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steps to pass uniben post utme

Uniben post utme is the lifeblood of admission, you ain’t going to be admitted if you fall short of the requirements. The exact questions every aspiring candidate ask are “How do I prepare for Uniben post utme” and “How do I pass Uniben Post Utme”

Today I am going to assume you are here to hear my own part of the answer, conclusively I am going to show the exact strategies that work for performing great in Uniben Post Utme.

After successfully publishing an article on How to prepare and pass unilorin post utme, I have decided to come to this side of the country, the south (Prestigious University of Benin).

I could have given a simple answer to pass Uniben post utme; Perhaps, read and pray.

But that is not our tradition of success, here at Osas Divine Blog, we are ready to go beyond the Ocean to provide the best guide for our audience.

Of course, I want you to come back after strolling around my blog with me on this topic for the more future educational guide.

Unilorin post utme cbt

You see, a student who knows the equivalence of gaining admission into the University of Benin should be ready to dig deep the web for the most significant resource.

Undoubtedly, the most crucial condition of admission these days in Nigeria to gain admission into the University is to meet the basic requirement just after successfully passing jamb; or probably after earning a direct entry qualification which lies on the shore of scoring high in Uniben Post Utme.

So, without further ado let’s get down to business.

Why are we here?

Apparently, we are going to be having a two section tutorial which are;

(a) How to Prepare for Uniben Post Utme.
(b) How to Pass Uniben Post Utme (with a few subtopics )

Eventually, I am going to need you to stick around with me for a couple of minutes and hopefully, we should end this note on a positive one, as in; by the end of this tutorial, you should boldly hit your chest that you are ready for Uniben Post Utme.

Learn more: Most competitive courses in Uniben.

If you cannot give me the look of 80% above then i will be forced to subject you to a spiritual solution.

Here is what I mean, even an average student, should be able to use the information therein to score high in Uniben post utme at least 80%.

Does that sound interesting? If so why don’t we get started!

Once upon a time, a student will have to sit for the most straining aptitude test as a stage of determining qualification for the University of Benin admission programme.

I sit and watch fear creep into the mind of the hopeful candidate, who are curious about passing Uniben Post Utme.

I can’t say Uniben post-Utme is difficult, and yet I cannot say it is easy.

It all depends on you, you, and you.

Are you willing to commit to all that is required to succeed?

Always remember this; Success is not hereditary and failure is not genetic.

To pass Uniben post utme it all depends on how much interest you will have in the basic preparation level.

Your amount of preparation for Uniben post utme will determine your end factor.

Less preparation, less Score.

Right now, you don’t have to figure out how to prepare for Uniben Post Utme on your own.

We have taken our time to craft out all the necessary preparation techniques, it’s just a matter of application.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe.

If most students say Uniben Post Utme is hard, it is of their own opinion, not yours.

If some say it is simple, so be it.

The most important factor that will reassure your success is your belief and how much effort could be put on the ground.

If you share this question on Quora, Nairaland or any forum.

Everyone is going to give you one advice exaggerated in a number of words.

That very answer is “You must Prepare“.

It is not as if I have an opposing answer, but I want to show you the exact steps to prepare for Uniben Post Utme and not just tell you to prepare.

Here are the basic steps to prepare for Uniben Post Utme that actually works.


  • Dream about Success all the way
  •  Plan a strategy for preparation
  •  Discover Your weakness
  • Use Your planned strategy to overcome your weakness
  •  Learn From others who have written the exam
  •  Know the structure of the exam
  •  Get Uniben Post Utme CBT or online tutorial
  •  Get Uniben Post Utme Past Question
  •  Practice how to Efficiently Use the time
  •  Cut off  Social Life  and distraction

How to prepare for Uniben Post Utme

1. Dream About Success.

The very beginning of success is to dream about it.

I mean thinking about what you actually wish to achieve.

There is actually a Psychology behind dreaming about success.

It is something only a few people will understand.

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

C’mon read that again and you will find meaning in it.

There is a great need to dream about success.

Grab a chair, sit down and dream about your near future success, do not dream about your post utme.

I want you to dream of seeing yourself on a matriculation gown.

Dream about yourself graduating happily taking photos with family and friends.

Unilorin post utme cbt

While you do this, you’re inviting the angels of dreams and wishes to come and grant your dreams and make it a reality.

There is power in dreaming. It is a great step towards success, but this seldom known.

How many times have you sat to think about those things you want to achieve?

I know you would not understand this, as much as I want you to.

But here is the reason dreaming about long-term success will make you pass Uniben Post Utme.

When you have a strong dream that really inspires you, you will definitely be ready to do what it takes to make that dream come true even if what it takes is to kill a Lion.

Having a dream will be your motivating spirit to keep working hard.

So the first step to prepare for Uniben Post Utme is to dream about your Success.

When you finally have a dream, always remember that you have a great task to achieve.

If you fail, I will be the first to call out on your Bullshit.


2. Plan a strategy for preparation;

A plan always paves the way for success.

The difference between those that succeed and those that don’t is this, those that succeed always plans.

However, I am awed when i see the steps most students take towards preparing for an exam.

How effective is a fortnight preparation?

But that is what most students do.

Few weeks’ preparations cannot yield a great result if you want to pass Uniben post utme.

Three months is the perfect time frame to prepare for Uniben post utme and i guarantee you will score high.

So much so, if you are curious about scoring high in Uniben post utme then you should be ready to plan a strategy that you will use to achieve that purpose.

If time-table is your thing do not hesitate to create one.

If you love studying with past questions rather than textbooks then use it as a means of preparation.

Do not sit and wait for the exam to come.

Plans fuel your preparation.

In a nutshell, you need to have a strategy of reading towards the exam.

If you think attending lectures will suffice, then look around for any Post Utme tutorial. Just have a good strategy that will help you prepare.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Don’t forget to start preparing far before the exam registration begins.


3. Discover Your weakness:

I know you do not know everything! But anything can be learned.

You need to see where you have weaknesses (topics you don’t know very well and need to improve in )

Get a past question, solve them and see where you fall short.

Everyone has a weakness, admit it.

You must trace those areas where you need to improve your knowledge on.

The goal is to pass with at least 80%, achieving that would not be very easy.

I hope you have this installed in your mind; Success is all about you, you and you.

I won’t be there to write the exam for you, it’s up to you if you make use of this advice to blast Uniben post utme.

It is important you don’t forget that.

You need to wake up if you are still sleeping, start testing yourself and see which area you know best or which area you need to work on.

Jot down those weaknesses, the whole time you will have to prepare for Uniben Post Utme is to deal with those weaknesses and ensure you have covered enough topics.

Remember that you must start preparing in time.

The earlier you start preparing the more topics you will cover.


4. Use Your planned strategy to overcome your weakness.

That being said and done, the next thing to do is deal with your weaknesses.

I believe you will use step two of this guide to plan a reading strategy that you will use to prepare for Uniben post Utme.

When you have those strategies, then you will use step three to discover those areas you need to improve your knowledge on.

Now we are progressing!

Use step four to deal with your weakness.

Do not leave anything left out.

If you have a weakness in English then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in Mathematics then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in physics then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in Economics then patch it up.

But if your weakness comes from a specific topic under these subjects, then locate them and patch it up.

5. Learn from others who have written the exam.

I cannot actually say that every information in this guide will be enough for you.

But i am cocksure that learning from those who have written the exam is a great step to prepare for Uniben post utme.

If you do not know anyone, do not be shy to meet someone on the campus. Politely ask for a minute or two and ask for advice or information about Uniben post utme.

As long as you don’t approach them ill-mannered, they will seemingly give you more information about Uniben Post Utme and some steps to take to score high in Uniben Post Utme.

They will tell you the exact areas to prepare more on.

You should have something substantial to hold along with the advice you are reading now from this guide.


6. Know the structure of the exam.

If you want to pass uniben post utme you must know the structure of the exam.

Knowing it will ace your preparation for Uniben post utme.

But only a few people care about the structure of the post utme aptitude test.

How many questions are set in Uniben post utme?

What is the nature of Uniben post utme?

How many subjects are set in Uniben post utme?

What is the time given to answer Uniben post utme questions?

How is Uniben post utme marked and graded?

How often is Uniben post utme repeated?

Without knowing the answer to these then no matter what you do, you are only 50% prepared.

You needn’t have to worry.

You can always count on us here at Osas Divine Blog for genuine Information.

All the information you need about Uniben post utme and all the questions above will be shared on this guide, keep reading!

7. Get Uniben Post Utme CBT or online practice.

It would be evidently a success if you can find a reliable post utme app designed for the test or an online CBT practice.

Trust me, it really helps a lot if you desire to make something out of your preparation for Uniben Post Utme, then the greatest tool to use is a CBT app or online practice.

If all you have is a past question, it’s pretty fine.

But, you will benefit more and prepare faster if these tools are available.

You can search on Google if any of these are available.

It will help you improve your knowledge and make you more prepared for the University of Benin (Uniben) post Utme Exam.

8. Get Uniben Post Utme Past Question.

Eventually, there is no way you can prepare for Uniben post utme without a past question.

You will find a lot of Uniben post utme past question online for free.

Just search diligently. Even if you have to pay to access it, it’s worth it.

Reading textbooks alone do not count.

Past questions will help you understand where questions are sent from and the nature of the question.

You can also get most likely post utme question for uniben post utme 2019

9. Practice How to efficiently use time.

In Uniben Post Utme, time is the strongest factor that will determine your success or failure.

Solving difficult questions in 1 your would be quite daunting.

You need to practice how to be fast when answering questions.

I will still recommend you search for a post utme apk or online CBT with a timer.

If you do not find one, you can use past questions and time yourself.

The key is to answer questions as quick as possible.

Practice makes perfect if you have a means of preparing yourself to ve fast then it would improve your efficiency in the exam.

10. Cut from any form of social life or distractions.

This makes the list of the steps to take while preparing for Unilorin post utme.

A serious candidate who wants to score high should be ready to drop distractions.

Often, most candidates get carried away and prepare occasionally.

Do not let anything steal your focus in order to actually score high in Unilorin Post Utme

Drop phones directions
Drop the party lifestyle
Don’t go looking for friends.

During this period your friend is your Book.

Follow these 10 steps and you should be ready for Uniben Post utme 2019.

How to Pass Uniben Post Utme

Strategies used for preparing for uniben post utme

Now, we have taken the first step of success which involves preparation.

Assuming you follow the 10 steps, I have shared above, the next thing is to sit for the exam.

This section of this guide will show the exact practical steps you need to take to pass Uniben Post Utme, and here there are.


  • 2 weeks before the exam, lunch a revision based exercise.
  • A night before the exam, do not read. Recall what you have been reading.
  •  On the day of the exam, remember the success you have dreamed about.
  • Once you get to the hall remember to relax your mind and recall the things you read.
  • Start by answering the ones you know first.
  • At each stage of the exam breath in and breath out when your heart starts beating.
  • Be focused and do not think outside.
  • Use the SRSR technique.
  • You can also use the elimination technique
  • Answer according to fact and don’t guess.


1. 2 weeks before the exam, lunch a revision based exercise.

Lest i forget, if you are a mathematics student, ensure you know how to calculate important things without the calculator.

2 weeks to your exam must be dedicated to revising what you have read.

Do not do much of fresh reading so that you don’t give your brain too much to remember.

That means you must have read enough two weeks amid the exam.

Revise a lot of what you have been reading and ensure you master them.

2. A night before the exam, do not read. Recall what you have been reading.

A night before the exam, take time and start recalling important formulae and definition without opening your note, it should help you know how prepared you are.

If you forget anything, grab your book and refill that gap.

But ensure you focus more on recalling what you have read, and revised.


3. On the day of the exam, remember the success you have dreamed about.

I once told you that dreaming about yourself in school will gravitate your motivation.

Do it once more, do not forget where you have planned to be.

While you dream about success, build your strength on it.

When you get to the hall, look around you, you will see a lot of people fighting for that same admission as you.

Once again, build your will of hard work upon that.

Do not let anything stop you from praying if you believe in the existence of a supernatural force.

Let your instinct align your emotions and physical presence.

Don’t relent, don’t compare, don’t give up, do your best, and that dream will become a reality.

4. Once you get to the hall remember to relax your mind and recall the things you read.

Once more, the recalling stage is still vital when you get to the hall.

But do not base on recalling one thing, recall as much as you can.

What are the formulae you have learned?

How many definitions do you still remember?

Are there any dates to remember?

Remember as much as you can.

5. Start by answering the ones you know first.

Once the exam starts, answer those you know first.

Remember you don’t have all the time you have.

Don’t start with the difficult ones, let those come last.

You can use the idea of the simple ones to answer the difficult ones.

If you get stuck, move on.

6. At each stage of the exam breath in and breath out when your heart starts beating.

I learned this from a therapist who deals with the mind.

Unfortunately, it worked. I use this formula in any exam I write and I think it helps me clear my mind.

At a time, your heart will start pondering as you take the exam.

Maybe you will be encompassed by the mindset of, “what if I fail”
If you find yourself in this situation, breath in and out, and pause for a moment repeat this once more and think about success only not a failure.

Then continue in faith.

7. Be focused and do not think outside.

Sometimes, your mind will wave outside the bracket.

It’s very crucial that you focus only on the now, and forget the past or later.

Be entirely focused, all you have to see is the exam you’re currently writing.

Let your mind be present and ensure it works accordingly.


8. Use the SRSR technique.

The SRSR technique is something that works and I will never stop teaching my students.

You can score high in Uniben Post utme if you can use the SRSR technique.

What does SRSR technique mean?

S means => Scan
R means => Reflect
S means => Solve
R means => Re-read.

Here is how to use this technique.

When you get to any question mostly the difficult ones, first scan through the question. While you scan, collect the important element in the question and understand what the question is talking about.

Then you reflect on that question to see what comes to your mind.

After reflecting, try to solve the question.

If you get it, great! But if you don’t; Read the question over again, and check the options, by now it should look like your mind is beginning to understand and reproduce the answer.

9. You can also use the elimination technique.

You can still use the other method which is the elimination technique.

Look at the options, you should see one looks odd, eliminate that until you get close to the answer.

10. Answer according to fact and don’t guess.

Dear Friend, do not guess. Ensure you really know what you’re answering.

Guessing doesn’t work, answer base on fact and you will definitely make it.

These are exactly the steps to take to prepare and pass Uniben Post Utme.

I just like to add additional information.

Uniben Post Utme Subject Combination.

What are the subjects written in Uniben Post Utme?

The subjects you will write in Uniben Post Utme is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

How many questions are set in Uniben Post Utme?

60 questions will be set in Uniben post utme, and it will be shared accordingly to the subjects you did in jamb.

How much time do I have to answer questions in Uniben Post Utme?

The time given to answer Uniben post utme is approximately 1 hour for the four subjects.


What is the format of Uniben Post Utme – how is uniben post utme like?

I guess you have been asking this question, how is Uniben post utme like.

Uniben does not give everyone the same ratio of subjects in Post Utme.

But the 60 questions will be divided among your jamb subjects.

Although, the amount of English you will see or the number of questions that will be set in each subject are not equal.

It is a lie that in Uniben post utme, everyone will have more of the English language.

I am sorry to say, as of 2019 that is not the system.

Obviously, most students will get more or English inside the 60 questions, but others may get more of other subjects.

That is the way it is.

Uniben Post Utme Syllabus.

Most students are asking for Uniben post utme syllabus.

However, it is worthy of note that the University of Benin those not have Post Utme syllabus.

Read your note and past questions and you should be prepared for Uniben post utme.

How is Uniben Post Utme aggregate calculated?

It is simple, First, your total aggregate score is 100%. Which means the total grade is over 100 among all the four subjects.

At the end of the day, your Jamb score will get divided by 8, while your post utme score will be divided by 2.

Always put it at the back of your mind that scoring high in post utme will boost your admission chances.

When is Uniben Post Utme starting for 2019?

Just in case you have been worried too and asking, which time is post utme exam for uniben starting, then let me drop a bit of information on that.

Uniben post utme registration will likely commence as from July 2019.

We will try and update you once the main date has been fixed.


Now we have covered all there is to know about Uniben post utme.

We wish you luck and happy matriculation in advance!


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