May 12, 2019

List of less Competitive Courses in Unilorin

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Less competitive courses in unilorin

There are some courses in Unilorin that you don’t need screening, just apply, pay your school fees and enter the classroom. Sometimes back we shared an article on the most competitive courses in Unilorin, today we will look into the less competitive courses in Unilorin.

Everyone is aspiring to gain admission this year, but when it comes to the University of Ilorin, the difficulty of admission is more than a casual thing if you are aspiring for a competitive course especially when you’re not in full compliance to the requirements.

Many jambites who discovered that that didn’t do well in Jamb have decided to change their course to a less competitive course in Unilorin for the sake of guaranteed admission.

Notwithstanding, for whatever reason you have decided to choose a less competitive course, we are at your back, and we have decided to present a list of less competitive courses in Unilorin.

Before we start, let’s talk a little about Unilorin.

How difficult is Unilorin admission?

(a) Highly difficult
(b) A bit difficult
(c) Not difficult.

Should I tell you this?

The answer is none of the above.

The answer is highly + highly + highly difficult.

You don’t understand?

According to a previously published guide on how to gain admission into any University in Nigeria, the University of Ilorin was featured as the most competitive school in Nigeria following other schools, you may need to check that out.

Unilorin admission system is something you mustn’t joke with as they are a respecter of nobody.

Now that you know Unilorin admission is difficult it is wise that you know how to face it.

I know how much this admission means to you.

If you choose to study a less competitive course, do not be afraid, but just be careful to weigh things before choosing a course.

You can read this: How to choose a course that fits you.

It will expose you to more ideas and guide you through choosing a course to study that you wouldn’t regret at the end.

PS: This list is not in chronological order. Also, I have carefully selected these courses, these courses are less competitive, but they are special.

There are many other less competitive courses that I would not mention in this list, I have only added the most marketable courses that you can still find a good job in.

So, they are not just less competitive but also valuable courses in the Nigerian Labour market.

Here are the 12 less competitive courses in Unilorin.

1. Educational Courses.

educational courses

Educational courses have grown to become a widely accepted, profitable, and good career choice course.

Enrol jupeb

Educational courses are very useful these days, and it would make a great course for you depending on your aspiration.

I used to argue that Educational courses are becoming less valuable in today’s job marketplace.

But that was then though, today educational courses have risen to prominence, choosing either of them can make a dramatic difference to your overall career trajectory.

There are readily jobs on the ground for educational graduates as long as they have the skills and not just the certificate.

So here is a list of less competitive courses in Unilorin filed under the educational line.

  • Agricultural science and education: As of 2018/2019 only 179 candidates applied for agricultural science and education. This is course is still profitable.
  • Adult Education: This course can also make a good profession, you can find a job-related in this field. And the good news is, you have no one to compete with, just 20 candidates applied for this in 2018/2019.
  • Education & Arabic: This is yet another superb course, guess what! Only 16 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.
  • Education & Christian Religious Studies: 31candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019, it depends on you if this is your stand.
  • Education & Computer Science: For me, I love this course I don’t know about you, just 23 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.
  • Education & Economics: Trust me, this course is very preferred among others in the educational line, 253 candidates applied for this course as of 2018/2019.
  • Education & Islamic Studies: This is yet another great course, 45 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.
  • Education & Mathematics: Mathematics is a key subject, and it would make a great career if you teach it. 54 students applied for this course as of 2018/2019.
  • Education & Physics: If you love physics why not aim for an educational career under physics, just 22 candidates applied for physics as of 2018/2019.
  • Education & Yoruba: If you truly want to pay respect to your culture then this course would fit, at least you can compete with 13 candidates as it were in 2018/2019.
  • Education And Biology: This course is as well cool, 144 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.
  • Education And Chemistry: This is very nice too, you have only 56 students to compete with as it was in 2018/2019.
  • Education And English Language: 386 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019, it’s also a great course.
  • Educational Management: 320 candidates applied for this in 2018/2018. Don’t you think this course would be a great fit?
  • Counsellor Education: I love this course, you have only 153 candidates to hold ground with as of 2018/2019. It’s a less competitive course.
  • Business Education: This is a business related course, and most minds would still be on it, 310 students applied in 2018/2019.
  • Computer Education: This course is great, 20 candidates applied in 2018/2018. What do you think?
  • Health Education: This is the last course we have picked for you also to consider when choosing a course, 96 candidates applied in 2018/2019.

2. Agricultural courses:

Agricultural courses

Did you know agriculture courses are now one of the most competitive career field as well as one of the largest industries currently in Nigerian having a good source of employment?

The agricultural sector in Nigeria has grown larger over time.

Agriculture now serves a vital role in the Nigerian economy.

At present, many students are now giving agricultural related courses a choice.

The good news is the agricultural course is the least competitive course in Unilorin.

Enrol jupeb

Learn More: How to pass unilorin post utme.

Never look down on agricultural related courses because if you start a career in it you will surely succeed.

Admission into the University of Ilorin in agricultural related courses is quite easy and as well profitable.

Many a time, students look down on this course, but I can tell you it’s a very marketable course.

It promotes the consistent production of quality products and raw food in the agricultural-food industry in Nigeria.

Agricultural Science is a multidisciplinary industry linked to the production of consumable goods and agricultural products.

As of 2018/2019, 701 candidates applied for agricultural science at the University of Ilorin. The cut-off mark is…

However, there are other sub-courses under agriculture.

Such is Agricultural And Biosystems Engineering which had 258 applicants into Unilorin as of 2018/2019.

The cut off mark is…

So, you see, agricultural courses are less competitive in Unilorin, but highly profitable.

Give it a thought.

3. Language and religion courses.

Language courses

Enrol jupeb

This is yet another profitable course that is not competitive in the University of Ilorin.

You need to look deep down on language courses and any religion-related courses.

Is it true, that getting a job is difficult in language-related courses or religion-related courses?

No! There are still job employment in most regions.

Here are the courses filed under this section.

  • Arabic studies: Arabic studies is a respectable course that you will make a good living from if studied in a professional aspect. Unilorin had 86 applicants in 2018/2019 applying for this course.
  • Christian Studies: This course is also good for some set of people, 45 candidates applied for Christian studies in 2018/2019.
  • Comparative Religious Studies: Just having 9 applicants in 2018/2019. My dear no need for screening, go and pay your school fees.
  • English Language: You and I know that English language is a highly respectable course, its still one of the best language course that highly pays. Unilorin had 1,215 applicants in 2018/2019.

4. Chemistry.


Chemistry is a course on it on own and there are many reasons for you to chose chemistry.

Chemistry would make a great pursuit and a good career for you.

It is a less competitive course in Unilorin, but if you look at it, it’s a very professional course, everywhere you go you will find chemistry around you!

The food you eat is chemistry, the clothes you wear is chemistry the water you drink every day is chemistry, anything you can think of air, drugs…..
Just name it, these are all chemistry.

Chemistry is one of a great course, most of the time. It is known as the “central science” due to the fact that it connects other sciences together.

Such as Environmental science, physics, and biology geology.

I think chemistry is very profitable and it is one of the less competitive courses in unilorin.

As of 2018/2029, Unilorin had 151 candidates only, seeking admission.

5. Criminology And Security Studies:

Crimonology courses

Someone who truly wants to pay homage to his/her country would consider this course.

As of late, Criminology and security course has become a very reliable course.

I can guarantee that there would be a job available for you.

This course is also not in the competitive range, with just 210 in jamb you’re good to go.

Just 418 students applied for criminology and security into the University of Ilorin as of 2018/2019.

Enrol jupeb

6. Finance:

If I were you, I would make a choice to study finance.

Like for real, It’s one of the best courses that is trending in the Nigerian Labour market.

Finance is a very powerful course, and you have just a lesser competition.

Finance is a course related to the study of how to optimally allocate assets.

You are going to be involved in showing people and organizations how they should invest assets and money in a way that they would get the highest return.

This is one of the professional course that I will recommend if you don’t like any other courses I have listed.

It’s so great because all business sector or industry needs first class graduates, and even second class, to handle this section.

As a matter of fact, 1,280 candidates applied for this course in 2018/2019.

Oh yes, you can compete with such a number.

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7. History And International Studies:

competitive courses in unilorin

I wish I could emphasize much on this, History and the international course is a very interesting course although, I would prefer studying “English language” if it was me.

But you have your own ambition, if you think it is worthful pursuing a career under this line then why not.

Unilorin will admit you if you choose this course.


The other good news is, you will get a job immediately after graduation.

Don’t let any factor deceive you, it’s a course that is highly lucrative when pursued.

1,340 students applied to study History And International Studies in 2018/2019 at the University of Ilorin.

I did like to advise you to look more into this course, do your research and consider if you would love it.

This is also one of the less competitive courses in unilorin.

8. Industrial Chemistry:

Industrial chemistry

The industrial chemist cannot be lived without because chemical material would always be a need.

The chemical industry is simply the field that manufactures chemicals which are used in other production industries.

It leaves open the question of how employable this course is.

I won’t lie to you, the employment rate is moderate, and you can get a job if you achieve a degree in the University of Ilorin.

Every single day Industrial chemistry is always on the go and products are continually manufactured.

What does an Industrial chemist do? Well, they deal with the formation of ideas, they bring out table designs and take part in the prototyping of new industrial materials.

An industrial chemist is he who designs something entirely new to solve problems.

An industrial chemist is he who precedes a chemical engineer and at the end, he brings out something new to the market.

In a nutshell, if you wish to know the specific place where a product comes from, you should know it’s the work of the industrial chemist.

So now you know it’s important and funny enough, Unilorin only had 356 applicants as of 2018/2019.

cut-off off ma

9. Information And Communication Science:

List of less competitive courses

Just as important as you would see mass communication, information and communication science/technology is also important.

Like we all know, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a course that serves a huge purpose all around the world especially in this age where information is important.

With this field, companies can easily make their job profitable as well as communicate with clients and supply needs.

As a matter of fact, information and communication science is also very important in our daily affairs.

When there is a shortage of information when needed, the business will not survive.

You can get more information on the importance of this course here.

  • Unilorin had 362 applicants as of 2018/2019. That means it is one of the less competitive courses in Unilorin that would fit you.

10. Library And Information Science.

library and information science

I am happy to inform you that jobs are always available in this field.

It is quite a great course that is not competitive.

Library and information science is profitable, give it a thought.

Unilorin had 225 candidates seeking admission. So, you have a great chance.

11. Mathematics:


Mathematics help in solving problems and that is conclusive.

As abstract as you may think, mathematics is a core field that is highly demanded.

People who seek for absolutes, and reliable solutions and answers will benefit from a mathematician.

You can get a job as a lecturer to teach mathematics.

So, is there any benefit of getting a degree in mathematics?

Those who go to the University to study a mathematical course can testify that mathematics is great and employable.

Maths is needed in calculating business plans.

Unilorin had only 83 applicants for mathematics in 2018.

12. Performing Arts:

 less competitive courses in unilorin

This is the last course in our list of less competitive courses in Unilorin.

What is performing arts by the way?

If you say it’s the field related to dance, music, and theater programs then you are correct.

I love performing acts a lot.

Take a look at the movie industry, are they not making it?

Nigerian is growing to become one of the best countries that produce greats arts, and the movie industry is now a huge sector.

Oh yes, Job availability is high and the course is profitable.

Unilorin had just 1,004 candidates seeking admission in 2018/2019.

It’s a course you can deal with.

So now you know the most profitable and less competitive courses to study at the University of Ilorin, what are your next moves?

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