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Is Jamb CBT Runz Real? – Jamb Expo 101℅ Fake

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Jamb runz is a fraud not real

Welcome to Jamb CBT runz Review. Are you wondering if Jamb Runz is legit? I am sure you really want to know if jamb CBT runz is real.

So much so, I’m happy that you are doing your own research and have found this article since here you will find the complete truth about Jamb CBT runz, E-jamb, Jamb expo or whatsoever umbrella they’re standing on.

Is Jamb CBT Runz Real or Legit?

Jamb CBT runz or expo is not real nor is it legit and does not exist, they are all great and experienced fraudulent acts used to scam students who are afraid of failing.

Not only is it fake, but it’s 101% fake.

The Internet is full of fraudulent young hustlers who are all desperate for money, so it’s important to do your due diligence before getting involved in something you will regret in the rest of your Life.


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First, let’s look at the meaning of this subject.

What is Jamb Runz?

Jamb Runz is a non-existing term that young boys in Nigeria who are all desperate for money utilizes to trick student with the claim of providing answers from them in the exam.

So what Makes Jamb Runz fake?

It’s fake for every reason.

If you about to or you’re thinking of subscribing for the so-called Jamb Runz you must change that mindset asap.

Because hundreds of time I have seen and experienced so many ways of how they have succeeded in scamming students.

If you value your result and money read this carefully.

Every one of the questions that jamb would be giving students is placed in a Database.

Jamb is not like Waec where the questions are in a paper form that can be easily sneaked out.

How possible do these hungry fraudsters get the so-called questions, wait not just get the question but also get the answers?

Well, let’s carefully review this.

Some of the tricks they Use.


  1. We will use Jamb E-access Code to do the Jamb runz and we will send the answers to you in _____ hours before the exam.
  2. We will help you answer the questions before you enter the hall and we will also send the questions and answers before you enter the hall.
  3. We will hack into your database and we will get exactly your questions and answers and we will send them to you.
  4. We’re legit we are not forcing anyone.
  5. We have officials in Jamb office that are helping us get into jamb database.

The Bitter Truth about Jamb Runz!

It’s not possible to do jamb runz, it’s not possible to hack into Jamb database to get even the questions to let alone answers.

Is jamb runz legit


Is jamb CBT runz real


Is jamb runz legit


What is jamn runz

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Jamb Runz is just something that students believe is possible because Nigeria is a corrupt country and taking into account of how afraid students are to fail.

They easily fall for these tricks used by them.

Please and please there is no single person out there that can give you any jamb legit answers or questions if they do it very fake.

So sorry for you because if you try 20 times you will get scammed 20 times.

You won’t even get one lucky time.

Why am so interested in this?

We are trying to stop the rate of people falling for this fraudsters because so many students have fallen and as a matter of fact I am going to show you a clip of someone for who fell for a scam just on the first day of Jamb April 11th, 2019.

I happened to be around the center when this young girl cried out after writing her exam.

Although she wasn’t able to speak I was able to get her friend who was with her in the hall to tell us what happened.

The awful news is many students will still ignore this, anyway, they say experience is the best Teacher.

How do You identify Jamb Runz scam?


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Well, no need to exaggerate this I know many students go to them on their own and they are later so weak to identify a scam.

The first thing I want you to know is, almost everywhere you go online you will find them.

Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Google itself.

Now the questions are, do all these 100 and thousands of scammers all have their way to find their way through jamb database?

How do you identify who is real?

I believe you will choose the best liar.

An again, is jamb really short of security to that extent, so sorry to shock you there are not.

Jamb Runz is not real, It’s 101% fake.

Listen a fraudster will always have sweet things to say and tricks to use.

If you do not want to shamefully regret your life, then a word is enough for you.

One of the Tricks I caught one using.

Jamb runz is not real

This is absolutely fake?

How Possible?
Do they even have an idea of Jamb E-access code mean?

Remember we are in the technical day’s anything is possible.

Final Review- Jamb Run is Not Real?

I will continue to find more proof on this because we feel so sorry for the ignorant people who struggle to make money and then put it into the hands of scammers and at the end of the day end up gnashing teeth.

Remember they are intelligent and they can even swear in the name of God please don’t fall, be wise.

I know how desperate you want to pass.

Just like the lady in the audio clip rightly said, there is nothing you can’t know if you read except you don’t want to know it.

The exam is simple unless you want to make it hard for yourself.

All the best!

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