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How to Prepare and Pass Futminna Post Utme 2019

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How to prepare for futminna post utme

Have you any plan of schooling in the most adored Federal University of Technology, Minna? Well, if you do; then here is a good opportunity for you because I am about to show you how to prepare and pass Futminna post utme and find your way straight to your department, admission on point.

Just in case, have it at the back of your mind, if you are an aspiring student of futminna, you are going to sit for post utme (very compulsory) before you can have any chance of gaining admission.

This is where the problem lies if you sailed through in the joint admission and matriculation board examination; i.e you passed jamb very well, you still have one more bridge to cross.

Be rest assured that, you have come across the best article.

The Osasdivineblog team has helped a lot of candidates crossed exam bridge.

how to succeed in futminna post utme

Yes, everyone wishes to become a graduate, but before you can reach that mountain of success you need to prove that you are qualified for it.

Post utme examination happens to be a roadblock. Despite passing jamb, you can still be rejected for admission.

Yes, we took our time to explain why most people don’t gain admission and how post utme exam organized by federal institutions in Nigeria prevents a lot of students from gaining admission.

As a pledge here at Osasdivineblog (One of Nigeria source of genuine educational resources) we have a mission to rescue students from examination failure, most especially post utme exam, we have dedicated our time to caution and guide all University aspirants like you, on how to pass your school exam.

We dedicated a very powerful information-filled article for Unilorin aspirants on how to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme exam.

Next, we dedicated another powerful information-filled article for Uniport aspirants on how to prepare and pass Uniport post utme exam.

Also, we dedicated another article for Unilag aspirants on how to prepare and pass Unilag post utme exam.

Still, we went further and dedicated special information-filled article for Unibadan (ui) aspirants on how to prepare and pass Ui post utme exam.

We went on continually on a bid to provide articles for possibly all federal Universities in Nigeria, and we wrote for Abu Zaria aspirants on how to prepare and pass Abu post utme exam.

We didn’t fail to provide the same genuine school personalized post utme guide for oau, and we dedicated how to prepare and pass oau post utme exam.

So, eventually today we are now going to channel our attention to futminna and I will give you the kind of information that you will use to crush futminna post utme 2019.

Futminna is an institution I cherish so much, it doesn’t matter if this is your first time to participate in futminna post utme, or you wrote it before and failed. I will give you a key solution to pass futminna post utme and Key information to prepare yourself from A-z for Futminna post utme exam 2019.

I hope you find nourishing information on the shore of this article.

As usual, trust me to take you through two levels of information.

The first section of this article I would be giving you 7 Keys on how to prepare for futminna post utme 2019/2020 session.

The second section, I would be sharing 7 powerful tips to pass futminna post utme, these tips will make you score as high as 300/400 (minimum) when you sit for the exam.

The following sections would be other information that all futminna aspirants most know before writing futminna post utme.

Without further ado, here are some steps you must take to prepare for futminna upcoming post utme.

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How to prepare effectively for Futminna post utme.

There is this philosophy I got from my father, he used to say “You can never fail unless you fail to prepare”.

No wonder Abraham Lincoln said;

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

You have probably over a month or more based on when you choose to start to prepare for Futminna post utme but remember you have only 30 minutes for the exam.

A student not ready to put in the time, resource and effort needed to pass his/her exam is not ready for success.

So read my lips, unless you prepare effectively for this exam you are about to write you are going nowhere.

The thing is, a lot of aspirants don’t know how to prepare, so I am going to give you tips that legend have used; tips that thousands of people who have already made it used to climb the mountain.

So here are 7 steps on how to prepare for Futminna post utme.

1. Gather all information about futminna admission and post utme structure first.

Information is the foundation which your success takes its base on.

We have seen so many candidates preparing the wrong way for an exam or securing admission as a whole into futminna.

As expected, if you choose futminna as your choice of institution in jamb or you plan to then you should know at least the basic of Futminna admission process.

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Having not to remind or inform you, futminna conducts post utme exam, and it is imperative you know the nature of futminna post utme so that you won’t have to prepare wrongly.

Of course, Google is the best place to source for information base on experiences of others, and those who are part of the institution ( Federal University of Technology, Minna) that will come out to share information for aspirants like you.

So, we would provide you with the information you need about the exam.

Howbeit, you are not to cast your research alone here, you must source for information from other platforms and reach out to other people who know about Futminna and gather tips as much as possible.

The reason is, with information you will not have to put your mind on the wrong thing or prepare wrongly.

Information will always put you a step ahead and with the right information, you will definitely pass Futminna post utme and secure admission at the end.

So, you have a task to do from Osas Divine Blog, and that task is. The moment you finish reading this article, start meeting people, or reach out to other platforms and get information round about futminna admission and post utme structure.

This strategy is one of the most effective methods I give out to aspirants thinking of how to prepare for futminna post utme and how to pass futminna post utme once and for all.

Recommended means of getting information about futminna.

Spare some cash and time and head over to the school directly.

It is certain that you will get enough information and probably the right one if you go straight to the school at Minna to meet either the students or concerned Futminna staffs.

Approach any of them and ask them everything you need to.

2. Join futminna post utme admission and post utme online group for more exposure.

Successful students don’t sit at one place, they search for success everywhere possible, and take hold of every opportunity to get to the finish line of success.

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Serious students go about searching for platforms to get all the resource and information needed for the exam.

The right platform at the right time could be all you need and you would be at the edge of success.

Another guaranteed step to prepare for futminna post utme is to join any futminna online group.

You can join futminna WhatsApp group, futminna Facebook group or any group best known for futminna admission and post utme information.

Take this step if you have not, and you will be heading close to your success this year.

This is what I call the principle technique of preparation, it is the most peculiar preparation method.

Get up, go online, go everywhere your mobile phone can take you to.

Nobody is gonna charge you to join any group, never!

Oh gosh! I feel for those who don’t have an android phone, but I know 90% of people reading this has either an android phone, laptop or iPhone.

Good for you! Please use it to do the right thing.

3. Get all Futminna post utme material.

A farmer is not a farmer without his farming tools.

A student is likewise not a student without educational materials.

To effectively prepare for Unilorin post utme, you need the right materials.

So to spice things up, let me enlighten you on the kind of materials needed for your success.

(a.) Past Question: Anyone who prepares with past question is definitely going to score higher than expected.

Oh! yes, I mean past question is the most significant material that will obviously guarantee you that success you had always dreamed off.

So, if at this moment you don’t have futminna post utme past question, you are sure doing the wrong thing and not prepared.

Past question is a prophecy of what is to occur in the main exam.

(b.) Textbook: Textbook and past questions are like brother and sister (twins).

They both accompany each other, so if you want to even smell success, you must have both.

Remember this, not all textbooks are recommended for Futminna post utme.

Enrol jupeb

So, get Futminna recommended textbook for post utme and study accordingly.

(c.) Miscellaneous: Well, you can get other materials like Futminna post utme mobile app, Futminna Online post utme Cbt.

See, let me just wrap the whole thing, whatever has futminna in its name get it, wherever you hear futminna just run there.

But hello, it must be the right thing and the right place.

4. Join any futminna post utme lecture/tutorial around you.

The very next method for how to prepare for futminna post utme is to start attending futminna post utme lecture or any available tutorial center.

Don’t sit at home and do nothing, success does not come easily, you have to get it.

Don’t let that thought of finance hold you back from your success.

You need to do this for yourself and for all those behind you waiting to tell you congratulations while you struggle to attain better academic heights.

Look for either Futminna online post utme class or Futminna physical post utme class and join them in preparation of your exam.

This is what others who have succeeded did.

So, stand up now, and face the path of successful students.

It really is the truth, you have to give up everything else and follow these steps because nothing else can make you succeed by passing futminna post jamb screening test.

You have Google, you have Facebook. Social media have been really helpful these days for students.

From these platforms, you can come across any platforms to prepare yourself.

5. Prepare your study space and study time table.


Once again, still on tips to prepare for futminna post utme.

Here is another unequivocal solution step to prepare yourself for Futminna Post utme.

Assuming you now have the materials for preparing and every other thing else, the next step is to prepare where you are going to always relax and prepare. You still need to create an achievable time table.

Get it straight, it is not about having all the materials, it is about how well you use them.

A lot of folks are not the type that sticks to reading time table but right now it is a do-or-die affair, you have no choice than to get it right no matter what it takes.

If you lose it now, you lose one year.

So, don’t let any form of laziness or excuse weigh you down.

So, guess what!

I want you to prepare your reading time table from today, you don’t have to kill yourself with long hours of reading if it is not your thing, so what I need from you is to simply carve a simple time table for reading even if it is just 2 or 3 hours a day provided you stick to it in the long run.

6. Zero down all distractions.

Without any iota of doubts, distractions are usually common for students.

Many kinds of stuff would be put before you to distract you whether intentionally or not.

Perhaps, it could be your mobile phone or friends around you, but don’t forget you have a purpose, don’t let your purpose be defeated by distractions.

Fight for your purpose, fight for your admission, fight all distraction as you strive to pass Futminna post utme.

7. Purchase Futminna post utme form at the appropriate time.

Now here is the last deal, you have to purchase futminna post utme form the moment it is out for sales.

That indeed is a step for those who truly want a chance of admission in futminna.

Remember to register rightly, do it well and at the right time not the dying minute.

Success is yours.

How to Pass Futminna Post Utme exam

how to pass futminna post utme

Now that you are fully prepared, what next?

I am going to give the next tips that you need to sail through in the exam and this time I would show you what to do in the course the main examination.

Have you ever sat to write a computer-based exam? Well, if you have, you know the pressure that comes at the cause is perturbing, you seriously don’t want to get there and waste your time.

It doesn’t matter what you feel you know or how super-intelligent you are.

You have to know just need to know the legend’s strategy.

So, I am going to show you those strategies now.

1. Think before you click:

To blast futminna exam, you must think before you click while answering questions.

Don’t click just too in a hurry because you think you know it.

There are questions where you will find answers that look the right one but on a serious note, they are obviously wrong.

So, you ought to think first, but that doesn’t mean you should spend so long thinking because you may not get all the time you need.

This is where smartness plays a vital role.

Think like a wise man, and be sure you know it is correct.

2. Be very time conscious:

Time is the most adventurous part of the exam. Before you can even answer half the time would be all elapsed if you are not being smart and conscious of the little time given to you.

Don’t spend too long in a question, at this point you must be fully present in the hall and your whole mind and body must be connected.

Here is a recommended article that will teach you how to use time well at the exam hall “7 Cheats and 7 rules to answer post utme on time“.

Take time to read those rules, and act accordingly and you will come back thanking.

3. Don’t think outside:

Another thing about you as a student during an examination is, you think outside, like thinking about what is happening at home or elsewhere, in fact, it could be anything but don’t forget why you are there so focus.

It’s just a 30-minute exam so put in all you got immensely.

Be focused, be bold and shun anything capable of distracting you.

4. Don’t leave any question unanswered.

No matter what happens, be extra focused, you mustn’t leave any question unanswered.

Knowing or Unknowingly you must never skip a question.

Skipping a question will make you lose a mark and you may not have time to go back on questions you skipped.

So, do all it takes to be yourself during the exam and give it all you got.

5. Do not guess answers, answer with the four formulas of post utme.

We don’t teach guessing, so never think of guessing.

You must be sure of all your answer because guessing might end you up with an awful result because luck is not everyone thing.

In order to avoid guessing, we have provided four post utme formula to know the correct answer by all means.

So, take extra time to dwell on that article and ensure you use the formulas during the exam.

6. Do not cheat during the exam.

This is a computer exam and not a paper test.

Of course, your question would be different from others so don’t point your head in others computer.

Again, you have to do the right thing, do not skip into the hall anything that is discriminating to avoid being disqualified because there are staffs available to curb and deal with anyone found guilty of examination malpractice.

The best way to pass is to do it all on your own and put down what you know that is why you have to prepare before going to the hall.

7. Follow instructions in the course of the exam.

The final advice and tip to pass Futminna post utme are this.

You have to stick to Oral and written instructions.

The officials around would likely give you instructions which you must adhere to.

Again, while writing the exam, check for instructions on what they are asking of you, most questions, especially in English, have instructions so check well.

Nature of Futminna Post Utme – Futminna post utme format 2019

Okay, now let’s talk about Futminna post utme format.

What kind of questions should you expect?

How does Futminna set her post utme exam?

Is futminna post utme CBT or PPT?

Well, let me briefly give you an overview of how Futminna post utme looks like.

First, it Futminna post utme is a CBT exam.

The exam is actually simple, but must aspirants say it is hard.

It is not a difficult exam unless you don’t prepare.

How many questions and the subject does Futminna set in post utme?

Futminna post utme sets 40 questions for 30 minutes.

This structure is the same for everyone.

Futminna post utme subject combination.

Futminna post utme sets general questions in the exam.

English is compulsory for every student, simple mathematics is also compulsory for all students.

The remaining questions would be from other subjects, and it comes generally.

Most students get the same subjects they did in jamb in general, but this does not apply to everyone.

So, futminna post utme is not only based on your utme subjects so study generally.

We recommend you get Futminna post utme past question to better help you prepare.

How Futminna post utme is graded or calculated.

The aggregate score for Futminna post utme is 400.

In general, whatever you get in post utme is graded along with your jamb score.

Your final aggregate is used to determine if you get admission and what course you get.

What to read for futminna post utme – Futminna Post Utme syllabus

A lot of times we wish futminna had a post utme syllabus, to better aid preparation. But futminna does not have an official post utme syllabus.

So what should you read for futminna post utme?

We recommend you study past questions, read English textbook very well and practice with the platform introduced below and you are good to go.

Futminna Personalized and Official preparation CBT platform.

Good news! There is a platform you can count on that would help you prepare very well for futminna post utme.

This platform is an official futminna post utme preparation section which has produced several students who are now full-time students in futminna

So, all you need to do is join this platform and practice with this online Cbt platform it will obviously take away your burden, and it is the best alternative to past questions because many of the past questions are fake.

Join futminna Preparation Hub now

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