How to Succeed in Unilorin & Brag with a First Class Degree

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how to succeed in unilorin

Everyone keeps saying,  studying at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria; is stressful and it will take a lot of effort to succeed in Unilorin.

In fact, there is this common belief that It’s very hard to graduate from the University of Ilorin without going through hell (most especially when you have to be the first class minded type).

I mean you will have to sacrifice lots of things to succeed,  else; O.Y.O ( You’re on your own).

Well, today I want to let you in a secret formula that no one talks about on how to succeed in Unilorin from start to finish without having to pass through the hell others pass through and brag with a first class.

Before we start let me ask you a quite little but significant question.

Are you ready for University life, or you’re still preparing yourself?

Altogether this guide is meant to prepare and map your life through as a unilorite.

Unilorin post utme cbt

It’s a fact that success is not hereditary, while failure is not genetic.

This is an important subject matter every unilorites must take seriously.

Many students are struggling year after year. Dealing with failed courses are a more salient issue that can act as a bone in the neck.

Most Unilorites are serious but still perform poorly.

This article you’re about reading is a long episode for the fact that it’s a complete solution that definitely works for unilorin stalites and freshers with the aim to succeed; Unless you read this till the end you’re is not going to be able to make any difference in your life.

Here are some photos of the challenges faced in the University, compared to all the admission difficulty you have passed through.

what to do to succeed in unilorin

And here is another stalite in the same line.

strategies to excel in unilorin

I always have a melancholy as a result of failing a course, no one prays for that, I don’t know about you.

Look, most students actually think to have a first-class degree do not matter as long as they graduate.

Moreover, have you heard of students who get withdraw from a course or the school itself?

It happens at the University of Ilorin.

These gave us (osasdivineblog) more reasons as an educational brand to iron this subject on how to succeed in Unilorin.

If you know education is not your calling then why waste your time? get busy with your life doing something else order than struggling with something you can’t keep up with.But if you truly want to excel at Unilorin, you have to gear up and be responsible in order to brag with a first class or do you want to end up as just another graduate?

So much more for a unilorite who has been dealing with issues imposed on him/her, it’s time to learn how to fly like an eagle above others without having to flap your wings and excel in the school.

Things may be sour now, but if you aim better from now hence you will hit instead of miss and the steps to take is what I’m about to show you.

Killing yourself because you failed a course is definitely a wrong desirous intention.

Most times, failing courses are inevitable most especially in the first semester as a 100 level students, but failing it frequently is worse to think of.

That’s why you have to take reasonable measures right now in order to be in the line of success, your plans and actions must start today.

To succeed in Unilorin, there are hundreds of things to do, but the most paramount things to do as a unilorites who want to succeed is to avoid too many friends, sacrifice the things you love most and finally be involved in serious business with your course.

Always remember that failed courses prevent one from succeeding in Unilorin, a carried course is a cobweb that enslaves a student from graduating with first class; it usually results to another year in school in order to re-write those failed courses.

It is a result of poor performance in that specific course.

Why uniliorites get to fail courses?

In our first quarter on how to succeed in Unilorin.

We’re going to discuss the reasons that lead to students failing a course during the academic sessions at the University.

1. Opting in for a course you don’t fit or is not of your interest.
Guess what?

40% of students in school decided to study a particular course due to an influence or pressures from parents/guidance.

Take myself, for instance; my father which is entirely my sponsor prefer that I should study Medicine in school and become a medical doctor.

But I disagreed because I knew I wouldn’t fit in, it was absolutely none of my interest.

Today I am doing perfectly well in my desired field ‘Computer science

Studying a course that does not fit into your personality or a course you were forced to do will steal one key thing you need as a student to succeed in Unilorin and that is “Love for a course

The love for a course is what yields success.

Your choice to study a course must be built out of passion.

Unless you love a course you cannot do well in that course, that is what caused the majority of students failure.

Forcing yourself to like a course will not do you any good.

2. Studying a course for studying’ sake.

It boils down deep in me when I ask most students ‘Why are you in school?’

And I get this awkward reply like “My parents are ones forcing me to school”

How can that be? School is not by force, don’t go there for going’ sake because such a mindset will make you have a hard time in school.

School is not for everyone.

Although I somehow see education as a crap, most people go to school with this particular mindset of getting a certificate to source for a job and make money.

Exact, but it does not make sense in the real world.

Education is different from the certificate.

You have heard of graduates everywhere searching for jobs while some who are not graduates are managers in companies.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Do you know why?

Think, will you work with skills or a paper they call certificate?

That’s the gist, these days what you have in your brain matters in a job search.

So don’t go to school for the sake of a certificate. Knowledge is vital!

3. Having a problem with your lecturer or not attending his lectures.

The second reason that leads to students who fail a course in Unilorin is a bitter truth.

Whether you like it or not you must fall in love with your lecturers and please them.

They are your god at the University.

A student who portrays himself to his lecturer as a big boy or girl would be humbled by that lecturer.

So if you’re always performing beyond expectation in a course, seek your lecturer.

A greater way you can also be in the snare of the lecturer apart from missing his class is when you fail to take tests given by the lecturer and even exam.

You need a strong blend with your lecturers and ensure you perform well in his course.

4. Cases of missing scripts.

And this is very common for courses that are written. This is why CBT exams are preferably better.

Both in most cases, you will have a written course in Unilorin even in the test.

That only means, most failed by students are unexpected.

Apart from failing or not performing well in projects.

If there are any other reasons you fail, then it’s up to you, but I am certain that this article and solutions in it will help you be determined student in order to succeed.


If you feel guilty of any reasons above, then it’s time to readjust.

Remember not to bother yourself with a course that is not of your interest.

To buttress my points. Don’t let school be a liability to you.

You need to answer some questions to determine the best step to take; consider the following questions!

1. Do you really love the course you’re reading?

2. Do you have any reason to continue studying that course, and will you sacrifice anything to continue on the course you’re studying?

3. Do you have another course that you love more than the course you’re studying?

If you answered yes to one and two, and No to question three,  then start again, rewrite the course and be serious hence.

If you answered No to one and two and Yes to question three, then please change to another course you can cope with.

Disadvantages Of Not Performing Well In Unilorin

Painfully,  bad performance in Unilorin is a demerit, it would increase your year in school.

It will disqualify you from first class lineage, and you may not graduate or you will get withdraw from that course or the school in general.

Unilorin post utme cbt

It poses more harm to you than any other thing and it must be avoided.


strategies to succeed in the university

1. Ensure you study Unilorin exams and grading system.


In order to know how well you should improve your performance, and what area to focus on; you have to know every single information about that course.

The best way you pass any exam is to know the structure of the exam and how it’s graded.

To make that happen, be very close to two important sets of people in the school.

* The departmental or course rep/coordinator
* The Lecturer.

As for the course rep, Don’t overlook them,  they can help in the examination.

Outside this, they’re closer to the Lecturer than you are;  that means they’re going to know some things you don’t know.

They will even know the system and format for the exam so be friendly with them.

If you can’t get close to the Lecturer, the course Rep. Is a good alternative.

Befriend him or her, give him/her airtime and other goodies.

Get connected so that when they have any hidden information concerning a course they will inform you.

2. Attend all Lectures Promptly:

Lectures are very important if you want to do well in a course.

I could have said if you can’t attend lectures, get the lecture note.

But, I will never give you such lousy advice in terms of Unilorin.

Unilorin is an institution that holds lectures dearly, you can’t pass a course well if you don’t attend lectures.

When you got admission, didn’t you ask the old stalites the importance of lectures?

Please know that you can’t avoid failing a course and you cannot excel in Unilorin if you don’t attend lectures promptly.

Consider renting a nearby hostel so that you won’t have any reason to miss lectures.

3. Actively involve in reading before exam/test:

I know the library is boring.

You can’t cook without fire.

You can’t achieve some things unless you pass through the fire. Don’t expect everything to be comfortable.

You need to fall in love with the library and be in it always,  it’s the best place for lone study.

Don’t wait until the exam before you start reading.

Use your leisure responsively.

Attend night reading class.

If there is anything you should be found doing the most it should be reading.

Not just reading, but reading that which would help you.

4. Avoid the Wrong company.

Your network is your net worth; unless you disconnect from bad wifi‘s downloading wrong viruses in your life “ You will forever experience negative results”

The bad networks are friends that cause an imbalance in your life with their so-called company and presence in your life.

Not everyone should be your friend.

A friend to all is a friend of none,  friends can ruin your life and disappear when you are in need or having life issues.

Keep good companies that you can benefit from only.

Having so many friends is good but you can’t put them all under control.

You had better sit down and pick your friends like beans if you want to avoid chewing stones.

5. Utilize past questions: Past questions are the prophecies of an exam.


If you want to avoid failing courses, then you need to be a frequent user of past questions. Most of the questions you will find in any Unilorin exam are repeated questions.

6. Ensure you Get Textbooks, Handouts,  Course outlines, and updated notes.


A farmer who wants to yield a good harvest must be ready to farm.

But he can’t farm with his teeth, he needs to get his equipment set first.

The same thing goes here if you want to excel you also need the required equipment.

Get Textbooks;  if you can’t buy one you can photocopy From any friend.

Lecture notes don’t help alone in the University, you cannot excel in Unilorin by mare notes and lectures. Get more materials.

Don’t ever think of performing well without these tools a student needs.

7. Avoid Social life or irrelevant lifestyles.
Many students use their hands to change their destiny.

If you find any first class graduate please ask him; “How many times did you go to play bet9ja or nairabet (whichever)?”

“How many times did you go parties?”

I think most students have forgotten why they are in school.

So much so, I haven’t much to say that for you to really sit down and ask yourself if the life you’re leaving will not make you end up as a useless graduate or a successful one.

8. Avoid over religious beliefs.


I think you should rethink.

Why are you in school?

Many students try to prove they are truly religious, and they forget that they’re slowly having loopholes in their academics.

Do things at the right time.

Give Caesar what belongs to him and give God what belongs to him.

Don’t be found elsewhere when you ought to be in class all in the name of religion.

On the other hand. You still need to know God knowing God will help you overcome loopholes at the University of Ilorin.

I know many students are atheists, but unless the Lord builds a house those that Labor,  Labor in vain.

9. Avoid punishing yourself with hunger:

If you know finance is a problem, try to settle things out, order than keeping yourself hungry.

If you don’t eat, your eyes can’t see and your brain cannot understand.

Always eat so that you can always be active in school activities.

10 Finally, Always take part in projects, assignments, and CA (Continuous assessment).

These could give you more favor and boost in the sight of your lecturers.

The little things matter.


Now, to all those who have successfully read my epistle on How to avoid failing courses and succeeding in Unilorin in order to graduate with a first class,  I hope you learned one or two.

Don’t forget that having extra credit loads/units can help you avoid failing courses.

My deepest concern is to see you become a responsible graduate.

It was so much fun to have experienced how life was while schooling at UnIlorin.

Unilorin is one of the most strenuous institutions in Nigeria, but if I and others can succeed, then you have no excuse.

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