June 26, 2019

How To Pass jamb Without Studying

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How to pass jamb without studying

A lot of students have asked me this question. ” How can I pass jamb without studying. Not to sound like the question lacks sense, clear or sound reasoning. I have decided to clear the air and put more light on the topic ” How to pass jamb without studying”.

Owing to the fact that we want your success in the forthcoming examination, I “Osas Divine” have decided to go as far as this to give you all the information that will enable you to make the forth-coming utme examination.

A while ago, we published some articles on the same domain.

I shared an article on “How to study for jamb“, in this article we shared so many mind-blowing secrets unknown to must students, and I drew out a step by step guide that any student who is about to participate in Jamb should follow.

Again, we published an article on “How to study jamb past question.” I made this very specific, by stating some rules also that must be followed when studying jamb past question so that you can remember all that was read amid the main exam.

Thus, we made reference to students who read but do not come across what they have read in the exam.

Today, I am interested in talking about how to pass jamb without studying.

Like I said earlier, the question may sound illogical, but you should learn one or two things here.

Sanctioning the thought of passing jamb without studying.

It is not as bad as it may seem that one may have to think if he/she can pass jamb without studying.

A lot of times, we have seen the following cases of students, and why one may have to put on thought as similar to this.

CASE STUDY 1: A situation whereby a student is always occupied by daily duties and has limited time for study.

If not you, then you would agree with me that most students are tied to so many chores, or may be compelled by their parents or guardians to do this or that until the chance that they have for study becomes so slim.

It is a reality and many students face this. So, it draws the curtain open as to why one would think if he could pass jamb without studying.

However, it is only a lame excuse that you have no time to study because of a daily busy schedule.

Yes, I must admit to the fact that in most home, children are administered to housekeeping, perhaps one chore or the other, taking into account that supports are needed so the parents or guardians can easily provide needs and makeup with footing the family bills and academical fees by requiring home or away support from the children who in turn are preparing for forthcoming exams.

Bearing in mind that most students are encompassed by one activity or the other, most parents still strive to give time to their children to study for the forth-coming exam (Jamb to be precise).

To wrap this off, it is well understood that the time to study is one huge factor that most students face; as things stand, that particular student would think of how to pass jamb without studying.

If you find yourself in a case similar to this, do not worry we will iron it all out in this guide.

CASE STUDY 2: A situation whereby a student has no fee to buy study materials.

As you might think, this happens in rare cases. But many a time, it happens to be that most families are feeding on hand-to-mouth and they are obviously managing to sponsor their child’s ward.

Education is most admired by all, but in most part of the country, there are people who work day and night to meet up with the payment for their fees, especially most children who were abandoned by their parent or family as a whole.

It develops that, handling payment of fees to attend jamb tutorial, purchase textbooks, and past questions would not come easily.

People in such category would wonder if there did be a way they could pass jamb without studying since they do not have the fee to purchase all required materials.

I am far from assumptions in this situation, while I underline my point of view as an essential condition of sanctioning the thought of passing the joint admission and matriculation board examination without studying.

Imperatively, before you, I am presenting real-life scenarios and things that happen deep down that one would imagine as a fallacy or a major opinion of a writer like “Osas Divine”.

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To conclude in this case, I will tender some solutions that I know individuals in this aspect of life would benefit from so that they can pass jamb 2020 examination.

CASE STUDY 3: A situation of a lazy student who is too weak to study.

I have chanced upon several students, who naturally do not like reading. They see reading as a heavy duty upon them.

Of course, these sets of people are forced by parents or family members to read, and it is no surprise that such student would think of how to pass jamb without studying.

Now to be frank with you, this class of people are the exact culprit that is being aired on the internet, students who engage themselves in examination malpractice in the unified tertiary and matriculation board examination (an exam that a student is expected to take before he/she could gain admission to study in any Nigeria University or Polytechnic).

My case study number three is something that occurs habitually. It pains me when I think of the fact that most parent support or act blinded to a case like this, whereby a student
appears to be too weak to study and prepare effectively for his or her exams.

It is a fact that such children in this circumstance, is either a no-lover of books like the bookworm of our time or it happens as nature.

The parents of such children would be willing to be a backbone for examination malpractice, buy result or pay for result manipulations for their child.

To present clear facts on the ground, Taiwo Demej JoJolola who happened to be a supervisor in the unified tertiary and matriculation examination in 2019 confided with vanguardngr.com that a parent approached her for examination manipulations in the then examination to help her child out.

Unfortunately, it proved abortive and such was never listened to.

My point here is, there are a lot of lazy students that have no time to study, and their parents do not fully act against it as demanded.

As a student who is about to take part in jamb, my advice is for you to look away from malpractice because it has been curbed to the fullest in the new system of jamb.

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You can check our article on ” is jamb runz real or not” for better understanding.

How to solve study problems and better prepare for Jamb2020 Examination.

Now that we know while most students think of how to pass jamb without studying, I do like to roll out some ideal tips that can sanction such thought.

To start with, please be aware of this; *it is impossible to pass jamb without studying, the only way that looks really possible is by involving in malpractice, but malpractice is now impossible in jamb.

Students who are caught get arrested, and the board will do their best to find anyone who takes part in it. Recall the event that took place in jamb 2019.

Results were held for one month so as to handle malpractice.

Whatever be your reason for not wanting or being able to study let us iron it out now.

1. Admit your weakness for reading and be ready to sort it out:

Foremost, you must-know what holds you behind when you try to study.

Unquestionably, not everyone is a fan of reading and most of the times we feel so weak or too busy to open our books to read.

This is a common nature of human beings.

Determination, in this case, is a necessity, but it is not easy for one to build that determination until the time when everything looks serious when it is all getting late when you have encountered some failures in life.

I really want you to know this; if you don’t like reading the whole time, it is normal and nothing is wrong with you. Most individuals force themselves to read and I understand you have not gotten to that stage yet.

All I want you to do right now is to know what makes you so weak when it comes to reading books in preparation for the forthcoming exam.

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Is it that you enjoy playing games the most, you love sleeping a lot or you love hanging out always?

Activities like this can make you weak and steal away your passion for study.

Now that you know study is the only way to success in jamb, you must do yourself the favor by admitting what makes you feel too weak to study.

On the other hand, if you do not study because you are always busy, note this down, be determined and ready to sort it out as from today.

2. From hence, you must avoid excuses and laziness.

The keys to success in life are:

1. Saying No to laziness
2. Sacrificing what you have to in order to get what you want.
3. Saying No to excuses.

A serious student who is ready for life will know the value of the three aforementioned keys and will know how to walk in the light of them.

For students who are always busy with so many activities, you should not make an excuse with that because hard work is a demand for success.
You have to sacrifice what you have to if you have to wake up at night to study then do not hesitate.

If you cannot purchase books, you can borrow a textbook from friends around. Apart from this, the internet is an open and free source for learning anything.

You can download jamb syllabus for free, jamb past question for free, jamb mobile app for free.

With the syllabus, you can read any topic online.

There is surely a way out of every situation that holds you back from studying.

The most important thing is you have to be determined for success, then use those three keys I shared above as light in your path.

3. Read our ultimate guide for passing jamb.

Here at osasdivineblog, we prioritize your success, and so we have all the information you need.

Find time out to read this guide ” How to prepare and pass Jamb 2020″ and I promise you will be one of the highest scorers in the coming exam even if you don’t love reading.

We talked about a lot from how to prepare before the exam to how to pass during the exam.


In this article, I hope you learned something. Don’t forget, It is impossible to score high in jamb without studying. But with the tips I have shared, I believe 2020 jamb will be a cake walk for you. Leave a comment if you have anything to say.

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