April 27, 2019

15 Laws to Succeed In Unilag and graduate with a first Class

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how to succeed in unilag with first class

I believe success is not accidental neither does it come by chance, what you do is what you get. Today i am going to show you 15 laws on how to succeed in Unilag and graduate with a First Class.

I wish we really had time, I would have given you beyond these 15 laws, I am about to show you.

The University of Lagos is one of the best institutions you will attend in Nigeria.

On the other hand, I am still correct if I say it’s one of the worst institutions you will attend in Nigeria.

To condense my point, Unilag is a school that you can choose to make or mar yourself.

The unique feature of  Unilag is the fact that it is (like lagos) a city school. Most other universities in Nigeria are located far from settlements, but the University of Lagos rocks in the main town, in order to excel in Unilag you must be thoroughly guided.

Let me gist you.

Take a look at all institutions in Nigeria, which of these schools can you get maximum entertainment and fun like you would in Unilag?

Hey, the party is happening there. Of course, I mean Unilag.

You’ve got quilox,escape, octopus  and so much party central that will always draw your attention.

But it actually depends on your goal.

If what you want is fun, then just think of any kind of fun you want and then I will tell you, Unilag is the best place to get it.

Imagine trying to stand out when there are thousands of things begging for your time and the attention everywhere.

My dear, if you truly want to succeed in Unilag you will have to pass through hell.

Just imagine! Party is everywhere.

That girl keeps bumping on you and your eyes and minds have gotten on her!

That guy keeps getting on your way!

You have friends pressuring you to have fun!

There is an Impromptu test tomorrow!

Oops! You got a carried over!

Money just got finished, nothing to eat!

You have to buy clothes, phones, and shoes to look big!

You have to buy textbooks, handouts and run your projects!

There is an early class tomorrow you have to wake up early.

You need to cook and do some laundry…

See, if I keep naming the problem you will face in the University of Lagos, there may never be an end to the list.

It will take a genius person to handle all these.

Remember you have to graduate with a first class since first class graduates are now getting it.

But the thing is, there would never be a time you will truly be free of problem.

Don’t worry, no matter how difficult or task filled Unilag is, I have a strong conviction that you can live perfectly and achieve success in Unilag.

In short, Unilag is the most revered institution in Nigeria.

The majority of Nigerian stars and successful people went through the University of Lagos.

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Just remember that succeeding in Unilag is the biggest goal of your life and dealing with the challenges is the biggest luck you have got, many people actually met a different life and the quest for a certificate actually changed to a baby or maybe diseases.

You know what I mean!

Here are 15 Laws abide by if you truly want to succeed in Unilag.

If you are about how to succeed in Unilag and how to graduate with a first class in Unilag, then follow these 15 Laws of Sucess.

Enrol jupeb
  •  You must never Leave a Lone life.
  •  Thou shall always be strong in health, weakness, and hunger.
  • You must never envy those living a flashy
  • You must have a good plan for income to balance necessities.
  • You must learn from those who are above you
  • You must not task yourself as a fresher, keep everything at arm’s length.
  •  Thou shall always invest more time in reading past questions.
  •  You must be ready to mix and blend with a different culture
  •  Thou shall run away from cultism but not fear cultism
  • You must not be carried away by religion.
  •  Thou shall have a good and wise mentor
  •  Thou shall love but not lust.
  • Thou shall never miss assignments, projects, and Continuous assessment test.
  • You must make plans and set Goals.
  • Learn and keep learning!


You must never Leave a Lone life.

Having said this, I do not intend to give you the impression that you must have a girlfriend or boyfriend in order to avoid lone life.

Lone life is a very dangerous thing most especially when you just gained admission into the University of Lagos.

I mean, you will be entirely new to the system. So, you need friends to share ideas with and learn from.

You need friends to succeed in Unilag.

You can achieve success on your own but good friends make it easier!

Join a busy reliable group in order to make friends.

However, most friends can cage your destiny, change your direction and focus at the University of Lagos.

So if I say there is a need for making friends it must be done with wisdom.

Choose intelligent friends you can benefit from, not the “wack friends”

Enrol jupeb

Someone that can challenge you to succeed and not to party or go about campus looking for girls.

Perhaps you should also consider limiting the friends you choose, do not choose too many friends or your life will eventually be messy.

Choose your friends, don’t let friends chose you.

For me, am not the social type, if you’re of such it’s okay.

But do not be the needy person who depends on others, having friends doesn’t mean you should be a depending person.

And when you feel or find out that your new friends are really not your type of interest, don’t be afraid to keep your distance. ( It could be hard to keep distance when you from most people, but if it is the best thing to do, don’t let anything stop you)

Thou shall always be strong in health, weakness, and hunger.

There would be times when you will have no or little money, it’s the life of a student.

Many students use this as an opportunity to do otherwise just in the quest of making money to survive campus life.

The law is for you to be strong and don’t be too weak.

Being Weak could cause you to start developing negative plans for making money or missing class.

Above all, be content with the little you have and envy no one when it comes to feeding yourself.

They would also be times of a wave in your health, occasions where you will fill sick.

It usually occurs when you’re recently starting as a fresher, it’s a result of weather change.

Enrol jupeb

Strive to be your best.

No pain….. No Gain.

You must never envy those living a flashy lifestyle.

You will meet most people in school with big cars and those flaunting things around.

Majority of these are not students, they are searching for students, while some are lectures and staffs.

Even if a minority of them are students living large, your goal should not change, do not get carried away.

Always be content and dream that one day you would be in a better position.

Do not let influence take away your sense, there would influence to live largely.

Be focus and key to your goal.


You must have a good plan for income to balance necessities.

Money can mislead, it’s also conclusive that you will have some needs and things you cannot ignore.

You will have to feed, maintain yourself, transport and buy school materials.

If you have sponsors, great! But never be dependent all the time.

If you have a skill that can fetch you money in no time do it.

Surviving in Lagos is critical, and since your main goal is to succeed in Unilag you have to be cautious and ready to balance things with a considerable income.

There would be a lot of legit was to make money, you don’t to be among the yahoo boys fan or runz girls.

Be you and things will be fine.

From the little money, you get to try to save up for the long-term and invest if you have a good means so that the money you earn can have some good returns.

Be careful how you go about this though, there are many negative ways that will call your attention. If you want to graduate and excel in Unilag with flying colors do the right thing at the right time.

Never let anyone pressure you to do the wrong thing.


Enrol jupeb

You must learn from those who are above you

Experience is the best teacher. That old saying still holds true.

You definitely have seniors who had experienced life at the University of Lagos.

You could pick one of these as a friend and try to learn one or two things from them.

These seniors could, in turn, show you the exact problems they faced, and the issues they encounter.

Filter the right things they say, never take all advice you are given and bury the real advice as a seed in your heart.


You must not task yourself as a fresher, keep everything at arm’s length.

how to graduate with first class in unilag


In the University of Lagos, so many things would be begging for your attention.

You have to act like a man or act like a real woman.

Do not let anything weigh you down.

If you are in your first year, limit activities, I mean party, societies, groups…or any form of a socialite.

The foundation is the key way to succeed in Unilag.

If you kill the foundation do not expect a first-class grade.

Even if you do not aim that high, it is still wise to do things rightly.


You have over 4 years in school.

Quit money making ideas, quit creating groups or just any form or task that will steal away your focus in the first year.

The first year should be dedicated entirely to your studies, just learn how the environment is before you make moves in the following year.

Thou shall always invest more time in reading past questions.

Past Question is the bedrock of succeeding in Unilag.

This is mostly true for freshers because lecturers don’t set new questions.

I haven’t much to emphasize this.

Just know that to excel in Unilag semester exam in the first year, the secret is to study Past Questions.

That means if you can lay your hands on them you’ll surely ace the course.

You must be ready to mix and blend with different culture

At the University of Lagos, you will find people from different backgrounds with different lifestyles.

You get mixed in a pool of culture surrounded by different people from different walks of life.

Always keep our African saying tied around your heart “Know the child of whom you are and remember where you come from, face your books and don’t let anyone give you a hard time”.


Thou shall run away from cultism but not fear cultism

As much as the school tries to curb the rate of cultism, it’s still impossible for them not to exist.

For the guys, you may find yourself in their midst unexpected base on the people you flock with.

This is exactly why i advice not having too much of friends.

Run away from such.

But that does not mean you should live your life in fear of cultism.

Be bold and be ready to say No.

Do not make trouble anywhere, it is wise to stay safe…Lagos’s life is dangerous if you’re not smart.

Most of your senior students, mostly those between their third, and final year will bamboozle you as a new student, they like show off, and they will want to make a deal out of you.

Do not fret when you come across such, face them but do not act smarter if you’re still new around, be gentle while you learn.

Many of those are some who have been in the school for years but kept having carryovers if you are in your 20s or you have a small stature they will usually want to intimidate you.

This would mean being utterly careful no matter what would destabilize you emotionally, be polite before them.

Ladies are not left out, the female gangs are there too, and even some guys will confront you.

Don’t let them scare you, what belongs to you is yours……always stand your grounds and you will excel in Unilag.


You must not be carried away by religion

There are so many fellowships and organizations in Unilag if you’re okay with them, then please do it at a considerate amount.

Over religiousness can steal away your focus, the major reason you are in school is to get a certificate.

Religious activities are just there to keep your faith and hope alive.

So, it’s okay to be among any religious group that doesn’t trade your study time with religious activities except if it really demands it.

Thou shall have a good and wise mentor

Having a mentor still count for excelling in Unilag both academically and physically.

Do not get a mentor that will tie your freedom or take advantage of you sexually or to fill their pockets and feed them, just get someone that can advise you and share your problems with.


Thou shall love but not lust.

Relationships are awesome, especially someone that can support you.

But I always say this, avoid complicated ones.

Love but don’t lust.

Don’t go searching for love, if you need to you will meet good people on your way.

Be open and be cautious.

Most guys only want to jump inside your legs and dump you, while most girls want to eat your pocket dry and dump you.

Be very wise in your stay at Lagos.

70% of people you will come across will frustrate you.


Thou shall never miss assignments, projects, and Continuous assessment test

These things are the key to success in Unilag. You need to take part in it while you attend lectures.

Attending lecture is good, but they won’t be enough, do your best to partake in class activities.

You must make plans and set Goals.

Do not kill yourself before your academical death.

Dreams and plan will guide you like a lamp in the darkness.

Dream. When you dream plan and set goals.

What do you hope to achieve?
How do you want to overcome challenges?
How will you graduate with a first class in Unilag?

Just so many things to plan about.

Please plan.

Keep learning and Learning!

Whatever mistake you make learn from it, don’t be like a dog who sits in it poo.

Keep learning and learning!


Remember to be close to lecturers and course leaders, they can help you in exams.

I hope you have a great time at the University of Lagos.

These 15 Laws, engrave it in your heart and I know you will definitely excel in Unilag.

Remember time really flies when you’re a university.

One minute you’re a fresher running around for registration, the next minute you’re planning your graduation ceremony.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity you have and make the most of it.

You may not end up with a first class, but you will be close.

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