May 13, 2019

List of Most competitive courses in uniben (Top 12)

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most competitive course in unibem

The University of Benin is one of the most prestigious Universities in Nigeria. Most Aspirants who are still in question of what course should I choose will find this list of most competitive courses in Uniben, useful.

If you have ever had a difficult time choosing a course to study then worry less because in this guide I will give you a list of most competitive courses in Uniben.


All you have to do is cross-check your jamb score and see if you’re qualified to be in either of these fields.

Just a while ago, we also shared a list of the less competitive courses in Unilorin as well as the list of most competitive courses in Unilorin.

For one to gain admission into the University, one has to choose the best course.

That was why we took our time to write a Five thousand words guide on how to choose a course that fits you in the University.

You may need to read that!

As a matter of what, many students would want to consider changing a course after seeing that they did not do very well in their result.

Learn more: What to do if you failed Jamb.

Let me also inform you that, the University of Benin is one of the top competitive institutions in Nigeria.

Always be careful when choosing a course, don’t just pick a course for the sake of choosing a course.

Are you ready?

Alright, let’s start.

PS: This list is in chronological order, and we are going to rank these courses in order of their highest competitiveness.

Here is a list of 12 most competitive courses in Uniben.

1. Medicine and Surgery

medicine and surgery uniben

Medicine and surgery is the most competitive course in Uniben.


It’s has been like that for ages since everyone believes medicine and surgery is the most lucrative and high paying profession.

Look at it this way, Doctor’s are highly demanded both in government and private hospitals, home and abroad.

Every mum and dad want their child to become a Medical Doctor.

As a medical Doctor, you can work in more than one hospitals and even have your own licensed private hospital.

Enrol jupeb

In the real world, it’s no news that medical Doctors are fairly well remunerated.

In average, Medical doctors earn over 15 million Naira annually.

Medicine and surgery is undeniably the most reliable profession especially when you are a first class graduate.

You will obviously be earning six figures even by the time you retire you would be compensated with a retirement pension, hopefully, that you have worked in a government hospital.

No need for a long story, just have it at the back of your mind that Medicine and Surgery is the most competitive course in Uniben and admission chances would be difficult if you do not have a solid result.

As of 2018/2019, 12,907 applied for medicine and surgery in Uniben.

You see, assuming that number increases in this year (2019) since the number of students, that applied for jamb increased, then you should be in hot soup as you will need a high score both in jamb and post utme.

2. Law

competitive course in uniben

The second most competitive course in Uniben is law, just as you expected.

The rate of corruption and crazy lifestyle in the country, really create an alarm for a governmental sector in charge of making laws and carrying them out.

In actuality, it is important to study law in Nigeria because lawyers are well compensated for their service.

Enrol jupeb

Did you know that Lawyers are well respected? Yes, they are.

By studying Law you can attain any height, and even decide to go into politics or social work.

Lawyers have lots of advantage. Law as a profession guarantee you a good and substantial salary that you can use to support yourself and family in the rest of your lives.

As a lawyer, you will know your rights and responsibility.

Your mind would be based on strong and critical reasoning to defend anyone in any case at any time, and you gain the ability to correct the defects in the country.


In summary, lawyers do not only earn a fat salary, but they acquire knowledge on legal issues and become highly respected.

That means Law is a very good course this is why many students are demanding to study law at Uniben.

As of 2018/2019, 6,814 students applied for law at the University of benin.

If you must beat the crowd you must score high.

3. Accounting

accounting uniben

Accounting is always in the top profession in Nigerian.

For your notice one of the most employable courses in Nigeria is Accounting and it isn’t any secret.

Enrol jupeb

A lot of aspirants are aspiring to study this course based on the trend and availability of Job for accountants.

The primary purpose of a business is to make a profit. In other words, there has to be an account of the financial concerns of the business which makes accounting a business necessity.

An accountant plays a huge role such as helping the company know how much money they’re making, where it’s coming from, and where they spend the money on.

In bottom line accounting remains an important course and if you aim to study accounting then you will have to be ready for the competition.

In Uniben, 5,423 students applied for accounting.

4. Nursing Science

nursing course

Nursing is just another great course entirely for the female folks.

As an approved nurse, you are going to have a multi-dimensional profession, you will work with a medical team and help assist patients.

In this course, you will also have to perform some lab work and do treatment research on the best applicable method of solving a medical related problem.

Another great deal as a nurse is, you will be in charge of consulting also, for families and patients as well as planning out treatment for any patient.

Nursing career is very broad and many people can benefit while being a nurse.

You will probably think that all a nurse does is to assist doctors.

Well, a nurse is concerned with other things and just as I said, it’s a broad field.

Now, let me show you some other things a nurse does to make you understand how important this course is and why many students are applying for nursing science.

During a Surgery, a nurse must always be there to assist the doctors.


And when it comes to talking with the patient and families of the patient, it’s the job of a nurse.

The nurse will reveal to the parents and patient, the best possible treatment and drug to take for the healing process and as well as maintaining the patient’s record.

Nurses are involved in so many fields which is too numerous to mention.

From the conclusion; Nursing science is a big career choice and that is why many Uniben aspirants are all fighting for this course.

Enrol jupeb

5,205 candidates applied to the University of Ilorin as of 2018/2019.

5. Mass Communication

uniben most competitive courses

This course is also another course that is highly competitive in Uniben, gaining admission to study mass communication is not easy but profiting.

Broadcasting of information is going to happen every day and that means no matter what season, there would be a job for someone who goes to the University to study mass communication.

I think most of the times that mass communication is the second best art subject that pays in the real world of business, and a career in mass communication will pay you more than anything else.

Even though Mass communication is just another money making course always remember that the course is quite competitive, and you will have to compete with a lot of students.

As of 2018/2019, the number of applicants for mass communication was 5,029, you can still compete with them but it will require a lot.

6. Business Administration

business administrator

Can you imagine a business without managers and business administrators to run the day to the affairs of the company?

Well, a business cannot be a business without the help of a business administrator.

Just as the name goes, a business administrator administrates a business affair.

A company cannot grow or make any profit without a business administrator.

So just imagine earning a bachelor degree, you would be placed above others and definitely given different levels of position to run the affairs of the company.

This is why many students are applying for this course which happens to be the sixth most competitive course in Uniben.


Without any doubt, there is a lot of (Job) opportunity for students who study business administration without any argument or begging for a job in every agency.


Precisely, because there are some skills that are needed from a Business administrator and if you possess them the job would be yours such as marketing skills, understanding human resources, being a good accountant and being skilled in customer support.

All organizations in Nigeria need people with these skills just as new companies are been created almost every day, nationwide.

In the business administrators world, you should be able to write reports at any time, when the need calls for it, not just reports but be able to compose emails and letters, the most crucial part is delivering a presentation on different occasions.

You would still be involved as a business administrator to negotiate deals with the customers.

As much as you are good in language and communication then you’re good to go.


That is not the only importance, I like the fact that you can also get to start up your business with the varsity of knowledge you gain in business school.

And if you so wish to work in bigger companies all you need is the qualification and ensure you have the required skills.

Then you get a lot of opportunities to work in different areas of a company such as being the Head of the resource of a company, be in charge of marketing, be in charge of sales, and as well in charge of customer service base on your area of specification.

So now you see how broad and beneficial business administration is, are you ready to deal with the competition.

As a matter of fact, 4,603 candidates applied for business administration into Uniben as of 2018/2019.

7. Pharmacy

pharmacy uniben

This is another world on its own.

Well, just as usual, I will tell you why this course is competitive and why a lot of people are competing to study pharmacy in Uniben.

Many students are desiring to study pharmacy simply because, in general pharmacy plays a huge role, and they are the most important part of the medical team.

As a pharmacist, you’re going to be there for everyone to listen to people’s pain and be able to provide the best drug for the treatment.


You will obviously interact with different people every day and be their strength by giving them good medication based on their pains.

A medical team cannot succeed without having a pharmacy because a pharmacist is in charge of drugs which is vital for treatment.

Even when a doctor diagnoses a patient sickness pharmacist would be the last subject of defense that would prescribe the drugs the patient will take as well making the best recommendation with other range of functions.

Another great reason a lot of students are willing to study pharmacy is that pharmacists will always receive high pay and earn a good salary at the end of each month especially if you’re working in government sectors.


In respect to the pay, expect something around the national average for graduate salaries, and also, you can work on your own and earn well.

Without further exaggeration, it’s conclusive that pharmacy is a good course and that describes while it’s among the most competitive courses in Uniben.

3,473 students applied for pharmacy as of 2018/2019 into the University of Ilorin.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical courses uniben

If engineering is not in this list, the list won’t be accurate.

Mechanical engineering is an important course, and it appears to be the most competitive engineering course you would think about.

A lot of people wants to be an engineer since the employment rate for engineers have increased in Nigeria.

Yes, engineers earn a lot and to be frank with you their service cannot be lived without in the country.

Engineering courses are always competitive, it’s not just In Uniben but almost all federal Universities all over the federation.


I really love engineering courses, a career in engineering would change your story to glory.

2,798 candidates applied for mechanical engineering into Uniben as of 2018/2019.

The competition is fair enough.

If you ask me, Just apply, I really can’t emphasize much but it is a great course.

9. Political Science And Public Administration

uniben competitive course politics

If I were to decide, then, I will say studying political science and public administration is more lucrative and marketable.

Look into Nigerian politics, won’t it make a good fit for you to serve your country and enjoy the reward.

If you love this course I love it too.

But why is political science one of the most competitive courses in Uniben?

If you ask me, I will say it is because politics is Nigerian is something you would want to take part in.

It’s more than a great course.

The good news is, it’s only the 9th most competitive course in Uniben.

Only 2,704 candidates applied as of 2018/2019 and you can definitely gain admission if you have your way.

10. Electrical /Electronics Engineering

electrical engineering

Finally, here we have the tenth most competitive courses in Uniben.

Electrical and electronics engineering is in the eyes of many students and not just in Uniben but other schools in Nigeria.

You must not joke with this course.

A degree in engineering in Nigeria is great (profitable) than just any other course, I think that is why many students are demanding for it.

It is obviously a hot cake job.

Without too many stories, just know that this course is competitive but as usual, if you have your way you will enter.

2,620 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.

It is fair enough right?

11. Computer Science

list of most competitive courses in uniben

What would you have thought, how can computer science not be on the list, computer science is my dream career, and as a graduate from Uniben, I can testify that it is a diamond course.

The employment rate is high just as you know we are on the computer age and there is no agency that does not make use of a computer.

The software needed to make life easier for businesses is programmed by a computer scientist.

A computer scientist is always at the top, and they can serve a great role in these technology days.

In conclusion, this course is important and so a lot of eyes are on it.

2,102 candidates applied for computer science into Uniben in 2018/2019.

Score well in jamb and you’re in.

12. Economics And Statistics

course competition in university of benin

Before I drop my pen, I cannot forget to include economics and statistics.

This course is suddenly growing because if you look deep down, economist plays a vital role than any other role in a business.

There has to be someone who is skilled in statistics as well as an economist who is quite good at planning business budgets in every company.

It is the 12th most competitive course in Uniben.

1,999 students applied in 2018/2019.

Now you have the list of the most competitive courses in Uniben, what are your next moves?

This would help: How to prepare and pass Uniben post utme.How to prepare and pass Uniben post utme.

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