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Best Handworks in Nigeria – Men and ladies


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best handwork for a man

Searching for best handwork in Nigeria? Some time ago, we shared an article on the best handwork for a lady, today we shall look into the best handwork and most lucrative handworks that even a man can to learn in Nigeria.

You see, handwork is that very source of income you can rely on as a youth or even as a parent to support yourself and family.

Do you know what most people think?

I will tell you.

Many people believe that only those who go to school truly make it in life.

If that was the case then we shouldn’t have so many entrepreneurs in Nigeria today that are controlling the country and generating billions of Naira and substantial revenues from a self-established career.

Education is great but it is nothing compared to a self-established business channeled to the right audience.

I understand! Earning a degree gives you more grounds to stand on for employment in the Nigeria labor market.

That is true but do always remember that the number of graduates in Nigeria surpasses the number of available jobs.

In essence, not every graduate will end up successful and that is uncontroversial.

You can make it all on your own in this life.

So the question you have been asking, what handwork can i learn in Nigeria would be revealed to you in this guide.

Not just anyhow handwork but one of the most richest handwork in Nigeria.

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In the real world, the best and fastest means to succeed is to become self-established, build up your own reputation, maintain a good name and stop relying on the so-called government employment that always ends up leaving you frustrated.

A career where you have no freedom of your own, where the future of your income depends on your boss is not something to be proud of.

You don’t get me! Alright, let’s put it this way.


I love to say that working under organizations as a graduate really provides a good figure income at the end of each month.

And as a matter of fact, nine out of ten times I would advise every youth to strive to get a degree in order to have the opportunity of working in any organization (government/private) when the opportunity shows itself.

But I do not want you to think that a man can only survive by working under a big company; Nah!

As a man, you can become just as rich as someone who spent years in school (obviously, many of them have nothing to show for it).

Learn How to Make Money in Secondary school.

In the bottom line, take a look at these seven best handworks for a man, and make something good for yourself in your small world.

Otherwise, you can keep complaining of economic problems in the country, when the solution is in your hands waiting for you to explore.

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Handwork these days is the best means to overcome the worst economic state of Nigeria when there are no available jobs which affect youths the most.

Think about being a boss of your own, employing others to work for you, having all the freedom you deserve, without anyone to issue a sac letter or issue you a query note for coming late.

Also, think of having the future of your business in your hand other than relying on whatsoever governmental kind of Job.

Pick out one, out of these handworks
for a man in this list, which you think fits your identity and solely represents your interest.

” Don’t be fooled with high pay that most people get while working in a bigger organization, yes because you can get times two if you aim higher, cook up a nice business idea and make your entrepreneur business more marketable and more professional”

Do you get it now? That’s great.

Ps: Are you still thinking of going into the fraud businesses in Nigeria Such as “Yahoo” and others.

My most candid advice for you is to rethink your life, there is nothing like been self-established.

I know you are really in quest of money to sustain your life, but you could do something better and legit, be your own boss and earn a fat salary.

“There is nothing like quick money”

Shortcuts would cut your life short believe it or not.

Anything you didn’t work for would not last.

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It is time to start up a good life and live a life where the people in your world sees you as a boss.

Here is a list of the best handworks for a man that pays well.


1. Video/photo Graphics Services.

The world of technology has provided more job opportunity for talented youths.

The digital world is a very good place to start with and a source of good income.

Should we call it handwork?

Yes, let’s just say it is but more professionally we could call it a skill.

Whichever way, you can a good living from doing any of the available Video/photo – Graphics Services and get good pay.

Many youths are surviving on this, most especially to the benefit that you don’t need a certificate to start working in the digital world.


For your notice, the digital world is large and it depends on what part you would want to base on, but I want you to focus on the Video/photo Graphics Services, for the now.

If this would not be an “English Language” misconception; I would say Video/photo Graphics Services is one of the best handwork for a man to learn in Nigeria, if not the overall best.


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We have interviewed a lot of people working in the technology world, and we have been convinced that one can become quite rich if one truly builds a brand under any of the digital services that I will mention soon.

Just take a look into each of them. It isn’t any crime if you are not good at either of them.

Remember that handwork or skill is something that could be learned in a matter of months or years.

So do not panic, the goal is to choose where you wanna belong and then explore it.

Top three Video/photo Graphics Services

(a) Photography:

As of late, photography has become a very distinguished part of our daily lives that almost everyone is concerned with.

If you didn’t know, you could earn over a thirty thousand Naira as a salary on the basic level of photography if you polish your brand well.

The good news is, everyone is a photographer, you have only need to learn some basic skills of handling cameras, and you’re good to go.

I can’t stress enough how important photography is but one thing is certain, photography is a very wonderful field and a great means of support for your livelihood.

Apparently, there are many photographers over there, you will have to be a standout in other to catch many eyes and become the most professional photographer around you.

Guess what! You can also be a photographer while schooling.

Just think of it this way, you only need a camera and a bit of training and you’re good to go.

You will eventually start making a morning, getting calls from different folks and being heavily patronized.

Just like I said, anyone can take a good photograph, regardless of your experience, all you need is to learn a few camera tweaks, and you are there.

So what do you think, would photography be a good choice for you?


Just like photography, Videography is the direct twin. I think the end profit is more substantial for videography field but it would undoubtedly require a lot of skills.

Just as you expected, Videography is a very complex field but if you can go an extra mile to learn all the basic skills, then no doubts you will eventually be successful.

In every occasion, Video graphics are well sorted for and their service is so much significant.

Imagine taking your skills to the other level. I mean becoming a Movie director of photography (D.O.P).

Enrol jupeb

It’s conclusive that money would be coming your way through every corner.

I know very well that videographers are well.

So think, is this for you

(c) Graphics :

And this becomes the direct child of the twins (Photography and Videography).

Graphics designing is now highly.

Don’t forget that there are many companies who need graphical designs to promote their business.

Are you good at customizing logo’s and creating designs? Then why not start living out of your skill.

Conclusion: Do you know what? If you are looking for the best handwork for a man to learn and make a profit from or rather a skill; then I would suggest that you go for this because you could combine all of the subsections and earn better.

2. Online Business.

Ha! ha!, I Know you have been thinking of this.

How do people really make money online? C’mon I am not talking about those referral shits.

What do you think about making money online from the comfort of your home?

You see we don’t give any information that we believe will hurt you here at Osas Divine blog just for you to make money, hell No!

In the real world, Online business is the best skill for a man to become rich overnight, it only takes a click and you’re in the money.

However, we have to draw a line when talking about making money online and relying on it as a skill/ source of income.


I recommend that you read this guide to know what it means to start earning a living online.

However, here is some recommended field that you can succeed in as a man.

(a) Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a very easy channel to start living your dream, you can make millions of Naira if you know what to be done.

Do you need no certificate? Just with your device your own, you will be sleeping inside of money.

All you have to do is to market a product either on a blog, Facebook account or whatever platform and get paid for each commission/sales.

I wouldn’t want to lie to you if you have no idea what this means then you did be missing a lot.

Do more research on how to start digital marketing and start making your money.

(b) Blogging.

I never wanted to include this, but i was so crazy about the money most bloggers made, of course, I was left with no choice.

The very next like kind of digital marketing is blogging.

This is not a new crap word to you?

Perhaps you just didn’t realize you could be pretty rich.

Billions of dollars could be realized through blogging.

Blogging is a go-to area for every man searching for the best way to make money online.

It’s not something I can call the best handwork for a man thou it may not sound in line, but why would I forget to tell you that you can start a blogging career instead of looking for the best handwork for a man.

I know very well that blogging is not handwork, or let’s just say it’s a skill instead.

In essence, I want you to know that your main goal at the end of the day is to make money and that is where blogging comes in.

All you need is a device to blog from and you are on the way.

(c) Freelancing.

Are you good at writing? If you’re then you will make a good freelancer.

Just write and get paid, simple but yet a very reliable source of making money at the comfort of your home.

3. Fashion designing.

Fashion designing is the best handwork for a man on our list. If what you want is a direct vocational skill or handwork as opposed the other skills I mentioned.

A lot of young youths are making money as a fashion designer or a tailor.

Many young guys are out there in the field of fashion designing, making money for themselves instead of living a fake life.

I like fashion designing for many reasons. You can become a brand more like Addidas, Gucci, Nick, and those big company if you dream your career very well.

Luckily, I wrote a guest post for one of the popular business platforms online, you will find a lot of information there on how to start any career.

4. Artisan Jobs.

You can succeed as an artisan, this is where men belong.

As a subject of fact, most people think this is a dirty job, for me; it’s a golden means of earning money.

Take note: It cannot be your career! God forbid!

However, you can make a bit of money to support yourself in the meantime. There is a high tendency of making cool money for self-support.

There are many forms of artisans job such as:

(a) House painting: Get a roller and a brush, and you are ready to make money.

(b) Art Works: If you can paint drawings then you’re good to go. Oh yes, many people are still demanding this service.

(c) Mechanical Service: This is one of the best handworks for a man that I can recommend as it is a solid job to make lots of money from.

(d) Electrical repairs: Electricians are daily sort for, just get your toolbox ready and start counting your eggs before they are laid.

(e) Haircut Service: Of course, everyone else is doing that! Who says you can’t make a difference and start counting your money.

(f) Plumbing: Finally Plumbing is one of the best handworks that any man can learn in Nigeria and start making money.

5. Instrumentalist.

This is the one I love so much, instrumentalist is now in the high hills of making money. No matter what season, there would always be occasions where drummers and skilled men who are good at playing instruments are.

In every traditional party in Nigeria, you will find instrumentalist. These people are working, and they are highly compensated for theirs.

You can start doing this too, it’s a great skill to make money from.

If you’re not good at playing instruments, but you love to play instruments then you can learn it most especially in churches.

In the bottom line, I think this is one greatest of skills for men.

6. Home Tutors.

You see, every parent would seek the service of a home tutor if their children/child are/is not performing well in academics.

You don’t have to learn it all you need is a primary and secondary school knowledge and you will start earning money as a home lesson teacher.

I love this too, you can around 10, 000 a month.

I will also say, this shouldn’t be deemed as a career but should be used as a means of financial support for the meantime.

So can I ask you! Would this be a great fit for you?

7. Driving.

The very last handwork for a man or skills to make money from in Nigeria is driving.

You don’t want to steal, do you?

So don’t see driving as a wayward means to make money from.

You can rent a taxi/bus or daily balance and start making your money.


We have also highlighted best handowkr dor women in Nigeria in a seperate articles more comprehensively.

To find out the most lucrative handworks for ladies in Nigeria check “best handwork for a lady.”


I wish you the best in your quest for the best life as a man. I hope this list serves as one of the best handworks for a man to learn in Nigeria.

See you again soon!

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