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How to Prepare and Pass Uniport Post Utme 2019


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How to prepare for Uniport post utme

Once again, I have decided to bring information and tips that would help you in your quest for gaining admission into the University, and this is for those having an interest in the University of Port Harcourt 2019 admission process. I will show exactly how to prepare for Uniport post utme and how to pass Uniport post utme in 2019.

Ask yourself! Do you truly want to study at the University of Port Harcourt?

Then, how much do you know about the University of Port Harcourt? Just in case you need to know, you cannot gain admission into Uniport if you do not participate in Uniport post utme.

Does that mean that Uniport will conduct post utme in 2019? Yes, they will and if you do not pass it, you would not be given admission.

So, you have to take a bit of your time to read this, because I would be given you solid tips on how you can prepare for Uniport post utme, and as well pass Uniport post Utme.

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Uniport Post utme exam structure is very different from the Unified tertiary matriculation examination.

Of course, this may be your first time to sit for Uniport post utme that is why I want to show you exactly How to pass Uniport post utme even if this is your first time.

Here at Osas Divine Blog, our everyday goal is to provide educational and career information because we want to ensure students just like you succeed in life.

As a condition for that, we have painstakingly prepared this Uniport post utme guide to anchor your success, beneath the shore of this guide you will find success.

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So sit and relax why I reveal the secrets and give you some tips that anyone can use to pass Uniport post utme 2019.

First, I am going to show you how to prepare yourself if you are planning to sit for Uniport post utme.

So below are 7 steps that you must take to prepare for Uniport post utme 2019 in order to score high.

7 Steps on how to Prepare for Uniport Post Utme.

1. Do your research and be sure of how Uniport conducts her post utme.

Do not apply to a school if you know just small or nothing about how they conduct their pre-admission screening.

It might be a lot of task, too late to prepare or you don’t possess the right qualifications.

We advise that before you apply for Uniport post utme form, search deeply on all information about Uniport.


If you have already applied, you can still do your research and ensure you have first-hand knowledge about Uniport so you know how to sail through.

Without doubts, Google is the quickest and best place you can heed to for information; But not all information on Google is accurate.

Take the pain, go straight to the school, meet any of the students or staff and ask about the school’s system.

They would be glad to give you the information you need.

Remember admission mustn’t be joked with, you passed jamb with a lot of effort or you achieved your A’level grades with high expenses.

Do not let it all efforts become wasted, that is why you need to get adequate information before starting your admission pursuit in Uniport.

See, a lot of students get the ideal information when it is too late.

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For example, the subject combination that Uniport accepts for your course may be different from what you have.

If you go on and apply it only becomes a waste of time and lost admission chance.

So, do not rush immediately, get information first.

If you have already applied it does not stop you from making an inquiry, you need to in case you have to change why you still can.

2. Search for an online group or someone who knows about Uniport.

Wise students go about looking for all they need and things that can make them succeed, but lazy students sit and do nothing waiting for the exam to take place.

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You see, success does not always come in handy, you have to search for it.

Studying your book is not enough, you have to be connected with like minds like you.

If you are taking interest in Uniport then you have to search for an online group, like Uniport WhatsApp group or rather, Uniport Facebook group.

Join any of these groups if not all, it doesn’t cost a dime.

Information is very vital, and you cannot get it by doing nothing.

So, take a step now.

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Through any of those platform, you can meet someone that will guide you through your admission for the University of Port Harcourt.

3. Purchase the materials you need to study which will prepare you for the exam.

Have you seen a farmer planning to harvest without tools?

Dear aspirant, if you cannot spend for the materials you need to pass Uniport post utme then I really do not think you deserve to pass.

Yes, for most people; things are hard, but sacrificing is key.

The most important secret for how to pass Uniport post utme is to be fully prepared.

You cannot be prepared if you do not study.

You cannot study if you do not have what to study.

So, you have to purchase books and past Questions to prepare for Uniport post utme.

4. Apply for Uniport post utme when the form is on sales.

The next tip I have for you is to show your interest in their admission process by purchasing Uniport post utme form which is done online.

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Without applying you cannot sit for the exam.

Once the form comes out, apply for it while you work on other preparation steps.

Click here to apply for Uniport post utme 2019

Enrol jupeb

4. Give yourself time and space to study frequently.

Uniport post utme 2019

Another tip you must-know and act upon to prepare yourself for Uniport post utme is to study occasionally.

Whatever you know would hinder you from studying for the exam put them aside and prepare well for it.

So, starting with. You need to prepare a good environment for frequent study, attach a time table to your room and do yourself the favor to always read.

Success is not free, you must work for it.

5. Enroll for Uniport Post Utme tutorial Classes.

You already know that reading on your own is not going to be enough.

Remember you need to score high in Uniport post utme exam because only those who score high in Uniport post utme will gain admission.

If you ask me how to score high then I will always tell you to attend Uniport post utme tutorial classes online or offline.

You just need to do all you have to in order to succeed.

6. Solve past Questions night and day, online and offline.

Past question is the most important material needed to pass an exam.

Most likely, questions are repeated.

Apart from that, it would show you the style of questions that Uniport sets for her aspirants in post Jamb.

The past Question can be online or offline, the most important thing is you have to practice Uniport past question night and day.

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Never let anything distract you or take away your attention.

7. Prepare yourself mentally for the exam.

The final tip to prepare for Uniport post utme I have for you is to be mentally conscious.

If you are still thinking of something else when the exam is close then you are sincerely not ready.

You don’t only prepare your brain your mind must be prepared too, it must be all you should be thinking upon, i mean the exam and nothing else.

When you are thinking about all other activities, it will distract you and affect you at the point of the exam.

So prepare mentally for the exam.

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Conclusion on how to prepare for Uniport post Utme.

These seven steps shared above are powerful tips to prepare for Uniport post utme.

It is guaranteed that those steps will lead you to success if you work in light of it.

So, it is time for you to remove every distraction in your way and start preparing for Unilorin post utme.

Remember it would be good for you to join any Uniport post utme WhatsApp group in order to prepare yourself adequately for the exam.

Preparation is the only way to success, there is no way you can succeed in the post utme if you do not prepare and get the information required, especially if this is your first time to write the exam.

Please, take a step now and start preparing.

After Preparation what next?

If you think, you are ready to put in all that is required of you in the condition of being prepared then you still need to know some extra stuff, it doesn’t end there.

Not everyone who prepares for Uniport post utme will pass it.

No! No!

It is one thing to be prepared but another thing to pass the exam.

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So, I am not only going to show you how to prepare yourself for Uniport post utme, let me also show you how to pass Uniport post utme at the point of writing the exam.

How to pass Uniport post utme examination

How to past uniport post utme


Now, before you go to the examination hall, and before you start answering the questions, these tips I want to share should be followed.

It is very important, and you must not ignore them because it will surely make you score very high in Uniport post utme.

These tips of passing Uniport post utme is seldom talked about so hold it dearly and do what you have to do.

Nobody wants to experience the pain of not securing admission so just do whatever you have to.

Sacrifice is the major gateway to success.

Here are some tips to help you pass the Uniport post utme 2019/2020 examination.

1. Do early morning revision each day, seven days before the exam.

what to read for uniport post utme

Early morning revision is very helpful.

Remember that when you wake up early in the morning, your brain would be very fresh and not yet occupied with daily routine.

So, there is a high possibility of scoring very high in Uniport post utme if you study every morning.

Wake up early as 3 am in the morning, and do a short revision, this would keep your brain working better, and smarter.

So, this must be done seven days before the exam but in each consecutive day and mustn’t be missed.

So, ensure you do this and do not miss it.

2. Before you go to the exam hall, debunk every form of examination malpractice mentality.

Most people are very lazy, some are very good in examination malpractice.

Take note: The security would be tight on that day so if you don’t want to fail please forget about anything that has to do with examination malpractice.

You have to be determined to pass the examination on your own.

3. Build your courage and readiness for the exam.

How courageous are you?

Are you fully prepared? You have to build ultimate confidence in yourself and do not doubt your success.

You must fully believe in yourself.

I have faith on your behalf, but remember the ball is in your court to play.

4. When you get to the hall, listen/read any given instructions and follow accordingly.

One thing that affects students is they don’t follow instructions.

On that day, you would be given instructions by the staff.

You have to listen and follow every given instruction.

Also, before you answer any questions
during the exam, look at the instructions given and act according to it.

Do not do otherwise if you do not want to fail totally.

5. Use the 4 formulas of passing post utme in every stage.

Lucky for you; we have prepared four powerful formulas that you can use to answer the questions even if you don’t know them.

So, Read this guide: Four Formulas to know the correct answer in post utme.

This would help you very well when answering any question that you come across, and it is the best tip you will get on how to pass Uniport post utme.

6. Do not waste time, or get distracted, you must be fast and accurate but not rush to submit.

Time is an important factor for any exam.

You would never get all the time you want.

Uniport only gives 30 minutes to answer 50 questions, you have to be very good at using time.

If you are the type that takes longer to read and get the answer to a questionv slowly, then do not worry.

Read this: 7 cheats and 7 rules to answer post utme questions on time.

This would solve any timing issue and give you more information on how to answer Uniport post utme fast.

7. Whatever issue comes up with the computer, call for attention.

Finally, take note that, it is normal for computers to misbehave which can affect any student.

Sometimes, this seldom happens but if you experience a tiny issue with your computer while writing the exam, seek the attention of the staffs around for fix so you would not waste your time by yourself.

Conclusion on how to pass Uniport post utme.

Having known these seven extra tips, I am very sure you are getting close to success, but do not leave yet.

There is some other useful information you need, and this information comes below.

Uniport Post utme Nature – how Uniport post utme Looks like.

If I am right, this may be your first time to sit for Uniport post utme.

You need to know how Uniport post looks like, you need to know the nature and structure of Uniport post utme so you know how to prepare.

We have found a good deal of misleading information over the internet about Uniport post utme.

Most people get information that Uniport does not organize post utme exam for aspirants, this is a fallacy, Uniport has always organized post utme exam and will still conduct post utme exam in 2019/2020 session so you need to know how Uniport conducts her Post utme exam in specific.

So, here is what you need to know.

Uniport post utme is a CBT exam, that means you are going to be writing it in the computer.

Back then, Uniport post utme subject combination used to be the subjects you did in jamb but not anymore.

So for those that still don’t know Uniport post utme subject combination, be guided.

Uniport no longer set questions base on the subjects you did in the jamb.

You write just three subjects, irrespective of the course you are choosing.

That is English language, Mathematics, and general paper.

If you are a science student, you are not going to find any Biology, Chemistry or physics questions.

Uniport post utme subject combination for 2019 is English, mathematics and general paper, and it applies to all Courses.

That is how Uniport sets post utme exam so be informed.

As for the time set for Uniport post utme.

You have just 30 minutes.

And also, for how many questions Uniport set in post utme, be aware that Uniport sets 50 questions and this is mixed with the three subjects with more of Use of English and mathematics.

How is Uniport post utme calculated and graded- aggregate

Uniport post utme is graded over 400.

It means the total aggregate for Uniport post utme is 400 and this score is calculated based on how well you answer the 50 questions in the CBT exam.

As a matter of fact, each course in Uniport has a special post utme cut off mark among the 400 total marks.

So take note of this.

What to Read For Uniport post utme- Uniport post utme syllabus.

So, are there any Uniport post utme recommended textbook to prepare for Uniport post utme or Uniport post utme syllabus?

Why they are not any, let me give you some tips on what to read so that you will score very high in Uniport post utme.

Base on the nature of Uniport post utme which you will have learned briefly on above.

You need to be cautious of what to read because if you read the wrong thing you are obviously going to fail the exam.

So, be wise and be guided.

Just like I informed you, you need to be very good in English language, mathematics and just like i earlier said, some knowledge of general paper.

So read or study English language textbooks like the invisible teacher by Dele Ashade to prepare for Uniport post utme.

When is Uniport post utme starting in 2019?

Uniport post utme registration for 2019 commences July 1st, 2019 and ends 20th of August 2019.

The main exam will start August 26th – August 31st, 2019.

Final Tips on how to score high in Uniport post utme.

To end this post utme guide.

Let me give you final tips for how you can score very high in Uniport post utme 2019.

Tip 1: Whenever you forget a question, move to the next question.

While you are answering another question you may remember the ones you forget, once you answer till the end, do not submit or end the exam.

You have to go back to the questions you did not answer one by one and answer them again.

Tip 2: If you love yourself, do not communicate with anyone during the exam.

You would be disqualified if you are caught murmuring during the exam.

You have to be on your own, do not let other problems affect you.

Tip 3: You have to be good in Use of English.

Study, verb usage, Concords, sentence structure and other lexis and structure related concerns.

A lot of questions are presented on those areas.

Get “The invisible teacher” Textbook by Dele Ashade.

It would grow your knowledge widely on English.

Tip 3: You should also have some knowledge of General paper, current affair and mathematics.

Those are the areas Uniport set questions for combined to English, so prepare on those aspects too.

Tip 4: Do not depend on what you know, you have to study the exact past question to prepare for the exam.

Uniport has specific questions, by all means purchase the post utme past questions and prepare with it.

Tip 5: Ensure you aim to score very high than the point you need.

Admission is more sure for those who score high, so prepare well and aim to score very high.

We wish you all the best.

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