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How to know if you have been given admission into Unilorin

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how to know if unilorin gives you admission

I bet you have wanting to ask this question, “How do i know i have been given admission at the University of Ilorin (Unilorim)”? This indeed is a question all admission seekers would have to ask.

Today, i am going to give you the latest update on Unilorin admission 2019 and as well show you how to confirm that you have been given admission into Unilorin.

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We have at a time published a very comprehensive article that concerns the University of Ilorin and other schools in Nigeria. Just for the records, we published a step-by-step guide on how to gain admission into the University of Ilorin, step-by-step guide to passing Unilorin post utme, a guide to process admission generally in Nigeria and much more guide.


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As of today, September 23rd, 2019, all University of Ilorin admission seekers sit and wait for the University of Ilorin to release her first batch admission list.

You can imagine how many aspirants are in suspense waiting hopefully and fearfully.

unilorin admission

Let us have a flashback so that we can fully trace the university of Ilorin 2019 admission processing system.

We shared a guide on when Unilorin is expected to give admission sometimes back, a little while back the board informed us that they would be releasing a final post utme aggregate which is the combination of your O’level result and post utme score.

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Unfortunately, the board decided not to release the final aggregate even though the calculations or system to be precise was deployed formally to determine where a stand-in admission, the reality is it remains internal and would be shared publicly.

So what is the current status of Unilorin 2019 admission?

The University of Ilorin admission will solely be on the central admission processing system (caps) for the 2019/2020 academic session. This means that Jamb is the body which would be regulating or simply put giving admission to all University of Ilorin aspirants in 2019.

To be more detailed, the school (University of Ilorin) is actually responsible for compiling names of a student who has been considered for admission. The list is therefore sent to Jamb who will be in charge of allocating the admission to students through the central admission processing system (Caps).

Is Unilorin first batch admission list out for 2019?

As of the date of writing this article, September 22nd, 2019 the University of Ilorin has sent the first batch admission list to Jamb just as explained above. Jamb would thereof give the admission to all those who are considered for Unilorin first batch admission through CAPS.

Updated: September 27th 2019: As at today Unilorin first batch admission list is officially out on Jamb Caps.

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T list has now been released as at this time, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board are currently uploading the names of candidates for the first batch admission.

What does Admission in Progress mean for Unilorin?

what does admission in progress mean

There was a recent change noticed in the portal of most aspirants of the University of Ilorin, at the admission status section in jamb, most candidates as that this period is seeing admission in progress why some are yet to see it?

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So the big question is, what does admission in progress mean?

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Base on facts, When you find admission in progress in your portal it means your name has been sent to Jamb by the school and you would be considered for admission.

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If you cannot find admission in Progress in your portal as a Unilorin aspirant, we advise you to wait patiently as with time (if you have been considered for admission) you will find admission in progress which later becomes you have been given admission.

How will i know if i have been given admission into Unilorin?

So let’s answer the major question?

Most people still don’t know how to confirm their admission.

First, in order to know your admission status, you must frequently visit the Central admission processing system (caps). It is not possible for you to confirm your admission on Unilorin Portal, admission processing begins in jamb of which you are to accept or reject your admission before it shows up on the University of Ilorin Portal.

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In order to confirm if you have been given admission into Unilorin, visit jamb/efacility login and login with your email and password.

Once logged in, if you’re using a mobile phone, check the top right corner of the page and click the selection tool which would display a drop-down from there you can navigate accordingly to check your admission.

If you are using a mobile phone, follow the procedures on the following images which will take you to your admission status section.

how to check your admission Unilorinadmisison checkerjambJamb capsUniversity of ilorin admissionadmission 2019 unilorineasy way to check admission in caps

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General Notice

Remember to stay glued to your portal at every time and once you have been finally admitted into the University of Ilorin you must accept your admission, you will find a clickable button on your portal, be very careful so you do not mistakenly hit reject because whatever actions you take cannot be undone.


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