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List of Less competitive courses in Uniben

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List of less competitive courses in uniben

It would be useful a whole lot to have this list of less competitive courses in Uniben.

No doubt, everyone seeks to gain admission or don’t you?

It isn’t any news that choosing a competitive course calls for attention, because you will need to fight for the limited admission space with a lot of people as well as those who did better than you did.

choosing either of the most competitive courses in uniben most be done with all certainties in the condition of how qualified you’re for that course in order not to miss your admission chances.

As of lately, admission chances has been really sophisticated. You obviously need to be ready to fight tooth and nail or you will find yourself struggling with admission from year to year.

Another thing that must be looked into is how marketable the course you have chosen is. It is not smart enough to just take whatever course you’re given.

We mentioned some key features that must be met while choosing a course to study at the University or whatsoever institution in a past article.

You may need to read that article in contemplation of gaining admission into the University of Benin.

This list of most competitive courses should help you re-plan if for any reason your Jamb score or qualifications are not solid enough to secure admission in the University of Benin.

It could be that you have been struggling to gain admission base on facts that you have been choosing a course that is not fit for you.

In our top rating admission guide on how to gain admission into the University, we analyzed the admission processing steps and factors that are considered for admission per se.

Perhaps, you need to check back on your O’level result and see how good it is, you also have to see if you’re from the catchment area in addition to your post utme score or .

If you by any chance chose a course that is referred to as competitive and you performed below the major requirements then admission for you will only be precarious.

The Bottom line of this is, you need to re-consider if you need to change course in order to secure admission this year, this is why we have prepared this list of most competitive courses in Uniben for you.

PS: This list of Uniben less competitive courses is not just limited to the fact that it is easy to secure admission. This courses mentioned are very well lucrative and marketable when it comes to finding a job.

Here you go with the list of less competitive courses in Uniben.

1. Biochemistry:


Just as i said earlier, these courses are not just less competitive but they are career fit, anyone who studies Biochemistry will obviously get a Job in the latter.

Biochemistry is a less competitive course in Uniben, It’s a course that is most esteemed.

Biochemistry is very relevant and it would be a lot of benefit for you.

First, 190 in Jamb assures your admission.
And then, not only will you easily gain admission if you meet other requirements, you will undoubtedly have a lot of use with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry.

By the way, what role does Biochemistry play?

Okay, now that you know Biochemistry is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben, how beneficial can it be since the purpose of obtaining a degree is to find a Job in the Long run.?

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The job of a biochemist is broad, a Biochemist determines the nutritional values contained in a food, they design our everyday laboratory equipment which we use for special research.

As a Biochemist, you will examine the chemical aspect of life as a whole as well as conducting a test to detect diseases, genetic disorders or any form of abnormalities.

Without doubts, a Biochemist plays an important role. This is enough reason for you to choose Biochemistry as a course to study.

As of 2018/2019, just 717 students applied to study biochemistry at the University of Ilorin.

From the look of that, it really looks less competitive or what do you think.


Don’t worry, the number of students that applied for number two will blow your mind.


Chemistry, on the other hand, is another important part of the sciences that pays alot in terms of a job hunt.

This course is great for science students. Order than pursuing a course like Medicine that may take you forever to get base on the competitiveness, you can consider developing a flair for chemistry, it is a course that you will benefit from the most.

You only need at least 185 in Jamb and the University of Benin will admit you, that is why chemistry is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben.

So what role does a student who studies chemistry does?

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Life is made up of chemistry you know, everything we do is chemistry. Your life is made up of chemistry.

Almost all sciences have a connection with chemistry, chemistry is a branch of all science field.

There are many benefits to studying chemistry, aside from the rudimentary skills that you will gain.

To some, chemistry is just chemistry. But I did tell you that chemistry is another fun world that you may find interesting more than any other sciences, especially when you choose a career in chemistry.

Chemistry is just a four-year degree course unlike any other science fields, and the good news is you can also use your degree to work in a medical career as a surgeon, a biochemist, and even a pharmacist.

You see, it’s almost the same with going for Medicine or pharmacy, there are only a few differences and that has to do with professionality.

If I were you, i did choose chemistry, as of 2018/2019, the number of students that applied for chemistry is just 24.

Imagine! This kind, of course, do not come with pleading at all, but why are lesser people choosing it?

See something, even if just 24 students applied for chemistry, do you think it would be like that till admission?

This number is just the number of people that applied to uniben in jamb.

If you are about to change your course now to chemistry since it is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben, many other people who also aimed for higher courses but discovered they didn’t do well in jamb will change courses too and before you know it, chemistry will be hot.

Aside from that, Uniben will personally change courses for many students who applied for hotter courses but could not meet the post utme cut off mark.

So it would be wise to change and dance to the sweet tone.

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3. Architecture.


Next comes in line is architecture.

This is a course that is next to my heart, if i have to choose any other course outside the science department, it would be this.

It is quite less competitive and without me telling you stories, you know very well that architecture is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben that is also part of the billionaire club.

What i mean here is, a career as an architect is very beneficial, Jobs are readily available and the occurring salary is attractive.

Look at all the beautiful designs, all those beautiful buildings around you, those skyscrapers, bungalows, estates, tall buildings, stadium etcetera.

Without an architect, do you think all these would have come to existence?

This is one of a great course that anyone who wants a certain admission and yet a nice career will choose.

What makes it less competitive?

No need to tell stories it is less competitive if you score 210 upwards in jamb or even less; it will guarantee your admission.

Just 341 students applied for chemistry in 2018/2019 at the University of Ilorin. Your admission would be certain if you focus on this and perform well in post utme.

4. Fine an Applied Arts.

Fine and applied arts
This is yet, a wonderful course for the art students.

Aside from architecture, there is another course that really serves a better purpose in the Nigerian labor market and that is fine and applied arts.

This is a Uniben less competitive course that you will struggle less with but enjoy alot of riches from in the long run.

What makes it interesting is, life without arts is useless. Arts makes our life beautiful, it glorifies our cultural heritage, and outside that, it can be used internationally also to portray your nice work of arts.

Many a time, people think only doctors, accountants and lawyers make it in life. But, to be more honest the arts is also another great field and anyone who chooses a career in the arts will surely have a lot of financial benefits and less struggle with admission.

AS of 2018/2019 406 students applied for fine and applied arts in the University of Ilorin.

It is such a small number to compete with.


5. English Language and Literature:

Uniben competitive courses

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Without having to remind you, you are aware that English Language is our everyday means of communication all over the world.

Take a look at most professor and lecturer today that are living large, you can also be in that line other than bothering yourself with competitive courses that take away your whole effort and sometimes end up being abortive.

English Language and Literature is a Uniques field and it would be ideal for you to consider it if you’re looking for a less competitive course to study in Uniben.

785 candidates applied for this course in the year 2018/2019.

It is not something to scare you, just get the basic requirements and you will gain admission to study English and Literature at the University of Benin.

Learn more: Most competitive science courses in Nigeria.

6. Dentistry and Dental Surgery.


There is one thing you should know. Medicine or simply put, the medical department is a broad field.

It doesn’t mean the only way you can get to be a doctor or work in the medical team is by choosing medicine and surgery which you may end up not getting.

Dentistry and Dental Surgery is a branch of Medicine and Surgery. You can still get to work in the hospital or clinic.

The ideal problem is, everyone thinks Medicine and surgery is the best.

Yes, it may be, but it is not limited to just that.

You still get to wear that white coat.

Dentistry and Dental Surgery is a great career.


The difference between them and medical doctors is just a thin line, a dentist is a doctor that specializes only in the treatment of the mouth. While Medical Doctors deals with all fields.

It is depending on your interest, just know that it is a high paying profession, 409 candidates applied to study this course as of 2018/2019.

7. Industrial Chemistry:

Industrial chemistry
This field is also broad and I really wish i have enough words to show you just how important this course can serve as a whole.

Without industrial chemistry, manufacturing of chemical products used in industries would be difficult.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben.
Take a look at the list of less competitive courses in Unilorin, you will find out that Industrial chemistry was also mentioned.

It means, it is really less competitive. In terms of Job, I need to admonish the fact that, It is a golden career choice.

Goods job would be available and the pay looks decent.

Studying Industrial chemistry great, they are the beauty of chemical products used in most industrial companies.

I am optimistic that you will find many reasons to study this course.
It is only left for you to decide where you want to belong, 185 students applied for this course of 2018/2019 in Uniben.

8. Educational Courses:

university of benin less competitive course

There are many educational courses that you can give a look into.

Educational courses are the least competitive and it will be a great choice.
You and I know that teachers are well demanded in the primary, secondary and tertiary educational level.

You earn well because the government is now compensating teachers as of lately in a very impressive extent.

It wouldn’t take you any less than a year to own your own car while serving as a teacher in any of the designated educational institutions.


180 is the specified cut off mark for all educational courses in Uniben, look for the part you would wish to be part of and your admission would come in easily.


9. Agricultural Courses:

Agricultural courses

Agricultural graduates are also making it.

In our current governmental system in Nigeria, agriculture has a huge ground to stand on, undoubtedly, it is one of a kind.

Don’t go killing yourself with courses that are not meant for you, agriculture is now taking a huge place in Nigeria and chances are you can easily be employed to work as an agriculturalist.

There are many big companies that need agricultural graduates, especially those that use raw materials to manufacture their products.

The course is not only less competitive, but lucrative and worth studying.
There are many branches of agricultural courses that you can choose to study, sorry i could not mention them.

10. Marketing:

Marketing course

Marketing is just another kind of a great world and it is one of the courses that stand out in this list. A career in marketing is a professional one in my take.

Marketing skills are needed if a business most survive, as a marketing graduate, you can rationalize and deduce principals of good business standards that will drive sales and generate profits.

Marketing is a lovely course and it is one of the less competitive courses in Uniben.

Be aware that companies are looking for graduates in the marketing field, so if you want a better life and a better job in the long run; marketing will be just what you need.

372 students applied for marketing in 2018/2019.

11. Sociology and anthropology.

Sociology and anthropology

It would be a nice payoff to study sociology and anthropology.

Studying Sociology goes with becoming a sociologist while anthropology goes with becoming an anthropologist.

These two are however interconnected in a way, the good news is there are many cool jobs waiting for you if you study this course.

There many organization that rely on sociologists and anthropologists such as:

Police officers: Remember that the police department always deals with writing reports, in order words, they need writing skills and someone who understands human behavior.

Others are social service assistance, youth services coordinator, public policy analyst, and others.

The point is, you must be good at relating to life and humans in general.
785 candidates applied for this course as of 2018/2019.

12. Industrial relations and personnel management.

Courses that are competitive uniben
These fields are also somewhat related. This is the last less competitive course in Uniben that is very marketable in terms of a job search that i will show you in this list.

What you do after studying this course is simple, you’re going to be an asset to any organization you choose to work in and you will be involved in managing and getting the best out of employees and also handling human resource issues.

It is obviously a high pay profession for anyone.

As of 2018/2019, just 201 students applied to study this course in Uniben.

Now that you have the list of less competitive courses in Uniben, are you going to change your course or just know them for knowing sake?

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