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How to Pass ABU Post Utme | Everything to Know


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how to pass abu post utme

Do you know one truth that will always remain unchanged? It is the fact that not everyone will succeed in life. Dear friend, not everyone will pass ABU Zaria’s post utme test. But you will not be one of those failures because I am going to show you just how to pass ABU post utme in this guide.

Now is the time to grab the opportunity of education before you.

What are you going to do? Will you act as if it is just an ordinary exam?

Oh no! It’s more than an ordinary exam, this exam will determine your future fate if you’re going to keep dreaming of admission while others are preparing to graduate.

Question for you

Do you think ABU post utme is difficult or simple?

To be very honest with you, since the Computer Based test was introduced as the system of writing ABU zaria’s post utme in 2012, malpractice has been curbed, and the allocated time of 30 minutes is all you have, there won’t be anyone to give you an extra time to critically answer the question.

It is really important that you have some hints on how to pass ABU post utme in 2019.

Base on facts, one cannot use the old system at this age.

Scoring high in any computer examination will demand a lot of attention.

Unless you prepare well for it, you cannot pass ABU post utme.

Thinking of examination malpractice, it is almost impossible at Ahamadu Bello University.

As a zealous student, you must prepare to pass the exam with your own effort.

There are a few rules that may be of help to you which you will learn in this article.

Before I actually give you the rules that work for how to pass ABU post utme, I will have to share some tips on how to prepare for ABU post utme.

“Unless you prepare, you cannot excel.”

I know what you want is to score high in ABU post utme. The higher you score the more chance of gaining admission you have.

Admission is the key element here, It is the sole aim for your wanting to pass ABU post utme.


Before you learn how to pass ABU post utme and get some tips on how to prepare for ABU post utme, I need to recommend an article that will help you regarding gaining admission.

Information is the most incredible tool that you can use to get whatever you want.

If you truly want to gain admission into Ahamadu Bello University, you need enough information.

This article; “How to gain admission in Nigeria Universities, no matter what” will give you the information you need.

Now, let’s go to business.

How to Prepare for ABU post utme 2019

Antecedently, the outset of success is preparation.

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I cannot teach you how to pass ABU post utme without you knowing how to prepare for it.

You need to know how to prepare for ABU post utme more crucially before I share some tips with you on how you can score high.

A lot of aspirants are curious, you are one of them and I know just how much this admission means to you.

A lot of students failed Jamb, but you scaled through.

Now, before you is another mountain to climb. Are you really ready to climb this mountain?

If you’re not, then let me get you prepared.

#1 – You must drop any subject of Distraction.

You cannot climb a mountain with distractions around you. For you to start preparing in order to pass ABU post utme, you must drop distractions first.

Distraction is sure to come thing, a lot of times you will have one activity or the other begging for your time.

There is no way you will be prompted to do the things you ought to, towards the actualization of your preparation agenda in regard to performing well in ABU post utme.

Every day, different activities will come your way and to be candid you will have only a little or no time to prepare.

Of course, the house chores are just part of the distraction but that is something that you can correctly plan your time for, in a way it will not clash without your preparation approach.

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I am actually referring to those inconsequential activities (probably what you do for fun or pleasure).

There are many activities, and you know them, these activities indisputably, do not add any benefit and will only give you the opposite of scoring high in ABU post utme.

You have to rock off such activities and that agent of distractions around you.

Your mobile phone is one of the contributing schemes of distractions, that will cut you down.

Insensible meet up with friends and irrelevant outings are other types of distractions which you must avert if you must pass ABU post utme.

#2 Prepare to face the Computer.

Ahamadu Bello University Post utme exam is computer-based. One of the ways of preparing for ABU Zaria post utme is to be a master of the computer.

You need familiarity because I can assure you that many candidates start getting scared once they are sitting in the hall in front of the computer.

You should not go there and start acting like a technology illiterate or start developing computer phobia.

You need to prepare before time so that you will feel very free, and comfortable when answering questions in ABU post utme 2019.

Most people believe that computer-based exams are more difficult.

As a matter of fact, it is true, and it is not true. It depends on the person sitting for the exam.

How prepared you’re towards ABU Zaria post utme will determine how well you will perform.

As an advice, you need to visit a cyber cafe and let the instructor there help you get well familiarized with the computer.

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Let me put it straight, Ahamadu Bello University post utme may not be hard, but fear and lack of preparation can reverse the case.

My candid recommendation for you is to prepare for the computer, don’t just base your preparation on reading alone.

#3 You need to get all past questions ready and intact.

I like to always use this saying below when I am talking about using past questions.

Hundreds of aspirants really don’t know the purpose of past questions.

Flashlearners said ” Past questions are the prophecy of an exam”

To add more light on this, past questions are just like a prophecy that reveals what is going to happen in the future, and that glorious future is the exam.

I cannot say I have I showed you exactly how to prepare for ABU post utme without telling you that you need a past question.

It is not like you didn’t know this.

In fact; you may have heard that countless times, but I need to make the gong sound louder to you.

Without Past Question your preparation towards the exam is only 10% which equals failure.

#4 Don’t only dwell on Past Questions get textbooks.

I know I have made it clear that past questions are a necessity.

But, so, unfortunately, many people make mistakes.

It is not only a past question that makes you prepared for ABU post utme.

Get the recommended textbook for ABU post utme and prepare accordingly.

If there are key points, get them also, get any other material that you can have, just do not rely ultimately on a past question.

#5 Get constant information about ABU post utme.

The only way you can score high in ABU post utme is to know just everything there is no know about ABU post utme.

In a nutshell, you need to inquire and be loaded with information.

Lack of information will place you behind bars. But, with information about the exam, you will know where you stand.

There are several places to get information.

Aside from getting information from blogs just as you’re reading this now, you can get information directly from the school and old students.

All you have to do is stroll to the school and meet any of the old students. Talk to them about the exam and get enough information as you can.

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Do not approach the exam hall if you have not collected enough information as you need.

There may likely be something you need to know that you don’t know yet.

Now, that you know the basics of preparing for ABU Zaria’s post utme exam, the next thing is to know how to score high in ABU post utme.

How to Pass ABU post Utme Exam.

If you prepare very well, then you have every reason to perform well in the exam by scoring high.

I will share some tips on how to pass ABU post utme.

These tips, I know will give you a perfect score if well understood and utilized.

#1 Each and every stage, you need to brainstorm.

Ideas, knowledge and total smartness are all you need in the exam to score any point you need.

The act of brainstorming is the most recommended technique that really works of which anyone can use to pass ABU post utme.

The good news is, brainstorming is easy, and that is what you must do each and every stage in the exam hall.

So how does brainstorming work?

This means you shouldn’t jump to answering a question unless you reflect on it.

Just put your mind to reasoning after reading a question, think around it and get enough understanding before you attempt.

Brainstorming is easy, and it works, you will apparently pick the right answer if you apply this technique.

#2 Be time conscious in the exam hall.

Another important thing you must take note of when writing ABU post utme is time.


Time will surely twist you off, and maybe zero you down if you don’t know how well to use it.

It really will not matter if you know the answer but don’t have enough time to answer it.

The best way you can perfectly use the time given in Ahamadu Bello University screening test is to practice how to use the time before the exam.

If you’re in Lagos, there are many Cafe’s where you can test your knowledge in a specified time range.

Whichever means you want to use, ensure you practice how to use time.

You can see this guide; how to answer post utme question on time.

#3 Do not get distracted by the surrounding when you are in the hall.

You can easily lose focus in the exam hall, very easily.

Although, If ABU post utme is still the same as it always was; then you will likely have no or little distraction.

Apart from environmental distractions, you can as well distract yourself when you start thinking of something else.

Force yourself to concentrate until the end of the exam.

#4 Avoid guessing answers.

Guessing only works 10 out of 100 times, it is not something I recommend.

A lot of people will advise you to guess when the question is difficult and you don’t know the answer.

Please do not be the guessing type.

With the four formulas that I have once shared on how to know the correct answer in post utme you will be able to answer any difficult question in post utme even if you don’t know the answer.

Those formulas which I have linked to above will show exactly how to deal with any question, and you will definitely pass ABU post utme.

#5 Believe and Pray for success.

No matter how intelligent you’re, you will sometimes get what you are not expecting.

You need to work and pray, not work and wait.

Believe in yourself, don’t doubt your success.

Before writing ABU Zaria’s screening test you need to pray, after writing the test, pray also.

What to know about ABU post utme.

It is good to know how ABU post utme looks like so you will know exactly how to deal with it.

So, here are just a few things to know.

ABU post utme is a computer-based test, you will have only 30 minutes to answer the questions.

You will answer two subjects in ABU post utme. Those subjects include English Language (compulsory) and one other of the subject you did in Jamb.

ABU Zaria Post utme Syllabus.

I know many times you asked if you could get ABU Zaria post utme syllabus.

Well, ABU Zaria does not have a post utme syllabus.

You will do well if you prepare with past question.

Do not go looking for ABU Zaria post utme syllabus. Instead, search for past questions.


These tips on how to pass ABU post utme is evidently going to help you. I know you have learned one or two.

Evaluate those things again and see how you can apply them and this year will undoubtedly be your year of admission.

All the best.

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