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What to Read for Post Utme & How to blast post utme

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What to read for post utme

Did you perform brilliantly in jamb? CONGRATS! I guess you have been searching for what to read for post utme in order to be fully prepared.

Wait! Are you a Direct entry candidate? Then welcome on board.

Well, I am definitely going to show you what books to read for post utme. In specific I will show you how to fully prepare for post utme the right away.

Welcome to Osas Divine Blog, the home of quality information.

Here, we have covered more salient information about post utme.


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We are well concerned about your admission this year.

This is why I am here to teach you how to blast post utme 2019 on the grounds of showing you what to read.

Being that many known institutions in Nigeria still conduct post utme for students as a pre-admission screening test to select those who are suitably qualified for admission, you will need to prepare for it.

Looking at the available competitive admission slots in most federal Universities such as the University of Ilorin, the University of Ibadan, the University of Lagos and others.

It, therefore, creates an alarm for you as a student and it begs for more cause of actions for you to wake up, and face this competition.

If you read our A-z detailed admission guide, on how to gain admission into the University no matter what, you did understand more about the prerequisite as subject to gaining admission in Nigeria.

At this very moment, there are many tasks under your belt. Post utme is the very first condition for admission.

It was stated in the admission guide I linked to above that, the second to none factor that variegated federal institutions look into while selecting students who’re qualified for admission; is what you scored in post utme.

That being said, there is every reason for you to prepare for this year post utme as you did prepare for Jamb. And the first thing to note is what to read for post utme for any institution in Nigeria.

Still, we have written just many other guides that you can use to blast post utme, these guides also call out on preparing well for scoring better in your post utme exam.

They are as detailed as you ever need and I bet you will find all you are looking for.

We outlined, a step by step approach to preparing for the exam, and we shared some secret that will help you blast post utme in 2019.

Here is the guide; How to prepare and Pass Post Utme (Even when you’re scared)

It would make more sense to read that as well.

Very well then, we have decided to include something that we felt should stand alone as a topic, and that is what you’re reading at the spot: “What to read for post utme”

Unless you are prepared you will never achieve a substantial success that you need to gain admission into the University this year.


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Nevertheless, for you to know how concerned we are about you passing post utme. We have featured four unique federal institutions in Nigeria.

We wrote a complete A-z guide for these schools. Most of the questions you will need to ask about these school post utme screening is there.

We talked about the structure of their post utme, the questions they set, the way they score post utme and many more key subjects of discussions.

First, we started out with the University of Ilorin being one of the most competitive institutions in Nigeria.

There we talked about the following:

* How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin post utme

*What to read for Unilorin Post Utme

*Unilorin Post Utme syllabus

*Unilorin Post Utme tutorial


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Next, we wrote a well-detailed guide for how to prepare and pass Uniben Post Utme.

We also talked about, “How to prepare and pass Oau post Utme”

Finally, we talked about: “How to prepare and pass ui post utme

Now you see there are more guides that we prepare here for how to blast post utme to success more than you will get elsewhere.

Listen, there is no magic to blast post utme neither is it rocket science.

Many people have written and performed brilliantly in years gone by. You will also need to follow their pace.

Admit it! Your heart beats each and every time you think about post utme.

Like; “OMG! I hope I am going to pass this exam”

I understand just how you feel deep down.

But to tell you the truth, you’re not going to blast post utme in 2019 unless you read/study adequately.

Absolutely so, perhaps if you fail to read the whole of this guide and act accordingly then I cannot be able to show you how to blast post utme 2019 or guarantee your success.

Every aspirant must know what to read for post utme in order to perform well.

If you must be crowned with success, then the surest means is to prepare yourself by reading the required books for post utme.

So much so, I am only going to show you those recommended books to read for post utme for the Universities I am sure of.

It would be you who will determine how to use them and when to use them.

Success is not a free gift. I get it, you want to score high in post utme and gain admission.

But are you ready to put in the effort?

Please note; If you are still searching for films and t.v channels to watch at home then I must say you’re not ready for admission this year.

Can you guess what your performance will be in this year’s post utme?

Ask yourself, “How many books have I read?”

How long have i been preparing?”

Being a rhetorical question, I leave the answer to you. Just know that the answer to this question is the answer to how well you will perform when you write post utme this year.

Here is a complete detail of what to read for post utme and how to blast post utme.

How to blast post Utme 2019.

As you all know, post utme is the tradition of all federal Universities in Nigeria.

It is no guarantee that after writing jamb you will gain admission until you have participated in post utme.


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One will have to sit again for post utme to prove how qualified you are.

Performing well in Post Utme has been your nightmare!

As a matter of fact, The registrar or Jamb has announced that they will soon start in full, their central admission processing system (CAPS) in order to see that admission in Nigeria is well processed.

Does that mean that post utme would be finally scraped out?

Well, we don’t know, while post utme still remains an important admission processing system for most Nigerian Institutions it is worthy of note to be fully prepared.

So how do I blast post utme this year?

In order to succeed in post utme, absolute preparation is demanded.

I bet, post utme is more complex than what you can compare with jamb itself, to what most institutions set, and you need to be well-prepared in other to obtain a good score.

So here are some few tricks and tips on how to blast post utme.

1. Know what to read for post Utme

The very first step to blast post utme is to know how to prepare for it.

In a few moments, I will highlight some important things and books to read for post utme in order to perform well.

An intelligent student knows when to prepare, how to prepare and what to prepare with.

It is okay if you don’t know everything and that is why you have Google.

The fear of everyone is failing, who wants to sit at home for another year?

Remember you are not getting any younger.

This is why you must prepare to blast post utme this year.

I know this is your first time to apply for admission to the school you choose and you don’t really know what to read.

That is why you have us who knows the up and down of educational concerns.

If this is not your first time to write post utme in the school you applied for, then I believe you ought to know what to read by now.

This is for those who still don’t know what to read for post utme. I mean what exactly can guarantee your success.

I will do all in my power to show you some ideas and recommend some books to read for post utme 2019 later in this guide.

2. You need to have the strength to read.

If you want to blast post utme, you need more than just reading.

Strength most come within from you, you need to feel it deep down in your bones and that will motivate you to read even while you are in the Loo.

Reading has class and grades.

There are those who just do a casual reading for reading’s sake.

There are those who read as if reading has got the whole of them and that is the class where you should belong.

I like to also mention that many students actually know what to read for post utme, but where is the strength to read?

You open one page, read one or two things and phew! You are off to London.


I hope you can be able to accept failure if that is you, not just failing but failing with flying colors.

Many gurus will say, “Yes I am intelligent, I am ready for the exam”

This class of people only read less, with the belief that they know what they need to know.

I wish that was how education works.

I am pointing this out as an error.

We have seen many intellectual people fail.

” It is not how much you know, it is how well you know what you know” – Osas Divine.

Stop believing too much in yourself and get prepared to read.

But first, you need the strength that will bring the motivation for you to read.

Strength to read comes from the power of need.

Wait you don’t understand! Then let me put it this way.

Let say, for example, you have failed Jamb 8 times and the effort you have put in proves abortive.

People are already mocking you and your mate are already rounding up their second year.

From all the pains you feel in your heart you will finally realize how much you need to gain admission.

To be precise, you and I know you surely need this admission.

You really need it, and if it will cost you to swim the oceans you will not hesitate.

That need will build up your strength.

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine everything you’re missing in school.

Oh! How you wish you could just sleep and wake up in school.

One thing I know of is, those that are challenged will have more reason to work hard.

You need to draw your strength from your pain, your needs, and your heartbeat.

Do all in your power to get it right this time.

3. Seek for heavenly grace.

I need you to sit, and think about this; look at many people who have gotten admission.

How many of them are more brilliant or savvy than you’re?

How many heads do they have?

What books do they read for post utme and other exams that got them the admission that you have not read?

Until then, when you get the answer, you will understand that how to blast post utme and score very high is not all about what you know.

Yes, many of those people in school are where they are because of grace.

I don’t know if it is the grace of God or the Grace of Allah as I do not prejudice anyone’s religion.

Whichever God you serve, you need his grace in order to stop all these admission problems.

Stop believing that all you need is what you know if that was the case then many people won’t have to struggle with admission.

Grace will exempt you from failure, it will nestle your success, shot you out of the crowd and place your name in the admission list.

Look at things this way, there are a lot of people who apply for a course with 260 in jamb but don’t gain admission.

Learn more: How to choose a course that fits you in the University

But someone with a lower mark or maybe someone who had 240 and applied for the same course was admitted. That is grace.

Grace will ace your success and make you blast post utme.

All you need do is fall on your knees right now and seek for that grace.

4. Shut down every T.v and prepare:

Distractions are a major reason people fail exams.

It is one thing that will always come in your way.

When I mean T.v, I am referring to any element of distractions, that surround you.

You cannot blast post utme or have the strength to read unless you shut down every T.v in your life.

You have to understand that you are in the times when all you need is nothing but concentration.

There are many books to read for your school’s post utme, are you going to waste the time you have to participate in activities that will not account for your success?

Please wake up. My dear the road before you is narrowed, forget about every other thing and have your books by you every time.

Success only comes by intense preparation, don’t let those t.v in your life steal away your time.

Such T.v is a distraction that you know very well to take away your time.

In specific, your home T.v set is just one of them.

Most friends too amount to distractions and any other form of activities.

Please, if you want to truly blast post utme, kindly shut down every T.v

5. Grease your mind with positive outcomes.

Once you start to read and put all the distractions behind you, the next thing you need is to grease your faith.

You need faith boosters that will enable you to believe in your success, and not doubt your success.

If you ever doubt yourself or have any negative thought, success will run away.

Success only stays in place where it is welcomed, not in a mind that doubts.

Sweep away every doubt in your mind right now and grease your faith.

Do just that and you will never be disappointed by failure.

I have just shown you how to blast post utme 2019 with hands tied to the back.

These aforementioned five tips are the best advice you can get, please ensure you understand them.

What to read for Post Utme

Now that you know, reading is crucial to really blast post utme.

You now need to know exactly what books to read for post utme.

Take note, I am only going to give a basic idea of what you need to read for post utme being that I am addressing all institutions, not a particular one.

If I have to address each school one after the other I may run out of ink.

So let’s focus generally on what to read for post utme.

#1Read The invisible teacher or Dandy English textbook.

80% of all institution writing post utme offers English language in post utme.

For example, Unilorin post utme consists of English language the most.

For other schools, they will tell you that you are going to offer the same subjects you wrote in Jamb of which English Language is among.

In order to pass any English language exam for post utme, you need to read either the invisible teacher, A-z use of English or dandy English.

Uniben mainly set questions from dandy English.

Unilorin mainly set questions from The invisible teacher.

Unilag sets questions from A-z use of English.

So ensure you get these books and chew them.

What topics to focus the most in post utme?

Still, for those writing English, if you can read all topics please do.

The English language is an interconnected subject, no topic is useless.

For example, the Knowledge of parts of speech will help you understand other complex topics.

However, most schools focus on the main areas as follows;

(a) Lexis and structure:

No English exam is an English exam if they don’t set questions from lexis and structure.

English language on it own is all about sentence formation, pronunciations, and your grasp of passages.

So, therefore, other topics are just subsections.

How can you relate with words and their meaning as well as functions in sentences?

So focus on them too

(b) Comprehension:

Comprehension is just another subset of English Language.

Although, not all schools set comprehension.

However, ui, uniben, and Unilag set comprehension in post utme English language section.

(c) Oral English:

Oral English is where many students have weaknesses, for this reason, many institutions have decided to use it against the students in post utme.

Take it or leave it, you will come across a few oral English questions in the English language section.

(d) Synonyms and Antonyms:

This section is quite common and I am very optimistic that all schools that set English language for post utme in the English language section.

Other topics must not be overlooked but these are sure to come sections.

I have just shown you what to read for post utme in English language section in order to blast post utme.

#2 Read general questions.

A minority of post utme questions you will get will emerge from the general paper.

It may be from current affairs or other general questions.

General paper is common with Unilag and Unilorin.

You should not only focus on the subjects you did in Jamb.

A lot of interesting question will come from general sections.

#3 Also, read those subjects you did in Jamb.

As i earlier said, a lot of schools will give you the same subjects you did in Jamb.

So, now you know what to read.

Read the same books you used to blast jamb to blast post utme also.

If you flogged jamb then you needn’t worry on how to blast post utme.

Use the same strategy and preparation technique.

Go back to your notebooks and textbooks, and chew them until satisfaction.

#4. Read or study past questions.

If I need to give you a straight forward answer without any ado to the topic “What to read for post utme”

The plain English answer I will give you is, read past questions.

That alone will amount for your success.

You need past questions if you have to blast post utme in 2019.

Isaac Inegbenehi of flashlearners said “Past Questions are the prophecy of an exam”

At first, I didn’t know how true and meaningful that was, but I think I know now.

A Prophecy by definition is a glimpse of something that will occur in the future.

In that light, past question is a glimpse of what would be set in the future (exam).

This shows that past questions are very relevant for performing better in post utme in any school.

So what about Schools like Unibadan that does not release the official version of past questions?

If your school does not release the official version, you can get likely questions.

Likely questions are also good for preparation


With these few tips, I believe you would be ready for post utme.

Now you know what to read for post utme and how to blast post utme, I wish you all the best of success.

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