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How is Unilorin post utme calculated

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how unilorin calculate aggregrate

We have been drawn to address a pressing issue as regards the information that has surfaced the internet most especially to the fact that it seems to be assumed as very true and largely accepted by the public, parents, and hopeful aspirants in terms of how Unilorin calculate their admission aggregate, or get the total composite by adding jamb score with a specific olevel point in addition to post utme score, this is widely known as total aggregate and in turn believing they have to meet a particular aggregate to be qualified for admission as it is done in other schools.


First, we feel so bad that a lot of students didn’t get most of the materials that were shared on Osas Divine Blog specified to help Unilorin aspirants blast Unilorin post utme. A lot of students failed Unilorin post utme 2019.

No one should sound like the exam was difficult, the tremendous problem faced by aspirants is just one powerful thing on which we call the thin line of life, one step away from this line could make you fall under success of fall under failure.

That very thin line of life is called; INFORMATION. Information is power, as they say, the wrong information can wreak havoc in your educational path.

Now, I won’t have to doubt that a lot of students will have to sit at home again for another year and re-sit for the Unified tertiary matriculation examination or probably take Unilorin post utme, not because they are not intelligent enough to fight for Unilorin admission.

Speaking of which, a lot of students who we can actually say are not very good compared to most students in terms of academic performance; we are certain that most of them will gain admission.

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Guess what, it actually had to do with who has the right information.
Those that are actually intelligent to an extent would definitely end up loosing admission and that is for one reason, because they such persons don’t have right information to stand and work with.

Of course, we are all forced to believe any information that is spread all over the internet.

Well, not as if this is a big deal but it could actually lead to admission casualty in a way, so the Osas Divine Blog team is doing it best to ensure that aspirants are properly guided and prepared for the admission with the right information.


Okay, let us not go too far, I simply want to properly address aspirants today on how unilorin post utme is calculated; their admission aggregate and how the University of Ilorin accumulates her admission point, perhaps the latest 2019 Unilorin admission grading system so that we won’t have to keep believing the wrong admission grading system as it concerns this prestigious Varsity, the University of Ilorin.

We feel so sorry for the fact that you may have gotten the wrong information that Unilorin divides your jamb score with eight (8) alongside some piece of other freaking shits.

Well, to inform you properly about this, just in case you have searched on this topic and gotten other outdated resource perhaps deemed to be true that the system of dividing jamb score plus o’ level or whatever it is, is not the exact system of Unilorin admission grading and does not represent the University of Ilorin but is only an assumption and a misguided information.

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However, we can think of such a system to be true for Federal institutions like, the University of lagos (Unilag), and the University of Benin (Uniben). But not for the University of Ilorin.

So, how is Unilorin post utme calculated?

Yes, we will pop out that shortly, but first, let me address a previous article we have shared as it concerns the University of Ilorin.

Sometimes ago, we published a very detailed guide on Osas Divine Blog on How Unilorin gives admission.

We didn’t fail to address the public and urged everyone that read that article to debunk every thought of Unilorin grading admission by dividing jamb score blah! blah! blah!


So, we shared the four basic things that determine Unilorin admission, in a nutshell, we shared the basic factors that determine yout admission fate.

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This was shortly after we published an article on how to gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

I won’t fail to revise those formulas and factors that Unilorin uses to calculate admission aggregate here to help rearrange your philosophies and mentality

Here there are:

* Your Post Utme score

* Your O’level Grades

* Your catchment area

* The course competition

Yea, you got that right. Someone right now would be looking for Jamb score, oh yes! Every institution grades admission with your jamb score, but I like us to think differently of the University of Ilorin, and I am sorry you have to resit and look at Unilorin as a distinguished academic citadel the one regarded as better by far, this institution is known as the most competitive and of course, one of the best Federal institution in Nigeria with a fast academic calendar.


So how will Unilorin calculate the total aggregate for admission? Let’s take a deep look.

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unilorin admission grading system

How Unilorin calculates their aggregate – Unilorin admission grading system.

The major factors that Unilorin uses to calculate a student’s aggregate for admission are Post utme score and O’level grades. Your Jamb score is used to ascertain which course you qualify for, but major focus is placed on post utme score.

Unilorin will not divide your jamb score or do anything of that nature.

Nonetheless, the University has a specific post utme cut off mark for each department which is pegged at 50% as the minimum cut off mark for admission. The total percent is 100. So, only aspirants having between 50% and 100% will gain admission.

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A lot of aspirants will definitely want to have the complete list of  Unilorin post utme cut off mark, so bad the University of Ilorin does not release the post utme cut off mark as it is internal and only known to the board.

This policy is at an aim of securing the admission strength and trust to conduct a fair admission, it is no news that the University of Ilorin is strict with admission being that they only want to confirm and provide quality, and sound administration.

Here is a quick summary of the whole process.

Your post utme score is the major factor that will determine your admission, your o’ level grade is calculated alongside.

For your jamb score, that would be used to determine what course you qualify for.

In addition, your catchment area and the level of competition in your chosen department will determine where you end up finally.

We advise you to drop ever other information you get, and we urge you to subscribe to Osas Divine Blog where you can get first hand Unilorin Update and information in order not to be misguided!

How Unilorin calculates Post Utme Score

Another pertinent aspect to look into is how Unilorin calculates post utme total score.

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This is it. The total number of question given is 50.

Each question carries 2 mark, so 50 X 2 equals  100; thereby making the total score for Unilorin post utme 100%.

Very simple and not complex.

You can also join Unilorin WhatsApp group for more information.

We wish you all the very best in your admission pursuit.





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