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Free pdf unilorin post utme past questions

We are doing our best to provide all the materials that you need to score high in Unilorin Post Utme. Today I am going to share Unilorin Post Utme Past Questions for free.

This Past Question is 100% accurate. They were compiled by Plato team and iThinker of the University of Ilorin and given to us (osasdivineblog) for free publication.

This for the sake of students who are busy preparing with the wrong past question proliferated over the net.

This Free Unilorin Post Utme Past question is for the general paper section only, we are still correlating the one of English Language GNS 111 and Mathematics.

You will find a combination of Current affairs in this Unilorin Post Utme Past Question directed to aspirants preparing for the post utme 2019 screening test

It is accurate – 2012 – 2013.

Before you start solving this question, I would like to inform you that Unilorin is a battleground, you cannot go there and mess up.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Please kindly use this free Unilorin post utme past question-2019 to prepare for the forthcoming war.

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Please Use the following article to prepare yourself for Unilorin Post Utme, outside this past question.

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Unilorin Post Utme Likely Question for 2019.

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Take note that most of the questions you will see in General paper would be likely questions from this complete Unilorin Post Utme past question.

So study the whole of it very well, we promise to bring the complete version in Pdf soon.

The answers are placed at the end.


1.Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was assassinated on

a. September11th, 2009
b. September11th,2011
c. October 20th,2011
d. October 19th,2011

Unilorin post utme cbt

(2) Muammar Gaddafi beame Head of State of Libya in


3. The Egyptian leader that was forced out of office in 2011. is called

a. Anwar Sadat
b. Ben Ali
c. Mohammed Gadaffi
d. Hosni  Mubarak

4. Ironsi was all of these EXCEPT

a. He was Nigerian Head of State
b.He was assassinated in 1967
c. He was a General Officer Commanding in The Nigerian Army
d.He was Head of State for about 7months

5. Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed was assassinated in


6. General Murtala Ramat Mohammed was responsible for the creation of States in Nigeria from

A. 21 – 36
B. 12 – 19
C. 19 – 21
D. 4 – 12

7. Odemegwu Ojukwu hails from…State of Nigeria

A. Anambra
B. Imo
C. Abia
D. Ebonyi

8.Nigeria is expected to go cashless by the year


9. Which of these is a confluence State

A. Kogi
B. Niger
C. Lagos
D. CrossRiver

10. Which of these is called the State of the caliphate

A. Kebbi
C. Kaduna

11. How many Geopolitical zones do we have in Nigeria

A. 6
B. 36

Unilorin post utme cbt

12. Which of the following is referred to as the State of the LIVING Spring

A. Niger
B. Bayelsa
C. Osun
D. Crossrivers

13. Which of these is the State of the food Basket

A. Lagos
B. Benue
C. Osun
D. Niger

14. The author of the book,Things Fall Apart is?

A. Chinua Achebe
B. Ola Rotimi
C. Wole Soyinka
D. Enechi Amachi

15. Centre of Excellence is to Lagos State as, —————is to Ondo Sate

A. Land of the living spring
B. Centre of Knowledge
C. Food basket
D. Sunshine State

16. The most populous State in Nigeria is

A. Oyo
B. Niger
C. Kano
D. Sokoto

17. The State with the largest land mass in Nigeria is

A. Kano
B. Niger
C. Oyo
D. Lagos

18. The Federal Capital (Abuja) was created in


19. Which of these leaders created Katsina and Akwa Ibom States to make 21 States in Nigeria

A. Gen Murtala Mohammed
B. Gen. Sanni Abacha
C. Gen. Badamasi Babangida
D. General Yakubu Gowon


21. Which of these countries have NOT won the world cup before

B. Brazil
D. England

22. All of these have been FIFA president at one time or the other EXCEPT

A. Jules Rumel
B. Joseph Sepp Blaffor
C. Clement Wester hoff
D.Authur Drewry

23. Which of these is not a correct mode of address of the office

A. Judges = Your Worship
B. Deputy Governor= His Excellency
C. Queen = Your majesty
D. Kings = Royal Highness

24. Which of these was an Inspector General of Police in Nigeria

A. Mr W.C. King
B. Mr T.V. Friday
C. Mr H. Ringim
D. Sir Ivor Stourton

Unilorin post utme cbt

25. Which of these is not a planet

A. Earth
B. Neptune
C. Jupita
D. Pluto

26. Which of these is the most populous County?

A. Russia
B. Nigeria
C. India

27. Which of these are in the same geo–political zone in Nigeria

A. Kwara, Plateau, Nassarawa,Niger

B. Nassarawa, Borno, Yobe,Plateau

C.Kaduna, Kastina, Nassarawa,FCT

D. Sokoto, Kano, Borno,Yobe

28. The idea of “government for the people” was proposed by

A. George Bush
B. Barak Obama
C. Abraham Lincoln
D.George Washsington

29. Which of these is not a manifestation of National identity

A. National Youth serviceBCorp
B. National Pledge
C. National Electric
D. Power Authourity
E. National Theatre

30. He failed many times but never gave up,  he eventually became a president in the United States

A. George Bush
B. Abraham Lincoln
C. George Washington
D. Barak Obama

31. Which of these does not belong to the group?

A. Tam David West
B. Allison–Madueke
C. Rukkayyatu Ruffai
D.Lukman Ridwan

32. Which of these was President of Zimbabwe?

B. Robert Mugabe
C. Saddam Hussein
D. Oliver Tambo

33. The capital of Mali is

D. Tripoli

34. Which of these is odd?

B. Uganda
C. Niger
D. Mali

35. The capital of Guinea is

D. Conakry

36. Largest country in Africa is …

B. Sudan
C. Egypt
D. Namibia

37. The saying “a man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble for himself” can be accredited to

A. Wole Soyinka
B. Ola Rotimi
C. Chinua Achebe
D. Elechi Amadi

38. The official money spent in Austrialia is

B. Euro
C. Cedi
D. Pound

39. Which of these is the smallest continent?

A. Asia
D. Africa

40. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was born in

D. Kaduna

41. WAUG stands for

A. West Africa University Games
B. West African Universities Game
C. West African University Games
D. West African Universities Game

42. The 1st WAUG was in the year

D. 1987

43. The first female African president was elected in the year


44. The first female African president is in

A. Serria -Leone
B. Gambia
D. Liberia

45. The first female African president is

A. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
B.Helen Johnson Sherrif
C. Elizabeth Johnson Sherifield
D. Dianna Johnson Sherfield

46. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu died in

A. November 26,2011
B. March 3,2012
D. June 11,2011

47.The first WAUG was hosted in

A. Nigeria
B. BurkinaFaso
C. Ghana
D. BeninRepublic

48. The 35TH president of United States of America was/is

A. MubarakObama
B. AbrahamLincoln
C. John Kennedy
D. George Clinton

49. John Kennedy was assassinated in


50. Idi Amin was from

A. Niger
C. Uganda
D. Mali

51. A person who suffers a loss of memory is said to have

A. Amnesia
B. Amnesty
C. Anaemia
D. Anemia

52. The toad belong to the class of animals named

A. Pisces
B. Aves
C. Amphibian
D. Mammal

53. The largest living non-venomous snake that lives near the water or in trees

A. Cobra
B. Anaconda
C. Ribbon
D. Garter

54.Battery operated electrical device that regulates heart beat is called

A. Pacemaker
B. Pump
D. Ventricular machine

55. Post script is a short message added to the end of a letter,

A. As a signature
B. After the signature
C. Before a signature
D. Within a signature

56. Somebody acting as a diplomat on behalf of a country is

A. Anamazon
B. Anactor
D. Anenvoy

57. Which of the following components of air has the highest percentage composition by volume?

A. Nitrogen
B. CarbonDioxide
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

58. The main source of energy in the world is

A. Gas
B. Petrol
C. Sun
D. Coal

59. London is on the Prime Meridian. If the time in London is Noon, what is the time at a point on Longitude 16°West?

A. 11am
B. 11.15 am
C. 1pm
D. 1.15pm

60. Into how many time zones is the world divided?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 24
D. 36

61. How wide is a time zone?

A. 15 Longitude
B. 15 Latitude
C. 24 Longitude
D. 24 Latitude

62. Which of the following is not a leap year?

D. 1924

63. Which of the following countries does not have a common boundary with Nigeria?

A. Chad
B. Niger
D. Ghana

64. How many states have a common boundary with KwaraState?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

65. How many states have a common boundary with the Federal Capital Territory?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 6
D. 4

66.The following is not a Nigerian Sea port or harbour

A. Sapele
B. Warri
C. Lagos
D. Jebba

67. Where is the confluence of the rivers Niger and Benue?

A. Jebba
B. Okene
C. Lokoja
D. Benin

68. What is the name given to a volcanic eruption under the sea?

A. Earthquake
B. Ocean Wave
C Tsunami
D. Seism

69. WAUG stands for

A. West Africa University Games
B. West Africa Universities Games
C.West African Universities Games
D. West African UniversityGames

70. The term Student Personnel Services is the same thing as:

A. Student Fairs Services
B. Student Development Services
C. Student Affairs Services
D. Student Personnel Services

71. Which of the following would you describe as the big change for fresh university students?

A. A new dependence
B. A newVstatus
C. A new world
D. A new situation

72. In what major way is formal education different from traditional informaleducation?

A. It is the development of an enriched emotional capacity, social competence, and physicalwell-being

B.It is the development of mature judgement and sound ethical values

C.It is the training of the mind

D. It includes a broader perspective than simply the training of the mind orthe intellect

73. The purpose of a university is:

a. To educate
b. To entrust
c. To instruct
d. To construct

74. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about a university?

a. A university is a corporation
b. A university has a legal entity
c. A university is a fundamental mission of its founders
d. A university may have been created by a charter

75. People with disabilities would rather have

A. Sympathy and pity
B. Sympathy and acceptance
C.Respect and acceptance
D. Respect and sympathy

76. NIREC is the acronym for

a. Nigerian Export Commission
b. Nigerian Inter-Religious Council
c. National Inter-Religious Council
d. Naira International Regulating Commission

77.NUC stands for

a. National Union of Counsellors
b. National Universities Commission
c. National University Council
d.Nigerian Universities Commission

78. TRCN is the acronym for

a. Teaching Registrars’ Commission of Nigeria
b. Teacher’s Registration Commission for Nigeria
c. Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria
d. Teacher’s Registration Commission of Nigeria

79. Poor listening makes good communication almost…………

a. Impossible
b. Possible
c. Credible
d. None of the above

80. TUC is the acronym for

a. Trade Union Council
b. Trade Union Congress
c.Trade Union Committee
d. Transporters’ Union Congress

81. University of Ilorin was established in

a. 1978
b. 1977
c. 1976
d. 1975

82. INEC is the acronym for

a. Independence National Electoral Commission
b. Independent National Electoral Commission
c. Independence Nigerian Electoral Commission
d. Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission

83. IMF stands for

a. Intercontinental Monetary Fund
b. International Money Fund
c. International Monetary Fond
d. International Monetary Fund

84. Nigerian’s time zone is

a. G.M.T + 1 hour
b. G.M.T + 2 hours
c. G.M.T. + 3 hours
d. G.M.T. – 1 hour

85. Which day is designated as democracy day in Nigeria?

a. 1st October
b. 1st May
c. 29th May
d. 27thMay

86……….. is the most populous black nation in the world

a. Brazil
b. Nigeria
c.  South Africa
d. Ghana

87. The acronym NLC stands for

a. National Labour Congress
b. Nigerian Labour Congress
c. Nigeria Labour Congress
d. Nations Labour Congress

88. Before the use of calculators, the first machine used for counting and calculating was known as the

a. Abacus
b. Amacus
c. Calcus
d. Councus

89. Nigerian flag was designed by

a. Lord Lugard
b. Taiwo Akinkunmi
c. Mary Slessor
d. Benedict Odiase

90. The Nigerian flag was designed in


91. The current Nigerian National anthem “Arise O Compatriots ” was adopted in

b. 1960
c. 1978
d. 1979

92. Arise O Compatriots music was composed by

a. Lady Lugard
b. Taiwo Akinkunmi
c. Mary Slessor
d. Benedict Odiase

93. The Naira and Kobo replaced the Pound and Shilling as Nigerian currencies in

a. 1963
c. 1973
d. 1979

94. The outer parts of the Nigerian flag represent

a. Agriculture
b. Commerce
c.  Industry
d. Peace and Unity

95. Yankari Game Reserve is found in

a. Borno State
b. Bauchi State
c. Yobe State
d. Katsina State

96. Obudu Cattle Ranch is found in

a. Benue State
b. Cross-River State
c. Akwa-Ibom State
d.  Rivers State

97. Lagos is the Centre of Excellence as Benue is the

a. Big Heart
b. Food Basket of the Nation
c. State of the Living Spring
d. God’s own State

98. An Octogenarian is an ……………………. man/woman

a.80 year old
b. 90 year old
c. 100 year old
d. 70 year old

99. The newly approved retirement age for University Professors is ………………….

a. 65years
b. 75years
c. 70years
d. 72years

100. Nigeria’s Centre of Unityis………………………..

a. PortHarcourt
b. Abuja
c. Lagos
d. Enugu

101.Obi is to Onitsha as……………….. is to Calabar

a. Dein
b. Oba
c. Obong
d. Emir

102. The highest mountain in the world is foundin…………………….


103. The acronym UTME standsfor ………………………..

a. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination
b. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Education
c. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations
d. Unified Tertiary Matriculations Examination

104. Which is not a West Africancountry?

a. Mali
b. Burkina Faso
c. Ghana

105. The highest policy making body on education in Nigeria is…………………..

a. Nigerian Education Council
b. Nigerian Education Committee
c. National Council on Education
d.National Counselling on Education

106. A Non agenarian is someone whose age ranges from……………….

a. 9 to 19years
b. 79 to 89years
c. 90 to 99years
d. 59 to 69years

107. The acronym NANS standsfor

a. National Association of Nigerian Students
b. Nigerian Association of Nomadic Students
c. National Association of Nigeria Student
d.National Association of Nomadic Students

108. NLNG stands for

a. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas
b. Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas
c. National Liquefied Natural Gas
d. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas

109. The acronym NDIC stands for

a. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Council
b. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Company
c. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation
d.Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation

110. SEC standsfor

a.Securities and Exchange Council
b. Securities and Exchange  Corporation
c. Securities and Exchange Company
d. Securities and Exchange Commission

111. Military rule in Nigeria ended in …………………… a.1976
b. 1998
c.  1979
d. 1999

112. Otukpo is in ………………………. state

a. Kogi
c. Ebonyi
d. Bayelsa

113. ATM standsfor

a.Automatic Teller Machine
b. Automatic Teller Machinery
c. Automated Teller Machine
d.  Automatic Teller Machinery

114. On what date was Osama Bin Laden killed by U.S forces?

a. 17th November 2011
b. 1st May 2011
c. 1st January 2012
d. 14th May 2011

115. Hip-hop Legend Micheal Jackson died on

a. June 1, 2011
b. June 25, 2009
c. September 28, 2011
d.May 21, 2010

116.The Ikemba of Nnewi, Chief Chukwu emeka Odumegu Ojukwu died on

a. July 16, 2011
b. November 26, 2011
c. January 14, 2012
d. April 4, 2011

117. Which of the following Nigerian States does not have a common boundary with the Federal CapitalTerritory?

a. NigerState
b. KwaraState
c. KadunaState
d. KogiState

118. Which of the following Nigerian States does not have a common boundary with Cameroon?

a. AkwaIbom
b. CrossRiver
d. BornoState

119. Which of the following Nigerian States does not share boundary with Benin Republic?

a. KwaraState
b. NigerState
c. OyoState
d. SokotoState

120. The closest Nigerian State to Lake Chad is………………………

a. Adamawa
b. Yobe
c. Borno
d. Gombe

121. The Benue River flows into Nigeria through………………….State.

a. Borno
b. Adamawa
c. Taraba
d. Benue

122. River Niger flows into Nigeria through……………………..State..

a. Kogi
b. Sokoto
c. Kwara
d. Kebbi

123. The country that shares the longes tstretch of land boundary with Nigeria is…………………….

a. Benin Republic
b. Chad Republic
c. Niger Republic
d.Republic of Cameroon

124. The only State in Nigeria that shares its entire boundary with one other State and the Atlantic Ocean is………………………….

a. Rivers State
b. Bayelsa State
c. Ondo State
d. Lagos State

125. The following States of Nigeria were formerly one State:

a. Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue
b. Sokoto, Kebbi andNiger
c. Kaduna, Katsina andKano
d. Oyo, Lagos andOsun

126. The major railway junction in Nigeria is located at………………………..

a. Lagos
b. Oshogbo
c. Enugu
d. Kaduna

127. The most busy airport in Nigeria is located at

a. PortHarcourt
b. Lagos
c. Abuja
d. Kano

128. The first regime under the presidential system in Nigeria was headed by

a. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
b. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
c. Chief Ernest Sonekan
d. Alhaji Shehu Shagari

129. opted out

130. Which of the following countries is NOT in Central Africa:

a. Rwanda
b. Burundi
c. Sudan
d. Democratic Republic of Congo

131. Which of the following countries is NOT in East Africa

a. Uganda
b. Tanzania
c. Kenya

132. Which of the following countries is located in the Horn of Africa?

a. Somalia
b. Tanzania
c. Uganda

133. Suez Canal is located in

b. Sudan
c. Djibouti
d. Egypt

134. The closes tcountry to Spain in Africa is

a. Western Sahara
b. Morocco
c. Mauritania
b. Tunisia

135. Which of the following countries is not in the Middle East?

a. Turkmenistan
b. Afghanistan
c. Jordan
d. Kazakhstan

136. Nigeris bordered to the east by

a. Sudan
b. Central AfricanRepublic
c. Chad
d. Mali

137. The following countries have NEVER come under any form of common administration?

a. Nigeria and Cameroon
b. Ethiopia and Eritrea
c. Morocco and Western Sahara
d. Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana

138. Another West African Country in which there are native speakers of Yoruba is

a. Togo
b. Mali
c. Ghana
d. Benin Republic

139. Which of the following countries is NOT in West Africa?

a. Senegal
b. Cameroon
c. Gambia
d. SierraLeone

140. Which of the following countries has its entire land area with in another African country?

a. Angola
b. Zimbabwe
c. Lesotho
d. Djibouti

141. Which of the following countries is located to the west of Liberia?

a. SierraLeone
b. Gambia
c. CoteD’Ivoire
d. Guinea

142. Nigeria sent its military to intervene in the crises of the followingcountries:

a. Congo,Liberia and Ivory Coast
b. Libya, Liberia and Morocco
c. Somalia, Congo andLibya
d. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Liberia

143.In which continent is the Middle East?

a. Africa
b.  Europe
c. Asia
d. NorthAmerica

144. In what continent is the Netherlands?

a. Africa
b. Europe
c. NorthAmerica
d. SouthAmerica

145. In what continent is Peru?

a. Europe
b. North America
c. South America
d. Asia.

146. When was ban on African National congress lifted?

a. February2,1990
b. March 3,1990
c. April 4,1990
d. May 3,1990

147. Sani Abacha, Nigerian military leader, who served as Head of State was born in

b. 1943
c. 1953
d. 1923

148. When did Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka receive the Nobel prize for literature?

b. 19 85
c. 1986
d. 1987

149. A book titled “A Dance of the forests ”which was published in 1963 was written by

a. Prof.SuluShofola
b. Dr. ChinuaAchebe
c. Prof WoleSoyinka
d. Dr.Ekwenzi

150. Where in USA, is World Trade Center established?

a. Washington DC
b. Boston
c. New York City
d. California

151. When was Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria created?

b. 1976
c. 1977
d. 1978

152. When was Accra, in Ghana, made the capital of the British Gold Coast colony?

b. 1878
c. 1879
d. 1876

153. ———is a term which forms precipitation containing a heavy concentration of sulfuric and nitric acid that becomes a serious environmental problem.

a. Sulfur-nitric rain
b. Acid rain
c. Dead water
d. Rain water

154. In the Judeo- Christian and Islamic tradition, the parents of the human race were

a. Noah and hiswife
b. Adam and Eve
c. Jesus and Marry
d. Mohammed and Khadijat

155. The Capital city of Ethiopiais…….

a. Djibouti.
b. Addis Ababa.
c. Niamey.
d. Abidjan.

156. The term “adolescent“ is a transitional phase of development between

a. adulthood and oldage.
b. Teenagers and adult hood.
c. Child hood and adult hood.
d. Birth and child hood.

157. The first female military fighter pilot in Nigeria is

a. Cecilia Nwanoro.
b. Blessing Lima.
c. Josephine Chukwu.
d. Marry Taylor.

158. The following were Greek philosophers except

a. Plato.
b. Socrates.
c. Aristotle.
d.  Ariston.

159. A Nigerian military leader who served as Head of State between June 1998 and May 1999 is

a. Sanni Abacha.
b. Olusegun Obasanjo.
c. Abubakar AbdulSalam.
d. Ibrahim Babangida.

160. Ado-Ekiti, a town in South western Nigeria lies in the ……………………. Hills

a. Ekiti
b. Yoruba
c. Ikare
d. Indanre

161. Aviation medicine is a specialized branch of medical science concerned with those medical problems encountered in human flight

a.  beyond the atmosphere.
b. in the atmosphere.
c. in the ionosphere.
d. below the atmosphere.

162. The artists in Nigeria form an association called

a. Hollywood.
b. Nollywood.
c. Mollywood.
d. Lollywood.

163. The chass is of the modern automobile is the suspension

a. system of the vehicle.
b. brain box of the vehicle.
c. body of the vehicle.
d. main structure of the vehicle.

164. All moving parts of an automobile require

a. fueling.
b. lubrication.
c. gasoline.
d. Bearing.

165. Autopsy in medicine is
examination of

a.  an animal’sbody.
b. dissection of dead body.
c. dissection and examination of a body and its organs and structure.
d. dissection and examination of a dead body and its organs and structure.

166. The critique and denial of meta physical beliefs in God or Spiritual beings is……..

a. Theism
b. Atheism
c. Agnosticism
d. Pagan

167. When was an international organization called United Nations established?

b. 1944
c. 1945
d. 1946

168. The first session of the United Nations Genera lAssembly was held in

a. January,1946.
b. February,1946.
c. March,1946.
d. May,1946.

169.The five permanent members of United Nations Security Council include the following EXCEPT

170. Republic of China.

a. France
c. Korea.
d. United Kingdom.

171. Black berry is a wireless hand held communications device manufactured by the………

a. Kenyan
b. Nigerian
c. Canadian
d. British

172. In which State of Nigeria is Okrika?

a. Niger
b. Delta
c. Rivers
d. Enugu

173. Which geo-political zone in Nigeria is Kwara State?

a.North West
b. North Central
c. South West
d. North East

174. Kainji Lake National Park is formerly known as

a. Taiba Game Reserve.
b. Hydro Game Reserve.
c. Borgu Game Reserve.
d. Mango Park Game Reserve.

175. In which State of Nigeria is Tegina?

a. Kwara
b. Niger
c. Kaduna
d. Kano

176. River Niger is the………………………longest river in Africa.

a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth

177. The modern Nigeria is dated from

b. 1914.
c. 1960.
d. 1963.

178. Nigeria’s presidential palace is located in

a. Dodan Barracks.
b. Confluence town.
c. Aso Rock.
d. Zungeru.

179. The most widely spoken among Nigerian Languages is

a. Nupe.
b. Hausa.
c. Yoruba.
d. Ibibio.

180. When did M.K.O. Abiola a former SDP presidential aspirant die?

b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999

181. ECOWAS was established by……………………….

a. Treaty of Lagos in May 1975.
b.  Treaty of Ghana in May1975.
c. Treaty of Togo in May 1975.
d. Treaty of Benin in May1975.

182. African Union, an international organisation in Africa was founded in

a. July 2002.
b. August 2002.
c. September 2002.
d. October 2002

183. Who among African leaders spear headed the replacement of OAU with AU?

a. Nelson Mandela
b. Muammar Al-Quaddafi
c. OlusegunObasanjo
d. CharlesTaylor

184. When was African Union’s (AU’s) Pan-African Parliament inaugurated?

b. 2004
c. 2005
d. 2006

185. …………………………is a transmission and detection of communication signals consisting of electromagnetic waves that travel through the air in a straight line or by reflection from the ionosphere or from a communication Satellite.

a. Television
b. Radio
c. Card
d. Computer

186. What is the name of equipment for the electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver?

a. Satellite
b. Video
c. Screen
d. Television

187. Which of the following is not a temperature measuring scale?

a. Joule
b. Fahrenheit
c. Celsius
d. Kelvin

188. All the following are/were UN Secretary General except

a. TrygveLie.
b. Kofi Annah.
c. Kurt Waldheim.
d. Joe Jacob.

189. Sing his a common name in

a. SouthAfrica.
b. Ghana.
c. Israel.
d. India.

190. opted out

191. When did Nigeria join Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?

a. 1951
b. 1961
c. 1971
d. 1981

192. Which State in Nigeria is Nkalagu cement factory situated

a. Kogi
b. Ogun
c. Enugu
d. Imo

193. Where is Aluminum Smelter, a company established by Nigerian government located?

a. Ikot Ekpene
b. Ikot Abasi
c. Opobo
f. Warri

194. opted out

195. Price in economics can. be defined as

a. the amount of money to supply a given product.

b. the amount of money that has to be paid to acquire a given product.

c. the amount of money to sell a given product.

d. the goods and services equivalent to a given product.

196. The quantity of commodity demanded by a consumer can be determined by all of the following EXCEPT

a. sex of the consumer.
b. salary of thebconsumer.
c. price of the commodity.
d. taste of the consumer.

197. In the study of government, public administration covers

a.schools, hospitals and health centres.

b.ministries of education, health and agriculture.

c. civil service, public corporation and local government.

d. army, prison officers and the police force.

198. Which of following West African countries operated a federal constitution at independence?

a. Nigeria
b. Ghana
c. SierraLeone
d. Gambia

199. A person representing his country in a fellow Common wealth country is called

a. Senator.
b. representative.
c. high commissioner.
d. legislator.

200. Which of the following does not have the power of delegated legislation?

a. Market men association
b. Minister
c. State government
d. Nigerian Society of Engineers

201. The power to pardon any citizen charged with any criminal offence lies with the

a. legislator.
b. executive.
c. judiciary.
d. human rights organisations.

202. A system in which a candidate with the highest number of votes is declared winner in an election is called

a. first-pass the post.
b. block voting.
c. second balloting.
d. proportional representation.

203. Free and fair election is necessary for democracy to thrive because it

a.makes a non popular candidate emerge as a winner.

b. helps the people to exercise their popular sovereignty.

c. makes a popular party to loose in election.

d.prevents smooth change of government.

204. Which of the following countries popularized the use of the Indirect Rule by the British?

a. Ghana
b. Nigeria
c. Sierra Leone
d.  Gambia

205. The official language of the Common wealt his

a. French.
b. Spanish.
c. English.
d. Dutch.

206. Which of the following points is NOT a merit of secret balloting?

a. It preserves rights of voters.

b. It gives voters sense of direction in deciding whom they want.

c.Freedom from intimidation.

d. It is time consuming.

207. Where in Nigeria is a town called Yenagoa?

a. Ondo State
b. Bayelsa State
c. Rivers State
d. Abia State

208. A town named Owo is in

a. OyoState.
b. EdoState.
c. Ekiti State.
d. OndoState.

209. Thermal power stations were established in the following towns EXCEPT

a. Lagos.
b. Kainji.
c. Bonny.
d. Ughelli.

210. Sokoto Caliphate was created between

a. 1704 and 1708.
b. 1804 and 1808.
c. 1904 and 1908.
d. 2004 and 2008.

211.The second highest mountain in the world is

a. Mt. Kiliman jaro.
b. Mt. Godwin Austen.
c. Mt. Makalu.
d. Mt. Nanga.

212. The largest continent of the world is

a. Africa.
b. Asia.
c. North America.
d. Europe.

213. The Ocean/Sea that has the highest coverage area is

a. PacificOcean.
b. AtlanticOcean.
c. Bering Sea.
d. Mediterranean Sea.

214. How many countries are in Antarctica?

a. 54
b. 44
c. 0
d. 22

215. The second largest population of the world is in

a. China.
b. India.
c. United States of America.
d. Nigeria.

216. Which of the following nations produces highest barrels of crude oil per day?

a. Indonesia
b. Ghana
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Nigeria

217. Which one of the countries given below is NOT in North Africa?

a. Mali
b. Libya
c. Algeria
d. Morocco

218. In which part of the World is Botswana?

a. America
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. Asia

219. The highest consumer of energy in the world is

a. Saudi Arabia
b. Nigeria
c. USA
d. Brazil

220. What is the full meaning of an international organization abbreviated as OAS?

a. Organization of African States
b. Organization of American States
c. Organization of African Secretaries
d. Organization of Australian States

221. Where is the capital of Zimbabwe?

a. Lusaka
b. Kampala
c. Harare
d. Nairobi

222. Where is the capital of Brazil?

a. Brasilia
b. Rio Branco
c. PortoVelho
d. Cuiaba

223. From which country is that International footballer called Diego Maradona?

a. Brazil
b. Argentina
c. Chile
d. Bolivia

224. Segun Odegbami was a Nigerian…………

a. artist.
b. atheist.
c. athletics.
7. footballer.

225. Which of the following Nigerian presidents is completely out of the group?

a. Murtala Mohamed
b. Olusegun Obasanjo
c. Shehu Shagari
d. Yakubu Gowon

226. The University that was ranked the best in Nigeria in three consecutive years, in the last half a decade is

a. University of Ibadan.
b. University of Ilorin.
c. University of Lagos.
d. University of Nsukka.

227.The moving force behind the formation of the OAU was

a. Abubakar
b. Tafawa Balewa.
c. Jomo Kenyata.
d.Kwame Nkrumah.

228. The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is an agency of the

a. UNO.
b. OAU.
c. AU.
d. NATO.

229. The highest court of appeal under the independence constitution was the

a. Federal Court ofAppeal.
b. SupremeCourt.
c. Sharia Court of Appeal.
d. Federal High Court.

230. Between 1960 and 1980, Nigeria experienced all the following systems of government EXCEPT

a. Confederation.
b. Federal.
c. Parliamentary.
d. Presidential.

231. Which of the following countries was not involved in the peace-keeping effort in Liberia?

a. Nigeria
b. Ghana
c. Cameroon
d. Togo

232. The Headquarters of the International Court of Justice is at

a. Paris.
b. NewYork.
c. Geneva.
d. The Hague.

233. Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration is an organ of the

b. OAU.
d. OPEC..

234. The first registrar of JAMB was

a. Prof. Jubril Aminu.
b. Prof. Akinkugbe.
c. Prof. Ahmed Salim.
d. Prof. Dibu Ojerinde.

235. The term ECOMOG means

a. ECOWAS Management Group.
b. ECOWAS MonetaryGroup.
c. ECOWAS MonitoringGroup.
d. ECOWAS MovementGroup.

236. The following are planets except

a. Mars.
b. Moon.
c. Mercury.
d. Venus.

237. The most distant planet from the sun is

a. Pluto.
b. Earth.
c. Jupiter.
d. Saturn.

238. The boiling point of purewater is about

a. 120oC.
b. 100oC.
c. 150oC.
d. 160oC.

239. The 2011 gubernatorial election in Nigeria was held on

a. 24th April, 2011..
b. 26th April, 2011.
c. 24th May,2011.
d. 26th May, 2011.

240. The current Nigerian National anthem was adopted in

b. 1988.
c. 1978.
d. 2000.


1. C.     2. A.     3. D.     4. B.    5. C
6. B.     7. A.     8. B.     9. A.    10.D

11. A.   12. C.   13. B.    14. A.   15. D
16. C.   17. B.    18. C.   19. C.   20. C

21.A.    22. C.     23. A.   24.C.  25. C
26.D.   27. A.      28.C.    28.C.  30. B

31.C.    32. B.   33. A.    34. B.    35.D
36. C.   37. C.   38. B.    39. C.   40.C

41. C.   42. A.   43. C.   44. D.   45 A
46. A.  47. A.   48. B.     49. A.  50. C

51. A.   52. C.   53. B.   54. A.  55. B
56. D.   57. A.    58.C.   59. B.   60. C

61. A.   62. B.    63. D.   64. C.   65. D
66. D.  67. C.     68. C.   69. A.   70. C

71. C.  72. B.     73. A.   74. D.   75. C
76. B.   77. B.    78. C.   79. A.   80. B

81. C.  82. B.    83. D.    84. A.   85. C
86. B.  87. B.    88. A.    89. B.   90. D

91. C.  92. D.    93. D.  94. A.    95. B
96. B.   97. B.   98. A.  99. C.   100. B

101. C.        102. A.          103. A
104. D.        105. C.          106. C
107. A.         108. A.         109. A

110. D.          111. D.         112. B
113. C.           114. B.        115. B
116. B.           117. B.         118. A

119. D.         120. C.           121. B
123. D.         124. D.           125. D
126. A.         126. D.           128. B

129. D.        130. A.          131. B
132. C.        133. D.           134. A
135. D.        136. B.           137. D

138. C.         139. D.           140. D
141. B.         142. C.            143. A
144. A.         145. C.            146. B

147. C.        148. A.            149. B.
150. C.         151. C.         152. C.
153. B.          154. A.         155. B

156. B.           157. B.           158. C
159. B.           160. D.           161. C
162. C.            163. B.           164. B.

165. B.            166. D.            167. B
168. D.            169. B.             170. C
171. A.             172. C.            173. C

174. C.             175. B.           176. C
177. C.             178. B.           179. C
180. B.             181. C.           182. C.

183. A.             184. A.          185. B
186. B.             187. B.          188. D
189. A.             190. D.          191. D

192. C.             193. C.          194. C.
195. B.             196. A.           197. B
198. A.             199. C.           200. C

201. C.             202. A.           203.C
204. A.             205. B.           206. C
207. D.             208. B.           209. D

210. B.            211. B.            212. B
213. B.            214. A.            215. C
216. B.            217. C.            218. A

219. C.           220. C.            221. B
222. C.           223. A.            223. B
224. D.           225. C.             226. B

227. D.           228. A.          229. B
230. A.           231. C.          232 D
233. B.           234. B.          235. C

236. B.           237. A.            238. B
239. B.            240. C

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