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Why most students dont gain admission into Unilorin

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Why most students fail to gain admission into Unilorin

In Unilorin, success is a factor of two unbelievable things which I am about to show you, these two things explain the phenomenon to why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin.


If I have to show you how to gain admission into Unilorin by typing 10, 000 words, I will do just that.


I have written many guides on how to gain admission into Unilorin and I really don’t know when I am going to stop.


It is because I know how you feel.

Mum and dad are waiting for you to wear that gown.

Your friends are waiting to tell you congratulations and all you get at the end is no admission for you!


Nah! I believe the time has come to say no, but it depends on how you will handle the harsh truth I am about to share on why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin.


For the past few years, I have spent at the University of Ilorin, I must confess that I have twenty thousand things to write about, trust me information is vital.

I am not here to lament, perhaps I am here to caution you and give you a quick orientation of how to gain admission into Unilorin.

There are many untold admission criteria about the University of Ilorin for processing Admission.


Unfortunately, only those who are lucky get the admission, for many who sees it as just an ordinary admission they end up frustrated.


The first thing I want you to know about Unilorin

Without an iota of doubt, no institution will come out and be like:


Okay, announcement!

“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Unilorin aspirants. This year, these are the admission criteria for the University of Ilorin.


Number one, we won’t give you admission if you don’t have any A in Your O’level.

Number two, you won’t get admission to study medicine in Unilorin if you’re from Igbo Land.


Also, we have decided to announce why most students don’t gain admission into unilorin.

Number 1, Because most students applied as second choice.


Blah blah blah!

Enrol jupeb


Ha ha ha!

Who is going to tell you those?


The harsh truth is; no board or staff of the University of Ilorin will come out and tell you A-z of what really counts when pursuing admission.

Why do you think they should come out and start telling everyone stories as well as why they don’t give admission and how they qualify students for admission.


The University of Ilorin is evidently one of the best institutions in the whole federation.

They do not beg for students…….how you work out your admission is up to you.


They only have to lay down the basic requirements for admission.

Enrol jupeb

Case closed, find your way in.

Now what?

I am about to open your eyes to the real world of Unilorin admission, and I am going to let you understand why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin.

It is not something I should be telling you, but why shouldn’t I?

Our goal here at Osas Divine Blog is to save the next set of Unilorin Admission seekers.


It pains us to see how youths are living indecent lives, lives not worth emulating.

The transmitting financial instability that is faced by most families is something to worry about.


Of course, you know the way out of our economic disorder is education.

Yes, that is why we are struggling for admission that is why you must not give up.

All you need is information

Ever wondered why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin?

Enrol jupeb

Let me give you the simple truth in plain English.

Students don’t gain admission into Unilorin Because they lack information.

Information is the key to success.


If you are just applying to Unilorin for the first time, please tell me: what do you know about Unilorin Admission system?

What gives you the assurance that you’re ready for it?

You have been applying for Unilorin admission for years now and still, you don’t know why you are not getting the admission.


You don’t have to blame anyone, there is something wrong somewhere that you don’t know about.

Oops! Maybe many of them.

Are you going to sit and let admission slip off your hands this year?

It is time to start climbing the mountain, if you don’t start climbing the mountain now, it might get dark before you can even reach the top.


Obtaining a degree is the mountain before you.

When you graduate it means you have gotten to the top of the mountain.

Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.

You have just now to Start climbing this mountain, it really is important.

I don’t care how you do it, all I Know is the time is now.

Why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin. (Two criteria to know)

I told you there are two things that determine Unilorin Admission, just two things.

Every other thing falls under these two.

Enrol jupeb

Do you know the craziest part of it?

You only know one, and every other aspirant also knows just one.

Now you ask me what are they? I will go straight to the point.

#1 Criteria = is called the front end criteria.

This is what everyone knows, what you know and what I used to know.

I used to think, that was all I needed to know.

But a few years later I discovered that there was something else.

Guess what it is?

#2 criteria= It is the back end criteria.

“Back end criteria are some principles of admission that Unilorin uses to give admission, but they don’t show these or tell them to anyone”

Oh my God! That sounds too weird.

Likewise, what everyone knows are the front end criteria.

But there is something behind that which no one talks about and that is called the back end criteria.

Back end > Those criteria that you don’t know but you need to know.

Front end > Those criteria that everyone talks about.

However, a few students who are very close to the school know most of these back end criteria.


Can I shock you?

Why students fail to gain admission into Unilorin is due to the back end criteria.

I wish I can really talk about it all.

But let’s take one step at a time.

What are the Front end Criteria?

Most people will think I am just here to say what I feel like saying, and then leave hopeful students wondering.

No, my dear! I have worked for long in the University of Ilorin. A lot of professors lecturers or any staff who loves you will sit you down and tell you most of these.

Information is that one thing that most people find hard to talk about publicly because most people only care about themselves.


But, Osas Divine Blog, has volunteered to share that information for free, so it is up to you how you take this.

Believe me, it is nothing but the bitter truth.

Here are the front end criteria.


(a) You must have credits in Five Relevant O’level subjects.

Of course, everyone knows this or don’t you?

This is apparently a basic requirement for gaining admission into any University in Nigeria.

No institution will admit you should it be that you didn’t meet the basic O’level requirement.

It is crystal clear and nobody needs to remind you that you need Five O’level credit in Relevant subjects including English language.

(b) You should only choose Unilorin as the first choice.

Old story! Isn’t it?

Everyone knows Unilorin doesn’t admit students who choose her as a second choice, let alone 3rd or fourth.

If you didn’t know, now you do.

It is not something they hide, and they already stated this clearly.

(c) Direct Entry candidates need upper credits.

That is obvious, and you need no reminder.

Also, Jupeb and Ijmb candidates need to meet the required point specified for their course.

(d) Jambites most have obtained a minimum of 180 in the joint admission and matriculation board exam to be qualified for admission.

But 180 is not limited to all course.

Just another open admission criteria that are erred all over the internet.

(e) Aspirants must obtain a minimum of 50% in post utme.

But 50% is not limited to every course. That you need no reminder.

So, this is all we know about the front end criteria

That being said since those are the common requirements we’re being told, my guess is; that is what you are currently focusing on.

Yes, knowing just that and acting accordingly may or may not guarantee your admission


Truth is, your final admission chance will depend on the back end criteria are not really a big deal, it is not some kind of strange thing.

It is not that they are not talking about it because they want to punish you.

It is just safer to leave things that way. If everyone knows what to do, and they do it, then maybe everyone would be qualified and that will only bring an admission system that is not fair if they don’t admit all those that met the requirements in full.

The back end criteria are like a hidden treasure and a hidden map.

If you can find the hidden map you can use it to move three steps ahead of others to gain admission while others sit and wait for it like a patient Dog.

That is why most students don’t gain admission into Unilorin, why most students do.

It is very good to find this hidden map and give the school exactly what they want.

Many aspirants who taught they scored high in Jamb, and even post utme but did not gain admission will be like.

“What else should i do?”

Hilarious, maybe you should score 350 in jamb and get 80% above in post utme.

Lot of laughter.

Frankly speaking, you will not struggle for admission if you know what you need to know.

So, the deal here is the back end criteria are much.

There are many that I still can’t tell you.

Just like I said, it is not something to worry about.


Just do the normal things you know about and you will find your way in. I will share just a few of the back end criteria.

Here are the main reasons why most students don’t gain admission. (Back end criteria)

#1. There is a stipulated quota for admission for each region.

This is something no one speaks of, but that is the truth.

It is somehow related to the catchment area. However, it is no news that the catchment area is really a beneficial factor of admission.

But in this case, it is more than that.

Let’s say 40, 000 students who applied for Unilorin are from the west and southern states such as Ondo, Enugu or Edo state.


Then, 55, 000 students who applied for Unilorin are just from northern states such as Taraba, Kwara state, Ibadan etcetera.

Finally, 5,000 students who applied for Unilorin are from outside Nigerians maybe Ghana and nearby countries.

This is just examples.

The school has a quota laid down for selecting students from each region.


It doesn’t matter if there are more students who performed better from west or southern states, they will only select a few because the quota for the southern states or western States is not much.

Unilorin will admit much more students from northern states.

This is one of the criteria that they have keyed to for centuries.

Take a stroll into the University of Ilorin and count how many students come from the south compared to those from the north.

The bottom line is; it doesn’t matter what your score is. After they have selected the few students from your region base on performance.

The door would be shut behind you, keep your result if you were not considered.

#2 It really matters what kind of O’level result you present.

Unilorin has confirmed that they accept two sittings in O’level, but not more than two sittings.

The question is, is that all you should know?

Do they accept just anyhow combination?

Am so sorry to say, they accept two sitting does not mean you can present whatsoever kind of O’level result.

There is something you’re not told. Using Waec and Neco is one thing that is limited.

Assuming you applied for any of the 12 Unilorin most competitive courses and what you have are Waec and Neco two sitting, you won’t be admitted otherwise stated.

As long as you want something professional you must present a professional qualification.

A lot of students who did not gain admission and maybe they used waec + neco in the case of 2017 and 2018 is due to, but not limited to this.

This is not a general rule of thumb, it is for some specific course.

#3 The grades you have in your O’level matters.

It is nowhere stated that you must have A’s or B’s in relevant O’level subjects to gain admission.

Nah! But then, just presenting 5 relevant credits or more is not just what they look into.

In most case, your grades are calculated, and the sad news is an O’level result full of C’5 and C’6 really demands attention.

So don’t just think because you have Five credits in the relevant subjects, you will gain admission.

They will not say this openly, but they look at it.

For now, these 3 are the important back end criteria that you must know.

I just want you to have more information to others, I want you to be 5 steps ahead of others.

It is not about your utme score and post utme.

If you cannot change what you have just pray if you don’t get admission, take it as a lesson for another time.

A very little warning!

One key truth is, Unilorin does not have a manual that students can read for admission processing.

There are only two ways studentsng information.

Option A is to get the information from someone

And option B is to get it online.

None of these options is guaranteed 100% accurate.

Always be careful where you get information.

Another thing is, you will not find all the information you need in Unilorin portal.

But you will get it from websites who know a lot about Unilorin or people who are somehow connected just like this site

Do not ignorantly bid to all information and do not pay deaf ears to the right advice you get.


Stay tuned for more Unilorin admission guides like this, you can join our WhatsApp group to get more information.

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