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How to Prepare and Pass IJMB Examination 2020


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How to pass ijmb

A lot of students have seen IJMB examination as a most timely alternative over Jamb for gaining admission into the University, so this article is for such students like you who plan to write IJMB Exam, and you would like to know how to pass ijmb exam and how you can prepare for the exam.

At Osas Divine Blog, our goal is to prepare students for exams as well as providing information that can anchor your life success.

We have guides on countless domains as well as How to prepare and pass Jupeb exam.

Today, it is most significant to as well address you just in case you know nothing or little about how Ijmb exam is done, how you can get a high point, and in the course secure admission into your desired institutions.

If you would ask me, I did encourage you to enroll for an IJMB programme assuming you didn’t make Jamb or you just prefer to start your studies from 200 Level.

Of course, IJMBE certificate is accepted nationwide by almost 90% of federal Universities.

To introduce, IJMB is a programme that is organized by the most prestigious Ahamadu Bello University.

A lot of Universities run the programme for students; however, the major Accredited centers for taking an Ijmb programme is at Ilorin.

So let’s get down to business, assuming you enrolled for ijmb programme, I am sure you would or you have already done so, that is what brought you here.

You apparently need some tips on how you can pass Ijmb exam with a very high point considering the heavy amount spent in the course of the programme, perhaps the period of the programme spent ( 8 – 12 months), is enough to make one serious.

Relax, I would give you enough tips that guarantee your success while running your Ijmb programme anywhere.

It all depends on you, i.e if you are ready to work in the light of this guide.

No more fears of passing Jamb since Ijmb exam is a reliable alternative.

How to Prepare for IJMB Exam 2020/2021

Preparation is the first thing I give tips on because without preparing effectively for the exam there is no way we can talk about passing Ijmb.

Though Ijmb exam is not that difficult; however, it has a complex structure. This is why each center or institution sets aside 8-12 months to prepare you for the main examination.

Preparation is a necessity unless you want to fail.


But what kind of preparation are we talking about here?

Well, I am really going to show you how to prepare for ijmb main/final examination in all aspects as far as ijmb is concerned.

So, the steps I will outline would be from the very beginning of your starting the program.

So here are five steps on how to prepare for Ijmb exam.

1. Be determined and overcome your distractions.

Now that you are going to start your Ijmb programme. I think you have to know that Ijmb is not just any exam. Anyone is open to failure if you do not take the right steps.

The first thing to do as a serious student is to ensure you remove any distractions from your way.

It is time to tell yourself no more distractions, let the determined you arise.

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Forfeit whatever serves as a distraction in your path as you process your Ijmb admission.

Yes, it is easy to fail Ijmb exam. If you are the type that commenced the programme with a mindset of malpractice thereby shifting away from your focus then you are doing the wrong thing.

You had better wake up and start preparing, drop any ‘friends parol’ kind of stuff, this is not the time to start jumping around or gisting with friends.

This is the period to commit yourself and bury every kind of distractions because they will come.

No matter how intelligent you think you are, or promises of exam assistant, you mustn’t relent but must awaken your own strength.

You must be extremely focused and buried in studies with immense preparation.

So from now, let me believe you will start taking all from of distractions so that can you be fully be prepared for Your ijmb main exam.

2. Determine what you want to study and your subject combination.

If you are just commencing the programme, you should have in mind what you want to study alongside your three subject combinations.

Knowing this will shape your study view. You won’t have to prepare the wrong way.

In Ijmb, you are only allowed to take three subjects in the main exam and those three subjects will determine your final result.

So start arranging your area of focus and get it right once.

Enrol jupeb

3. Enroll in the programme in a reliable center.

This step is a step that you need not to be reminded on, you needn’t have to be urged before you make this move because without enrolling for Ijmb before the form close you are actually not going to have any chance of taking the examination.

I should warn you of the center you enroll yourself on because there are a lot of non-accredited, or weak centers in different locations if you register with them, they might not enroll you for the main exam and at the end start forging stories.

Take it or leave it, you can miss your Ijmb certificate this year if you do not register under an accredited center either in Ilorin or any institution.

So take heed and be careful about where you choose to run the programme and do not register when it is too late.

4. Get All Ijmb required materials.

Another imperative step on how to prepare for Ijmb is to get all the materials required for the programme to ace your preparation.

So, here are some materials you must have.

IJMB RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOKS: Any student that is planning on sitting for Ijmb exam must have ijmb recommended textbooks. This could be purchased at the center you registered, but ensure it is a textbook specified for Ijmb or rather an A’level Textbook for the subjects you offer.

Get the recent versions of the recommended textbooks, and study them occasionally, use them to prepare for the main exam.

IJMB SYLLABUS: Ijmb syllabus is very necessary and all ijmb candidates need to have the current ijmb syllabus; so, you know what area to focus on.

Ijmb syllabus could be gotten online or from the center, you registered.

IJMB PAST QUESTIONS: Another important material all Ijmb candidate must have is Ijmb past questions.

Past question is the most solid material to use in preparation for Ijmb exam so ensure you get past questions from the center you enrolled in.

WRITING MATERIALS: Finally, a student must have writing material including mathematical sets for science students.

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These materials are important, and you need to get them immediately you commence the programme not later.

5. Get a study group for frequent studying.

Studying alone is not a crime, but in the case of the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination, we advise students to form a reliable and serious study group to strengthen your preparation and knowledge.

Group studies help so much in terms of preparing for any exam.

Don’t be the only one in your study zone, get one or two persons in the same line as you and prepare for your Ijmb main exam together.

This step is very important so do not ignore. However, be careful of the people you connect with for studies because a lot of candidates can divert your attention.

6. Get a personal study Time table for you.

Still, on tips to prepare for Ijmb exam, you need to have a reading time table.

You have to fall in love with reading if you have never loved reading because you need to be extremely grounded knowing that Ijmb exam is complex and if your preparation is just casual then you are in a sorry state.

So, if you don’t have a study time table yet, draw yours now and make sure it is achievable.

Get your personal timetable ready. Do not make it unrealistic, prepare a timetable you can follow persistently.

Your time table must be pasted on the wall in your room to keep you reminded always.

Remember to add night studies in your time table ( at least 1 hours depending on your strength).

7. Attend Ijmb Tutorial frequently + Night Class.

The final way to prepare for ijmb exam is to always attend Ijmb classes and night class when available.

Ensure you do not miss classes and you are fully concentrated during the class because that is what will determine if you would pass Ijmb or not.

Do not get carried away, and you must never miss classes.

These steps above are the most recommended steps to prepare for Ijmb exam.

How to Pass Ijmb Exam 2020/2021

Now, let me give you tips to pass Ijmb exam now you have the tips to prepare for IJmb.

These tips on how to pass Ijmb will make you get high points ( as high as 13 points) in the exam. Depending on the determination you put in you.

So here are 7 strategies for how to pass ijmb.

1. You must not rely on examination malpractice.

Many a time, students are promised assistance in the examination while most are not.

Here is the thing, you must not rely on examination malpractice.

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Think of it this way, if you study very hard you would not have to worry when you don’t get an opportunity for assistance during the examination.

While Examination malpractice is illegal and not welcomed, most of these Ijmb centers find a way to assist their candidates, but it doesn’t always work out the whole time that is why I am encouraging to you work hard on your own and never rely on examination assistance.

You will definitely make it on your own if you study, you will find it easy to pass the ijmb exam if you prepare for it instead of waiting for answers in the hall.

2. You must know enough formulas if you are a science student.

This one is for science students.

Thinking about how to pass ijmb exam, I think you should start by grounding yourself with ultimate knowledge.

Ijmb exam is completely theory, as a student, you will need to know all formulae in physics and mathematics must especially their derivations. This would help you greatly in the examination hall.

So studying formulas very well will help if you want to pass Ijmb by getting a very high point for the science students.

3. You must show workings and ensure your work is neat during the exam.

Just like I told you earlier, Ijmb exam is completely Theory.

So, another tip I have for you on passing Ijmb is to show your working and ensure your working is neat most especially Science Students.

Make your writing bold and clear, give straight-to-point concise explanation to get more marks but don’t try to impress the examiner.

Your work must be readable, and you must do exactly what you are asked.

Be yourself and don’t try to show you are a scholar.

You must be precise and accurate as they will only give you theory questions in the exam.

4. Be time conscious.

You do not have all the time, so be time conscious. While staying focused, be as smart as you can.


Do not let the examiners stop you when you are in the middle of your work.

So, be as fast as you can but remember to be accurate as well.

5. Be focused during the exam and keep away from environmental distraction.

There might be events that would happen around the environment which will distract you.

You must not let any distractions come your way.

Let your mind be connected so you can remember all you read.

6. You must be hopeful for success and be prayerful.

No matter what, you have to believe that you will score high in Ijmb.

The only thing that can cause failure in Ijmb is when you don’t believe you can pass it or when you don’t work towards passing.

So, you have to believe, then work towards your success.

How is Ijmb exam conducted?

Ijmb exam is conducted on a yearly based; usually 8-12 months. It is a programme whose certificate you can use to gain admission into 200 Level. Ijmb mainly conducts theory exams for her candidates and students are graded on a point-based (0-16 points).

Ijmbe is an acronym for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination.

It is an advanced level programme organized by Ahamadu Bello University.

With an Ijmb certificate, you can secure 200 Level Direct Entry to most Universities in Nigeria that accepts Ijmb.

It is second to Jupeb.

Ijmb Syllabus 2020/2021.

If you plan on taking Ijmb exam, you must prepare according to the syllabus for that particular session.

So, ensure you get the current Ijmb syllabus.

This guide should be able to help you to an extent if you read in full, thanks for stopping by.

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