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how to get hostel accommodation in unilorin

As a pledge to provide generic information at Osas Divine Blog, today i am going to show you how to get Hostel accommodation in Unilorin for freshers, returning students and those who would be writing Post Utme.

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We have noticed that the majority of students who are prospective students (freshers and returning students) of the University of Ilorin are curious to get real-time details relating to hostel accommodation in Unilorin.

Most specifically, it has also come to our notice that aspiring students of the prestigious Univerity of Ilorin who are hoping to write post utme as well as those coming from afar are all curious about how to get cheap hostel accommodation in Unilorin to spend the night before their exams.

So we have deemed it fit to address this topic in a pertinent time as this.

Are you hoping to get cheap hostel accommodation in Unilorin? Well, there is no need to worry. This section will address this accordingly.

I know many aspirants recently gained admission into Unilorin so it would be better to secure a good hostel accommodation in Unilorin, whether off-campus or within the school premise.

Unilorin post utme cbt

I am not only going to show you how to get a good standard and cheap hostel accommodation in Unilorin, but i am also going to tell you the fees and which accommodation would be best for you.

Majority of Unilorin freshers and returning students got hostel allocation off-campus for some reasons i will highlight in this article.

While you will find the minority inside the school hostels.

There is evidently pros and cons of deciding to leave outside the campus and within the campus as it suits you.

So we will review both in this article.

Take note: We are going to be excluding postgraduate hostel accommodation in Unilorin. We are going to address that subsequently.

So these are the categories we will address in this article.

How to get hostel accommodation in Unilorin for freshers and how to get hostel accommodation in Unilorin for returning students 2019/2020 session

How to get Hostel accommodation in Unilorin for Post Utme (Unilorin screening test ) 2019/2020 session.

So, I trust that you will have a good time with me.

Now let’s start with the first.

 Hostel Accommodation For Freshers and Returning Student in Unilorin 2019/2020 session

The University of Ilorin ( Unilorin) had made available hostel allocations for returning students and freshers. In order to secure a bed space, students are expected to follow the instructions laid down.

However, these are the two main Hostel Categories at the University of Ilorin.

* Off Campus
* Within the Campus

In order to secure a bed space within the campus as a fresher, you must have completed your clearance.

As a returning student, you have to check your portal to make sure your name is in good standings.

What you must Know in order to get a Bed space in the school Hostel

As earlier stated, as a returning student you’re to check your portal and ensure it’s in good standing status.

For freshers, you’re to complete your clearance before you can proceed with securing a bed space in the University of Ilorin.

Allocation is through online application only

The University of Ilorin hostels are categorized in a Village System – with rooms of 2, 4, 6 and 8

Village I –  Male Hostel
Village II (Lagos) –  Female
Village IIIa (Abuja)-  Female
Village IIIb (Kwara) – Female
Village IV  (Zamfara)- Female
Village V  (Trunil)-Female

Unilorin hostel application can only be done online.

All rooms are tiled with wardrobes and bookshelves and as well equipped with orthopedic mattresses and pillows.


Unilorin main general hostel fee remains the sum of N28, 000 Naira per bed space. However, the Private hostels cost around N90, 000 to N180, 000 as the case may be.

Unilorin post utme cbt


In order to secure a bed space/hostel accommodation in Unilorin follow the steps below.

1. Make a payment online via the school Portal. Remember to collect payment confirmation receipt or it will be invalid.

The school will not be answerable to any loss if you cannot get a complete receipt for your payment.

so ensure you do this in a reliable cafe within the school.

2. After payment gets every receipt intact, then go to the student’s affairs office for bed space allocations.

You can ask for directions to the student affairs office when you get to school.

3.  Tender your receipts and you will be given the following terms and conditions of hostel allocation in the Unilorin.

These are the policy of hostel accommodation in Unilorin.

(a) You will dutifully participate in the Daily, weekly and Bi-monthly cleaning of the hostel surroundings.

(b) You will not tamper with electrical installations, fixtures, and fittings in the wall of the residence.

(c) You will agree not to use electrical cookers/hot plate within the hostel premise.

(d) You will likewise agree not to cook inside the hostel except the kitchen designated for such purpose

(e) You will not wash in the room except in the laundry area

(f) You will agree to use the toilet facilities decently.

(g) You will not place posters and banners in authorized places within the University/Residence.

(h) You will agree not to accept squatting or transfer bed spaces allocated to you

(i) You will also agree not to be found in any form of illegal practices, disrupt the normal life of others, engage in any form of noisy religious activities, associated with any criminal act, engage in secret society or form any court group

(j) After you’ve been given a bed space. You must ensure you have at least 2-bed sheets and one blanket.

(k) Finally, You’re expected to dress decently in line with the school dress code. Visitors are only allowed in the school common room.


Unilorin post utme cbt

How to Get Hostel Accommodation In Unilorin Off Campus at Tanke and Oke-Odo

The school permits living outside the school campus as long as you remain in good conduct as a representative of the school.

The most comfortable and recommended student areas for getting hostel accommodations are:

(a) Tanke/Oke-Odo
(b) Tipper Garage

Leaving outside this premise will lead to severe transportation issues most especially in the rain semester.

Hostel allocations off-campus are usually self contains or mini flat.

The fees vary upon the area.

Here are some photos of How Hostels Look like Off Campus.

Unilorin hostel accommodation for returning students
get unilorin hostel accommodation
unilorin hostel accommodation for freshers

The fee for cheap hostel accommodation in Unilorin off campus is N50, 000 (least) and it goes down to N100, 000 being in the best range.

Majority of students prefer life outside campus.

It’s easy to get hostel accommodation outside the campus.

There are no policy or whatever, the off-campus have no connections with the University of Ilorin official boards.

To get good hostel accommodation off-campus you will need to meet an agent.

The caveat: Unilorin Hostel accommodations both off campus and within the campus are in a first come first serve ratio.

So in order to secure a very good one, it must be done in time.

You can contact us to help you get a good one.

Pros and Cons of Living Either off-campus or within the Campus In Unilorin

If you are having a hard time choosing whether to rent an apartment outside the school or within the school this section will help you suggest which would be best.

There are some disadvantages and advantages of staying In Unilorin hostels, these advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

Pros of staying Within the campus in Unilorin


  • You will have more information faster when you live in the hostel accommodation provided by the school. As you know, rumor and news travels faster within the school hostel
  • You will have the opportunity to make more friends and relate to different people from different homes and easily get exposed.
  • Unilorin hostel accommodation is cheaper as the fees are paid annually.
  • There is no transport issue in school. It’s a benefit for unilorites who have early morning tests and classes
  • There is a power standby in the University premise.
  • There is security in terms of life, that is if your roommate doesn’t attack you by themselves at night. Trust Yoruba people.
  • Your passion and concentration for studying will be active.


Cons of staying Within the campus in Unilorin


  • There are so many policies tied to the hostel. You only have limited freedom and you must submit the rules. You can scroll up again to check the rules, i have mentioned them in this article.
  • Unilorin hostels are usually boring. The life there is on a low key. Sometimes frustrating
  • Most of the environments are not conducive, most especially when you have to share a room with 3-4 students.
  • Stealing of properties within the hostel is common between roommate.
  • The private hostel which is a bit comfortable is expensive.
  • There are more Muslims within the hostel, this may be a turn down for students not familiar with the Yoruba culture or do not understand their language.
  • Sometimes the cost of perishable goods and cooking items are high compared to outside, that’s if you even find them. E.g Kerosene, Gas, etc.
  • Sometimes there is water scarcity within the hostel premise in the University of Ilorin.
  • Sorry for you if you cause trouble with your hostel mate, i can’t tell you the consequence in my blog. Yoruba people…..”Hen…hen….”If you know you know.
  • I am sorry to include this, forget that sanitation stuff, dirty is in their nature i don’t know why, most of your roommates can pollute your life and happiness with the smell of their unwashed clothes, sorry if you can’t cope.

Pros of staying Within the campus in Unilorin


  • There is total freedom when you are living outside the school. If you feel like cooking in your bed, who will stop you?…..meh! Only your ancestors who love you.
  • You don’t have to share a room with anyone, enjoy your life. There is comfort outside the school.
  • The life outside campus is popping mostly in areas like Tanke/Oke-Odo. So many activities are going on.
  • You can easily buy cheap perishable goods and any item you need.
  • You can as well get information fast if you are living in a place where the neighbors are active.
  • There is no stealing since you live alone.
  • There are good water and power supply in most areas.


Cons of staying Within the campus in Unilorin


  •  There is a shortage of water and power supply in most areas.
  • Secret societies and burglars are everywhere but limited in most areas like Tipper-Garage, you have to be self cautious.
  • Most of the accommodations off campus are very small and expensive while some are also big and cheap. it depends.
  • Transport issues are a common occurrence as you will have to fight day in an out to get a vehicle during early money class and when you’re leaving the school. It’s usually worse during rainy seasons.

Now, you are to carefully weigh it all and see which is best for you.


This section is meant for aspirants who will be taking part in the pre-admission screening exercise.

Unilorin post utme cbt

If you are writing post utme and you need hostel accommodation for post utme in Unilorin, then you’re in the right place.

Once Hostel Accommodations are available, we shall update this but for now. There is no available space of the time of publishing this.

You can, however, keep this information for a future purpose.

However, take note that there would be no hostel provided by the school for prospective students who are taking part in the school screening test.

However, Unilorin hostelite community provide available space for Unilorin aspirants looking for a hostel for Unilorin post utme screening test yearly.

However there is no space for all, the spaces available are limited.

To apply, follow the process outlined below.

  • You must first apply for the Screening test before you can proceed with the hostel allocation for Unilorin post utme candidate
  • Visit the accommodation application portal for Unilorin post utme or contact the hostel co-ordinator.
  • Click on apply after reading the details given.
  • You will have to first make a Non-refundable fee of N500 (Five hundred naira) to get the application form. Automatically get a temporal hostel allocation for Unilorin post utme that is very close to the venue of the exam, conducive and safe. But your application will be valid for only 2 hours after applying for the form.
  • In order to get a permanent hostel allocation for Unilorin post Utme until the end of the exam, you must complete your payment.
  • You will be sent an email after applying online, to the address of the hostel allocation in the University of Ilorin.
  • You will then have to pay the main fees facially. The fee was N2, 000 excluding application fee of N5, 00 as of 2018/2019.

The fee for 2019/2020 hostel accommodation for Unilorin pre-admission screening exercise has not been announced.

Remember to collect receipt after payment from the hostel allocator.


  •  After making the payment you will be allocated to your hostel which will only be valid for two nights (the night preceding your examination and the night of your examination.)

Please Also take note of the following.

  •  You will not be allowed to squat with anyone
  • Allocation will be on a first come first serve basis as there is no space to contain all
  • The accommodation will be available to both the male and female perspective.

We wish you all the best!

We hope you enjoy the University of Ilorin.

How to get the hostel for 2019 post utme.

Contact the hostel administrator on WhatsApp/sms/call on 08088698450.

Hostel is currently available.


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