How to Prepare and Pass ui post Utme (Unibadan) 2019

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Ways to prepare for ui post utme

We have written guides on how to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme and how to prepare and pass Uniben post utme, today we shall be discussing two things as well. “How to pass ui post utme” and “how to prepare for ui post utme”

At Osas Divine Blog, we’re ensuring all academical resources are available online on a full scale.

Today you are going to be having a full session with me and I am about to reveal to you a very concrete formula that you can utilize to pass ui post utme.

I do not need to remind that the University of Ibadan post utme is one of the hardest post utme in all federal institutions in Nigeria.

In order to pass Unibadan post utme, you will need a full preparation and the whole of this guide will help see that come true.

However, remember that what it means to pass ui post utme is to score high above the required cut off mark.

Hence, I am going to focus on how to score high in ui post utme.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Please take note

We don’t just throw a topic at random and give a brief answer.

We go deep because we want you to know so much and what we do here at Osas Divine Blog is to give you an adequate resource in a way that you will be 100% certain of success.

So take enough time to read this, get much detail as you can because by the end of this guide I want you to be bold enough to sit for ui post utme in 2019 and perform brilliantly.

Your success is our success here at Osas Divine Blog, and I want you to be ready for your admission success this year.

Just like we have done for other schools, we are going to be having two sessions in this article.

Session A: The steps to prepare for ui post utme

Session B: The formula to pass Ui post utme ( with some more additional information )

Ensure you bookmark this page so that you can have enough time to read every important detail in this guide.

I have a question for you

Before we commence, I did like to ask you something.

Is this your first time of writing ui post utme?

If yes, then please do everything in your power to ensure you make it once.

If you have written ui post utme before, it will not be wise to write it again, so it’s time to fasten your seat belt and grab your chance of admission.

Everyone keeps saying that Unibadan post utme is difficult, have you noticed?

Well, I don’t think so, it depends on your belief.

If your faith tells you it is difficult, then it would be really difficult; but if your faith tells you it’s not difficult then it will simple for you.

Come hell or high water, be ready for it, even if ui post utme is complicated, the formula and strategies you will learn in this guide will help you smash it under your feet.

The University of Ibadan post utme exam is a few weeks away for the 2019/2020 session.

Are you ready for it?

Use these preparation steps to start your preparation before the time leaves your side.

Steps To Prepare For ui post Utme.

In order to score high in ui post utme, you must start preparing early.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

You have an exam to write anytime soon.

What have you been doing all while?

Jumping around with friends or
Busy having fun?

It’s time to start preparing for unibadan post utme if you truly wish to succeed.

Below are 10 steps or 10 things to do, to prepare for ui post utme in 2019.

  1.  Take a break from activities 1 month before the exam
  2. Get all the required materials needed
  3. Form/join a study group or attend ui post utme tutorial
  4. Practice how to calculate from your head
  5. Practice time efficiency
  6. Get to know your center before the exam
  7. Pray For your Success Daily
  8. Read alone at nights
  9. Seek advice from those who have written the exam
  10. Study how the exam is done.

1. Take a break from activities you do 1 month before the exam:

No preparation would be enough if you ask me, certainly not for an exam like ui post utme exam.

Do your research, the percent of failure in ui post utme exam is quite multitudinous and it has been like that from the outset.

Nevertheless, passing ui post jamb isn’t rocket science.

To score high in ui post utme you just need to do the needful.

A few people still pass it out of the larger percentage of people who apply.

All that is demanded to be among those few people who pass it is to prepare for ui post utme adequately.

A one-week preparation will not yield any good result.

If you want your admission chance to be very strong for this current admission session at the University of Ibadan then be ready to commit yourself into full preparation.

It’s advisable to cut away from any activities tieing you down if you want your preparation to be effective.

Prepare as if your life depends on it, besides it does depend on it.

Many aspirants had turned away and avoided the University of Ibadan due to the admission stress and post utme difficulty.

Are you going to do the same?

You don’t have to, because those people were not ready to commit to the needed preparation steps for passing ui post utme.

Unilorin post utme cbt

You will surely score high but you have to give enough of your time into the foundational stage.

Literally, students who aim to graduate with a first class degree are good readers and the reading stage starts directly before you enter the school not when you enter.

“Admission is not rice and beans”

Yes, everyone wants admission, but hope you know success demands sacrifice.

One month before the exam, take a break from any activity that will tie you down, even at work.

Write a letter of a break for the sake of your exam to your boss.

He/she should understand if he/she knows the equivalence of education.

Even for the chores, you’re tied to at home or anywhere, look for a means to limit most of them and sort out a time for adequate preparation.

You cannot perform well in ui post utme with light preparation. No way!

You need a solid preparation so give it all you got.

2. Get all the required materials needed:

Who is a stupid farmer hoping to yield a good harvest without his tools?

Who is a stupid worker hoping to work in his field without equipment?

And who is a stupid student hoping to pass ui post utme without materials?

Does a farmer prepare his field for farming with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

Does a worker work with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

Does a student prepare for post utme with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

A farmer needs to sharpen his tools to till the soil! Do I need to remind you?

A worker need solid equipment to get jobs done! Do I need to remind you?

A ui aspirant needs to sharpen his or her brain to score high in the exam! Do I need to remind you?

So how do I sharpen my brain for ui post utme?

Get Past Questions

There is no examination where past questions have no relevance.

This guide cannot be effective if I forget to tell you that you need past questions to prepare for ui post utme?

Yes, of course, it’s the prophecy of the exam (according to flashlearners)

Past Question is the bedrock of any exam.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Notwithstanding, the bad news is, ui does not release past questions so it’s quite difficult to get an original past question.

Majority of the past questions were just formed by curious people in need of money.

Whichever ways, you can still get likely questions, it is effective as well.

Prepare with it, if that is what you have, utilize it.

Get Unibadan post utme syllabus

One or two times I have seen students searching for ui post utme syllabus.

Does ui have ui post utme syllabus? Well, they don’t.

But here at Osas Divine Blog, we go deep into providing the right materials needed for success, so we have prepared a complete syllabus to prepare with for ui post utme.

Keep reading for how to get ui post utme syllabus.

Get Textbooks

If you don’t have the above two materials, then you ought to have a textbook at least.

Unidan post utme comprises the subjects you wrote in the joint admission and matriculation board examination, so just get a textbook pertaining to those subjects.

if you read them thoroughly then no doubt you will perform well in ui aptitude test.

If you have any other material get them together and start preparing.

3. Form/join a study group or attend ui post utme tutorial:

Instead of running silly errands on a day to day bases, watching TV programs that don’t add any benefit, staying online 24/7 as if it would end up putting food on your table, while not use the time to prepare for an exam that your life depends on.

You can form a study group with the people you know who’re also
writing ui post utme.

Moreover, you could learn one or two things from a group study.

If there is no one available, create one and invite your friends to join.

If your friends are far from you, great a WhatsApp, Facebook or telegram group add them, then start sharing ideas.

Withal, scoring high in ui post utme is not rocket science, I will say that over and over.

All you need is a little strategic preparation plan.

Believe it or not, studying with a group is effective than the lone study.

Fine, if you are not good at forming groups, and there are no groups available.

Then look for a ui post utme tutorial and attend.

Yes, you can attend ui post utme tutorial where you will still find different people to learn from.

Search for the nearest ui post utme tutorial class around you and hasten your preparation.

No one got a supernatural brain, you just need to feed your brain to become a bullet for exams.

4. Practice how to calculate from your head.

I think I have bad news!

The University of Ibadan does not allow the use of calculator while writing post utme exam.

So who cares?

I know that you can calculate heaven and earth by heart.

I trust you very much, yes I am talking to you.

You don’t need their calculators, your head is full of million calculations.

Please don’t disappoint me.

Assuming you are really not good at calculating without a calculator, no problem just get a simple arithmetic textbook and start practicing basic calculations.

Perfection is the direct child of practice, in order words practice gives birth to perfection.

So start practicing how to calculate without calculators.

You can do that with the help of some constant and formulas in mathematics.

You can apply them to any subject that demands calculation in ui post utme.

You really don’t need to be afraid because the same thing happens in Jamb.

If you thrashed jamb, then what is ui post utme for you.

Deal with them and let them know you’re a guru, not a dullard.

I am sitting right here waiting for you, bye-bye.

5. Practice time efficiency:

You have 1 hour 30 minutes to answer 100 questions in ui post utme, I really think it’s not enough.

If you are the type that takes time to read questions or a passage, then you have to practice how to be time efficient.

The maximum time you need to waste in a question is 2 minutes, ensure you answer enough if not all, before the invigilator demands to submit.

You can practice how to use time at the maximum effort by preparing enough before the exam.

Whether you like it or not, you will need to be your best.

You don’t even have time to check the time, just concentrate solve, answer and move to the next.

6. Get to know your center before the exam:

Look, you don’t need your mum or dad to tell you the right steps you should take every time.

Hence, after your registration check for your schedule and see the center address.

If you don’t know it or if you have never been to the University of Ibadan, look for a means to locate your center before the exam.

Don’t wait until the day of the exams to start making moves.

Be excessively prepared, get a Bike and deliver the address.

Go to the center and see how the center looks like.

Hey, I know most people will go and investigate how they will sneak answers and conduct examination malpractice.

Don’t forget where you’re – O.Y.O

7. Pray For your Success Daily:

You gotta believe me, prayer still works.

I don’t care if you’re a Muslim.

I don’t care if you’re a Christian.

I don’t care if you’re a traditional worshiper

All I know is; pray in your language to the God you believe in.

Pray desperately, cry if you can.

Roll on the floor if that is your best skill to show your seriousness.

Pray day and night.

Pray for your admission.
Remember it depends on how much worth education means to you.

I believe prayer can qualify you, no matter how difficult the exam is.

Pray every single night and day.

By the way, don’t forget to read your book thinking prayer is the key.

O.Y.O you’re “On Your Own.”

8. Read alone at nights:

Now it’s time to prepare a study timetable.

You need one while preparing for ui post utme.

You need to read at nights.

Study shows that the best time to read is at night, so set an alarm and wake up at midnight to read.

Read promptly.
Read Effectively.

It’s very true, night studies work.

Most of the things you will study at night you will remember much of it than any other kinds of stuff.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read during the daytime.

Of course, you have to but make sure the night studies are much more done periodically.

It’s a sacrifice that must be done if you want to excel in ui post utme.

Although most people are not just a fan of the night reading stuff, I really don’t see any reason for that.

Excuses are just lies wrapped up in reasons.

Don’t allow excuses to deny anything from you, as for this night reading you cannot take exception in it if you want to succeed at long last.

9. Seek advice from those who have written the exam:

This is the one big advice you will always get here at Osas Divine Blog.

I don’t fail to highlight a point around this.


It is evident that experience teaches best, so no need to make a deal out of it.

It’s quite convincing those people who had written this exam you are about to write will have a bit of experience, mostly if this is your first time.

If you have written it and failed before, you may need to ask those who succeed how things went for them.

You will likely have one or two tips from them on how to score a good point in ui post utme.

The same thing I always say.

No matter what information you get here at Osas Divine Blog, it will never be enough for you.

So why not consult one or two persons who had written this exam and get ideas from them.

10. Study how the exam is conducted:

The last tip I have for you is to learn how the exam is done.

Get as much information as you can.

Study ui post utme structure.

Get to know how questions are set, topics they mostly set questions from, nature of ui post utme and the level of difficulties.

Knowing it will not make you score high, it is meant to support your preparation.

Chill down for now and keep reading, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about ui post utme.

Just keep reading.

How To Pass ui post utme.

What to do to pass ui post utme

In this phase of this article, I will take you through the major things to do to pass ui post utme.

Remember the first phase guided you through how to prepare for ui post utme.

In this section, we will assume that you are now prepared, and we will reveal the formula you need to pass unibadan post utme.

Are you ready?

Take a glass of chilled soft drink, cross your leg but don’t cross your mind and let’s learn some more.

Here are the things to do to pass ui post utme in the 2019/2020 session.

Remember to do a revision one week before the examination and the night before the exam.

Revise all you have read frequently.


  1. When you get to the exam meditate on all you have read for 30 minutes.
  2. Pray before the exam starts.
  3. When the exam starts, read every single instruction before you make an attempt.
  4. Shade with intelligence and avoid nervous answers.
  5. Avoid any surrounding distraction and be in focus.
  6. Do not cheat or spy from anyone.
  7. Use the 4 post utme formula to answer.


1. When you get to the exam meditate on all you have read for 30 minutes:

The human brain can easily forget, in order not to have difficulty struggling with remembering what you read you need to meditate.

From recent scientific research as well as the study done by the University of California, meditation before exams help in a variety of ways as well as relaxing your nerves to perform at your maximum best.

Meditation if done properly can help you retain a lot of information base on what you have read.

Meditation will help you remember everything during the exam.

It’s a very important technique.

Always take time to meditate before you write an exam.

How to Meditate before the exam:

Keep all the books away, all you need is your mind.

Find a calm and a noise free place.
Begin to assess yourself base on everything you remember.

Remember as much topic as you can, at the end of the meditation, if you had a hard time trying to figure out something, quickly go back to book and read that part that you didn’t remember much when meditating.


During the exam, your brain will start to deliver lots of content, and you will write with ease and no obstruction.

 2. Pray before the exam starts:

In reality, most people believe the spiritual realm has no connection with the physical.

From Logical reasoning that could be true.

I do not want to be rational here.

Majorly, your brain is what will determine your success.

However, the brain can default at any phase most especially when you are depressed or nervous.

Exam phobia can occur at any time, but I am cocksure that you can regain balance if you understand the effect of the spiritual.

Actually, not everyone will pass, its fine if you take no interest in prayer use what you have.

But if you do understand the power of the spiritual, don’t forget to pray in your language, and you will obviously witness a hitch-free exam.


3. When the exam starts, read every single instruction before you make an attempt.

I think most people are guilty of this, maybe you.

Many students fail to read instructions, they don’t have time to that, they just get too anxious and jump into answering the questions.

Ui post utme is PPT, not CBT, please focus on every instruction there is.

If possible read every single thing on your question paper even the full stop, comma, where you see capital letter……..just everything read it.

You never know what their strategy could be.

4. Shade with intelligence and avoid nervous answers.

When you start shading, shade with wisdom.

Don’t let the devil push your hand to shade the wrong place even when you know the answer.

I have asked you to pray, the rest is in your hands.

Do not use a blunt pencil.

Get a new pencil before the exam.

“Please don’t ask anyone to break pencil for you in the exam hall”

To stay one year at home is not funny to me if you like it.

5. Avoid any surrounding distraction and be focused.

Anything can call your attention at any time, ensure you keep your eye focused on your paper, and your mind focused on the aptitude test.

It’s just one hour and thirty minutes, so give it to your best and overcome any temptation.

Take it as a life exam.

Force yourself to concentrate.

6. Do not cheat or spy from anyone.

Unibadan does not condone exam malpractice, and they take it very seriously.

You must not use your hand to spoil your own success.

Give it your best.

Avoid cheating or any form of malpractice.

Most ladies write answers and definitions up above their legs and cover it up with clothes.

All these had been discovered and dealt with, there is no trick that can save you.

Prevention is far better than cure.


7. Use the 4 post utme formula to answer:

Here is the good news!

There are formulae to answer any question that appears difficult.

These four formulae will help you know the correct answer in post utme.

These techniques are very powerful and it works for any subject and any exam.

If you can effectively use the four formula designed for answering post utme, you will get almost everything correct.

Seriously, it’s effective and it the best technique I can offer you to pass ui post utme once and for all.


The great is, it will save you time and reduce stress.

Do you want to know what those formulae are?



All you need to know about Ui post utme

In this phase, I will share additional information to know about ui post Utme.

Ui post utme syllabus

The University of Ibadan has no such thing as post utme syllabus.

All you need to prepare with us your textbooks and past questions.

Like i earlier emphasized, we are going to upload a syllabus here that we have prepared with some scholars from ui, ensure you subscribe so that you can receive it as a mail before the exam.

How is Ui post utme like ? – Ui post utme format

This is the nation of ui post utme, for those who are yet to know how ui post utme looks like; fot 2019 ui post utme format; ui post utme comprises the same subject you wrote in Jamb, 100 questions would be given to be answers in 1 hour 30minutes

There would be 25 questions from each of the four subjects.

All of them are objectives and no theory.

Is ui post utme Cbt or ppt?

Of course, ui post utme is ppt and not Cbt.

It could be a very good advantage I guess.

So assuming you wrote English Language, physics, chemistry and mathematics in Jamb.

You will be required to rewrite the same question.

The questions are sometimes difficult and sometimes simple, but if you prepare for ui post utme with the steps mentioned in this guide, you will definitely pass.


Remember to take the required materials to the hall

Don’t go to the exam hall empty.

Go with all your examination slips, also go with a well-sharpened pencil and a pen just in case.

How to Score high in Ui post utme ( more tips)

Below are 9 extra tips to score high in ui post utme.

1. Answer all the questions you’re given:

Do not leave any question unanswered even if you don’t know it picks an option.

It really makes no difference, you could get so lucky if you make an attempt.

Learn more: How to Pass Post utme when you’re scared.

Kindly answer every part of it.

2. Ensure your shading is bold and clear:

When shading, ensure its crystal clear and bold enough for the examiner to see.

Shade clearly.

Don’t calculate inside your answer booklet make your working space neat.

3. Have faith in yourself:

Do not think about failing or doubt what you know. Be very bold and belief in yourself and your success, and you will get a surprise score.

Little faith! Little success!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

4. Cross check your work before you submit:

Don’t hurry to submit, check every single part of it and be 100% sure you did the right thing throughout.

One mark is important.

5. Don’t write what you don’t know:

Read every question carefully before you answer, don’t do otherwise.

Answer directly and don’t try to use logic to answer.

6. Don’t try to confuse the Examiner:

Sometimes it will almost look like two options are correct, don’t shade two answers, shade only one.

7. Think before you shade:

Even if you are sure, think twice before you answer.

If you think “A” is correct.

What do you have to back it up? Think again.

8. Start with those you know best:

This will watch that you use your time in the best way, if you waste time with difficult ones, you may not have enough time to answer the answer ones which would have guaranteed a certain pass.

Start from the simple ones to the hard ones.

9. Do not talk to anyone or answer anyone during the exam.

Be on your own during the exam in order not to offend the invigilators.

Don’t attend to anyone who seeks your attention and don’t seek anyone attention.

Why students fail ui post utme

Here are a few reasons why students do not pass ui post utme.

1. Believing too much in yourself:

It’s very wise to believe in yourself, but don’t let it get out of hand.

Believe more in God.

Self-belief when It’s too much can you make you get a result you were not expecting.

Put your trust in God.

2. Not following instructions:

Aspirants fail ui post utme because they fail to follow instructions.

Do this, they are doing that.

Ensure you stick to instructions

3. Not arriving at the center in time:

It’s very important to arrive at the center before time so that you will have enough time to prepare.

Haste results to waste.

Ensure you don’t be the type who arrives late on the day of the exam to avoid failing.

4. Inadequate preparation:

I have emphasized a lot about why you should be prepared.

I do not want to exaggerate.

Just ensure you prepare enough.

Not just anyhow preparation, but adequate preparation.

5. Being a very slow type in answering questions:

If you are very slow in answering questions you cannot do well in ui post utme.

Prepare beforehand.

6. Partaking In Exam Malpractice.

If you are caught cheating, you will be penalized for it.

Be on your own and God will surprise you.

The Magical words to say before writing Ui post Utme.

I am destined for success and not to fail.

People may fail, but I cannot fail.

My ink will flow with ease and will choose only the right answers.

My brain will not default and I shall not read to forget.

I will write to perfection and I will smile when I see my result.


The Magical Things to say while you are writing Ui post Utme

As I write, I write to success.

As I write, I write my way into admission.

As I write, I write to finally become a graduate.

My hands will not choose the wrong answer but only the correct answers.

The Magical Things to say after writing Ui post Utme.

By the time I see my result people will be surprised, and they will say;

“Wow! How did you do this”

I shall score above [ input your score ]

I will always be above and not beneath.

Forward ever and backward never.

Thanks for stopping by.
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