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Most Competitive Science Courses in Nigeria

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most competitive science course in Nigeria

Why does it matter to know the most competitive science courses in Nigeria?

Yes, it does matter for many reasons, but most students who are hoping to gain admission do not know just why he/she should look into the competitiveness of a course before choosing any course!

In this day and age, gaining admission in Nigeria has become quite tough.

Many students struggle with admission each year just like you have been trying to secure admission.

We conducted research here at Osas Divine Blog, and we discovered that science students struggle the most for admission in Nigerian.

It would be quite easier and quicker for art students to gain admission being that art courses have lesser cut off mark, and the same thing applies for most social science courses.

But when it comes to Science courses, these courses have high cut off mark thereby making admission difficult.

Nonetheless, not all science courses are competitive, most courses are still quite easier to gain admission when talking about science courses.

I want to show you the most competitive sciences courses in Nigeria; the purpose of doing so is to let you know where you stand.

I will provide the information you need about each course, and how to go about admission.

Also, this list will help you re-order your plan should it be that your cut off mark will not be enough for either of this course and most crucially it should wake up you up in case you’re still sleeping and if you have applied for either of these courses.

A very problem faced by Nigerian students is the ability to choose the right course.

I know just how perplexed you were when you were asking yourself: “Which course should I choose?”

As things stand now, many jambite did not come out with a good result after the just concluded examination.

We recommend reading this: What to do if you failed jamb.

Now the question I have for you before we look into this most competitive science courses in Nigeria is: ” What did you score in Jamb?”

If you scored below 220, then you must refrain from applying into any of these courses below.

We recommend reading this too: How to choose a course in Nigeria.

Here are the 7 most competitive sciences courses in Nigeria from highest to least.

1. Medicine and Surgery.

medicine and surgery course
It is refutable that Medicine and surgery is the most competitive science course in Nigeria and that remains true for every university as a whole.

The thing here is; almost everyone will choose to study medicine base on the fact that Medical related courses are well profitable when it comes to job search in Nigeria.

Medicine is a top choice and a lot of student sees it as the most suitable course for their personality.

According to data by stutern, Medicine and surgery is assuredly the most employable course in Nigeria.

Most competitive science course

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Needless to say, a career in medicine will be so great because you get the opportunity to help people who are in need of medical support.

When it comes to earning, there is no form of doubt that Medicine profession pays most.

A higher percent of Nigeria institutions put in their best to educate the medical students who applied in their institutions.

Studying medicine can earn you a Job abroad and that is why medicine is one of the most competitive courses in Nigeria; on its merits, Medicine is Number one top profession.

The cut-off mark stipulated in Federal Universities in Nigeria for one to gain admission into their medical department is 260 and above in jamb.

It is also wise to know that, Medicine and surgery are most competitive in Unibadan, Unilorin, Uniben, Ahamadu Bello University, Nsukka, and Unilag.

The Best way to gain admission into any University to study medicine and surgery is to score extra 15 points for the jamb stipulated cut off mark pertaining to the school you applied in.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you are fighting for the most competitive course in Nigeria and if you applied into any of the institutions I mentioned above, then your chances become tougher.

Howbeit, it does not mean you cannot gain admission, all you need is the best result.

In a course like this, it is survival of the fittest.

You can see these also:

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Most competitive courses in Unilorin“, here Medicine was also mentioned as the most competitive course at the University of Ilorin.

Most competitive course in Uniben“, medicine and surgery were mentioned as the most competitive course in the University of Benin.

2. Nursing Science.

Nursing science course
Nursing science is also one of the most competitive science courses in Nigeria.

As you can see, it happens to be number two on the list.

A lot of people have a flair for nursing, and once upon a time I had the same flair, but I don’t really know if I shifted due to the competitiveness.


I really love Nursing because it is also one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria.

I also like to reference Job search as one of the reasons most people prefer a course like this.

Nursing is very employable and as a matter of fact, no health care center can operate without the service of a nurse.

Nursing career is very reliable and suitable for ladies/gentlemen.

Looking at this course from the perspective of how lucrative it (nursing) is; then I would like to inform you that medical related courses happen to get higher pay in Nigeria labor market among all other professions excluding entrepreneurship businesses.

Just on the same light, a lot of institution places a high cut off mark for Nursing science, in order to gain admission into the University.

Simply, you need to put your best effort to score high and meet all the fundamental requirements, and you will be admitted to study medicine in any school.

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You have all the right to gain admission if you provide the best requirements, and it is conclusive that medical related courses appear to be at the top of the list for the most competitive science courses in Nigeria.

3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy courses

To put it straight, pharmacy is just another child in medical related courses, and it is the third best science course to study in Nigeria.

Pharmacy is a very good career to opt-in for, but you will have to dance to the tune of the requirements to study pharmacy.

More than ever, the number of students applying for pharmacy into federal Universities in Nigeria is very high.

It is a course you, me and everyone will want to consider.

Do you want to talk about the money pharmaceutical industries make? My dear, it is a lot as long as the pharmacy is concerned.

Think about it this way; after a Doctor diagnoses a cause of a medical problem, he or she will obviously refer the patient to get drugs in the pharmacy.

Pharmacist, on the other hand, is a well-trained individual that knows the exact drug a patient should take for a particular health challenge recovery.

This alone explains that pharmacy is a career that serves a big role and affects the lives of individuals positively.

The caveat: Pharmacy is a great course. Yes, but the problem is gaining admission.

You also have to know that many federal institutions require at least 230 or 240 in jamb top study pharmacy.

Are you ready for the competition?

Do you have the required qualification?

Check for all these before choosing to study pharmacy.

4. Civil Engineering.

Civil engineering course

The next family in the list of most competitive science courses is the Engineering family.

You ought to know by now that engineering courses also appear to be high paying and marketable profession.

Imagine a world without engineers most especially civil engineers.

We would be seriously lagging in Nigeria without them.

Civil engineering is an authoritative field in the business world among other engineering disciplines.

Enrol jupeb

With the presence or absence of civil engineers, we would know whether a nation should be called as developed or undeveloped.

Take a look at Nigerian roads, railways, bridges, dams and most building; all these are the beautiful works of a civil engineer.

Now you see just how important there are.

Remember that man’s basic requirement to survive in life is shelter.

Undoubtedly, civil engineers provide the structure of how the building can be installed and the infrastructure through which it becomes applicable.

Without exaggerating, civil engineering plays a great role in country development.

That alone suggests that civil engineers are well sort for in attesting to the fact that they are the life of the buildings and roads we use.

With the knowledge of that, just think why a lot of people would not want to choose this course, that makes it one of the most competitive science courses in Nigeria.

5. Computer Science:

Computer science courses
Computer science is another competitive science course in Nigeria, but it depends on the school which you applied for.

In most federal Universities, they do not have the standard and required materials for one to fully become a computer wizard.

While most federal Universities like the Federal University of Technology Akure, Federal University of Technolgy Owerri stands as the best.

These Universities are experts in the field of technology.

In bottom line, Computer science is a very special course in light of the fact Nigerian is gradually emerging the technology world and modern age just like every other country.

Go to banks, information and communication industries, broadcasting stations in fact almost all companies need the presence of a computer scientist to help programme software and manage technologies.


Technology makes the world easier and so does computer scientist serve a great role which cannot be denied.

So, computer science has become a popular course and every student would want to choose it.

Thus, it is yet another profession where you can earn largely.

Yes, it is competitive but not that competitive to scare you away, so I am optimistic that you can actually find your way in.

You can search for a less competitive Nigerian University which provides the best computer science programme that will be enough to give you the required ICT knowledge you need.

6. Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering course

We are still on the list of sciences courses that are competitive in Nigerian Universities.

Mechanical engineering comes sixth, isn’t that awesome.

Are you hoping to study, mechanical engineering? Well, you have made a good choice.

It is only the sixth competitive, not the most competitive. So, I guess you can make your way in if you have the required cut off mark.

But does it have to be among the competitive science courses?

It is self-evident that mechanical engineers play a big role in Nigerian economic development.

One cannot emphasize much on the benefits, but I can assure you it is a course everyone will want to choose if they have a flair in the sciences.

These courses I have been listing as the most competitive including this particular one happens to also be the best marketable courses in Nigeria.

The terminology behind this is; when you see people rushing to a particular destination then there must be something special in that place.

The same thing happens here, many students want to study mechanical engineering because they know the benefit and the function of a mechanical engineer.

When it comes to which University to choose, the very picky or you might end up with no admission.

7. Electrical/ Electronics Engineering.

electrical engineering course

This is the seventh most competitive science course in Nigerian Universities, but not the least competitive science course as a whole.

You cannot expect Nigerian to grow without electrical engineers.

Imagine Nigeria without Power holding companies!

Imagine a world without electrical engineers to fix electrical issues for us.

Electrical engineering is a great course and if you decide to go for it, welcome on board.

I encourage you to put in all efforts and ensure you get good grades that can land you in this dream course.

The competition is not that high as opposed to the six we have mentioned above.

I decided to show you just 7.

Others may be competitive, but they are not competitive enough to nag about.

These ones I have mentioned deserves special attention.

Wrap Up

Phew! There you go now with the list of the 7 most competitive courses.

Now let’s have a little fun.

Why don’t we twist the topic to something like this: 7 Science Competitive courses to stay from!

Ha ha!, yes, I will stay away from them because they are very competitive and the competitiveness can swallow me or keep me struggling for admission for 12 years.

Just kidding anyway.

I think it is better we twist it this way ” 7 science competitive courses that you must study in Nigeria.

Oh yes, it is imperative to study them because a career in Medicine and Surgery as an example or Computer Science (my special discipline) is mind-blowing.

At least I will get enough money to take care of my family.

Which of the topics do you think is the best fit for us to twist the main topic?

Either way, have a great time in your educational pursuit. See you again soon!

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