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How to Prepare and Pass Post Utme Exam 2020


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how to pass post utme


The fear of gaining admission, everyone feels it. Don’t you? Now here comes a beautiful topic that will blow your mind “How to pass post utme and how to for prepare Post Utme exams “

Gaining Admission this year! It’s the ultimate goal of every student, i mean your goal per se.

But of course reaching this goal can be difficult and terrifying, there is a seemingly infinite number of variables that determine if you will actually pass post utme in 2019 and gain admission.

And let’s not forget about how burdensome post utme exams is in institutions like Unilorin, Unibadan, Uniben, Unilag, OAU, UNN, and Unizik.

Omg! These schools could be so demanding.

Their post utme structure can leave you scratching your head as to what your next move should be.

Imagine all the stress you went through writing Jamb and now the subject on the ground is “Post Utme

I know that I’ve found myself frustrated more than a few times, while i was in the same position as you’re now.

But what if I told you that there was a specific formula you can follow to actually pass post utme exams that 73% of students do not know?

What if you could knock it out with the powerful tips to prepare for post utme that i want to teach you now?

Well, there is!

I do not want to sound like a gratified motivational speaker, but there’s definitely a recipe for passing post utme in any school even if you’re encompassed by fear.

During the years, I’ve experimented with nearly everything under the sun and have come up with a surefire formula for crushing any post utme exam you write in whatsoever school.

No matter who the examiners are, give them a red card with this skilled formula that i teach only my students on how to pass post utme.

Of course, that’s what you’re going to learn now.

But before i show you this reliable formula that crushes any post utme exams, let’s start from the most fundamental part of this guide on how to pass post utme.

PS: We’re going to divide this guide into two sections.


Part A: How To Prepare For Post Utme Exams

Part B: How To Pass Post Utme




I know you have been to so many blogs and websites, read a lot on how to prepare for post utme, but you’re still curious.

How many of these blogs actually gave you a substantial strategy that works on how to pass post utme starting from the bases of preparation?

Remember we’re talking about 2019! Gone are the days of PPT exams, 75% of schools now use CBT in post utme exams.

That being so, your preparation shouldn’t just base in your academic aspects alone, but as well prepare to face the computer.

All things being equal, even if your schools Post Utme is a paper test, it’s okay. I would ensure to cover all areas.


Preparing for Post Utme exams isn’t just going to be a few weeks preparation.

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Here is a profound explanation to that.

What is the difference between an Iroko tree and a Maize Crop?

Well, both have two different roots.

Which one can stand the test of a very tumultuous storm?

That ain’t rhetorical, even wind can take of a maize plant in 2 minutes.

Perhaps, an Iroko tree can stand the test of time in any situation.

But do you know how long it would take for an Iroko tree to grow?

A maize plant can grow in two weeks but it can never stand the test of time as an Iroko would.

For an Iroko tree, it would take years for it to become a real Iroko tree.

Here is the point i am driving out.

Two weeks preparation is not going to make you pass Post utme, it’s not solid enough and its like a maize crop that can easily be blown away in the exam hall.
When i mean a pass, i mean Passing well.

There is a difference between an ordinary pass, and passing Well.

Let’s assume your cut-off mark is 50% which is the average cut off mark for the majorities of Nigeria institutions.

Scoring around 50% – 65 % is just a pass.

But scoring 65% – 100% is what i mean as passing well.

Enrol jupeb

Which category do you prefer?

Let’s not go to the area of competitions in federal Universities like Unilag, Unilorin, Uniben, UNN, and Unibadan.

For you to gain admission into these schools you need more than a mare pass, the only way you can have a golden chance is to pass well.


Do not let anyone give you a wrong impression that you can prepare for Post Utme in two weeks and Succeed.

Actually, it happens but only if you previously had a foundational knowledge.

That brings me to the first Tip below.

Here are the five powerful ways to prepare for Post Utme exams, that no one actually talks about.

#1 – Acquire A Strong Foundational Knowledge of the Subjects Involved.

Foundational knowledge is the next best strategy to nothing for crushing any exam in the blink of an eye.

If you read a whole room filled with textbooks in two weeks, you will still find it difficult to actually pass Post Utme.

Have you ever experienced this? Each time you open your textbook to read you always find more new things.

Well, that’s how the human brain works, that’s why you have to start on time.

Do not expect to pass the post utme exam if you are only a few weeks prepared.

If you’re to prepare for post utme, it should be in the space of 3 months (least) to 1 year.

Enrol jupeb

Past Knowledge is the most powerful tool you can use to pass post utme and any exam per se.

I was strolling around Nairaland and i came across this beautiful thread.

In that thread, someone actually shared some tips on how to pass post utme.

Trust me, it’s the same stories you get in those websites every now and then.

That was when i realized it was copied and paste content.

My main point here is, i will never recommend such advice for any student, certainly not you. Because it’s just content for wishful thinking, there is nothing to write home about.
how to prepare and pass post utme

When i see actions most students take when an exam is coming close; I always can’t help laughing.

There is only a sense of urgency when exams are drawing closer.

That’s when you start running helter-skelter.

I asked a friend when are you going to start preparing for Post Utme and she told me the exam was still far and she would start reading a month before.

You see, it made me really understand why students fail to post utme exams even when the majority of them have brilliant brains.

If you have such philosophy i am sorry to say, you’re going to fail with flying colors, and i have no doubt.

Preparing far ahead of time will give you foundational knowledge.

Foundational knowledge is that which sticks to your brain forever.

It’s that which rescues students from failing.

You can’t have foundational knowledge in one month.

You need to build a foundation knowledge in longer times.

You will see that once you get to the hall those things you read 5 months ago were more helpful than the one you read a fortnight ago.

#2 – Read all the Textbooks you need to read

I can count how many times you’ve opened your textbook to prepare for post utme.

Please prove me wrong!

Do you have a textbook in the first place?

You think past question alone can help!

So bad, i can’t say there is a single formula to pass post utme, in fact, there are lots of formulas.

Enrol jupeb
One of those formulae is building a tower with Textbooks.

If you want to pass post utme you need to make textbooks your friend.

Chew them as if they were your favorite food.

When there is No pain, No gain.

I have a strong conviction that if you can get the right books, read them and understand them you will most definitely score high in post utme in 2019.

But i cannot guarantee that if you can’t read.

The Problem student face with reading

The most intriguing part of this reading stuff is 63% of students don’t have a flair for reading.

Am talking about you my friend, that weak spirit of reading that you always encounter.

It’s easy to deal with it if you truly want.

Don’t let any Book discourage you if it does; you need to think of the end benefit.

Your admission is at stake here, be ready to give it your best.

#3 – Do not Cling around Chickens build a reliable study group.

Listen, you can never fly like an eagle when you cling around chickens.

In a nutshell, you cant achieve success by following people who are not going in line with success as you’re.

Its all go down to those unhelpful friends and company you keep.

If your goal is to do well in post utme, you have to build a study group with like minds.

Remember you’re an eagle.

So move with eagles and not chickens.


A study group is one of the most recommended methods of passing post utme exams.

If you can’t build one, you’re missing out of vital preparation strategies.

So its time to build a study group.

The caveat: As much as a study group helps, there is some class of students who learn fast in lone studies.

It’s fine if you benefit the most in lone studies, but always remember that group study will make you learn faster and remember a lot of things.

But if you can’t build one, then be yourself and prepare alone.

#4 – Never be a doubting Thomas, prepare your mind for success.

The plague of doubts is something experienced by so many students.

It’s a trend, due to fear of passing.

But i tell you this, a mind that believes cannot witness failure unless the right steps are ignored.

Wrap off the fear in you and don’t be a doubting Thomas.

“Preparation never fails, unless you fail to Prepare”

Belief yields a great result, only you can stop yourself from not passing.

Every time that doubt of passing post utme comes, always tell yourself this ” I am destined for success and nothing can stop me”

Most students have written post utme several times and failed, therefore, causing doubts in the next one.

Always remember this, ” Sometimes it is the last key in the bunch that opens the lock! Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is dear to you.

Strongly believe in yourself and your performance will give you a cry of Joy.

#5 – Use Past Questions as your Key to Pass Post Utme

There is always a master key that opens any lock.

Dear candidate here you’re at the threshold of success repeating itself.

Isn’t high time to become a University student?

This year should be a very great chance to unlock that door keeping you behind of success.

“The master key is past questions”

It is not in vain that i have utmost confidence for your sake – a master key, my dear can open all doors, i mean all doors including the steel and iron ones.

No matter how difficult your school post utme is if you prepare for it with the correct past question you can crush it under your feet.

You quite all right know the meaning of “master key” or don’t you?

Well, to remove all your doubts, dear friend the easiest way to pass post utme is by using past questions to prepare for post utme.

I can give you so many tips to do well in post utme, but without past question, you can never climb that ladder into the University.

I am sure you have heard this countless times, past questions are repeated 50% times for most schools.

See, even if they are not repeated……it will be in light of the last question.

#6 – Utilize the power of Social Media influence while preparing for post Utme.

Go to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and even the common Nairaland.  You will find so many helpful threads and pages to learn from.

Most of these social media sites can ace your preparation for post Utme.

To pass post utme, it is not only through reading books and past questions.

Go to Facebook, find the most engaging group pertaining to your school and join.

Go to Nairaland, search for the most interesting thread meant for your school post utme. You can search for queries like.

“How to prepare for Uniben post utme – Nairaland ”

Go to Google, search for Whatsapp group for aspirants in your specific institution.

Click here to JOIN unilorin WhatsApp group for aspirants and post utme.

By so doing you’re getting prepared for post utme.

#7 – Prepare Yourself for proper and efficient time usage.


Did you know that Post utme exam is not just a test of knowledge but time usage and efficiency?

Simply put, you need to be a pro in time usage or else your whole preparation would be in waste.

Prepare yourself to be fast when answering post utme questions.

Most of these schools only provide a short time for post utme.

Be efficient and smart.

Studying At Night:

The best time to study is at night.

We have done a lot of real-life experiment and we discovered that the best time the brain comprehend things is at night.

If you can open your books at night and grab some information or solve questions. You will find out that you will be very bold to face any exam.

You will eventually have a stronger brain ready to answer any question.

But most students are very lazy…

Night study helps so much use it to enhance your success.

Factors That effect Students from passing post utme

Evidently, there are some factors that cause students not to pass post utme and here they are.

===> Social Distractions

I earlier emphasized the importance of social media, but another thing worthy of note is social media could also be negative in the sense that it could create distractions.

It can keep you so addicted in a way that you can’t keep your eye of your phone, check every of your Facebook and WhatsApp chats.

Another form of social distraction is the friends you keep.

Cut away from friends who always shift your enthusiasm from the study.

And finally even Watching T.v programmes is another worse form of distraction.

For the meantime limit the usage of this and be a more active reader.

===> Disbelief: 

I know you have little doubts every moment of the day that questions your faith.

Its human nature, but it can be overcome by converting such doubts to belief.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to believe in you?

Obviously, you are the anchor of your life.

You have no excuse for failure to go and wash off that disbelief.

====> Lack of Time to Prepare:

I know most of the times you are tied to so many chores in your surroundings.

It isn’t any excuse for not preparing for post Utme.

Wrap them off with wisdom and get back to study.

Never you look down on study…

Do not feel too burdened, you need to do all these if you want to wear a matriculation gown this year.


How To Prepare for Post Utme at the dying Minutes

Most times, there is usually a sense of urgent preparation.

Although i have explained above that two weeks preparation do not yield any good result, i have only decided to include this section as to tell you exactly how to increase and use some specific skills to prepare when you are already minutes away to the exam.

I call this – “The dying minutes preparation”

Here are the 11 tips to prepare for post Utme at the dying minutes.

1. Do an overall review and Revision of your subjects:

At least 3 days before your exam is a dying minute.

Around this time refrain from reading new things, only read those things you have been reading as a means of revision to enable them to stick to your brain.

Do these in all your subjects.

2. Recall Important Formulae

Formulae are very good for answering questions in exams.

Recall those you have learned and put them into practice again to see if you still remember them.

3. Practice solving Past Questions:

During the dying minutes, you should be found solving past questions the more.

Take it as if you were already facing the exam and do your best to answer as much as you can.

4. Use ‘ Short revise ‘ method.

Short revise method entails you to scan through your textbooks to collect ideas.

This time no fresh reading, or you will forget all you have read; just do a short revise.

5. Sketch/Draw to remember well.

If you can use diagrams to aid remembrance, do them.

For example: If i have a chemistry exam, i like drawing the periodic table in order to remember the elements and really helps.

6. Write a Mock at Home:

Give yourself a pre-exam. Open any questions that are unanswered and test your ability.

This will ace your preparation for post utme.

7. Go back the difficult problem you encountered in the past that you already know and revise them.

I know you came across some difficult questions when you were reading! Do you still remember them? Go back to them and re-study.

8. Practice your favorite Topics the most.

Have you any interesting topic? Dwell on them the most.

You may be quite lucky to come across them, which means you can boldly answer them.

9. Spend Some time meditating on all you have read before the exam.

Hours to the exam, spend some time meditating, trying recalling what you have read.

Whatever you find difficult to remember, consult your textbook.

10. Do not let any distraction come your way at your dying minutes of Preparation.


And last but not least, keep away from distractions. Do your best to be focused and at the end of the day you’re free to do anything.


What to read for Post Utme

This is another trending topic that i can’t ignore – what to read for post utme. Well, there are lots of things to read for post utme.

I cannot tell you exactly that this is what you should read because various institutions have her own post utme subjects.

And i may not be able to start highlighting each school.

But this will help : How to Pass Uniben Post Utme

But one thing i know is 80% of Nigeria Universities sets questions from the English language.

Among this 80 %, 50% will set the exact questions you did in jamb and of course Use of English is compulsory.

So in the aspects of the English Language.

Focus your reading on Lexis and structure aspects.

There are rules guiding rules of the English language.

Remember that there are over 100 rules, but the 23 rules i have shared will help you to answer questions correctly in the exam.

Apart from this, please look for “The invisible Teacher ” It’s an English Textbook written by Dele Ashade.

You will find all the complete rules to crush any Use of English question as long as you study them.


How Many Subjects Are Written In Post Utme?

I wrote a guest post in one of our top educational niche blogs in Nigeria.

In that post, i shared exactly how many subjects are written in post utme in about 11 Top institutions in Nigeria.

You can as well go there to check.

For Unilorin Aspirants you can find a complete list of what to read for post utme and every single detail about the exam:

Unilorin Post Utme guide

Now, we are done with Part A of this section: How to prepare for Post Utme.

Its high time we went to the next section: How to Pass Post Utme in any school.



There are about 1.8 million Nigerians who are aiming to be in the University and other tertiary institutions as of 2019/2020.

Sadly, only about 750,000 of these students will receive the good news of Admission.

Nowadays, getting into tertiary institution has become such a huge task.

Post Utme exams conducted by schools has caused a roadblock to students from gaining admission.

Remember in the opening part of this article, we talked about a surefire formula that works for passing post utme in any University.

If you fully use section A of this article ( Preparation section )

Then this surefire formula will do the rest of the magic.

Now we are assuming you’re in the exam hall.

Here are some formulae you can use to crush and pass post utme in any institution.

#- 1 Take a deep Breath when you get to the Exam hall.

Your main goal is to answer questions as fast and accurate as possible

#2 – Read All the Instructions Carefully

I have found myself failing questions i knew very well, most especially in Use of English.

I really don’t know why.

For example, you are asked to find the synonymous word to an underlined word, but because i didn’t read the instructions carefully i did otherwise.

Many times you will find yourself on such occasion. Always read the instructions given.

#.3 Read All the Questions Carefully


Apart from reading instructions carefully, it’s also paramount to read the questions carefully.

Ensure you don’t read a question and move to the option of another different question entirely to answer. Don’t mix things up for yourself.

Keep your mind focused and active.

#4- Extract the given parameters from the questions.


After reading the instruction and questions carefully, look at the question for what you’re to do.

You could be asked to tell a date, give a name of something, or define something.

Look at the question and extract the parameters therein.

#- 5 Look at all the choices Carefully Before you answer.


Do not rush when answering questions.

Sometimes you will feel you know it and without looking crucially you will end up at the wrong answer.

Do not rush while answering questions.

Look carefully before you answer.

Imagine a question like this from Unilorin Post Utme.

* Ade is trying to send money to his friend’s account, which reads: 8111440000100322
Which of the following is the correct copy of the account

(a) 811144000100322
(b) 8114440000100322
(d) 8111440000100322
(e) 81114400001000322

You see, the concept of this question is for you to think and look carefully.

It’s good to be very efficient with time usage, but while you watch the time ensure you look before you leap.

#- 6 Paraphrase the Question


Another way you can arrive at the correct answer in post utme is to paraphrase the question.

E.g Where do wild animals live?
Looking at the question i can paraphrase it as; ” Where do lions live?

(a) forest
(b) cage
(c) farm
(d) sea

I hope you get the concept!

#- 7 Stop and think carefully before clicking.

Once you know the answer pause for a second and think again if it’s exactly the correct answer.

#-8 Eliminate the wrong answers one after the other


This is the favorite formula i love the most because it really works.

There will definitely find an odd answer, check carefully and start by removing the odd answers.

#-9 Recheck your work for accuracy


For those who are writing the PPT post utme exam.

Always check for accuracy. Ensure your writing is readable and clear enough to understand.

Do not use words you don’t know their meaning and don’t write too much to impress the examiner. Give them a straight answer.

#-10 Skip questions you don’t know and revisit them.


Pondering on a question you deem difficult can waste your time.

Instead, move the ones you know, answer those ones and come back to re-answer those you missed.

Ensure you don’t leave anyone unanswered.

  • These Formula works, try them and you will be glad you did.

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