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Top 5 Best Courses to study in Nigerian Universities – 2019


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top 5 best courses to srudy in Nigerian

The education system in Nigeria is getting depreciated or I did rather say absurd. As a fact, there are lots of undergraduates program (University courses) that will hardly put food on your table in the current Nigeria Economic system, but in this guide, you will find the top 5 best courses that you should, by all means, study in a Nigeria University.


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Today, we will focus on courses that are hot as of 2019 in the Nigerian Labour Market.


Come to think of it; there is only one reason you and I might want to have a University degree, and that only runs down to the aftermath.


A Job! Yes, we all want a good one.


A good life anchored on a better future while setting a pace for our coming generations is our everyday goal.



So, we cannot just wrap our heads and settle for less, I mean it is very worthy to study a good course at the Nigerian University and not just any kind of course.


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That being said, let’s now talk about the top leading courses in Nigeria as of 2019.

Top 5 Best (Highest-paying) Courses to study at A Nigerian University in 2019

After finishing your undergraduate program at the University, what next? Sit at home and wait for Job, set up your own Job or go a Job hunt?


I wish either of these was that easy; if you happened to graduate tomorrow, where do you think you would start your life career from? I am sure you would want to choose a career path that generates the highest income.


This is why I deemed it necessary to guide you on the top courses that you must glue to which will help reduce your stress in the future.

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Okay, you may be like, Come on, we all know the best courses to study in Nigeria is Medicine, Law and those cool courses.


Yes you are right, you are not the only one who believes such age-old tale, we all do and it doesn’t make much difference; however, we can safely say that such courses stood as the best in the past and most definitely Medical courses were the highest paying, but not in this current economic system as we have emerged the information age.


Although it is a lot more complicated than you think, just because a Job is popular does not make it the right choice for you, choosing the right course to study in the University matters so much.


These 5 Best Courses will give you a good Job.

The first Top 4 are leading courses to study in Nigeria as of 2019 that are regarded as white-collar jobs which pay best.


  1. Technology and Engineering Sector:

Yes, you got that right, gone are the days of our traditional/local ways of living.

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We have emerged the information and technology days, and the courses under this area such as cybersecurity have been on high demand and as of 2019, it is on the top list for the highest paying courses in Nigeria.


Choosing a career on one of the technological and engineering sectors will change your life and reassure you a better future.


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We have transformed into digital technological days, and almost every sector in Nigeria are in demand for graduates who are tech-savvy.


Let’s converse outside our dear fatherland Nigeria.

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Have you heard about Bill Gate? Well,  we can still say he is the richest man in the world.  Let’s also talk about, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.


top University courses

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Bill Gate – The Richest man in the world (founder of microsoft)


Nigerian Jobs and courses

Steve Jobs – Co-inventors of Apple inc.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook, one of the richest men in the world.

These are the richest men in the world, as of 2019 and guess what, none of them is a Doctor, Lawyer or whatsoever. These men transformed our digital world with their splendid inventions, and today they are on top controlling the world with technology.


Yes, Technology is the new world.


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Speaking otherwise, engineers built our roads, construct the building we live in. As a matter of fact, they make life easier for everyone.

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Take it or leave it, technology, and engineering graduates are now highly demanded in the Nigerian Labour Market.

Best 7 Technological and engineering Courses offered in Nigeria Universities that fit perfectly in this description.

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Computer science
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Information and communication engineering
  6. Mechanical engineering.
  7. Petroleum Engineering


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Summary: If you want to end up with a good paying course then try studying either of these courses as they are hot cake Job currently in Nigeria, and they are highly sought after in top Nigerian competitive institutions that are good in Technology.


  1. Medical Courses:

Obviously, there is no life without the medical team. From the very outset, this line has been the most respected and still a respected course to study in Nigeria.

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Taking about Nigerian per se, Medical courses are still the most precious profession that you can have.


While it might be easy for you to land a Technological or engineering Job, Medical relates Jobs are much strenuous to get due to the lack of facilities in the medical sector.


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However, it still stands as one of the top courses that you must study in Nigeria, even if it takes you stress to get a Job the aftermath is a million times worth it.


Recently, the Nigerian Government is ensuring they provide good hospitals and medical facilities.

We all know, Medicine and Surgery is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about medical courses.


Perhaps, it doesn’t have to be Medicine and Surgery that you must choose to settle with, nevertheless, Medicine and Surgery is the mother of all medical courses, and the highest paying course that you could study in the University to land yourself a good job in the Long run.



In this post, I am carefully taking time to give you every little detail so that you don’t find a hard time choosing a Job at the end of the day, so remain focus and ride on with me*.


Best Medical Courses to study in a Nigerian University

Here are the top 7 trending courses offered in Nigerian Universities that you can decide to study.

  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Dentistry
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Medical Laboratory Science
  5. Nursing
  6. Physiotherapy.


Those are the best paying courses so far so, you must ensure you do have a bite in one if you truly care for a better future after finishing your undergraduate program at the University.


  1. Accounting, Business, and Financial Courses.


This is the next high paying top leading course groups to study in a Nigerian University.


Without much exaggeration, it is no news that all sectors and industries in Nigeria account for their financial earnings, and expenses.


The bank itself which account for finance cannot be overemphasized. This only means that we one cannot have a company without a financial institution to account for the daily expenses, else such company would default and rise to bankruptcy.


Therefore, stating, accounting courses are under the list of best courses that pay very well which you must study in a Nigeria University if it defines your goal.


Don’t worry, I will update you on the best accounting and finance courses that earn you quick and easy Job in  Nigeria as of 2019.


Take this from me, a career in accounting/Finance is every man’s dream, you can as well bury your head in this field as you will benefit a lot, as much as you show interest.


Let’s just say you are able to earn yourself a certificate under the Institute of charted accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).


Getting a Job will be so easy, practically a management certificate in ICAN is as well respected as a Bachelor’s Degree.


So do not settle for lesser courses you can be in this category.

Top 7 Accounting, Business, and financial Courses to study in Nigeria.

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking and Finance.
  3. Business administration.
  4. Economics
  5. Public Administration.
  6. Sociology and Anthropology.
  1. Law Courses.


This list would not be complete if we ignored this course as well. Apparently, a law course takes only 5 years to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a Nigeria University.


This is not something much to worry about, unlike most Medical courses that could have cost you 8 Years to Earn a Degree.

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Every society needs Law, as a nation in Nigeria Law is one of the most important factors that determine our future and how we are being ruled. A Law firm is definitely a prerequisite to better living.

Here are 7 top law courses to study in a Nigerian University.

  1. Administrative Law
  2. Nigerian Legal System
  3. Constitutional Law
  4. Criminology
  5. Commercial Law
  6. Banking and Insurance Law.

The Law field is indeed broad, whichever ways the field is a top leading one.



I have just shared four hot cake courses to study in Nigeria or simply put white-collar Jobs among the 5 courses I promised to show you.


These courses are listed in order of their family and in order of their demand in the current Nigeria Economic system.


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You would be very much lucky and if not immediately, you will surely get a very good job that can sustain you and your family for the rest of your lives over time.



But the list doesn’t end there, there is another high paying course to study in Nigeria from another category.

So, let’s draw the curtain close with the last best courses to study in a Nigerian University.


  1. Agricultural Courses.

Yes, our dear fatherland has risen to prominence and known for greatness in the agricultural sector and most people are yet to see the importance and the lots of money one can make in the agricultural sector.


The thing is, when we think about agriculture, what we see is a farmer working on the farm, or riding a tractor.


Well, let’s say that is not what we are talking about because agriculture is now a bigger Industry In Nigeria especially now that we have emerged the digital and technology age.


Earning a degree in agricultural science does not mean you will end up working as an individual farmer in the farm. It may seem more like that but is way bigger than that.



There are numerous career opportunity in agriculture that is very clean which can earn you enough money to build your goals and fend for life.

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Never underrate this field as it is the fifth-best course to study in a Nigeria University that will earn you a good income.



I trust that you learned one or two from this guide, all you have to do right now is ensure you write the next coming jamb (utme examination) and gain admission into the University or rather get a direct entry certificate so that you can choose either of these courses and ensure you focus deeply.


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