April 19, 2019

Unilorin Post Utme Syllabus 2019/2020

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Unilorin post utme syllabus 2019

Obviously, the 70% statistic of students who gained admission by 2010-2018 did not have anything to do with Unilorin post utme syllabus, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Of course, from that time till now, there is no such thing as Unilorin Post Utme syllabus.

That’s what makes the puzzle interesting, they don’t want everyone to pass don’t you think?

So how you prepare is up to you.

Not having a syllabus for preparation is the real reason Unilorin post Utme is deemed as difficult and that is why 70% of students fail.

They waste their time reading things that are insignificant and will not show up in the exam.

However, Unilorin post utme Syllabus paints the big picture if you aim to score high in Unilorin post utme.

If you can get a well-ordered syllabus that guides you on what to read for Unilorin Post Utme, it will eventually save you a lot of time and make your preparation quite faster, worthwhile and effective.

I’ve spent so much time explaining how to pass Unilorin post utme 2019 test, but it occurred to me that I never took the time to explain some search queries that majority of students are searching online, such as “Post Utme syllabus for Unilorin Post Utme”

So here we are now.

Please note: You won’t find any Unilorin Post Utme syllabus online for now apart from this because it doesn’t exist (unless copied from here).

But a group of reliable team has joined hands with us to prepare a powerful and 100% effective Unilorin Post Utme syllabus for you.

In other words, whatever question you will find in Unilorin post utme test 2019 will be from this syllabus we have prepared.

Are you Happy to hear that?

You ought to be, because Osas Divine Blog is that home of success, and the good news is you have found success by locating us.

Scoring very high in Unilorin Post Utme is your path to overtaking the course competition and making your name through  Unilorin admission first list.

But scoring high would be way draining because the school doesn’t really provide more materials for students to pass, such as ‘Syllabus’

They keep the post Utme structure to themselves, and other factors that could help students.

But in 2019 every single candidate that visit Osas Divine blog will eventually make 80% and above because you will get the whole juice of passing with us.


Here is a comprehensive 2019/2020 Unilorin Post Utme Syllabus.

Use of English GNS 111

A higher percent of questions in Unilorin post Utme are set from Use of English.

These five major areas in unilorin post utme Use of English section.

Here are the five areas that are grouped to form the Use of English section.

(1) Lexis and Structure 

(2) Oral English 

(3) Study/language Strategies 

(4) Comprehension Passages  

(5) Letter/Essay Writing

(1) Lexis and Structure – Topics to Dwell on.

(a)Sentence structure/syntax

(i.) Identifying nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives in sentences.

Objective: You must be able to recognize adverbs, verbs, adjectives and nouns in each part of a sentence. Pay special attention to verbs usage and the rules guiding them in a sentence. Study the usage of nouns, verbs, adjective, and adverbs in a sentence.

(ii.) Identifying adverb Clause/phrases, noun clause/phrase, adjectival clause/phrases in sentences

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Objective: You should be able to tell if a sentence is a/an adverbial phrase, adverbial clause, noun phrase, noun clause, adjectival phrase & adjectival clause.

(iii.) Sentence Types:
Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex

Objective: You may be a given a sentence to tell if it is a simple, compound, complex or compound sentence type. Study these four types of sentence structure.

(b) Question Tags ( structural tags )

Objective: You should be able to answer simple questions tags. Study the rules guiding structural tags

E.g: She is back from London. Isn’t she?

(c) Lexis/Semantics ( words meaning when used in a sentence)

Objective: study words so that you can appropriately address their meanings when used in a sentence.

(d) Antonyms and Synonyms

Objectives: Study the nearest and opposite in the meaning of words.

(e) Morphemes

Objective: Study morphemes meaning and types of morphemes and also pay special attention to free morphemes. You should be able to identify these when given in a question.

(2) Oral English:

(a) Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs
(b) Consonants (including clusters)
(C) Intonation (words emphatic stress)

Objectives: You must be able to identify correct accentuation in individual words and connected speech.


(3) Study/language Strategies:

(a) Factors that affect or improve study habit.
(b) Types of reading skills.
(c) The levels of reading ( Skimming, scanning, critical reading and studying )
(d) Know what passive and active learning means and some skills under them.

Objective: You will have to answer some questions on study/reading skills or/and study/reading strategies. Study the aforementioned areas.

(4) Comprehension Passages.

Updated: This section will not be used in Unilorin post utme 2019.

(a) Expository, narrative or descriptive passages

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objective: You should be able to answer questions that follow these kinds of passages and give a suitable title.

(b) Cloze passages

objective: Be able to fill in the correct registers in a passage when they omitted in any given passage.

Ps: This won’t be more treated, it’s very possible that you won’t find any question under this, but it was to read on this.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


(5) Letter or Essay Writing

Updated: This section will not be used in Unilorin post utme 2019.

Objective: In some case, you will be given some questions to show your an understanding of letter writing and essay writing.

Study the types of letters and essay and rules guiding them.

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Topics and Sections To Dwell on mathematics

A little percent of questions will come out from mathematics for students. But it would be only 10% out 100 students in a worse scenario, however, don’t ignore it.

Mathematics question is not much as Use of English so the topics to treat are few.

Here they are.

(1). Geometric Shapes, angles, and measurements: List, Definition, Types of Geometric Shapes

objective: You should be able to know the types of shapes, how many sides a shape has, particular measurements, types of angles alongside with angle degrees ( angles in a straight line, triangles, and parallelogram)

(2). Approximation and estimation.

Objective: Study how to round off numbers in their simplest form or as the case may be.

(3). Standard form.

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Objective: Study the standard forms of numbers

(4). Simple and compound interest.

Objectives: Study percentages as well, profit made, loss and interests

5. Number sequence and series
6. Roman Figures
9. Simplifications ( basic)

Sections and Topic to dwell on General Paper.

General paper comes from the following.

  • Current Affairs
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Chemistry.

The best thing to note under this is to study with past questions so that you can know the kind of questions that comes under the general section, but do not expect more than 5 questions from this section.

Now, you have Unilorin Post Utme Syllabus.

We wish you all the best.

Before you leave; The following topics will help you significantly.




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