May 26, 2019

7 Secrets to Excel in Nigeria without going to school

Osas Divine
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how to succeed in Nigeria without going to school

Everyone thinks the only or the most superior means of succeeding in a country, such as Nigeria is by going to school and obtaining a degree. But today, I have 7 secrets to succeed in Nigeria without going to school, for you.

My guess is, you have always thought only those who go to school, obtain a degree and get a job, will have a better chance of succeeding since there would be jobs available for such people.

And for those who do not go to school, they will have to work in rain and sun before they can make a penny. Isn’t that what you used to think and maybe still believe so?

Well, No! Not everyone who goes to school to study a particular course will succeed at the end of the day. Also, not everyone who does not go to school will have to work in the rain and sun in order to succeed.

There are many secrets that are still unknown, maybe not really a secret for everyone, but the sad news is most people really do not know how to succeed, become rich and live a good life even without having the so-called certificate.

A minority of these people are the early youths of nowadays, and to suffice things they start devising illegal means of making money simply because they have no other idea of how they can excel in Nigeria without going to school.

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Today, we have decided to break the Ice for you. And I am going to give you some secrets that are not really secrets about how to succeed in Nigeria without going to school.

Question for you?

How hard has life been for you and how are you coping with the Nigerian economy. Do you find it hard to really get what you want and start living a big life as you have always dreamt off?

Have you tried to seek people’s help, and they turned you down?

Maybe one or two times you had thought of doing just anything to make money and survive in Nigeria especially if you’re a student even if the means is illegal.

Well, I don’t care what your situation is right now. Whether, good, normal or worse. All I know of is; this guide is for you and you are about to learn 7 secrets on how to excel in Nigeria without going to school.

What really is on the ground is:

With the look of the current Education system in Nigeria; for most people, it is hard to secure admission into the University.

Not everyone comes from a golden family. Most people are striving to survive and they feed on hand to mouth: in order words, most people cannot afford rent let alone sponsoring education fees.

As for the male folks, there are many of them that don’t have any family member to turn to and they have no choice than to fend for life in the street and maybe you are one.

It is obvious, that not everyone has the opportunity of Education.

This is why I am here to show you some well-known tips and must know ideas on how to excel in Nigeria without obtaining a University degree.

So without further ado let’s dive in.

#1 Secret: You need to have pains and a reason to work hard.

It is through ‘pain’ that one arrives at pleasure. From your pains, you will have more reasons to work hard in order to succeed.

Not everyone will understand this life concept, but it is the simple truth a lot of youth don’t understand.

What we all want is pleasure upon pleasure, but here what Nagato said:

Enrol jupeb

” Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain.

Now, let’s assume that you truly wanted to become educated. You did your best, but the opportunity of education did not come your way.

Maybe finance stopped you, no one to sponsor your education, or rather you just don’t have enough qualifications, you did your best to gain admission but every step you take ends up being abortive.

These things are the pains you have encountered. Turn them to reasons, and with those reasons, you will know exactly how to struggle your way out and excel in Nigeria without going to school.

Look at many of those people who are successful in Nigeria but didn’t go to school.

For 80% of them, the opportunity for education was not there and some the opportunity was there but they could not grab it, at the end of the day they had no choice than to face the other world.

The bottom line, if you want to succeed in Nigeria without going to school, then you must have a strong reason and a purpose in your heart. If you have no pain or any purpose you will simply not have enough motivation to become someone that the world talks about.

That pain is going to keep your fire burning, it will take you to places you never planned to be, it will force you to meet people you didn’t expect to meet and at the end of the day, success would be knocking on your door.

This doesn’t mean you should start forcing yourself to feel pain, just let it come naturally.

Think about how you manage to feed each and every day, think about people who act as boss over you and takes you like a rat, think about those people that belittle or ridicule you, think about how you dream to start living a good life.

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Isn’t all that something to motivate you. That is the only way you can have the zeal to start chasing those dreams.

Enrol jupeb

What you must Know:

successful men in nigeria

Once again, think about all the big men in Nigeria and those big celebrities.

Just, each about them, how many of them actually went to school?

Just a few.

But before they got to the place they are today, I will tell you that they suffered, they had pains, and from that pain, they got enough reasons to work hard.

Look at their success story very well, all of them got the strength and courage to work hard from their pains.

It is the same pain I want you to feel because once you start feeling it, you will start pursuing your goals aggressively.

If you cannot be aggressive with life, you cannot excel in Nigeria; especially when you are trying to succeed on your own without working under anyone.

See what Bob Marley said: You will never know how strong you’re until being strong is the only option you have.

excel in nigeria without education.jpeg

#2 Secret: You must Use your pains to create a heart Burning Success plan.

Now, I am convinced that you know how you feel, you know how curious you are about success, you have enough reasons that make you want to succeed, you have felt enough pain and you’re ready to do what it takes to succeed.

The next secret or step to take is to utilize that pain that you feel and use it to construct a plan that will take you to the next level of life, and make you truly successful even without having a University degree.

I mean the kind of success that cannot be measured.

Enrol jupeb

That being said, it is important to choose the right plan.

There are two kinds of plan that a man makes as a prerequisite of surviving through with the economic challenges.

First Plan:

This is the option that a lot of youths who do not have any other options of succeeding in life take, they decide to look for a shortcut to make money. This is where you will find all young boys hustling illegally on the street simply because they want quick success.

Some engage in online fraud, some look for means to make money through rituals.

ways of succeeding without school in nigeria

This is not the plan I want you to concede.

There are thousands of ways to succeed, do not use the shortcut route because it shortens life.

I believe you can succeed in Nigeria without going to school, but using illegal means is not among any of the options.

You can obviously make cool money with your hands clean and not stained.

Second Plan:

This is definitely the best and it should be the plan that you must involve yourself in order to succeed in life.

This may be the long-term plan, but believe me; It is the most profitable route.

This will not bring you quick money, nonetheless, it entails you investing your time and even money on something legit, then water it and enjoy the fruit at the end.

A lot of successful people that you hear of, those people the world talks about, took this path.

They invested and waited for it to grow. At least it is not only safer but it yields more revenue than the first kind of plan.

“Shortcuts will make your life short, so don’t look for shortcut”

It really does not matter how long it takes because the end would be worth it. Just don’t let your pains lead you into the fire.

#3 Secret: You don’t need anyone, all you need is what you have.

Most people think you have to meet people for them to help you.

Without an iota of doubts, a lot of people have succeeded with the help of others. But it is not a rule of thumb that you have to meet anyone for them to help you.

There are hundreds of big men and women in Nigeria that came into limelight on their own personal effort.

Enrol jupeb

All you need is what you have and you will get there. Your success is not tied in the hands of any man, it is in your hands. What you have and what you know will take you far.

You must strive to water the seed you have, it will attract people that may likely contribute to your life success.

But going to look for people is not any guarantee of success, let people look for you.

Who you’re is all that is needed. It means, if you want to excel in Nigeria without going to school you have to start watering the seed you have: I mean your talent, something that you are very well good at.

Start watering it and you will see that many hidden roads would start opening for you.

Assignment for You

Rationalize yourself, think deeply about those things that you do best.

Once you have figured it out, start watering it, start working on it, start adding light on that path and the same way others have succeeded you will see yourself in that lane, if you go an extra mile you will become a king or queen in that very goal of yours.


#4 Secret: You must start from nowhere before you get to somewhere

Life should not be rushed; success does not come overnight.

As I said, there are two paths: the shortcut, and the Long-term.

The long-term goal is where you must focus on.

Have it at the back of your mind that you will not become the next star in a few days, not even months. You have to water the seed to become strong just like iroko tree.

Iroko tree does not become iroko tree in weeks or months, it takes years for things to fall in place. But in actuality, it depends on how often and how well you water the seed.


Another thing that you must know is the capital that you need to stand that plan may not be there.

Excel without school

You don’t need to go borrowing if you don’t have money, just start with whatever you have and let it grow.

Personally speaking as a blogger and a writer, I can confirm that success takes time. You must use what you have to get what you want, it must not be the other way round.

“The reason most youths fail is that they start up something, but quit due to lack of patience”

Slow and steady really win the race, if you don’t see the result now, it doesn’t mean you will never see the result, you just have to do what you can do and wait for it to grow.

Start from where you are, do what you can and wait for the fruit.

#5 Secret: You must have sleepless nights until you achieve the burning plan.

A farmer should not plant a seed and forget that the winter will come, he must not forget that pest will come to attack that seed.

Succeeding in Nigeria without education

When you plant a seed, your eyes must be on it all the time. Always watch to see the areas that need your attention.

Wake up late at night and plan. If you’re the types that plan, take a step then go to sleep waiting for it to spring up to a higher extent, then I am sorry your plans will fall through.

You need to always watch it day and night and ensure your seeds does not fall on the rocks.


#6: Secret: Create something that does not exist if you can.

The fastest way to succeed in life is to do what no one else is doing but is needed.

If you think that everyone is already doing what is needed to be done that you have the ability to do, then you must do what they are doing times two.

You cannot succeed by mimicking anyone success or taking the exact step these people took.

You have to go an extra mile, do what they are not doing, and you will gain more attention.

Success does not only come by going to school but with wisdom, you will be who you want to be.

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So, the secret you must never forget about how to excel in Nigeria without going to school or having a certificate is to do something that no one else is doing. Take this step and people will look for you.

#7 Secret: Don’t give up until the world starts talking about you.

The last secret I have for you to succeed in Nigeria without having any degree is to keep working out your little plan until you become well-known in that little plan.

From little plans, big plans will come. Aliko Dangote didn’t start big, he started small but never gave up on his little plans. From the little plans, the bigger ones came.

So, never give up on the small plans or whatever you have at hand. Establish yourself to the extent that everyone is talking about you, put in your best to make it blossom.

A lot of youths who didn’t go to school, but had one or two things they were doing gave up just because they never knew they were just one step close to success.

Life will try to weigh you down or give you other reasons to drop what you’re currently doing.

Never let any dream die, work them out one after the other, and you will finally become the person the world is talking about.

More Tips on How to succeed in Nigeria without Education.

With the seven secrets I have mentioned above, I am optimistic that you will get the golden life you dream of.

But, I want to show you just another powerful way of succeeding in Nigeria without going to school.

You see, one man can dream and succeed but when two or more men dream and combine their dreams there would be more chance of succeeding.
So, I have a special secret that will help you truly succeed in Nigerian even without the so-called certificate.

That secret is simply called “Teamwork ” Team plan or whatever you want to call it.

If you build up a team of two or more, you can go higher and succeed faster.

Trying to succeed on your own is possible but it may take time, but having someone work things out with you will give you more chance to excel in Nigeria.

Look at the Nigerian R&B Duo singers, Psquare. These two brothers decided to start up teamwork and with the fact that dreams were communicated by both, they rose to prominence and became the richest musician in Africa.

You agree with me that these twins did not use a certificate to become who they are.

I know you know that success is possible without a certificate, but you just don’t know what to do since everything looks hard in Nigeria.

It is not necessary you start big, just start from anywhere and if you have someone to team up with, there would be more chance of success as long the teammate is ready to communicate ideas and work with you.

The truth you must know about Succeeding in Nigeria without Education.

It is good to know that you are now enlightened on some few things to do in order to succeed.

But I want us to tell ourselves the truth.

From the look of things in Nigeria, Education really plays a big role.

My reason for saying this is not to say that real success comes from Education, in fact, there are many youths who did not go to school, but they are living wealthier than most of those who went to school.

Are there even enough Jobs in Nigeria?

But the truth, Education is important. Education differs from a certificate.

Many self-established youths actually went to school but did not find value with the certificate.

However, they have an advantage.

Education lets you know your rights and gives you more idea of how you can be who you want to be.

That is the importance of Education and not always because of the certificate.

If you can get it, so be it. If you cannot then you have to work harder.

Wrap up

I just shared my own ideas of succeeding in Nigeria without going to school, without having any so-called degree or certificate.

And my points are rational base on what I have extracted from the lives of people who also succeeded without going to school.

You may have more ideas, I just want you to be encouraged and know that you can do it too and go far, you just have to trust yourself and do something that no one has ever heard about.

See you around again soon. Drop a comment if you have your own view to share.

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