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7 Cheat and 7 Rules to Answer Post Utme Question on time

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answer post utme questions fast and finish on time

More pragmatically, are you going to stick with the norm? You don’t have to because I am about to give you a cheat on how to answer post utme question fast and finish on the given time.

That’s not all.

I will show you a few rules to stick to when answering post utme question

There is a notion that writing post utme examination in certain Universities is bothersome.

1 hour for 60 back-breaking questions @ UNIBEN

30 Minutes for 50 trickery questions @ UNILORIN

Just to mention but a few.

You and I know that the system of Post utme in Nigeria is quite strenuous and almost all Universities will not give you enough time to answer the given questions so you have to be pretty smart and efficient.

Answering post utme questions and finishing on the given time is easier said than done.

But here at Osas Divine Blog, we don’t Joke with success.

I am going to show you the exact cheat that many students have used to answer post utme question, not only did they finish on time; they also scored very high.

It’s one thing to finish on time, and it’s another thing to answer correctly.

Without much hesitation let’s get down on it.

But first, let’s start with the rules.

I know it’s very good if you can finish on time, but there are many things that must be put to check, and we are going to discuss as much as we can.

Post Utme would have been plain sailing, but the time factor is a constraint.

Notwithstanding you have to play smart and make a hard-won.

Always remember that the price for success is not free, be ready to kill a lion if that is what it demands.

These 7 rules will help you answer post utme question very fast and finish within the given time.

1. Practice time Usage before going to the hall:

Before you go to the hall to sit for your post utme exam, you ought to know how capable you’re.

Don’t sit and wait for the day of the post utme, get busy by practicing.

Your capability will determine your ability in the exam hall.

Smartness is not inherited, you have to practice smartness.

“If you practice 8 times and fail 7 times but win only once you will never fail again.”

Read that again and you will understand.

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Did you know Thomas Edison failed 1, 000 times before discovering the light bulb?

Actually, he didn’t fail 1, 000 times instead he learned 1, 000 ways that didn’t work.

So if you prepare and practice with a past question you will never have to fail during the exam, because you will learn what works, and what doesn’t work.

Hence, start practicing if you don’t want to end up frustrated during post utme.


2. Don’t forget your brain at home.

Oh! yes! I mean it.

Most student will forget their brain on the day of the exam.

No kidding stuff, I mean everything I say.

I wouldn’t have to tell you this if I weren’t a victim.

Okay! Okay! I will confess, I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.

But promise not to tell anyway! Seriously this is our little secret.

Enrol jupeb

3 years ago I was in the same position as you’re! Also desperate about how to answer post utme question on time.

In fact, it was my last year for admission and i had just that year to prove to my dad that I was ready for school, I had to make sure I didn’t mess up.

My head was filled up and the day of the exam I was no longer myself, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Asap! I was in the center.

No sooner than 1 hour I was in the hall and sitting before me was the computer waiting for me to explore.

Guess what, I was scratching my head for 5 minutes when I saw the first question.

Getting to the second, the third and ninth question I was already dead, but just existing.

” Oh! I thought 10+10 was 100, but now it looks like 10+10 is -10, or is it….”

That is what it means to forget your brain at home and I was just of that kind.

Don’t forget your brain at home.


3. Do not Rush, and forget to answer some.

I know most of the people reading this would be guilty of this.

Let me gist you

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Somehow down the line, I had to write Jamb in 2016.

I will never forget my stupid sit mate.

Till today, I am still laughing trying to figure out what Village such people came from.

Intriguingly, it was the time of Jamb computer-based test.

See what happened.

This funny comedian of a sit mate will click an option for about four times and sometimes more.

At the end of the day, he will end up unclicking the right answer leaving it empty.

And he will be like…

” I think he have click”

Sometimes he clicked correctly but sometimes he will over click and end up unclicking it.

I was kind of weird, was he insane or it could be that this guy suffers computer illiteracy.

I swear I have never seen such kind of person in my life. Isn’t that ironic?

Wait, do you expect me to talk, or you want the invigilators to throw us out.

My dear, there is no good Samaritan in Jamb, mind your own business.

With the way, the guy was pressing the mouse you will know he has never used a computer.

I am just trying to pass a message not make a fool out of him, we all have weaknesses.

But, If your post utme exam is a computer-based test, be very careful and check that you have clicked before moving to the next.

That is why I advised you to practice before going to the hall.

Even if it is a Paper-based exam, open your eyes widely and ensure you don’t leave anyone unanswered.

Keep reading for more rules

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Remember, don’t leave any question unanswered.

4. Ensure you breathe before answering the next question no matter the time pressure.

Forgive me that I have to put this as a rule.

I know how most people think.

If you don’t prepare before the exam, if you breathe one million times you will still answer rubbish.

Hmmm! Don’t think that breathing will bring the answer.

I said breath just in case you’re panicking or your mind is not settled because of the short time you have. So that you will have enough energy to finish answering the post utme exam.

Breathing in and out will help to relax your mind when done appropriately.

Most students are pressured by the time, and in return, they start fretting.

No matter how pressured you are, try to see the bright side of the exam, not the bad side.

Breathe in and out, and you will be back to normal.

5. Don’t guess because of the time limit, settle your mind and think.

I notice many students do this.

When they see that time is leaving their side, they start answering anyhow.

It is always like this…….

” I don’t have time to think anymore, let me just answer anything”


Never you do such, the brain works in such a funny way.

Most times it is when you are 5 minutes close to the end of the exam that you will remember the right answer.

That is just the caveat.

It is because you are rushing to finish on time.

That is why I said, it’s one thing to finish on time, and it’s another thing to answer correctly.

Think before you answer and don’t get too concern about the time.

You can rush and answer all wrong.

But if you calm down, you will at least answer a lot correctly even if you don’t finish on time.

This is from experience.

Please don’t guess to save time, ensure you think and answer correctly.

6. Do not panic because your time is short.

It is something that happens as a matter of nature.

Fear will always creep into your mind.

That scenario when your heart jumps for fear.

“You don’t have to be the best, just do your best and leave the rest for God to bless because If you try to act like the best, you will end up in a mess.”

Never forget that many intelligent people fail and it’s a secret you must bury as a seed in your heart.

7. Smile before answering any questions, don’t squeeze your face.

If possible smile through from the start of the exam till the end.

Your mood can spark your brain to start pouring out the correct answers.

It works, so ensure you don’t frown while writing post utme.

It doesn’t matter if people think you’re mad.

Seriously, they don’t understand the secret that you’re using and after the exam when you see your result that smile will grow bigger and better.

But those that frown, that frown will grow bigger and better.

Let’s move to the next item.

7 Cheats on How to answer Post Utme Question.

By the way, what do you mean by cheat?

No, I am asking you don’t ask me.

In my own opinion, I don’t mean any negative way of answering questions during post utme.

We don’t encourage examination malpractice, look at how Jamb seized candidates result for 3 years in Nigeria, sorry to say, I mean 3 months just because of malpractice.

Oh, Jare! 3 weeks.

Did you know Jamb broke Guinness record in 2019? Don’t ask me how.

Like most people will think, they always believe there is a cheat to pause time during post utme for the computer-based test.

No! No! You are deceiving yourself not the computer because when everybody stops and your time is remaining 30 minutes, you will explain.

Try to accept the fact, you have 30 Minute, so face it.

These 7 cheats are positive so don’t think negative, but trust me, even the devil cannot make you fail if you use them.

1. Sharpen and exercise your brain before you start.

Wake up on time on the day of the exam.

Before you leave the bed, pick your textbook or whatever you’re using to prepare and start exercising your brain.

Let it be more of a personal and self conversation.

Trust me, your brain will become sharpened.

It’s kinda funny but most times, I always ask myself question and answer myself.

“State Boyles law?”

“Boyle’s law states that…..”

“When did Nigerian started federalism government….?”

You know, stuffs like that.

Just tasking your brain. You will see that you will be active during the exam hall, that activeness will make you think fast and finish answering the post utme questions on time.

It’s just my little cheat sheet to answer questions on time during post utme by first making my brain to be active.

2. Start by solving the simple ones.

Often, you will get stuck around some difficult questions.

Such a question can exhaust the little time you have before you get to the simple ones, you will have no time left.

So a wise candidate will start from the simplest to the hardest.

It’s okay to pick questions randomly.

But you have to be forewarned, doing such practice can make you forget some and leave them unanswered which will go against some of the rules I have given you.

Smartness needs to play a role.

It’s wise to skip the difficult ones but remember to start all over and check for the ones unanswered.

3. Do not check the time until you click submit.

“There is no time to check time”

Checking the time can make you fall a victim of rule number 5.

You will be in a hurry to finish and submit which can make you answer wrongly, and leave some unanswered.

On the other hand. You have to be vigilant and mindful of your time so that you don’t feel you have enough time and start delaying in a question.

But it doesn’t mean you have to be checking the time every minute.

Just forget the time, and let it be in your head that you have no time to waste.

Let all your focus be on the question.

I know if you do this, you will be flabbergasted to the fact that you have answered all the questions and finished on time correctly answering everything because you were focused.

4. Use the SRSR technique.

This technique is something i have never failed to teach students writing exams that will have to deal with picking options.

See this: How to know the correct answer in Post Utme using the SRSR technique.

This method is effective and it hardly fails if you know how to use it very well.

SRSR is an acronym for; Scan, reflect, solve and Re-read.

Follow this technique will make you answer any school’s post utme question on the given time.

Just Scan the question, reflect on it a bit, solve it fast and re-read the question to see if you solved correctly.

You can check the above-linked article for how to use the SRSR technique to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

There are other formulae you will see there too that will help you know the correct answer in post utme.

5. Pretend as if you’re the only one in the hall.

Do you know why this is crucial?

It’s because, if you are looking at different people, your eye may meet with someone having bad luck.

And sorry for you if you meet those people that use Juju to collect answer from people who look at them.

This is Nigerian for crying out loud.

Anybody can exchange your brain if you look at them.

Please and please don’t look at anybody pretend as if you’re the only one in the hall.

More pragmatically, you can lose focus if your eye is everywhere at the same time.

Let your eye glue at your question only.

6. Use the idea of the simple questions for the hard ones.

I really love this cheat. It works mostly for questions that have to do with picking between option.


Question 5:

Who killed the Chicken during Christmas?

A. Mark Angel
B. Basket Mouth
C. Ade
D. Broda Shagi

Let assume you don’t know it…

Lucky enough you got to another Question.

Question 17:

What did Ade use to kill the Goat during Christmas?

A. Knife
B. Gun
C. Poison
D. Slap

You and I know the answer to Question 17 is Slap.

At the same time, you now know the answer to question 5 is Ade.
It’s just another cheat.

7. Look at the ceiling if you forget anything.

If you use this cheat, you will never forget me.

Order than looking at people around you when you are trying to figure at the correct answer, just look at the ceiling for a minute and you will begin to have a clue.

No kidding, I am damn serious.

Just try it.

Thanks for strolling around my blog today, i hope to see more of you.


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