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how pass oau post utme

Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the most prestigious Universities to study in Nigeria. Today, I have decided to walk you through your quest for admission; you are going to learn everything about passing oau post utme as well as the whole steps to prepare for oau post utme.

You’re welcome to Osas Divine Blog, the residency of Academic Success.

I can’t wait to see you wear that Matriculation gown this session.

Listen, life as a subject has two meaning; It’s either you fail or succeed. Many people are going to write this exam you’re about to take (oau Post Utme) and eventually fail.

But, can I say this? Your own situation will be for better, after reading the whole of this, you’re going to have wings to fly and touch the sky, and guess what! You are going to gain admission this year.

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How to Prepare and Pass Uniben Post Utme

How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme.

Now, let’s get down to the most interesting school, Obafemi Awolowo University.

See, It is simple to pass Oau (Obafemi Awolowo University) post utme exam; Like very simple and I mean it.

But you see, due to the high number of applying students, I can’t help but say it would not be so easy for you; the number of students who will sit for Oau post utme equivalence to the number of applicants is estimated to be around 40, 000 ( Forty Thousand), as of 2019/2019 session.

Let me put it to you this way, you have 40, 000 students to compete with, in this year’s oau post utme screening test, of which only 11% would be given admission.

Yes, you heard that right!

Of course, oau post utme is quite facile, and not that complex, but the issue on ground is parallel to the competition, of which you will need to score high to balance the equation.

Having been that the competition is less, then I could have guaranteed you a definite success.

But the case is the reverse, and to that light, I am going to teach you how to score very high in oau post utme in order to surpass the competition.

Note: If your Ideal goal right now is on how to Pass oau post utme, then I will simply let you know that it is more than mare reading.

You know why? Everyone is going to read as you will, so what I teach the student who visits my blog on exam success is prior to what I am going to teach you too.

We teach the real formulas, tricks and step by step approach.

In that note, I am going to give you enough strength, information, an idea that will certainly make you score higher than anyone else.

Before we start, I have some questions for you

How good are you in answering post utme questions fast?

Have you written Oau post utme before?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you’re just an average learner or you are not super fast as required when answering questions.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time to write Oau post utme or not.

All you need to know about oau Post Utme is exactly before you right now.

The problem is most students are always reluctant to search for information as much as needed concerning the institution they applied for and what is needed to pass the post exam.

Unilorin post utme cbt

And once more, even if you’re scared of passing post utme, today will end that chapter.

Welcome to the new chapter where you will be granted 99% success.

How to Prepare for oau Post Utme from start to finish.

Do you know what most people think?

They think the best time to prepare for an exam is when the exam is close.

Yes, 88% of a student only prepare at the dying minute.

It’s actually based on how much that student knows, but I want to tell you that two weeks or one-month preparation cannot give you that high score you deserve to gain admission into oau.

Never for once have I told any of my blog readers that they can make success by preparing prior to the exam date.

Yes, most people do that and succeed, just like I said it is base on what you have upstairs ( in your brain).

Even at that, I must tell you the truth that early preparation matters.

“Don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim”

Let me paraphrase that; Before you write oau post time, you need to be fully prepared, you have to learn all you can or don’t go there.

I am about to show you how to prepare for oau post utme and score very high.

Here are nine Important Steps to prepare for Oau Post Utme.

1. Turn Off Every TV:

I miss those days when we didn’t have any such thing as a TV. Our lives even though it was local was distraction free.

These days, students have no time for themselves, they sit before the T.v and while away the little time that could serve a great purpose.

That would be better if phones were not there, at least when our Nigerian power holding company turn off the power, we could at least say students will have the time to do other things.

Unfortunately, once there is a power interruption, the next thing is to start pressing the life of your phone until the battery goes down.

Especially for those who don’t have t.v in their home, just like me.

Yes, I said I don’t have a T.v, but I do have a laptop, I will still watch films, oh I can’t afford to miss those beautiful films on Netflix.

Unilorin post utme cbt

You see, you’re not the only one who gets distracted.

We all do and I don’t take an exception in that.

And maybe most times the distraction comes from other activities.

However, the act of control and self-discipline is the key to know when to turn off every t.v and when to put it in on.

Although, it is not just limited to t.v, there are many other things that are going to steal away your time.

Your phone is number one, your laptop and your home T.v or maybe the neighbor’s T.v.

One way or the other, they will deny you of the time you need to prepare for the post utme exam you’re about to write.

Don’t forget you have only a few months to prepare for oau post utme.

The most candid advice I have for you is to turn off every TV.

No matter how much bored you’re; never use your phone or T.v as a substitute leaving your books behind.

What is your name? Yes, I am talking to you, you need to turn off every form of T.v around you right now, and use the power of self-control to know when to turn it on, that is if you truly want to pass oau post utme.

2. Get all the important materials required to prepare.

I am talking about preparation, so what exactly do you need to prepare?

Alright, since you asked me that question I will answer in a lay man’s language and permit my answer coming in the form of a question.

What does a farmer use to prepare his farm for planting?


My dear friend, what else do you need to prepare for an exam apart from your textbooks and past questions?

You know of that right?

If so, do you have textbooks?
Do you have the current past questions for oau post utme?

Most jambites believe the preparation for Jamb would be enough to pass post utme.

It’s seldom known that the board or examiners setting questions for jamb and oau post utme is obviously different.

Perhaps, the fact that the subjects that are set in oau post utme are similar to the subjects you did in jamb raises the opinion in the mind of most hopeful oau aspirants that the same preparation would suffice, I wish that was true.

The questions style is not identical; And yes, the topics could be same, but you need to prepare for the same format in oau post utme.

In the bottom line, you have to get oau past question and prepare with it.

At least you will know better about the way questions are set in oau post utme.

Don’t just base on printed past questions, look for any Oau group to join either on Facebook, online or any forum online where questions about oau post utme questions are discussed at random.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Another material you need is a reading timetable, you need to create one it will keep you focused.

3. Quit from every self fear and build your hope.

C’mon, I want you to do something for me right now.

Do you know what that is?

I need you to say this to yourself; ” I have faith in my success, and I believe that I am going to gain admission this year”

Notice I did not say I am going to pass post utme this year, I said I you should tell yourself you are going to gain admission this year.

That is a high level of faith, it means you are sure you will pass oau post utme and you don’t see it as a problem and by reason of believing you are going to score high and definitely gain admission.

This kind of faith can never disappoint you as long as you do the right thing required from you.

Faith means believing you will gain admission this year even when it is beyond the power of reason, even when you have been struggling to pass post utme for a time being now.

Never be afraid that you cannot score high in oau post utme, no matter your level of knowledge faith is greater than what you know.

Many a time, I tell students that passing an exam is not just by what you know or what you have in your brain.

Many intelligent candidates fail, did you know that?

Faith is to trust an unknown future to a known God, believe me, it works.

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.

Isn’t it right for you to gain admission? So all you need is to build up your faith from today and never doubt.

4. Find out about oau post utme structure.

This is what most students fail to do.

However, there are still students who do well to find more information about their preferred institution and how they set exams for screening.

Just as curious as you’re, it is at a crucial demand to know everything under the sun about oau post utme.

This is a step that every single student who passed oau post utme also took.

They inquired, learned and use the knowledge as a source of strength for success.

Thank God for Google; Google is your friend. It is fine if you don’t know everything, search for everything you need to know about oau post utme.

Spend your time most in learning new things, do all the research you need, talk to reliable people online who know about Obafemi Awolowo University Screening test.

Find out about the subjects written in oau post utme, date of the post utme, number of questions set, how the score is computed, the time given for the exercise, and as much information you can get.

Once you understand all these, you would know where you stand.

It will only be a matter of reading and preparing enough, and you will jump for Joy when you see your result.

5. Keep your feet in a bowl of water every night.

This is the very tradition of successful students.

Do not think that when you read it is just for the sake of post utme, but remember you are also going to spend more than three years in the University where you will have to keep your leg in a bowl of water in order not to fall asleep when reading at night.

Does the tradition of keeping your leg in a bowl of water still work when reading at night?

Yes, it does! A lot of people do that, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

It’s very advisable if you also buy the idea of keeping your leg in the water while reading at night.

Wait I forget to tell you why you should also start such practice.

In case you haven’t known, the night is the best time to read because you will never forget what you read.

Scientific research has proven that a thousand times.

The best time the brain is active is at night, your brain will become open and void of distractions.

The silence at night turns out to trigger brain activeness.

If you can’t study at night, you’re not ready for University life, let alone oau post utme.

So, it means you will need to stay awake late for study, remember the exam you’re about to write is not just an exam.

Imagine yourself sitting at home for another year, who wants that?

So don’t give me that look when I talk about night study.

I understand that many students are weak, and they find it hard to stay up at night to read, even if they do, they sleep in no time.

You have to do your best and be ready for school life.

It is hard but the end benefit is very rewarding.

So when should I start reading?

It is suggestible to start night reading two weeks before the exam, it’s going to be more effective.

Five hours straight reading is not going to work? Never task the brain too much.

It’s fine if you decide to read for five hours but always take breaks.

If you need my opinion, 2-3 hours is okay at night.

You can kill Yourself with reading during the day with hundreds of hours, but keep your brain more alive with just 2-3 hours read at night.

The little you learn, you will never forget it.

6. Keep the radio on for oau post utme updates.

Information is the power that is our motto here at Osas Divine Blog.

That is why we strive to provide enough information.

You must always be one step ahead, never be behind.

Get frequent updates as much as possible.

The more you know, the more chance of success you stand on.

When I say keep your radio on, I don’t mean a Radio as a gadget.

It could also mean getting information from people and online.

Information such as the day post utme will start will help you adjust your reading timetable.

Go to a trusted website you know to give updates on time and subscribe to their newsletter, that way when there is any information about your school you will get notified.

We recommend Myschool News.

They are good at updates.

7. Test your time usage abilities.

Practice makes perfect, this quote is still very much useful.

You have to test yourself and practice time usage.

Obviously, oau post utme is not difficult but the time you will be given might not be enough for you to answer all the questions given especially when you’re a slow reader.

The time is quite short and not going to be enough for you to crush the exam to death.

If you’re a science student offering Chemistry, physics, and mathematics; tie your seat belt.

It would be helpful if you start assessing yourself from now.

Don’t wait for later, a stitch in time saves nine.

Nonetheless, I have something that can help you.

Click here to Learn four formulas to answer post utme on time.

In addition, you can look for an online quiz or test to prepare for oau post jamb exam.

Start now if you don’t want to be sorry for yourself.

8. Diagnosis your sickness and treat it.

What I mean here is to figure out whatever makes you weak.

For example, my sickness (weakness) then I was writing my post utme exam was mathematics.

I eventually struggled to pass it in jamb and I used that same formula for post utme.

I knew where my weakness came from and I treated it as good as i could.

If you don’t know your weakness, or you feel you know everything you need to know, you’re making a big mistake.

Nobody knows everything, it may be just a little weakness or a particular topic that gives you a problem. Fix it up before the exam, don’t feel relaxed when you have a loophole.

Don’t stop reading until you have treated all your weak areas.

9. Seek advice from Other oau students.

Every single thing I have in me right now and the whole knowledge that makes up every part of Osas Divine Blog comes as a result of learning.

I learn from anyone, and I don’t see any reason you should take an exception in that.

If you want to succeed, you have to learn a lot from people around you that know the correct thing you need to know.

As a matter of fact, you will need to learn from students who had sat for oau post utme before and seek directions for yourself.


Attend Oau post utme tutorial if you really want to score high in oau post utme exam.

Attending a tutorial helps a lot, look for the best one.

Majority of students who scored high did the same.

Congratulations: If you took all the above steps, you’re now prepared for oau post utme 2019.

But this oau post utme tutorial with me does not stop here.

You still have a lot to learn, I did the writing and should be in pain, all you have to do is to read and enjoy yourself all for free.

Don’t thank me, your success is my success.

Let’s move to chapter two.

How to Pass oau Post Utme

Do you know every student have this particular problem including you?

That problem is reading!

Admit it, you only read 20% of the first chapter of this guide.

If you read more than that, clap for yourself. In fact, come get a hug.

Top level readers are always ahead and successful but most students find it difficult to read.

The whole summary of passing oau post utme is to read.

If you can’t read, you cannot succeed.

That is just the major formula.

Assuming you are willing to spend quality time to read I have no doubt that you will climb the mountain.

Just like I said in the opening section, success is not limited to reading.

Welcome to the second chapter of this oau post utme guide where you will learn more tips to pass oau post utme.

I am going to give you more steps on how to pass oau post utme and that is what you have as follows.

1. Use the four post utme techniques to answer questions.

We’ve prepared four post utme formulas here at Osas Divine Blog for students to use when answering questions.

Do these formulas really work for oau post utme?

Yes, it does.

Formula like;

(a) S.R.S.R Reading Technique
(b) Elimination formula
(c) Psyche formula
(d) Physical Formula.

Let me brief you on how to use this formula so you can choose which one to use.

S.R.S.R Technique:

S.R.S.R is an acronym for Scan, Reflect, Solve and Re-read.

It’s simple to use, but very powerful.

That means when you want to answer any question no matter how difficult the question is, just scan the question and the option fast to get the main idea.

Next, Reflect on the question and see the fastest information your brain can recall for that moment.

Next, Solve the question. Answer the question from the little stuff you remember.

Finally, re-read the question, this time your brain will remember what it forgot before, read the question twice and you will get the correct answer.

Elimination formula.

I love this formula. Even without looking at a question, I can guess the answer.

There would always be negative answers in a question that doesn’t suit that question.

From mare thinking, you can identify those negative options and eliminate them one after the other.

Even at the University, I use the elimination formula to answer questions, and it still works.

You have to be smart or you will eliminate the correct answer.

Think four times before choosing.

Look at the language and flow of that particular question, if you do it properly you will eventually know both the wrong and right answer.

Psyche Formula:

This is also known as intuitive thinking, it has to do with using your feelings and not your brain to answer questions.

Yes, it works for most cases depending on your belief.

Remember that the brain can forget, that is why you need intuitive thinking.

You will get the answer speaking in your mind once you apply the psyche formula.

How to Use the Psyche formula.

Look at the question, read it in your mind, close your eyes or stare at the ceiling.

Very soon you will get an answer speaking in your mind, you have to listen carefully and ensure It’s directly from your intuitive and nothing else.

Physical Formula:

This formula means using your normal mathematics, physics or whatever subject basic formulas.

2. Be time conscious in the exam hall.

I don’t know how else to throw light on this very issue of time usage in oau post utme.

If you have read this guide well you will come across many occasions where I have said time is a common issue of passing oau post utme.

You need to be time conscious in the exam hall.

You don’t even have time to pick your pen if it falls.

If you’re asked to submit before you finish you’re in a hot soup.

Do not even waste one second, you have to be very fast.

One more thing, BE FAST — BUT BE CAREFUL.

3. Read instructions in the exam hall.

I remember when I was asked for the antonym of a word in ‘English Language’ language I did otherwise by answering the synonym.

On the other hand, I was trying to be fast but i forgot to be careful.


Always check for given instructions and answer accordingly.

4. Recite this prayer before you start answering questions.

I can’t help but tell you the truth, prayer and faith exempt one from failing.

If only you believe, work hard and pray and you will surely see yourself excelling all around.

So, I have prepared a short prayer for you to say in faith before answering going to your center.

Say these to yourself in faith before your exam.

Dear father, I am about to gain admission this year, thank you for the opportunity.

As I sit for oau post utme exam, your angels of success are going to sit with me, as I write the angels will write too.

Dear Father, thank you because I am going to score above [input desired score] and my success is not dependent on my performance or how much I know, rather it is base on your grace, my faith, and your love for me.

Thank you for the knowledge you have given me including my retentive memory.

Come sit in my mind, as i write i Will remember all i read and be merciful with what i forgot to read by helping me through with them.

No matter what happens, I will climb the ladder of success.

Amen and so be it.

5. Always work with formula’s and don’t guess answers.

Why do you have to guess if you prepared and prayed?

Guessing is dangerous if you come across a difficult question, skip that and answer others, answers will come later.

I don’t advise any student to guess, no matter how much difficult that question appears.

Be fast I didn’t say slow.

You can know the correct answer for the difficult ones by answering the simple ones and using the idea for other similar questions.

Except you have no other option.

6. When answering the question, let your mind aim at the score you want.

When you keep your mind in a particular score, your self ability will be equivalent to that goal. No matter what you must achieve that.

Dream of the score you want to have and work towards it.

I will have faith on your behalf, but you need to cope with me.

So start thinking of what you want to score in oau post utme.

7. Write with confidence, intelligence, and smartness.

This is the last tip I have for you.

Write with Confidence, intelligence, and smartness.

You will eventually score very high in oau post utme if you try out everything you have learned today.

I wish you all the best.

Don’t leave yet, I have more information for you.

When will oau post utme form going to be out in 2019/2020?

As at the time of publishing this, OAU Post UTME Form is not yet out for 2019. However, it will be out before October.

That is if oau has no problem. But we are certain that the form will be out around October 2019.

Subscribe to My School news go get Updates.

What Subjects are set in oau post utme?

The subjects they will set in oau post utme is equivalent to the subject you did in jamb of which Use of English is among. Perhaps it would get mixed with other Current Affair and general questions but in a small ratio.

How many questions are there in OAU post Utme?

There are 100 questions in OAU post utme exam as in the current system. 25 questions would be set from each subject you took in Jamb.

For example, if you answered English Language, mathematics, Physics, and chemistry.

Each of them will carry 25 questions, but most time they will mix them all but it is always a 100 questions in total.

You will have 1 hour 15 minutes to answer every question.

Will OAU write post-Utme this year?

Yes, Oau will write Post Utme exam this year in 2019 because Oau post utme is very important for selecting the most qualified candidates to gain admission due to a high number of applicants.

If not, we won’t have to be talking about all the steps you need to prepare for Obafemi Awolowo University (oau) post utme exam.

It’s a pre-admission screening exercise that is vital for gaining admission into oau.

Anymore question leave your answer in the comment box.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope to have you back gain.

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