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11 Surefire Tips to How to Succeed in the University

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how to succeed in the university.


Whether you’re just starting out as a fresher in the University or you have been in the University, who doesn’t want to succeed in the University?

Succeeding in Nigeria Universities can be very burdensome most especially when the economy of Nigeria is getting tough.

Year to year, so many students graduate from the University but bragging with a first class is usually daunting.

Thinking about how your life will be as a student, there is no hope that you will live the life you dream off.

The university days could be an entire nightmare to you.

It’s not easy to pass through a Nigerian University or whatsoever University in the world and not have a story to tell.

It’s quite frustrating for most young folks who have no good source of income.

There would be ups and downs and times when you will have nothing to eat, times of eating frequent beans and garri, times you will have to lie to get money at home, times you will have nothing to eat apart from noodles with garri and times of kulikuli and bread.

In fact, that’s not all. There would be times you will face issues with lectures and lecturers.

My dear friend, University these days is hard and to succeed in the University you have to be ready to chew an elephant.

It won’t be an easy journey and the zeal to finish with a first class or second class upper grade may disappear due to all of the stress you will encounter.

In the University, you don’t have a mum to cry to, you don’t have a daddy to seek.

I could have said you only have friends to go to, but these days in the University there is no such thing as friends because those so-called friends will make your life look like hell.

Yes, you will feel like going astray, most especially for the ladies who will have to overcome the influences of relationships.

In the University your year 1 mid-sessional results would be nothing to write home about, but if you’re the struggling type, you may stand out.

Remember the world is looking at you, your parents have put all their efforts on you to gain admission.

Okay! Assuming you helped yourself all the way, no father, no mother, no uncle or aunty; should that not be enough reason for you to work hard and succeed in the University as a first class graduate before your life starts?

Have it at the back of your mind though, that you can’t leave a perfect life in the University but you can scale through and keep the flag flying.

No Fire without a smoke!

No gold is real Gold without
passing through fire!

No pain No gain!

No challenge No Success!

University life is not easy but there’s a surefire way to live your life big and happy and then graduate with a first class.

So how do i succeed in the University? Of course, there is a new formula of success that helps students live a great and stress-free life.

Yes, it’s a formula only 18% people use but works 93%.

I am going to teach you exactly how to succeed in the University while living the best life that life has to offer with only a few challenges if only you can stick to me and hold on tight to your faith.

I will show you more than you need to know, whenever you are lost or worried, I am here to dry your eyes.

But first, i want to share the 11 tips you need on how to succeed in the University.

Even if you don’t really attach much importance to these 11 tips.

You will find it useful in the long run.

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11 Steps To Succeed In the University.


These eleven steps will definitely make you succeed in the University.

  • Avoid too many Friends if you want to succeed
  • Avoid any complicated Relationships
  • Have a good source of income to balance your life.
  • Aim to graduate with a First Class Degree
  • Befriend the Library In the University
  • Always dream and plan ahead
  • Involve in Practical Learning
  • Get an Outline for every course you are offering
  • Attend Lectures Promptly and never have an excuse to miss class.
  • Always Maintain your grades in each Semester.
  • Befriend your Lecturers, departmental leaders, and Course captain.

These are the 11 tips that can make you succeed in the University.

Follow them and you will live your days in school joyfully.

This tips precisely has helped many Nigerian graduates succeed in the University, if you also want to excel walk in the light of them.

That word friend, for me it was coined from two dictionaries.

First, the dictionary of confusion.

Second, the dictionary of success.

In order words, friends can mean two things and serve two purposes in your life.

Your friends could be your worst nightmare.

They could also serve as those who will be your backbone and encouraging factor, but too many of them will muddle your life.

Always remember that there is no such thing as a forever friend!

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Limiting your friend’s circle will obviously make you succeed in the University.

Let me provide a salient detail of why you don’t need too many friends to succeed in the University.

This is how it actually looks like in the so-called friend’s world.

When you don’t have anything to give them they will see you as just one kind of a guy or lady.

When you are kind of broke or need something urgent or money, they completely disappear from your life.

See, these kinds of people will only make your life in the University messy and you find them everywhere.

But you could actually find just someone, i mean just one person to call a friend and rely on in your University days.

But don’t keep them too many. Apart from what value they’ve in your life.

They will add up as distractions, one or two friends is better if you can actually have some it would be better for you….. If you’re okay with seclusion.

Friends that you keep for gossip or to keep your life busy will never make you succeed in the University. It’s the bitter truth.

Believe me, you will understand this better when your so-called friends start turning off an looking down on you.

So it’s time to avert them and strive to be your own strength.

2. Avoid any complicated Relationships

tips to succeed in a Nigerian University

Nobody wishes to live a lonely life in his or her days at the University.

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But, one thing that is now trending in Nigerian Universities is ‘Relationships‘ of which many folks have gotten a life partner.

Frankly speaking, all i can see are blind students who only see the now but ignore the future.

Will i succeed in the University while having a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Well, the simple answer is yes!

It’s cool if it is your stuff.

However, i should warn you to avoid complicated relationships.

Complicated relationships are those where you will have to sacrifice your study space just to see him or her.

A complicated relationship is that which is just the ‘take‘ and ‘leave‘ type it really doesn’t give you any great value.

A complicated relationship is that which keeps you worried, thinking up late.

A complicated relationship will usually zero of your happiness, to succeed in a Nigerian University, all you need is a symbiotic relationship.

A symbiotic is that which comes from someone who supports your education, someone who encourages you not to miss class and not bother you up about frequent or unusual hookups.

Someone who supports you financially and expects nothing in return.

Any relationships apart from this will never make you succeed in the University, but rather impose more cracks on your life.

3. Have a good source of income to balance your life

Money! Money! Money!

When there’s money life is quite easy.

If we truly dig deep into the reason why you’re in school- it’s quite rooted in money as your main long term goal.

But it sucks if you’re obsessing too much about money.

Of course! We all want money to keep life going, and you will need lot’s of it if you truly want to excel in the University.

Take for instance; you will need money to get your project done, print assignments, buy foodstuffs and attend to some kind of needs.

But what about those who don’t have a great source of income, let’s say a family relative that can support them financially?

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How will students who do not want to rely on any relative succeed in the University?

I know perfectly well that money is a matter of contention for you.

That’s normal since difficult times comes before the breakthrough, don’t you think.

Nigerian poor economy does not serve as an excuse, in fact, Not everyone was born with a silver spoon.

We all came from a low key background if you didn’t. Kudos!

In a nutshell, you can actually have enough money to foot your bills and succeed in the University. Have a skill or trade you can offer as a return for money.

If you take a more close look at life in the university, you will find that for the guys they now rely on “Yahoo business” – Gee, they use their phones and laptops to source money just to escape the snare of poverty.

While a minority of the ladies try to get money from the guys just to make ends meet.

Well, for now all i cam say is to ensure that you channel your income from the right source and continue aiming to succeed in the University.

Do not bury your head in someone else’s pocket.

Money can make you loose directions and make you graduate as a ‘Nobody’.

Ensure you subscribe to our blog because we are going to be delivering a perfect guide to making money as a student while in school.

I mean the kind of money that can keep your academics balanced and your life easy going.

But please do not get too busy or carried away by money.

4. Aim to graduate with a First Class Degree


It is always said that; When you aim above the skies, you can never fall to the ground.

But if you say the sky is your limit, you may fall to the ground.

Always remember that.

Don’t aim for a second class because if you do, you may fall at a 3rd class grade which will eventually be poor for all the time you spent in the University.

But if you aim above which is first class, even if you fall it would be either second class upper or lower.

Either way, always aim for the best.

These days, first-class graduates are now paid respect to in most companies in Nigeria.

Do your best to graduate with first class and you will not have to deal with Job issues.

It may not be easy, but people who make it are humans as you’re.

There is nothing impossible unless you choose to believe so.

5. Befriend the Library In the University.

Where the hell is the library? And who cares?

Indeed, that mindset has caused a setback in the life of most Students.

I understand that most times you will only want to be found in a grooving place.

Let’s party!
Let me go and see ‘Timi’!

Let me……..

Take it or leave it, those lives will leave you bitting your finger and you will wish you spent your time focusing on your long term goals and not short term.

Carryover courses will humble you, just wait and see.

This is why University life is more than what you see.

What you want is actually not what you get, you just have to sacrifice your ‘want’s and focus on your ‘needs’.

You want fun, but you need a certificate.

Sacrifice your ‘wants’ for the ‘needs’.

Sure, the Library is boring.

Many a time, the student only consider going there for the sake of going.

But to tell you the truth, if your eyes have not shed tears before your heart will not know how beautiful a smile is.

Read that again!

Unless you have stressed yourself a bit you cannot see success.

I know the school Libary is boring, but you can fix your own library in your room.

Your lectures will not be enough for you to make a first class degree, and that is absolutely conclusive.

If you want to have a good student profile and succeed in the University, you need to take time to study personally.

Most of those things you read on your own will appear to me more worthful in most cases in the long run.

6. Always dream and plan ahead

How many times have you sat down to think about your long term goals?

Am sure all you think of is what to wear tomorrow or where to spend your holiday.

Without a long term goal, when the storm of life comes, you will see yourself lagging behind.

Let me tell you what a Dream (plan) serve as, to a student.

A dream or plan is like a Map of Life.

You can never get lost if you have the map of life and you won’t have to waste your taking the wrong route.

Do not expect to see a great result in your life now.

To tame a Lion you need patience and a great plan.

Otherwise, your life will be on a crumbling page.

Plans and dreams will help you choose the right friends, it will give you a good source of revenue and most importantly it will keep your life in school on the track.

That’s the greatest piece of advice you will get.

Start Dreaming and planning now if you wish to excel in a Nigerian University.


7. Involve in Practical Learning

Most of the times I have found visual learning and practical learning very relevant to improve my study at the University.

I used to be an average learner “the dull one as at that”

I didn’t actually enjoy Passive learning.

I get bored during passive learning and i do not enjoy the classes……I was only trying to adapt.

But as a wise student who knows where I have pain, i decided to try active learning.

I began watching video tutorials, i Carried out analysis and researched more on the theoretical aspects of my course.

Not only did my study life improve but i began to fall in love with the University.

If you have only adopted passive learning and lecture notes wholly as a means of learning, you may not actually come out as the best you want.

I will always say this and i will say it over and over, Lecture is good but should not be used as an absolute form of learning.

I truly want you to excel in the University, but if you want the best result.

You have to involve yourself in practical learning.

Nonetheless, always make sure you involve in projects topic and assignment.

Lecturers can attach significance to those.

8. Get an Outline for every course you are offering


I earlier said that dreams and plans are the maps of your life.

In the same note, your course outline for each course is your map for that course.

You will succeed in the University if you have all the course Outline.

Make sure you study ahead of time and know exactly where you’re and what should be improved.

Don’t just use the course outline, blend it with your textbooks.

Ensure your life in school is different.

If other’s ignore it, don’t.

9. Attend Lectures Promptly and never have an excuse to miss class

There are most Universities in Nigeria where the lecturers keep a record of a student.

Whether your lecturer keeps a record of your absence or not, you have to ensure you attend class and participate in any event.

There is no way on earth you will succeed in any Nigerian University if you don’t attend classes.

Make sure you attend classes more often.

Don’t make way for excuses, because; Excuses are just lies wrapped up in reason.

Sacrifice is the main key ingredient that makes everyone succeed in the University.

No matter how your schedule goes, always put lecture before anything else.

10. Always Maintain your grades in each Semester

In order to end up with a 4.8 cumulative point at the end of your programme, you’ve to start performing well from your first year.

Just put in your best and it will favor you.

Take part in CA (continuous assessment test.

Take part in Lectures, projects, and just anything.

Be very active.

The funniest thing i have noticed is how people live their lives in the University as though it was part-time when it is originally a full-time.

Either way, don’t divide your attention and time. Be involved in every event.

Avoid carryover courses and make a good grade.

11. Befriend your Lecturers, departmental leaders, and Course captain.

Lectures, departmental and course captain. You must have a connection with either or all of them.

Believe this, it is actually the most reliable method of succeeding because these people can provide the information and help you need to excel.



These 11 tips will speak far and make you excel in the University if you truly looked into each from a wise perspective.

Nevertheless, always remember that you can not live a flawless life at the University.

No matter what situation arises, stand firm and be your self.

Whatever life you see you, you will have to live it, even if you have to eat ekpa and garri most of your time.

Try to see those as the price for success.

Ladies, your body is your pride.

Do not get obsessed with money or vain words and deliver yourself low before anyone.

No guy can actually give you the satisfaction in your University days, you will find a lot of guys who want to jump on your behind, no matter what they have it’s your duty to make sure that you stay in line.

The so-called ‘Love‘ sometimes has no great meaning as a student, unless you actually seek a life mate, but i did advise you to keep that for the later.

Like i explained earlier relationship are okay but when it gets complicated, back off.

Always remember why you’re in school.

Forget about the rumor around about Job difficulty when you leave school.

If the time is right you will eventually see the life you dream off. There are hot jobs waiting for you if you graduate with a flying color

Limit the time spend on social media and never be the over religious type.

Keep life your easy and simple.

And you will keep smiling while you strive to succeed in the University.

No matter the challenge, put yourself together and always standard firm.

Remember i promised to give you a powerful sure formula technique to live the best life and stay stress-free in the University.

I mean a life where you will always get what you need.

All you have to do is to subscribe at the subscribe box standing at the end of this page, and we will deliver it your mail anytime soon.

All the best!


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