How to prepare for Unilag post utme (Before the exam).

1. Get thorough information about Unilag post utme.

An aspirant once asked me “Osas Divine, can’t I use the same past question I used to prepare for Jamb for Unilag Post Utme“.

She was shocked when she got my reply.

” The Big answer is No!”

Awkward right?

That is why I put up this post and i have said just before now that a lot of students prepares the wrong way.

As a matter of concern, I need to save you from future mistakes.

Unilag post utme structure is different from Jamb or any other examination in comparison, this why you need to familiarize yourself with the exact structure.

The first assignment for every aspirant is to learn about the school you are applying for.

Enrol jupeb

What is the structure of their post utme?

What are the subject combinations for admission, cut off mark and other vital information?

Do they allow the use of calculator in the examination, where are the likely questions going to come from?

Simply put, you need to know how Unilag conducts her post utme exam.

The more information you have, then the more likely you are to perform better in the admission processing.

Do not wait for the exam period before you start getting the information you need.

How to get the information you need about Unilag post utme.

(a.) Join any active Unilag WhatsApp group: Joining any Unilag WhatsApp group would be very relevant because it is an open house where you can throw questions and get replies.

(b.) Join any active Unilag Facebook group: In addition to the WhatsApp group, you can also join a facebook group.

(c.) Search on Google: Google is a friend to everyone, if you search on Google for some information and everything you need to know about Unilag, you will hopefully find enough information.

(d.) Ask someone who schools at Unilag: The last option is to go directly to Unilag, meet someone and make friends with them. So, whenever you have any question you can ask them.

Doing all these will put you one step forward.

2. Start your preparation early.

Unilag post utme exam date is approaching, How much more time do you have to prepare for it?

Those who procrastinate and say stuff like ” I still have time”, are a correct example of failures.

Enrol jupeb

Time is never in favor of any man, wake up now and start all your preparations, if you wait till you are ready, you are going to be putting your admission on risk.

Are you still hanging out with your friends who aren’t writing the same exam with you, then hear my ultimate call.

It is time to drop every agent of distraction and put in your whole time into preparation.

You have got to start reading like never before.

You need to prepare enough, so start preparing right now.

Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

A person who prepares in three months cannot be compared with someone who only prepared in two weeks.

All your preparation which includes, reading must start early.

3. Zip-off Boyfriend and girlfriend Topics + any Distractions.

Distractions come every day.

The funny part is, you are the one who calls for this distraction.

You are in a very perilous time when the only thing that must be in your head is your admission.

A time would come for other things, but now is the time to prepare for Unilag post utme so that you can score high.

So my very candid advice for you is to drop everything that has to do with boyfriend or girlfriend and ensure you prepare heaven and earth.

In addition to that, distractions, like watching T.v, hanging out, gisting with friends etcetera, must be put on hold for the now.

4. Get all the required materials.

Incontrovertibly, it is certain that you need to have all required materials that you need to prepare for Unilag post Utme.

Remember, I cannot show you how to pass Unilag post utme unless I first teach you how to prepare for Unilag post utme.

You need materials like textbooks, notes, and many others, depending on your research demands, which is the very first step of the preparation?

There are recommended textbooks for Unilag post utme, you need to find them and cast your preparation on them.

So may I ask, have you gotten, past questions, current affair, etc ? Then do them now.

Also, you may need Unilag post utme lecture note for all subjects, we will talk more on this, in the next tip.

5. Attend the Unilag Post Utme Tutorial:

The next thing to do is enroll for Unilag post utme tutorial.

Enrol jupeb

There are Unilag online post utme classes, and there are also physical classes.

You need to enroll for anyone you prefer.

Attending tutorials is one of the most effective ways to prepare for Unilag post utme.

Moreover, being close to other aspirants or even the school is going to improve your chance of information, get yourself a study note and meet people to guide you.

So, by every means ensure you enroll for one.

6. Start Personal Day and Night study.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most important stage.

Remember You are going to be tested on the knowledge you have. So, as a prerequisite, you need to get that knowledge by tasking yourself to read both night and day.

Don’t just read, you need to study in-depth.

And never you waste your time reading unimportant things.

Study and master what is likely to be set. Remember you have to cover a large portion of the scheme.

Your study focus should largely be on past questions.

Whatever you study, ensure you don’t memorize, they’re likely not going to repeat post utme questions even if they do, it would not be in a similar style.

So what you need is an ultimate understanding even when it comes to current affair.

If you learned that the Nigerian flag has three colors or two colors, you must be able to prove it.


That is what I mean by understanding, and not cramming.

Cover a huge portion of your textbooks, make sure you understand what you’re being taught and try solving questions every time of the day.

Here at Osasdivineblog, we recommend night study, we have all guarantee that studying at night helps you remember what you studied.

Nobody wants to read and forget, so bring up the habit of night study.

7. Practice and revise all you studied over and over.

Having applied correctly all the steps above, this step is really necessary.

Have you heard of students, complaining that they studied enough, but they still failed in Unilag post utme?

Well, that’s because they studied to forget.

It is one thing to always study, but it is another thing to revisit what you have read in the past and cast on it a little revision.

Whatever you study, do not do it once.

Visit it again at least twice or three times and it will help you understand better, in a way you will not forget what you studied during the exam.

Ensure you find your weak points, and strengths.

Your weak point maybe, wasting time-solving or answering a question.

Or mistaking an option that is similar to another, forgetting to add zeros, mixing up the points, it could be anything.

You will be able to spot them out and correct them if you study and do revision plus testing your self with past questions.

8. Participate in Unilag online CBT Practice if available.

You can check on the internet for unilag post utme past questions.

You will find Unilag post utme online questions that you can practice there, this helps a lot.

More quickly, you can also visit myschool Unilag post utme online past questions.

These are an online platform where you can prepare for Unilag post utme

Apart from that, you can likewise search for any center in your location where you can practice Unilag post utme CBT test.

9. Pray for Success.

I always tell this to all aspirants.

You may be intelligent, but intelligent people fail.

I do not say you should forcefully pray to my God, a lot of people are Christians and some are Muslims.

Whichever aspect you are in, just pray to the God you believe in, I am a hundred percent sure those people who know their God and trust in him for success other than trusting in their self will go far beyond success, such people perform better.

Do not think your effort would be enough, put God first and see what you would score in the exam.

This step is the most important, but I put it as the last tip because hoping on God without you studying is a waste of time, and it equals failure.

In conclusion to all this.

Quit from any form of distractions, study, and trust in God then you will score high in Unilag post utme and also gain admission.

How To Pass Unilag Post Utme (During the exam).

How to pass unilag post utme exam

Let me believe that the nine preparation steps above would be helpful.

If you prepared according to the tips I shared above, then now is the time to know some basic rules of passing the main exam.

Please, bury every information I give to you as a seed in your heart.

Now let me walk you through some definite steps to pass Unilag Post Utme.

1. Revise a Night before the exam.

Before you go to the exam hall, you need to be over-prepared.

Wake up late at night and read through your materials, solve a lot of questions before you go to the examination hall.

Revision is really helpful.

Do not skip this, you must do it.

Doing this will wake your brain up and get you ready for the exam.

2. Ensure you forfeit all forms of Examination Malpractice.

You cannot succeed with examination malpractice anywhere in life.

There is always a penalty of wrongdoing, you have to struggle to score high in the exam on your own.

A lot of individuals are good in malpractice, most students will write important points all over their bodies so as to remember, take note that this does not work for Unilag Post Utme.

From the beginning of the exam till the end you must not do anything wrong, put in your best and you will succeed.

3. Use the four formulas of answering post utme questions.

Remember at Osas Divine Blog, information is our first priority.

To attain that goal, we have prepared some extra articles for you.

On those articles, we talked about some rules and secrets of knowing the correct answer in post utme.

Yes, and there we have the four magical formulas to know the correct answer in post utme even if you don’t know the answer.

Isn’t that awesome.

You need to learn those four formulas by going back to that article.

Remember, people fail due to lack of knowledge and information, if you want a different case, spare some time to find out those four formulas to know the correct answer in Unilag post utme.

4. You must be fast when answering Questions.

Time is a great factor.

Ask me this; ” Why do students fail in Unilag post utme?”

I will tell you.

Number one reason students fail Unilag post utme is not been fast enough while answering Questions.

It is important to be fast, remember you would be facing the computer, so, by all means, you must not spend more than one minute in a question.

Good news! Do you know there is a formula you can use to answer Unilag post utme as fast as light?

Well, hover to my sure-fire solution article ” 7 cheats and 7 rules to answer post utme questions fast

Read that and you will come thanking, a lot of students have read that and today they are students at the University of Lagos.

Unilag post utme is not as difficult as we all deem it to be, all you need to know is some few things which i am already telling you and you will be surprised to score very high.

5. You must concentrate and avoid exam fear.

Remember you are facing the computer, you must avoid fret.

Face the exam boldly, concentrate ultimately and do not get yourself distracted by the environment.

Opportunity sometimes comes only once in a lifetime, this may be your only opportunity, so ensure you put in all your effort.

6. Do not guess during the exam, try to remember everything possible.

If you read the articles I linked to above then, guessing answers will never be an option to you.

Guessing is not something I recommend, you need to be sure of whatever answer you click on.

Because, if you leave the exam hall with doubt. I am sure your result would not be welcoming.

Provide sure answers and please do not guess.

7. Ensure you cross-check your work properly before ending the exam.

A lot of students sometimes leave some questions unanswered, you need to answer all the questions.

Click it very well, but avoid double clicking so you do not leave it unanswered.

After answering the questions, if you still have some time, go back to previous questions and cross-check if you answered anyone wrongly or miss any option.

If you have any issue with the computer call any staff around.

Structure of Unilag Post Utme (How Unilag Post Utme looks like).

Now that you know, how to prepare and pass Unilag Post Utme, let’s move to the next subject of concern.

How does Unilag post utme even look like?

Unquestionably, a lot of participant in the forthcoming University of Lagos post utme would be writing it for the first time.

If this is your first time to sit for Unilag post utme then let me give you some tips.

(a). As for how many questions are in Unilag Post utme!
Unilag sets 40 questions in her post utme exam.

(b). As for what subjects are in Unilag post utme!
Unilag presents just three subjects in post utme and it is the same for both utme candidates and direct entry candidate.

These three subjects are; English, mathematics and general paper.

The format of the exam is 15 questions from Mathematics, 15 questions from English and 10 questions from the general paper.

Unilag general paper only contains current affair making 40 questions in all.

(c). As for Unilag post utme allocated time! It would last for only for 30 minutes.

Unilag Post Utme Syllabus for 2019.

I know you may wonder if you could get Unilag post utme syllabus to prepare for the exam just as Jamb has its own syllabus.

Well, i am sorry to say, Unilag does not have a post utme syllabus.

You can base your preparation on the three subjects in general.

To say which particular topic Unilag would set in her post utme is difficult.

A lot of curious candidates would want to know how Unilag sets post utme question.

Here is a clue, other than casting concerns on Unilag post utme syllabus, i advise you to prepare on Concords, synonyms, and antonyms and a general concern of lexis and structure for Use of English aspect.

For Mathematics, simple mathematics questions, compound interest, shapes, percentage and related topics to these are what you should focus on.

Lastly, study current affairs in general.

I hope this helps.


How to score high in Unilag post utme is the question I get asked by Unilag aspirants always, before I close this article and leave you to absorb what you have learned, let me share some tips with you.

√ Study Invisible Teacher English language textbook.

This textbook is recommended for those who want to write Unilag post utme. Getting this would help you even if you just want to revise with it.

‘Use of English’ is a major part of Unilag post utme please, take it seriously.

√. Get an up to date current affair book.

You can get this for two hundred and fifty Naira.

Current questions will come out, ensure you are current.

√. Consult us if you need any help with Unilag post utme processing.

You can contact our help desk at Osasdivineblog for anything about Unilag post utme and we would be glad to help.

We wish you all the best, see you in school.

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