4 Formulas to Know the Correct Answer in Post Utme

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how to know the correct answer in post utme

I kid you not: When it comes to any examination that has to do with selecting the right option you can easily get confused and pick the wrong answer. But today I am going to show you how to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

Before we start, let me ask you a question; Have you written post utme exam before?

Or is this your first time?

If this is your first time writing post utme exam for your desired school, I am sure you would be so nervous.

If this is not your first time, I am cocksure you wouldn’t want to write this exam again, it’s time to crush it under your feet.

Either way, guess what?

I am going to give you give the formula to know the correct answer in post utme.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Some time ago, I shared a very comprehensive article that covers all the basics steps of preparing for post utme.

Oh! If your main aim is to make this year your final year of writing post utme exam, then I have good news.

Even if you’re just an average learner, trust me with the blink of an eye, you can guess the exact answer.

It’s a sure secret formula that works like Black magic.

At Osas Divine Blog, our goal is to ensure every student succeed, and if post utme is that little tiny witch that keeps disturbing your sleep, then worry no more.

It cannot measure half of the end benefit of using this great formula if you properly use this it the way I am about to teach you.

Alright before I get down on this strategic way of knowing the correct answer in post utme; let me make things easier.

We have a very comprehensive guide for the two most competitive universities in Nigeria.

I couldn’t help think of the number of people who fear these schools post utme exam.

Guess what schools?

Of course, it’s Unilorin and Uniben.

Check out these comprehensive guides.

* How to Prepare and Pass Uniben Post Utme 2019

* How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme.

However, I am going to share more salient information here that I haven’t shared before, even though those post I linked above contains thousands of secrets, that would help you.

Trust me, this strategy works.

Okay, I think I should spill the bean.

Have you heard of the SRSR technique?

Oh my goodness! the SRSR technique is a technique that works for any examination that has to do with choosing between options.

I understand how difficult post utme is in most Nigerian Universities, and Unibadan does not take an exception.

The SRSR technique was created from a point of rationalism, if you can deploy it, you will definitely know the right answer in Post Utme.

Let’s take a look at it.

Unilorin post utme cbt

There are four formulas to know the correct answer in post utme examination in any school,  which are; SRSR technique, Elimination formula, Intuitive formula, and Physical formula.

These Formulae have been tested and confirmed to be effective.

Although you have to be smart when using them or you will use them wrongly.

Here are the four Formulas to know the right answer in Post Utme.

#1 – The SRSR technique

My dear friend, there is one formula you will love so much, it is called the SRSR technique.

The SRSR technique has been tested and confirmed to be very effective.

I am going to draw all the steps to take when using the SRSR technique.

But first, what does the SRSR technique mean.

Without any delay, let me show you the meaning of SRSR technique?

SRSR technique is a tool to crush any difficult exam. SRSR is an acronym for – Scan, Reflect, Solve and Re-read.

Now you get where the gist is going.

Let us look deeply on how to know the right answer in Post Utme using the SRSR technique.

It’s a great formula.

STEP 1: Scan through the question first.

The first step you should take when you come across a question is to scan, not to start solving.

No! No! It’s quite easier if you scan through the question first.

That doesn’t suggest you should spend One-hour scanning the question.

The major reason for scanning is to know exactly what the question says.

Just get the basic idea out of it.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Okay here is an example.

Question loading…….


Now here we go!

What is the most incredible skill in the game of football?

(a) Scoring
(b) Keeping
(c) Dribbling
(d) Coaching.

Now I have to scan this.

Okay, I am scanning…


5 seconds gone…

Just 2 more seconds

Now am done with the scanning.

The main idea of the question is the best skill I need when playing football.

You see, i have got an idea and it’s getting easier.

Let’s move to the next step.

STEP 2: Reflect on the idea of the question.

It’s very wrong to rush into answering the question after reading.

You must first reflect on the idea of the question.

So, I am reflecting…


Still reflecting…..

15 Seconds gone….

Now I think i know something.

In a football game the kind of skills i need is dribbling, tackling and heading.

The benefit of using a skill is to score a goal.

You see, we are processing the question fast.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Let’s move to the nesxt step.

STEP 3: The next thing to do is Solve.

I have to look back at the question again.

What is the most incredible skill in the game of football?

(a) Scoring
(b) Keeping
(c) Dribbling
(d) Coaching.

Hoo la la! I think I have found the correct answer.

The correct answer is “Dribbling”

I just solved a question correct.

Hip! Hip! Hip!

But, how do I know I am correct anyway?

STEP 4: Re-read the question and see if it makes sense to you based on your answer.

So, I have to re-read the question again to myself.

The question says the most incredible skills.

Is Dribbling a skill?

Is scoring a skill?

Is coaching a skill?

Is keeping a skill?

Which of them is incredible?

Obviously, dribbling is a skill and it’s the most incredible.

That is how to use the SRSR technique to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

As funny as it looks! It really works.

Get a past question and try it and you will be surprised to see how it works.

That’s not all

The SRSR technique works, but I prefer teaching you many formulae so you don’t end up stuck in the exam trying to figure out the correct answer in the post utme.

However, I cannot guarantee any of these formulae will work if you don’t prepare before the exam.

Please ensure you are prepared before going to write an exam or you will fail with flying colors.

The next formula to know the correct answer in Post Utme is called the Elimination formula.



I know you may have heard about “Elimination” as a way of knowing the right answer in post utme, but I guess you don’t know how it’s done.

Relax, I am going to show you how to use Elimination to know the right answer in post utme.

I use this formula for virtually every exam I participate in, Jamb, post utme and even my semester exams.

As long as, options are involved.

And i really can’t help but say it works and I do not have to struggle with an exam.

Sometimes even without looking at the question, you will know which of the answers looks incorrect.

So let’s get down on it.

Here is what to do.

Look through the options and highlight the meaning of each option.

When you come across a question, all you simply do is look through the options you have in the question carefully.

Do you know the meaning of either of the options?

Sometimes you will but sometimes you won’t.

Don’t panic much if you don’t think you see any wrong answer.

Let assume your question looks like this;

Which of these words best Interprets this sentence

All his plans fell through

(a) Failed
(b) were accomplished
(c) had to be reviewed
(d) were rejected.

From mare looking at this question.

I can pick out some odd answers.

First, it cannot be (c)

Fell through cannot mean to be reviewed


I am still thinking……

What do you think?…

Don’t you think it cannot be (D)
fell through cannot mean to be rejected……

I think so…

So we are left with A and B.

Now I am going to use the first formula, S.R.S.R technique.

This is just an example.

At the end of the day, if you carefully eliminate the wrong answer you will arrive at the correct answer, I am quite sure of that.


I can bet you’ve never heard about any such thing as intuitive and psyche formula.

Sure, you will continue to learn a lot of new things here at Osas Divine Blog so ensure you subscribe to our feed or you will miss more of it.

Right now I am going to show you just how to know the correct answer in any post utme exam.

Unfortunately, it works so hotly if you don’t misuse it and have what it takes to use it.

Before you will understand how to use, the intuitive and psyche formula it’s important to know the meaning.

Intuitive means the knowledge from an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings.

Psyche, on the other hand, is another word for the place where your thoughts come from, sometimes not actually your brain.

If we really look at both definitions they mean the same thing.

Okay, so how can I use the so-called psyche and intuitive formula.

Very simple but technical.

As a human, we all have an intuition, the intuition speaks the right answer to us through our psyche, but mostdon’t listen.

Meanwhile, most people cannot tell when their intuition speaks.

Have you ever been a position whereby, you will feel one answer is the right one and another mind tells you, No it’s the other options.

As a matter of fact, you get frustrated sometimes trying to get the correct answer.

See, it’s your psyche in play.

Base on what you have learned and taught yourself, your psyche will always connect with you when such a thing comes in play.

All you have to do is try to listen to your emotions.

Sometimes, your brain can fail you, but if you understand how to listen to your intuition, you will be seeing spiritual answers deep in your head and mind.

See no kidding, I have tried this a lot of times and it works.

For real, it works.

The first day I tried it was a mathematics competition.

I didn’t know any of the answers not even one, but I decided to use this formula.

I just listened to my heart and chose.

Guess what, I came out 6th out of 20th in the mathematics competition during my high school.

I didn’t know anything about psyche then, but after that experience, I went to research and since then I have adopted that formula and it always works.

The caveat: This formula works, but look it is not meant for everyone.

And if you’re the type that has doubts, it won’t work for you.

So be very careful.



Finally, this is the last formula to know which answer is correct in post utme.

When I mean physical formulas, you may be like “Osas…Are there any spiritual formula?”

Well, think whatever you like.

What I mean by Physical formula is this; I mean the ordinary formula that you know.

English language has a formula.

Mathematics has a formula for solving any question.

Physics has a formula for solving any question.

Most topics in Economics have a formula.

Chemistry has a formula for solving any question.

In fact, you can adapt your own formula for any topic if you’re the smart type.

When you see any question, think of any possible formula you remember.

Apply it to the question and you will get the correct answer.

Good luck! I hope you excel.

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