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Top 7 Best Handworks for A Lady to Learn in Nigeria 2019

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Best handwork for ladies

You’re tired of sitting at home, and you have decided to search for the best handwork a Lady can learn in Nigeria in order to become productive and responsible.

Very well then, I am going to show you 7 best handwork that you can learn in Nigeria as a female.

These handworks are well polished and if you can make the best deal out of them then you will definitely see yourself becoming a madam in 2 – 4 years after learning.

Most times, I think it’s very necessary to sort for the best handwork for ladies order than just picking any kind of handwork that comes in mind.

However, as a pledge in Osas Divine Blog, we are devoted to providing the best and most reliable information that will shed light in your path as a Nigerian.

So allow us to sort out the little problems that life spreads around.

In the shore of this guide, you will discover the best hand work in Nigeria a woman can do for a living

Where do I start?

I do like to call your attention if you’re a lady and you’re reading this.

The Nigerian economy de facto is something we all deem to be difficult predominantly for young folks who are not born with a silver spoon.

For the female world, you know very well how life tosses you around just to make a day count.

You can never be under the care of your parents forever.

It’s wise that you source out a good means for the latter order than thinking of sleeping around with men who will cater to your daily needs.

I will not fail to call out on your bullshit if as a lady you have no plans of self-independence.

If you’re clocking twenty and you still have no plan for your life, it’s quite a sympathy.

You need to think of the best handwork to learn as a lady so that you can start small, make your own money, maintain a stable bank account and keep your self from any financial trouble or trying to trade your body for money.

You don’t necessarily have to be a graduate to become the boss of your own.

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As a matter of fact, the number of graduates available in the country outranks the number of available jobs.

And even if you are schooling or planning to get to school, it’s very wise to learn handwork now in order to save yourself from future hardship.

Learning handwork is a legit source of income that you can rely on, most of the times it will bring you ultimate satisfaction and money that you wouldn’t have imagined if you learn deeply and become a pro.

There are various handworks to learn as a female, but today I want to show you the best seven.

We did make sure these 7 best handworks are still lucrative in 2019.

Don’t forget that interest plays a big role when choosing the best handwork for yourself as a female.

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You cannot compare the number of skills available for the men than those available for women.

Whichever ways, ladies are the pride of Africa and a distinguished being.

Look away from anybody’s pocket and become your own sponsor.

Listed below are the best handworks for a lady in Nigerian.

  • Event Management
  • Interior Decoration
  • Fashion Designing/Tailoring
  • Catering Craft
  • Fascinator designs
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Freelance Writing.

1. Event Management:

best handwork for nigerian ladies

I had never imagined that one could earn a living by planning parties for others.

But look here, currently in 2019 event management also known as event planning is the best handwork for a lady to learn in Nigeria.
To amuse you, one can earn around 15, Million Naira a year in a professional aspect if you are a well-skilled event planner.

Event is one thing that happens periodically.

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Event management is more than just handwork, it’s a very lucrative profession that can be done by anybody, but ladies are well talented in event management.

You don’t need a degree to learn or become an event planner in Nigeria.

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Just a question!

Why would a person want to hire an event planner when one could just organize things by oneself?

Somehow down the line, you may have such a curious mindset.

Intrinsically, one would hire an event planner for many purposes but I like to state three.

(a) Not everyone understands the ins and outs of making an event successful. But event planners are experienced people who would have encountered different flaws from different occasions. So, it’s wise to hire an event planner to save your party from being messed up.

(b) It can save you time if you hire a good event planner.  While you sleep they will organize and coordinate the party instead of you running helter-skelter trying to get this and that, most times you may forget to get something only to remember at the dying minute.

(c) It will save you from unnecessary planning, It is the responsibility of the event planner to get the best vendors and negotiate prices on your behalf for every single need.

The bottom line is, event planning is very professional handwork to learn as a female in Nigeria.

How to Learn Event Management as a lady

There are lots of events planning schools where you can learn event planning and become certified.

Event management schools in Nigeria are of two types sometimes it varies.

(a) Certified Special event professional (CSEP)

(b) Certified Wedding and Event Planner (CWEP)

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To start event planning, you need to first learn and get certified under a company.

There are many event management schools in Lagos and even online.

Look for the one that interests you and start learning.

Click Here for where to learn Event management as a lady.

After your certification, you can purchase the required material and startup.

Build a website of your own to let the world know you and don’t forget to meet bloggers who can help you advertise your service.

Soon you should start seeing money fall in your way.


2. Interior Decoration:

Decorating handwork for ladies

Once again, “Interior decoration” also known as interior designing is yet another great handwork that you can involve in as a lady.

If you are a creative person very good at decorating and arranging furniture.

Interior decoration will be a great choice.

Guess what! Even if you think you don’t have a flair for designing, everyone is a designer.

You can become a very rich person as well as a professional in the field and make a fortune out of life as an Interior decorator.

Many wealthy ladies today are into this, and they are using it to foot their entire bills, it’s very awesome and lucrative.

All you need to do is learn it and start working.

School is not the only way of making money.

All rich men need the best decoration for their living room, bedroom and the entire home.

So why waste your time?

It is one of the best handworks for a lady.

But you need to strive in order to become the best so that you can earn well.

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How to Learn interior decoration as a lady.

There are quite many places to learn interior decoration too.

They will train you and issue a certificate to you.

If you cannot afford the training I am about to show you, you can still get a low budget training around.

But I think it is worth it if you can get a little capital to learn this profession because it will pay you at last if you go pro.

Click here to learn interior decoration as a lady

After your certification, get the tools you need and make yourself available online for business.

Don’t forget to seek advice from people who are into it.


3. Fashion Designing/Tailoring:

Fashion design handwork for a lady

Fashion designing is now the most popular handwork that ladies are now venturing into.

Since there are many little shops around to learn it from, people have seen it as quick and reliable handwork.

Prior to time, fashion designing had gone better and better.

Everyone wears clothes, don’t you?

Take note: Fashion designers are different from Tailors.

Fashion designing is more professional, they create and bring out beautiful clothing designs.


Fashion designers are those who create designs, and they work in larger companies.

All a tailor does is to use the already laid designs, to take measurements and sew clothes.

Think about those who are more into clothes designing.

Companies like Gucci, Nick, Addidas, and others.

Just to mention but a few.

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In Nigeria, fashion designing is a very lucrative career for a female.

Most times people confuse Fashion designing to mean the same thing with tailoring.

Whichever you prefer is cool for you, both are good but fashion design is more professional.

Depending on the time and budget you have to learn it and startup.

How to learn Fashion designing and tailoring as a lady.

For tailoring find a reliable tailoring shop around, and sign the agreement.

For fashion designing, you will need to attend a good fashion school.

Click here for where to learn fashion as a lady.

After your training, get a little capital, open a shop, and start running your service.

4. Catering Craft:

Cateting handwork for female

This is where you will find every lady.

OMG! Ladies love catering so much.

Let’s bake some cake.

Oh! I need to eat, chin-chin or meat pie.

I just cannot emphasize my dear, but the very truth is that you cannot compare the income to the first three handworks on this list.

Nonetheless, this list cannot be complete without catering.

It’s very cool, you will find it easy to learn and more engaging.

Just 1 or two years you are a boss of your own making cool money.

Since parties are something happening now and then, you will really profit from catering.

How to Learn catering craft as a lady.

Look around you and search for the available training centers.

I do not want to refer anyone, it’s not something to learn online.

Just look for a reliable place and learn it.

Once you are done with the training, start up your own catering service.

Remember to contact me, my wedding is around the corner.


5. Fascinator designs:

Best handwork for female

Have you heard of fascinator designs?

Oh my Gosh! It’s something you will love to learn and make a living from.

I know someone into this, and she is pretty popular and rich.

Just a young lady to amaze you.

Who says you can’t do it too?

There is no reason you can’t make a living out of this profession.

Think ladies, parties are everywhere and women wear hats.

You will need a hat in places/events like baby showers, wedding,  beach, sports game, and much more occasions.

Think about all those adorable wide-brimmed hats and fedoras, won’t it make sense if you are a  good fascinator designer?

I really love it and a lot of ladies do it.

How to learn Fascinator design as a lady.

It’s simple, look for a good fascinator designer around you and ask the person to teach you.

Learn it and start making yourself available for parties, tell your friends around, in case anyone needs such a service.

6. Makeup Artistry:

Makeup artistry

I have a very pretty sister whom i know to be a rich young girl, a professional Makeup artist.

She is always invited for her service, party or no party.

Home or away.

Makeup artistry is another good handwork to learn as a female.

A lot of people make a living out of it.

You can get around Five thousand naira to Eight thousand naira for one service depending on your professionality.

Ladies you need to try this out.

It’s an independent business that will put you on the edge of success to make good money, there are flexible work schedules, and you will get the opportunity to meet people and make friends why you do business.

But the question to ask is, how do you stay far ahead of the competition as a makeup artist and be better than others doing it?

You can be better, just ensure you learn to be better.

People always go for a photo shoot and parties. Makeup artists are even needed for common outings.

How to learn Makeup artistry as a lady.

First, you have to learn it before you can start doing it.

It’s not as straightforward as you think.

Search for a reliable place and learn it.

After learning it, get a Makeup kit that will always contain all the tools you need as a makeup artist.

Ensure you have a personal makeup kit and don’t go borrowing.

Also, you need a portfolio where people can choose the kind of makeup they want.

It will make you stand out, put it in your bag and always present it.

It’s quite easy to create one. A lot of models take photos so gather some professional shots in your portfolio.

Ensure you have a website so that people can book for your service anytime.


7. Freelance Writing:

Best handwork in Nigeria for a lady

Finally, who could have thought that ladies could make money out of writing?

Well, they do, and you can too.

Freelance writing is what is simply known as sit at home, and make money.

It is not primarily handwork or a vocational skill to learn as a lady.

But I decided to include it since you don’t need a degree to make the most out of it.

You can as well learn how to be a good writer but most times it comes as a talent.

It’s still a work done by the hand.

All you have to do is write for websites online and get paid.


As a lady, you can consider hairdressing too.

Remember to subscribe to our blog for our future business ideas for ladies.

I know not everyone can do this, but before you decide to ignore it, give it a try.

I have played my part by presenting the seven best handworks that you can learn.

The rest is up to you.

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