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How to Choose a Course that Fits you (Career Advice)


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ways of choosing a course that fits you

Now and then, I see how Nigerian students choose a course to study, but later end up regretting. Today I am going to show you a strategic surefire formula to choose a course that fits you in Nigeria University, college, and Polytechnic.

Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable when it comes to choosing a course since your future will be based on that.

Spending 3 years or more to study a course at the University, Mmhhh!

Sit and think; does the course you have chosen worth it.

I can actually bet that in the same three years or four that you will spend in the University or college, I will achieve something big outside going to school that might as well play a huge role in my life.

Here is my point, wasting three years or whatever years you will spend in school on a course that wouldn’t bring any end benefit but leave you walking from one place to the other in Job hunt is just one part of the caveat.

We also have to look at the part that the course you choose will determine your career in life, and your career will determine what life you end up living.

Apparently, it is good that you have started doing your research and you came across this content.

In this article, I will focus on two basic points.

Here they are;

(a) How to choose a Course that fits you while studying in Nigeria

(b) In a way that your chosen course will be lucrative and give you the best life.

I am awed by the great mistake young folks make. Choosing a course is the very first step of your career success; Unfortunately, it’s done in the wrong way.

It has created a sense of urgency that cannot be overlooked by the Osas Divine Blog team.

Guess what? The way most youngsters choose a course to study at the University gives me Malaria.

Obviously, no need to protest about being right when you’re wrong.

Yeah! I am talking about you; Did you choose a course that fits you?

Very well then, what factors did you scrutinize when choosing a course to study in Nigeria.


It’s not your fault, I understand your dream to live a big life.

But look, it doesn’t work that way.

Choosing a course that fits you is more like finding out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

There are a variety of factors and formula for choosing a course that fits you which I am going to share with you right away.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Often, I am reverential to the attitude of most brave students who know the merit of choosing the right course to study while schooling in Nigeria under the circumstance of the Nigeria Labor Market impenetrable nature.

Equivalence to the ideal fact that most careers in Nigeria are complicated and impossible to earn a good living from.

Enrol jupeb

It’s wise to check the nature of the economy even if you have to choose a course that fits you.

Of course, your means of livelihood mustn’t be joked with.

Nobody wants to end up as a jerk, certainly not you!

Get it right for once! It’s worth it if you have to spend one year evaluating the right course that fits you of which will make you the person you dream to be.

Five years from now, who do you see yourself as?

In order not to sound like a motivational speaker let me get down to business.

These 7 steps must be put in check while choosing the right course if you want to end up living an adorable life.

  • Evaluate your pain and note them in a paper
  • Evaluate your outermost joy, and what makes you feel like a boss
  • Analyze the needs of the people around you, far and wide
  • Choose a Course that you can easily seek a Job. (lucrative)
  • Ask the people close to you what they think you do best.
  • Look at your whole existence and pick the most meaningful thing.
  • Ask your intuitive or hear from your spiritual guidance.


#1. Evaluate your pain and note them in a paper.

The last thing anyone will tell you is to live your life for anyone.

Who gives a fu*k about anyone’s pain?

Enrol jupeb

Exactly, that was the very reason most people fell through in their career.

Decision making is hard, I know, but I want you to see things on a different perspective here.

C’mon tell me, what is a Job?

(a) Solving people’s problem for money as an end reward

(b) Solving your money problem.

No! No! Don’t tell me, you picked ‘B’ if you did you would be wrong.

A Job is all about solving a problem or presenting a need for the people.

Here is the bottom line, when you are to consider the right course which will obviously fit you, you need to start by asking yourself what pain people feel and how do you feel about it.

If you can have a list of pains and problems people feel, hence you will know what course to study in school.

In case I have to remind you, your existence is all about purpose, and your best purpose would be solving an existing problem.

It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge problem, you can start from the least down to the big ones.

Now you have a task.

Start making researches on the issue people encounter.

Let me draw a big picture for you.

Enrol jupeb

James Karnol, (one of my mentors) according to him, he is someone I will say was once upon a time, curious as you’re searching for the right course to choose that would fit him and later make a living out of it.

In quest of the right course to choose, James Karnol started by looking around him for the pain people feel and issues encountered.

At last, he got a bunch of related problems and pain people feel.

Here is how the list he made looked like.

how to choose a good course to study

Of course, there was more to his list apart from marriage issues.

But the sincerest pain he felt on the way things went around him made his top five which was the challenges encountered in Marriages and families.

Out of the pain and the passion felt to solve that problem, James Karnol decided to study Social Psychology at the University.

According to the pain felt, he did his best, Learn How to gain admission into any School and earned a Bsc. Degree in Psychology.

James Karnol is now one of the most popular ‘Marriage and family counselors’ in South Africa.

“When you take away People’s pain, Money will take away your pain” Never forget that.

So back to you, what pain do you feel from the issue people around you face?

Choosing a course that will fit you is all about that!

#2. Evaluate your outermost joy, and what makes you feel like a boss.

Do you know what it means to be a boss?

What makes you feel like a boss?

Do you dream to be a boss?

Well, sorry to say; Bosses are not made, Bosses are created in all aspects of Life.

Here is exactly what I mean.

You cannot be a Boss in a field where you don’t belong.

There has to be a sense of belonging for success to come; Else it would be a waste of time all the way.

Look here, don’t ever think of living anyone’s dream. We will talk deeply on that later.

For now, here is what I want you to get. There must be something special and specific about you that makes you feel like the best.

Yeah! That is where you belong.

You cannot find success, where it doesn’t exist.

What makes you look like a boss?

Enrol jupeb

Think! Think! Think!

What do you get praises for?

Why do people always seek your attention?

Now, write it down in the next page after the list you made in step one.

Eventually, before we get to step 7, you will know exactly what course suits you.

#3 Analyze the needs of the people around you, far and wide

Prior to the step you learned in step one, it’s time to learn something new but quite similar.

‘Needs’ this very word, I wish I could really expatiate more on it.

I know I am not that of an economist but I will do my best to buttress my point here.

As an economist, when making a choice, the list is ordered in a scale of Preference.

What is needed the most must come first.

It is not the other way round.

In Economics, when you are trying to analyze things, it’s done in order of the most important down to the least.

The knowledge of a scale of preference is very powerful when you are trying to come up with the best course for you to study that will make a good career.

Start by analyzing the most important needs of the people around you.


E.g. Let’s say people are always in demand of cheap primary school assuming the ones around are all expensive.

You could weigh things and decide to feel up that space.

It really depends on what you think people lack.

What service can you provide that is in high demand?

Can you do it better than the people around you? Trust me, it will make a great course for you.

I know of a lady in Lagos, into haircut business.

She gets nothing less than 27 customers a day.

Every once in a while, I go there to cut my hair.

Yes, you heard me right! I mean to cut my hair.

Oh! no, she doesn’t plait Hair, she cuts hair even for a male.

Now I have gotten your attention.

how to choose a course to study

Actually, it was a need no one could have thought of and many people have gotten idea from her.

If there is any way to be successful in life quickly, it’s by satisfying needs.

Once you have analyzed the needs, put them on your note and analyze what Course will fit you while providing those needs.

Though, I am not suggesting you should be a female Barber too!

I just used that to site an example.

#4. Choose a Course that you can easily seek a Job. (lucrative)

There is a beauty in the Nigerian Economic system. In fact, Nigerians are the best.

But with the look of the corrupt leaders who cover and block every major job opportunity, you must overlook the so-called beauty and reconsider if there would be a Job for you once you graduate.

If not, O.Y.O ” You’re on your own”

You must have carefully analyzed if what you choose will have a ground to stand on, in the Nigeria Labor Market.

Is there Job availability in Government sectors?

What does the Private sector look like?

How lucrative would it be if you choose to become a Solopreneur?

However, I also like you to know that it’s not wise to choose a course just for the sake of becoming rich?

But to simply put! One has to feed and take care of one’s need.

In order words, there has to be a source of income to make ends meet.

So this step entails you looking at the job availability before choosing a course to study in school.

But I should warn you, don’t jump ahead and say;

 ” Ha-ha-ha! Doctor’s get high to pay so, I am going to become a doctor too”

It is not the right way to success.

Before you consider checking how lucrative your career will be and chose a course, make sure you check other factors and follow other steps I have shared in the career advice.


#5 Ask the people close to you what they think you do best.

Let me believe that at this stage if you have been reading through all the steps I have shared, you should know some key things about choosing a course in Nigeria before you seek admission in Universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

Here is another interesting step on how to know what course fits you.

The people around you, who might have felt your presence will know what you do best.

I have met so many people and I never forget to ask what them what they think I do best.

Believe me, You will not have to read this if I did not seek for peoples opinion but followed my own intuition.

I certainly ask those people that know me better, maybe not my parents, but friends and siblings.

14 out of 20 people told me ” You’re a great writer

Then, I wasn’t that of a good writer and maybe I was still learning.

If you were reading through carefully you may discover few typos.

But that is not what matters, what matters is this; I actually love writing and it is what I do best.

Imagine that you are reading an article that is over 4000 words long now.

I was happy, comfortable and flowing when writing this, it took me just 4 hours with a little break.

Indeed, I had no choice than to choose a career in blogging.

Apart from the fact that I am always happy writing; most people who had read my article will always say that I am a good writer.

I deemed it as true and I started learning just how to be better when writing.

Maybe the next article you will be reading here will be more super awesome.

I don’t have to waste my time looking for something else.

I could have decided to follow my idea then, to become a Doctor, so that I would be rich, but I have learned the right way to succeed in life, and it is more to that.

So, you too, go ahead and do the same.

Ask people what they think you do best. From the answer, you get Jot it down in your note.

We are eventually progressing.

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#6. Look at your whole existence and pick the most meaningful thing.

You don’t know what the real meaning of existence means. Do you?

Well, I will bet that you don’t.

Are you existing for your own cause? Think deep!

Okay! Here is where I have to drop the bomb.

If you have been living for 18 years and more and you still don’t find any meaning to your life or know why you’re existing, then something is wrong!

I mean it! What did you do with 18 years?

Hanging around with guys?
Flirting with girls?

Ha-ha-ha! Someone will have to tell me what S/he has been doing for over 18 years?

steps for choosing a course that fits you in school

Literally, I discovered a lot about my existence after the first 18 years of my life.

Yeah! I had to make some few mistakes which are fine, inevitable and natural.

But the first 18 years showed me a lot about life, and when I decided to study computer science I knew it was the course that fits me.

If you can look back at the years you have spent right from the day you first breathed, down to this day.

You should able to say this is where I belong.

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#7. Ask your intuitive or hear from your spiritual guidance.

This step, 70% of students will ignore it.

Sometimes, we only remember that we need to pray for direction when we have failed frequent times.

The best time to seek spiritual guidance is before you make a choice.

Don’t choose until you hear from your intuitive.

Seek guidance and you will never have to take the wrong route.

Ignore spiritual advice and you will take the wrong route, and then come back to ask for spiritual guidance.

I do not want to sound that religious here, but you can hear from your intuitive or your subconscious mind.

It’s very important in career choice.

Get deep in thought right now and seek spiritual guidance.

Ask for the best course to study at the University that will yield a good future.

You will discover that your intuition will take you to the right place.

These 7 steps will definitely put the exact course to study at the University that is meant for you.

So key to it.

But that’s not all

You still need to learn some more. Remember we are talking about your end success.

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So stick around a bit and ensure that by the time you finish this article, even if I wake you from sleep up at night 50 consecutive times, you will keep telling just one thing that you know is the right course for you.

Factors to consider before choosing a Course to Study in Nigeria.

Before deciding to study a course in school, ensure you put these 7 things in check.

1. Do not choose a Course for the sake of choosing, choose a course you love.

8 years from now, I want you to be able to look at your career and say you’re in the right place.

Choose a course you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life when you finally get a Job.

2. Do not choose a course because you want to become popular:

If all you want is to become the world star tomorrow with providing any good value you are taking a wrong path.

Before you become a star, the first is to plan what you will do to solve a problem, only until then will you become a real star.

Choose a course where you know you can address life issue and enjoy the rewards.

3. Do not choose a Course you’re being forced to.

Okay, I know mum puts pressures on you to study that course.

Or wait, was it Dad?

I guess we don’t have to be forced to study a course.

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Whoever asks you to study a course not of your interest, even if they were your sponsors does not want your success.

Do not, I repeat; Do not choose to study a course that doesn’t originate from your passion.

4. Do not choose a course that is too complicated for you.

Yes, I know you want to eat a big fish, but remember to sew your cat according to your size.

You sure know how daunting it would be in school if you’re to study a course that is way bigger than your capacity.

Most people go mad, all in the name of education.

Let’s not say mad, maybe frustrated.

Take a bite according to the size of your mouth.

5. Do not choose a course you cannot defend when you’re being asked.

Why do you want to study course?

What makes you think you chose the right course?

How do you plan to change the world with that course?

Come on, be ready to defend the course you choose if you know it really fits you and it is actually meant for you.

6. Do not leave anyone’s dream or mimic anyone’s life.

It is okay to learn from those that inspire you, but choosing a course that fits you is not about picturing someone else’s life who is successful.

It’s about picturing your own life and become successful too.

7. Do you have the qualification to study the right course that fits you?

If you don’t have the Basic qualification to gain admission into the University to study the course you want to.

Spare one year to get it, do not rush into something else.

3 more things to Know about Choosing A good course to study in school.

1. Do not Settle for less Fight till you get the best:

A co-blogger of mine shared some life nuggets about for University and polytechnic freshers, but a line didn’t seem right with me.

He outlined something like this “If you didn’t get your dream course, dream in your given course“.

It’s a cliche, and I am sorry I have to disagree.

Let’s slide out some useful elements of that sentence and really take another picture.

In the first phrase here is the key element = YOUR DREAM COURSE.

In the second phrase here is the key element = YOUR GIVEN COURSE.

Dream Course Vs. Given Course which of them can give you a comfortable life you will not regret?

My dear friend it is your dream Course and not your given course.

Accepting a course you have no plan for at an initial stage; To me, it is like settling for nothing.

You cannot force yourself to dream in a course that was given to you, you can only achieve a dream that came from your subconscious mind.

That is why I said, do not settle for less, but settle for the best even if it takes years.

Delay is not Denial, failing does not mean you don’t belong there.

My mentor will always say to me ” Osas, most times failure is just a test to see if what you want is actually dear to you”

If you give up after failing, it means what you choose in the first place was not dear to you.

Life is not about what you achieve, it’s about what you overcome.

Thomas Edison failed 1,000 before he invented the light bulb, actually he learned 1,000 ways that don’t work.

Good things take long to achieve so do not expect the right result to come at once.

If you get so lucky good for you.

I hope you understand this.

2. Your course choice must not be rooted in the fact that it will yield a high pay profession.

80 out of 100 Nigerian students choose a course out of the mindset that, the course will bring them more money.

In order to build a house, buy cars and start living rich.

Permit me to say, if you’re one of those, you have taken a wrong step.

Living your cause of life to make money for yourself and just yourself with no other person apart from yourself and your family, is the craziest decision you have ever made.

You cannot be successful if all that is involved is you.

The real meaning of success is mostly misinterpreted.

Your goal should be to solve a problem and the end result is your success.

Anything apart from that should not be termed a success.

3. Always Think outside the Box.

Answer this question, “if you leave this world ( not a wish for you, but what our fate as humans) What do you think people will remember about you?”

I think the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Most young entrepreneurs are wealthier than Doctors and engineers.

It’s all about thinking out of the Box.

Reasons to choose a course that fits you.

1. To avoid carryover during your stay in school.

Most students struggle with a course at the University, simply because they have chosen a course without thinking.

2. You will put in your best if you’re studying a course you know fits you.

Oh! yes! You would do your best for what you love to achieve success.

At last, this article will definitely show you “How to know the course that fits you”

Good Luck!

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