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How to Make Money While in Secondary School | Number 3 is great!


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how can I make money in secondary school

Can I make money while in secondary school during my studies in Nigeria?

Well, who says you can’t?

I am about to show you a less common but effective strategy on how to make money while in secondary school.

There are many ways you can earn money in secondary school.

Look, most times you do not have to depend on your parents for academical support.

A good Nigerian student ought to understand the economic state of the country and the future that awaits him.

Even while most people will not advise that you should be involved in any business while in a secondary school in order to surpass distractions against your academics, I will call it just a cliche or maybe a common belief.

Unfortunately, the system of things have changed and it’s high time Secondary school students are exposed to realities.

Yes, let you need to get a chance to see the life that awaits you in the future.

Nonetheless, most parents will not encourage their students to be involved in whatsoever business of a kind.

But rather focus on your academics extremely.

What about those surviving under the hands of someone and maybe not a parent.

Majority of the secondary school’s students in Nigeria find it hard to afford their bills, buy books, pay school fees and exam fees.

Even to register for the West African examination council exam is quite demanding and most times end up been impossible or procrastinated.

I think around the age of 18 and 20 a youth should know where his life is going and must be able to paddle his own canoe.

But, I do like to say this before I show you the steps to take as a secondary school student to make money.

Please forget about any business that you can do to make money while in secondary school if you are living under a good roof curled by the outlook of your parents.

In a nutshell, if your parents are still quite responsible for 90% of your educational sponsoring then you can wait a bit to get into higher institution before you can start looking for means of making money in secondary school.


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But, assuming your parents are not bold enough to handle your fees and sponsor your education, and you find it hard to afford your fees, then this guide is for you.

Steps to Make Money in Secondary School.

There are many opportunities available for secondary school students to make money, and I am going to nail it all on the table today.

Can I call your attention first….?

Listen, it’s quite cool to make money and apparently many ways to do so.

But I want to let you know that making money as a student is conclusively (comprehensive) tougher than you can imagine on the secondary level of education in Nigeria.

You cannot wake up one morning and think money can start falling in your pocket.

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Do I need to remind you of the Jobless youths in the country?

Obviously, even youths struggle at the tertiary grade to make ends meet.

So what kind of super business can get you money to manage your fees in this era where things are getting complicated.

Think about the number of young Nigerian students who are now into fraudulent acts commonly called “Yahoo” and the beautiful girls who trade their body for money.

Every student is thinking about how to make money while in secondary school.

That’s fine but think again, what kind of legit business is right for you as a secondary school student that will not affect your studies.

Do you want to sell pure water in the streets?

Do you want to steal?

Assuming you can get to work in a nearby sales shop or business center, how do you intend to cope with your academics.

Calm down, there is a solution just keep reading.

But you need to consider all these which I likewise did before coming up with the following money making ideas for you as a Student.

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Remember not to transpose your study time with the business idea. School is first.

Below are 7 steps to follow to make money while in secondary school. This 7 business idea for secondary school students must be done at moderation and intelligence.


  • Do quick business at the end of each Term in school.
  •  Consider working after school as a sales agent.
  • Plan a strategy to make money with your personal skills.
  • Think of legit ways to make money online.
  • Start a little trade at a popular market where you can buy and sell.
  • Teach as a Home Lesson Tutor.
  • Ask for Laundering and Cleaning service for people around you.

If you can be up to the task, either of these 7 business ideas is very awesome for a quick and easy way to make good morning while in secondary school.

I have seen most hardworking students do them, you cannot afford to be lazy and believe you can survive.

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You have to fight tooth and nail to make your life count.

20 years from now you will be disappointed with yourself most for the things you didn’t do than the one you did.

Also, remember this.

“If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money, but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.”

Whatever money you make do not spend it off, remember it wasn’t easy to get.

So let me briefly elaborate on the 7 steps above to earn money in secondary school.

1. Do quick business at the end of each Term in school.

You will have one or two months as a holiday after each term in secondary school.

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Trust me, one or two months after every three months is enough to make money.

Definitely, you will have 3 or 4 months free in a year as your holiday.

You can think of a quick business plan to make money within those free months.

Money is hard to come up with, yes I know.

A business idea is hard to come up with, even at the secondary school level.

But everyone is born with a Unique talent.

Sit and ask yourself what business can I do to make money in one month?

Solution :

Go around seek for the help of anyone, explain to them your financial hardship trying to survive as a secondary school student.

Beg for a one-month space to work and earn a little.

You can meet the most popular business shops around you, check to see if they need any assistance.

Write a letter of one-month application if you feel too shy to approach anybody personally, or if they don’t give you their time to explain

You have chances of approval as a female, and the male does not take an exception in this.

In the letter explain why you need a one or two-month job and how committed you will be.

Do not be far from the truth, people will help you if you can open up to them.

Try ten times, should you fail nine times; you may get one lucky person willing to consider you.

It takes courage to do this, but in the end, you will never regret doing it.

They can agree to pay you N5, 000 to N8, 000 for that month depending on the kind of business.

It’s quite okay at least, order than doing nothing at home.

He/she could even agree to sponsor your feeding daily for that month.

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They can even sponsor you academically if you’re super hardworking.

It’s an advantage that mustn’t be misused.

Be honest if you get approved, you never know where help may sail from.

You could be lucky most times, but remember to exhibit a good character and be far from stealing.

If you don’t get a reward that is equivalence to your hard work. Be calm and God will bless you in his own way.

2. Consider working after school as a sales agent.

In step one of this guide on how to make money while in secondary school, we talked about using the time you have during the holiday.

I won’t forget to teach you the chances you have to make money after school hours.

It almost looks like working after school hours will take away your focus and time to study and do your homework.

Relax, I will teach you how to handle that soon.

We will figure out simple ways of blending your studies while trying to gain some little cash.

But let’s take it all at a time
If your school sessions end by 2 pm or less, this could be a likelihood of success as long as you don’t overdo it or do it in the wrong way.


Use the same procedure in the aforementioned step.

Nonetheless, your application should be after school hours.


You can apply as a sales agent in a busy shop or as side assistance as the case may be.

Show them how badly you need a financial backbone, and you’re likewise ready to be competent.

Don’t just go looking for any shop, take your time and check if the shop owner can actually cater to your needs.

Do they actually need sales assistance?

You won’t know unless you give a try first, but from a smart look, you could know.

Take a stroll around and see if you can find any sales girl or boy wanted.

Apart from working as a sales assistant in a shop.

Most companies can pay you to trade their goods.

E.g Indomie, Mini-mi Chin chin, and other similar companies.

I have seen many instances of such.

They give you about a cartoon or two and pay you base on each sale.

You can find something similar to that as long as the gain is worth your time.

Remember to bring down your pride, or you will never be able to make money in secondary school.


3. Plan a strategy to make money with your personal skills.

This is a fast and more reliable way to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria.

During my days at the secondary level, I benefited a lot from the little skills I had.

The dilemma is the determination and ability to find out your skills.

What are you good at?


Let me cite an example with myself.

I was good at writing, I don’t know about you!

During my secondary, I really profited from writing.

I wrote inspirational books, publish them and gave it to the school authority.

They were amazed by what a secondary school student could come up with, and she gave it to my teacher who was willing to support my career.

As God had it, I was making good sales from it enough to maintain my fees even though it got to a point that it was already circulated in my school and stopped bringing money.

I wrote more interesting books that will help my fellow students succeed and even went to advertise it in other schools.

As a matter of fact, my top selling book was “how to make money while in secondary school”

Not only did I make cool and easy money I got many opportunities to write for people, and even participate in a writing competition.

In 2014, I won a Nobel Prize as the most outstanding student in Edo-state of which I started getting my educational support.

That is my own skills.

If you don’t know how to discover the skills you have, subscribe to our blog soon, we will explore that.

If you know your skills but don’t know how to make money from it, please leave a comment with your contact and the skills, we will teach you how to make money from your little skills.


4. Think of legit ways to make money online.

The latest means of making money as a student that is quite easier and faster with no qualification is online.

You don’t have to worry about meeting anyone.

As a matter of fact, I am a student and I make all my living expenses online.

All you have to do is find the most legit and simple way because most people abuse it.


If you’re good at writing you can make money online by working as a freelancer.

All you have to do is write great articles for websites and get paid.

As a matter of support, you can contact us at Osas Divine Blog, and we will help you look for websites that accept freelance writers.

Trust me, you can make a lot of cool money from writing for websites online.

Apart from freelancing I could advise you to start a blog because that is how we bloggers make our own living but it would not bring you quick money to survive through secondary school.

Albeit, you can still manipulate your ways if you’re smart.

All things being equal, contact us, and we will guide you step by step.

5. Start a little trade at a popular market where you can buy and sell.

Go to the market and see how lots of young talented and zealous students are hustling to get their life along.

Don’t sit there and think money will come to you.

Success does not always come by chance, you need to work for it.

Buying in bulk and selling directly to consumers is a good way to make money in secondary school.

Leverage that opportunity as a means of livelihood.


Go to a busy area and look for a little place to hang around and sell to people.

You can make ends meet for the little you earn, but remember not to lavish.

This should be done after school hours not during school hours or during holidays.

One thing is for sure, it is a great business idea for students.


6. Teach as a Home Lesson tutor.

There was nothing I didn’t do for money when I was in secondary school.

I kid you not; apart from writing, I was into teaching too.

To be candid, this was my favorite means of making money fast in secondary school.

See what I did.

I printed a little paper that contained a bit of information.

I channeled it to students who were poor in English language and other subjects.

I shared this paper during break time in all primary school classes so that the teachers don’t get mad at me.

The students took the paper to their parents which had my contact in it.

Luckily, I started getting calls, and I ensure the price was fair and easy to afford.

At the end of the day, I had three willing parents that wanted a home lesson teacher for their kids.

I was earning around N12, 000 a month from the three different homes.

Sometimes my schedules were weekended and sometimes three times a week, but I was able to meet up.


Consider if you’re good at teaching If you’re not then try something else.

If you’re good, do something like I did as the case may be.

Distribute the papers around to the pupils you know may likely need it.

Pray for God to touch the heart of the parents, and you will get something good out of it even though teaching could be a bit stressful most times.

7. Ask for Laundering and Cleaning service for people around you.

Your burning question “how to make money while in secondary school” I guess I finally get to conclude it with this.

This is the last business idea I have for you as a student.

You may or may not find it interesting but most people make money from it.

If you’re shy to trade then what can you do?

Laundry service still works.

If you know of anyone that you think is kinda so busy mostly bachelors who are always busy at work.

Or people who are old and have no one around, then volunteer yourself to do the house cleaning and laundry.

Don’t be afraid to ask them to know if they may be in need of a cleaner.

It could be daily, weekly or monthly as long you can earn well from it.

There you go, that is how to make money while in secondary school.


Do you have what it takes to make money in secondary school?

Yes, I felt I needed to ask you this before you heck off.

To work and school at the same time is not easy, it’s very demanding.

So do you have what it takes?

You need to have courage, you need to be smart, you need to be wise, and you must not be the dull type that cannot handle studies let alone business at secondary school.

So be careful. Get a mentor or someone older to advise and coach you as well as encourage you through.


How to manage a business in secondary school and still be academically sound.

Remember I also said that it’s good to think of business while schooling, but there is a big challenge.

Most times you won’t have time to read, most times you will be too weak to even do your assignments.

Most times you can forget to wash your uniform.

A lot of challenges will come your way.

But remember that it takes pain for gain to come.

All you need is.

(a) God

Pray with all your might.
Believe with all your strength and God will never disappoint you.

If you’re steadfast in religious grounds your challenges will slowly fade away.

(b) Be determined and realistic

You must know that this is the only means you have to sustain your life if you don’t want a frustrated or begging life.

Build your passion and determination and be ready for the worse which will end up being your strength.

(c) Always schedule:

Since you’re going to be very busy, you have to plan a schedule.

Have a time table and alarm on your phone.

If you can steal out any little time during work just to read, don’t hesitate to do it.

If all you have is night, be determined and set alarm for night study.

At the end of the day, your life will be smooth and fine.

(d) Sacrifice.

All these may be very draining and it will be a bit of stress, but see it as a sacrifice for success.


Congrats! You just learnt how to make money while in secondary school .

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to see more of you.

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