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15 Facts about Unilorin and Her Post utme to know

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facts about unilorin

It looks so good and fun by imagination when you’re hoping of studying at the University of Ilorin but you know absolutely nothing about Unilorin. Come on, wake up from your slumber, it is not about dreaming to school there, it is knowing what you need to do in order to secure admission, so for your sake, I will be sharing 15 facts about Unilorin and her post utme that you must know right now.

What everyone desires and dream of is wearing that matriculation gown, but are you sure you will even smell the gown, are you sure you will even touch it let alone; wear it.

They always say that a stubborn fly ends up in the grave, and that will only be true to you if you pay deaf ears to these 15 facts about Unilorin and facts about Unilorin post utme, that you’re about to learn.

Can I get your attention! See, millions of students like you have applied to gain admission into Unilorin, they wrote post utme and did all they could, but the University of Ilorin is actually another world entirely, a lot of people have failed, they have lost every opportunity and a lot of students have given up.

Who cares about those who have failed? Nobody!

I just want you to know something if you applied for Unilorin as the first choice, welcome to the school where it doesn’t matter even if you have the best result.

Before you learn these 15 facts about Unilorin plus facts about Unilorin post utme.

I have something for you.

We have taken time to write a very powerful guide, this guide is more in depth that you can imagine.

All that the University of Ilorin demands from you are in there.

You need to read that because if you do you will definitely gain admission this year and the hallucination that you have engaged yourself with all this while will stop because you will be facing the reality of undeniable admission.

Please see: How to gain admission into Unilorin no matter what, in 2019.

Now let’s see those facts and things that you must know about Unilorin.

#1 Fact – High Jamb Score Does not guarantee your admission but it is important.

If you scored 300+ in Jamb, please, pocket it because that is just your ticket to enter the gate and sit for Unilorin post utme.

In case your mind has gone too far that you will surely gain admission because you scored high.

The first fact about Unilorin is, your Jamb score is your ticket and nothing more than that.

Many a time, the University of Ilorin has doubted how ‘sound’ the joint admission and matriculation board examination is and for this reason, the University of Ilorin holds her post utme test dearly.

Don’t misquote my words, It is not as if scoring high in jamb is useless. Who is going to say that?

Look at the image below, it shows the most important admission criteria for admission into the University of Ilorin.

Facts about unilorin post utme
From this, your Jamb score is the first thing you need.

The reason it appears to be the most important fact here is this; you need to first score above the cut-off mark for your course or better still, get 180 which is the specified jamb cut off mark.

If you score 182 and you applied for a course that you need 210, two things will happen.

First, you will sit for the post utme exam, except you decide not to because 180 is the minimum cut off mark. So, you already have the ticket to sit for the exam.

Enrol jupeb

Secondly, another thing that will happen is, you will not gain admission (I mean if, for example, you applied for a course where you need 210), why? Because you have only a ticket, what you need is a qualification.

The first qualification is scoring above the cut-off mark for your course at least 10 points above and then you will have a chance for admission. That is what that image above means.

#2 fact – Unilorin does not accept second choice.

An aspirant took to our page to inquire if Unilorin accepts second choice.

It isn’t any news, however, most student still don’t know that Unilorin does not accept first choice applicant. That’s conclusive no need to convince you with stories.

Unilorin does not accept first choice, and it is 100% certain.

As a matter of fact, amid the post utme registration when you’re applying you will only see an option for first choice only, there would be no place to signify second choice.

Look at the image below, that is the  University of Ilorin post utme registration page.

From what you can seen in the image (look at the place that says choice).

things to know about unilorin

Once you click that choice, you will see something like this below will pop-out.

unilorin regustration

Enrol jupeb

From what is there, you can only pick a first choice which you don’t even need to pick because it would be selected automatically since that is the only option.

The funny part is, you will still find out that, most aspirants made Unilorin second choice amid their Jamb registration.

It is not bad though, at least it will beautify the form. Unilorin does not accept anything more than first choice, hope that is clear enough.

#3 facts – Having lots of A’s and B’s in O’level is not an admission guarantee.

It feels good to know you have a very lovely O’level result beautified with A’s and B’s.

One bitter fact about Unilorin is A’s and B’s will not change anything if you perform low in post utme and jamb.

However, it is important for judging who is the best among two or more people who applied for the same course, but only in terms of selecting the best; that is when they will look at your O’level performance.

The bottom line here is; O’level itself does not qualify you, it only certifies you.

That doesn’t mean you should not present a good O’level certificate, just as I said, O’level helps in determining the best if every other person qualify and you qualify too regarding jamb and post utme score.

#4 fact – Unilorin can withdraw you even after gaining admission.

I bet a lot of people don’t know this.
Many students jubilate after gaining admission.

But the caveat fact about Unilorin: Unilorin withdraws a lot of students after giving them admission.

You may be like ” Osas Divine, is that true, if so Why?

Well, I can’t fully state a reason Unilorin withdraws student, but it has to do with qualifications and documents that you will be asked to submit, also to inform you; a test will be organized after giving you admission (freshers test).

All these again is to determine if you are truly qualified for your course.
Unilorin is not a playground that is what they want you to know.

Enrol jupeb

You will be made to write a fresher test after Unilorin gives you admission, and they have the right to withdraw you or shift you to another department entirely if you go below expectation.

To be on a safer side, you need to look for someone who knows a lot about the University of Ilorin, meet this person and ask him or her to guide you by telling exactly what you must do in order to finally become a full student.

If you have no one to guide you, not only will you fail to do the required things because you don’t know them. You will eventually miss your admission. There are a lot of things to know about Unilorin.

#5 fact – Unilorin post utme is CBT and 50 questions in 30 Minute.

This is obviously not a new thing to you I guess. But we have to talk about it because of candidates who are applying for Unilorin the first time, they will need to know this.

So, have it at the back of your mind that you will have no writing material in Unilorin post utme. It will be you and the computer.

Will it be hard because it is a computer-based aptitude test?

Chances are: Yes, it may be hard, and No, it may not be hard. It depends on your familiarity with the computer and what you know (base on your preparation).

This calls for ultimate preparation.

You have to prepare for the exam as if this is the most important exam in your life.

You can read this: How does Unilorin post utme look like, to know more about How Unilorin post utme questions are set.

#6 fact – English language is the ultimate focus in Unilorin post utme.

Yes, you have to know this. Number six fact about Unilorin post utme is; English language is the key focus.

Out of 50 questions, 70% of it will be English language question. The remaining 35% comprises General questions (including a bit of mathematics) and current affairs.

This is important to know because many students prepare in the wrong way.

Be careful what you read.

Do you want to know what you’re meant to read for Unilorin post utme?

Do you want to know the exact topic to read?

Then these two articles below will help.

* What to read for Unilorin post utme
* Unilorin post utme syllabus

#7 fact: Post Utme is the real factor that qualifies you for admission

Now, this is the most important thing you need to know about Unilorin.

Your Post utme score is what will determine if your jamb score will be looked into at all.

Enrol jupeb

Fail post utme, pocket your jamb score.

Pass post utme, score high in jamb! Congratulations you have been given admission to study { whatever } in the University of Ilorin.

When I mean you need to score high in post utme, the high should be very high because that is what the school looks at the most to determine who is most qualified out of the crowd.

Remember that the overwhelming competition is behind you, a lot of people are competing for the course you applied.

To save your ass you must have a commendable score.

Are you scared? Why, when all you need to score 80+ in Unilorin post utme is right here.

Come on friend, read this: How to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme. It is everything you need to score whatever score you need.

So, you don’t have to worry, Osas Divine blog has got your back.

#8 fact: Unilorin does not have any such thing as a total aggregate score:

Many aspirants always ask this question; how does Unilorin calculate aggregate score like other school does.

For example, a specific point is given to a student who has many A’s in O’level or who scored this or that.

Blah Blah Blah!

If you think of such with the University of Ilorin, you’re mistaking.

Unilorin has a private and special way of determining who is qualified, and it is best known to them, it has nothing to do with meeting a specific aggregate point.

  • Score high in jamb
  • Score high in post utme
  • Have your required O’level points.

Yeah! that is all you need.

#9 fact: Unilorin places value on students from the catchment areas.


This is a tradition of all federal institutions in Nigeria and not just Unilorin. This is a rule of thumb specified by the federal government.

However, Unilorin bids to this more seriously, students from the catchment area have more chances.

The way they analyze admission chance is different for those from the catchment area and those that are not from the catchment area.

#10 fact: The general cut off mark for Unilorin post utme is pegged at 50%.

This is a minimum cut off mark you must score in order to be qualified for admission is 50%.

But this is not limited to every course. Each course has it own cut off mark, the more competitive your course is the more you will need to score high.

For example, as a medical student, you have to score above 77 in Unilorin post utme or you will be given another course.

This is a rule of thumb because Unilorin places more value on post utme, not Jamb.

#11 fact: You only need your print out and a pen on the post utme day.

Just in case you need to know, all you need is your pen on the day of the post utme.

Remember you’re facing the computer so that is it. But, remember to go with your print out on that day.

You will need it, do not forget it at home.

#12 fact: Unilorin has two centers for post utme.

A lot of aspirants don’t know this, there is no need to come down all the way from lagos if you reside there.

The University of Ilorin has two centers for post utme, there is a center where you can write post utme in Lagos.

It is the same system, and nothing changes.

Please signify Lagos if you reside in Lagos while doing your post utme registration.

#13 fact: You will get an SMS after post utme and after gaining admission.

I felt you need to know this also, this is another fact to know about Unilorin post utme.

Ensure you submit a valid number while doing your post utme registration.

However, you can also check your post utme score in the University of Ilorin porta.

So, you don’t have to worry.

But it would be nice to submit a valid number so that you can as well get your result via SMS.

An SMS would be sent to you by 8 pm containing your post utme result.

An SMS would also be sent to you when you gain admission.

I hope that sounds cool.

#14 fact: Remedial students should sit for post utme.

This is another thing you must know about Unilorin post utme.

It is recommended that you participate in Unilorin screening test if you did remedial in Unilorin. It’s not imperative, but it is recommended.

Sitting for post utme will increase your admission chance especially if you score high, even if you don’t score high you might still gain admission.

Just take note that not all remedial student will gain admission that is why it is recommended for you to participate in post utme to gain more chance.

I hope that is clear.

#15 fact: Unilorin will admit 12, 000 student in 2019.

Someone asked, ” How many students will Unilorin admit in 2019? According to the Vc. Unilorin will admit 12, 000 student in 2019, as opposed to the 11, 000 students that were admitted in the previous years.

This is a high admission quota. Please do not give up on Unilorin, a lot of hope is on the ground for you.

To be among those 12, 000 students follow all the guides that we have prepared for you, I have linked to a lot of them in this article.


These 15 facts are the most important facts and things to know about Unilorin.

But do you know that there are some hidden facts and knowledge that you must know regarding why students don’t gain admission into Unilorin?

Yes, you have to note them also.

Please see: Why aspirants don’t gain admission into Unilorin.

And finally, I know you still have a lot to know if you want to gain admission.

Follow this link to connect us on our Unilorin WhatsApp line and you will have the chance to join a Unilorin community and speak to someone to guide you through.

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