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How to Gain Admission into the University -2020

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how to gain admission no matter what happens

If you are still searching for how to gain admission into any university in Nigeria easily, and you’re not yet familiar with Nigerian admission system, you’re wasting your time.

It’s not your fault. You’ve been made to believe that just scoring high in Jamb or direct entry will guarantee you admission.

Well, No! There is an actual system of admission in Nigeria.

You should have known these for long and stop wasting years that could serve a huge purpose in your life.

Anyway, today I am going to show you exactly how to gain admission no matter what happens.

A lot of curious candisates want to know how to secure admission into schools like Unilag, Unizik, Uniben, Unilorin, Unibadsn and others.

That means even if you have been curiously searching for admission for years and nothing to come out with.

Then things are definitely gonna look different this year because i am going to share some factors that will definitely hook you to your choice of institution in a way you cannot be left out.

You needn’t worry about outdated content, this article is currently rated “2019”.

I am going to show you how to gain admission easily in Nigeria.

Here is a fragment of admission difficulty statistics in Nigeria.

The average number of candidates that seek admission in Nigerian federal Universities have tripled in 2019, over 1.8 million candidates sat for 2019 Joint admission and matriculation board examination.

Guess what? Among these number of candidates that seek admission in various institutes across Nigeria; the candidates that will get admitted is just around 500, 000 – 700, 000 as the case may be.

gaining admission in Nigeria statistics

According to data from Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), only 20%-30% of candidates gain admission each session out of the 1.5 – 1.8 million candidates who have taken part in the Joint admission and matriculation board exam since 2015-2018.

You see, admission difficulty in Nigeria increases year after year.

Each year millions of candidates from the Federal Republic of Nigerian are left heartbroken and frustrated under circumstances of admission difficulty in Nigeria.

Obviously, if you’re not worried or curious about how to gain admission in Nigeria in these days of admission difficulty, then I will be the first to call out on your bullshit.

It’s not quite about what you score in jamb, it’s about other factors that cannot be overlooked which determine admission in Nigeria, Universities, Colleges, and polytechnics.

Let me start with a bit of heart warmed words.

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”            -Randy Pausch-

Comprehensively, 50% of admission seekers do not fit or qualify to secure admission in Nigeria.

Yes, so that brick wall is the simple and short answer to why people do not get admission.

It’s to stop those who don’t want admission from stopping those who want admission.

So hear this, if you want to gain admission in Nigeria in 2019, you must break that brick wall and prove that you actually want it.

Does that sound interesting? Alright, let’s move on!

steps to gain admission in Nigeria


“Many applied But Few were Chosen”

You and I know Nigeria admission is competitive, so I would not want to repeat just what you have been hearing, let’s go down to “How to gain admission no matter”

Enrol jupeb

Eventually, there has to be a way to stand out of the competition in order to gain admission no matter what happens, and these steps, I am about to show you will work for any institution.

Here is a graph showing the factors of qualification for 83% of institutions in Nigeria.

steps to gain admission in Nigeria

Hear this out, no need for cock bull stories?

Gaining admission in Nigerian federal Universities is difficult, I know you know; no need to exaggerate that.

But in short, if you have all these intact:

1. Good Jamb Score or Direct entry score
2. Good O’level Result
3. Good Post Utme result ( for schools still doing it)
4. And you are from that catchment area.

Then your chances to gain admission is strong, no matter what school.

However, please digest these 10  procedures of securing admission; in any Nigeria institution 2019

#1 – Choose a Course that you can contest for:

Everyone wants to be a doctor, and that is why admission in Nigeria keeps getting strenuous.

What majority of Nigerian youngster desires is, to study a course that can get high pay.

Of course, that’s great! But here is the thing on the ground.

Enrol jupeb

These highly competitive courses are good, but the truth is if your destiny is actually not for them, no matter what you do and how hard you try you won’t get admission.

Even if you try to manipulate things around and get admission you sure won’t succeed.

On the other hand, applying for a course you can’t be up to the task would obviously be a waste of time.

No course is useless, you can be your own boss in that field order than struggling for something that is not of your calling.

Don’t get me wrong though.

“Without doubts, what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander”

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

“Don’t copy the dream of others, create your own dream”

“Successful people these days, don’t search for Job, they create a job if you must be one. Choose a course that you can be a pro on, it may not be that of a competitive or a great course, it may not look too good for you, but in the Long run that course will create a Job for you that will add light to your destiny which will surpass those so-called high pay courses”

” There are Lots of Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs who are tremendously richer than most Doctors and engineers”.

” You can create a Business and be your boss, please stop bothering with admission, choose a course that you can contest and nobody will stop you from gaining admission.”

Subscribe to our blog, because one of these days, I am going to show you how to choose a course that you can surely succeed with, in Nigeria.

“Lack of Competence equals failure.”


#2- Have a very strong O’level Combination

Most students do not know the relevance tied to O’level in Nigeria institutions.

You’re still struggling with admission because your O’level is not that encouraging.

Students using one sitting with more of A’s and B’s, having met other requirements will gain admission no matter the circumstance.

But admission in Nigeria is not limited to that alone.

Just have it at the back of your mind that O’level is a strong factor that will determine admission in the system of Nigerian admission.

Enrol jupeb

Usually, having one sitting is more substantial than two sittings.

The west African examination council certificate is more recognized over others.

If you have to gain admission, then you need to provide the necessities.

O’level result cannot be ignored.

Grab your O’level result right now, check again how good is your result, is it just full of C4, C5, and C6?

Then please watch the course you choose it must not be a competitive one.

If need be, write another O’level if you truly want to study a competitive course, else let your O’level result align with your chosen course.

3. Apply for an Institution around your catchment Area.

Have you heard of catchment area before?

Oh, dear! That is the password to unlock admission in Nigeria.

If you’re from the north seeking admission from the west then your admission requirement will be greater than those from the catchment area.

But if you’re from the north seeking for admission from the north, then good for you, chances are high.

What does the catchment area mean?

Catchment areas” are the states selected by the Federal government that must have a superior admission chance in that University pertaining to the catchment area.

It is also worthy of note that you can gain admission if you are not from the school’s catchment area, but you will need a lot of marks in jamb/D.e, O’level and post Utme to boost your admission chances.

Else, you will keep wasting years.

Please, this year! Consider a University that is situated in your birth state, if you have to go elsewhere then you need to know someone in that place that can identify you, but you have to perform well.


4. Study the admission system pertaining to your school before applying.

I am sure this wouldn’t be the first time you have heard this; Look before you Leap.

Apparently, 40% of admission seekers do not make proper inquiries about a school before they choose that school while filling out jamb form.

If this is you;

“Oh my God! Everyone is talking about Unilorin, I need to go there”

“I have two friends in Unilag, I want to go there “

“Unibadan is a grooving place I want to school there”

These are the misleading mindset of young folks that start bringing admission challenges, by the time they want to change, it would be too late.

Enrol jupeb

Don’t just choose a University for choosing sake, do thorough research about your desired Institution.

What are the admission criteria?
What qualifications are accepted?
How do they process their admission?

Put all the information you find in a list and weigh things.

Make sure you seek advice from people who have been there and be very sure that you are in the right place if you are seeing complicated things please choose a better institution when the time is right.

5. Use only the high rating qualification in regard to where you applied.

Imagine using Nabteb A’level to apply for pharmacy at the University of Ilorin.

O.Y.O – You’re on your own.

Do not try to fit square pegs into round holes.

Most direct entry qualifications are not accepted in most institutions.

The generally accepted qualification is Jamb, but ensure your score goes in line with your course.

Another, great step to gain admission no matter what is to change your institution if your Jamb score is not solid enough for the school you initially applied.

Please don’t think of manipulating things via ‘connection’.

The bedrock of securing admission no matter what situation is by having a good qualification.

Think of the merit list ( First List ) only those with good qualifications will get in that list, even connections cannot earn you first list, get that right.

6. Do not put hope on connections, put hope on qualifications.

I added this to emphasize more on connection and qualification in Nigerian admission system.


“Connection” is the language Nigerians use to mean gaining admission by the aid of a known person which usually attracts a fee.

“Connection” is like buying admission, most people qualify for it, while most people do not.

“Connection” is quite relevant till today to gain admission in Nigeria.

But I am actually not going to advice any candidates putting confidence that they can gain admission.

Actually, it exists; but having a very poor score in ‘Jamb’, your o’ level or post utme and looking for connection is like trying to fish on dry land or farm in a bushy area.

If you truly want to gain admission, then first provide a good qualification before thinking of connection if you have to.

7. Don’t apply if it is too late.

I think we can paraphrase this.

Do not do a change of institution when it is late.

A girl did a change of institution last year at the dying minutes.

She changed institution two weeks before the post utme of the new school she applied for, began.

But it was too late, the change of institution was successful and paid for, but her name did not reflect in the new school and that was why she missed admission after scoring very high in Jamb.

Many people make this same mistakes and later they start complaining of not gaining admission.

Please do not apply to an institution if it is too late, except there isn’t any other option.

But you can search for an institution where there is still time, this is when you have to change your institution.


8. No faith! No Admission!

Competence without confidence is worthless.

If you want the simple answer of “How to gain admission no matter what”, the simple answer is work and pray.

As much as people don’t believe in prayer I will tell you it is exactly what lifted me up.

Don’t just pray, but pray and have faith in your admission and nothing can deny your admission.

Remember I said work and pray, not sit and pray.

“Always remember that God qualifies the unqualified that trust in him for success and unqualifies the qualified that feels so big of themselves.”

Humble yourself before your creator and he will qualify you.

9. Choose a low competitive school for a highly competitive course if your qualification is low.

This is a key formula that I must recommend it works if what matters to you is to gain admission.

Low Competitive course/High competitive school = Admission

High Competitive course/Low competitive school = Admission.

It doesn’t suggest that you cannot apply for a competitive course in a competitive school.

But it would be better for you to choose a school where you belong to the catchment area or score very well if you have to study elsewhere.


10. It may take years but never give up.

As a rundown of this list on how to gain admission no matter what, remember that delay is not denial.

It may take 1,2 or 3 years but never give up you will get there.

Only give up when your instinct tells you, you’re battling with the wrong school.


Top 10 Competetive Schools in Nigeria

I have deemed it fit that as a curious admission seeker, knowing the most competitive institutions in Nigeria will help you apply all the strategies for gaining admission that i have shared with you above.

In order to gain admission, you have to be very circumspect when it comes to these top Competitive Schools in Nigeria.

These schools are the most selected institutions in Jamb.

You know, there is something i always tell my friends; It is a risk, not to take a risk.

So don’t let anyone stop you from choosing these competitive schools in Nigeria if you believe you will eventually make it there, it could be a risk and you will end up being lucky.

Most people prefer these Universities because of their names and their authority.

Eventually, getting a certificate from any of these competitive schools in Nigeria will easily land you a Job, if you are ready for their admission difficulty.

How do you choose? It is up to you.!

Why i am still in support of you going for these top schools i will likewise suggest that if you want to secure admission in any of these competitive Universities in Nigeria, do not rush all of a sudden, think before you leap.

Do your research before picking them or you will end up filling water in a basket.

Here is a list of the 10 Most Competetive schools in Nigeria.





  •  University of Lagos (UNILAG)


  • Bayero University Kano (BUK)


  • Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)


  •  Nnamdi Azikiwe University,  (UNIZIK)


  • University of Ibadan (Unibadan)


  • University of Jos (UNIJOS)

1. University Of Ilorin (Unilorin):

University of Ilorin is currently most sought after institution in Nigeria as of 2019.

In 2018, University of Ilorin emerged as the most competitive school to gain admission in Nigeria.

University had 86, 401 admission seekers according to the statistics by Jamb.

University of Ilorin, however, admits only 11, 000 each session into her academical session.

So be very watchful when choosing Unilorin.

It does not mean you cannot gain admission in Unilorin, you obviously can.

We will discuss how to gain admission in these competitive schools in Nigeria in this article.

Also read : How to gain admission into Unilorin (complete guide)

2.Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

Apparently, in 2018, Ahmadu Bello University was the second most sought after University in Nigeria according to statistics by Jamb.

I don’t actually know why Ahamadu Bello rose to prominence as one of the most competitive schools in Nigeria, but rumor has it that it is due to the fact that Ahmadu Bello is sitting in the north central of Nigeria.

Ahamadu Bello had 74, 635 admission seekers in 2018.

To draw a line, most people believe that admission is not as difficult at Ahamadu Bello University as it is at the University of Ilorin.

So, I know you can gain admission there no matter how competitive.

Just ensure you meet the requirements.

3. University of Benin (UNIBEN) –

Who doesn’t know of the prestigious University of Benin, sitting in one of the Popular States in Nigeria?

Most people think the cost of living there is minimal, I seriously can’t figure out why she has a number of jamb candidates trooping in for admission.

University of Benin is third most sought after University in Benin as of 2018.

They are strict just as the University of Ilorin.

Uniben got 70,322 candidates seeking by jamb candidates.

4. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

Nsukka is one of the standard institutions in Nigeria, they have a good academical structure, so they actually fit being the 4th most sought after and competitive University in Nigeria.

Nsukka got 66,486 admission seekers in 2018.

5. University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Welcome to the capital city of Nigeria once upon a time.

Lagos is the center of business in Nigerian and the most popular city.

Obviously, University of Lagos will be most sought after.

As of 2018, Unilag was the fifth most competitive school in Nigeria.

Trust me, admission there is at a critical rate.

Be careful what you wish for.

Unilag had 62,436 admission seekers in 2018.

6. Bayero University Kano (BUK)

Northern Universities are always sought after schools in Nigeria.

This University emerged out of the blue as the sixth most competitive school in Nigeria to gain admission in as of 2018, having 56,261 admission seekers.

Seriously, if you are from the north you will gain admission there no matter what.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

Again, this University is still trending and being sought after.

Having 48,646 admission seekers in 2019.

They quite admit students who meet the requirements. You can secure admission in OAU if you have your way.

8. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK)

This school is highly respected. You will enjoy your schooling in Unizik so don’t surprise why admission seekers are quite interested in Unizik.

Unizik got 48,554 admission seekers as of 2018.

9. University of Ibadan (UI)

Everyone could have thought Unibadan would make the top five as one of the most competitive schools in Nigeria.

Of course, admission is quite difficult in Unibadan, but come to think of it, the number of candidates they admit is quite less compared to other schools.

Also read: How to pass Jamb 2020 and secure admission

However, they are still in the competition.

Unibadan got 47,544 admission seekers in 2018.

10. University of Jos (UNIJOS)

And finally, Unijos emerged as the top 10 most competitive school in Nigeria in 2018

UNIJOS bost of 46,082 admission seekers.

Top 12 Less Competetive Universities in Nigeria

Just why we have to talk about the competitive schools in Nigeria, we also need to discuss the less competitive schools to gain admission in Nigeria.

Well, i cannot say much, but one thing for sure it is the best answer to our initial topic focus “How to gain admission no matter what”

That is to say, attending the less competitive institution will make you eventually gain admission in 2019.

Once again, weigh these schools do your research and see which schools would work for you.

Don’t get things wrong, these less competitive Universities quite have authority and you can seek for Job using the certificate/Degree from these Nigerian Universities.

These are the 12 less competitive Universities institutions in Nigeria.


  1.  University of Abuja.
  2. Fountain University, Osogbo.
  3. Gombe State University, Gombe.
  4. Ajayi Crowther Univerisity.
  5. Abubakar Tafewe Balewa University.
  6. Cross River State University of Technology.
  7. Ebonyi State University of Nigeria (EBSU).
  8. Abia State University.
  9. Kano state university.
  10. Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT).
  11. Federal University, Lafia.
  12. Federal University, Dutse.

Every other institution that was not mentioned in either the competitive schools in Nigeria fall under the medium. As in admission rate in other Institutions is not that competitive but also competitive.


Top 10 Most Competitive Courses in Nigerian

Generally speaking, we all want a bite from the big cake, no one wants to end up unemployed under the circumstance that most courses are not as lucrative as we all envisage.

Well, the scarcity of Jobs in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized; perhaps one has to make sure one chooses the best when it comes to a course in Nigeria.

Choosing the right course is one of the biggest issue encountered by the majority of admission seekers in Nigeria.

Apart from me showing this list to enable you to choose the best course, i am also using it as a medium to alert you that this most competitive courses in Nigeria are difficult to gain admission in Universities.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to know them, here are the 10 Most Competitive courses in Nigeria that is most sought after.


  •  Medicine and Surgery
  • Law
  • Accounting
  •  Pharmacy
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Nursing
  • Mechanical engineering
  •  Electrical Engineering
  • Business Administration

The ordering of this list does not apply to every institution in Nigeria.

But take note that the first five is highly the most competitive courses in 80% of Nigerian Universities.

Be very careful when dealing with these courses if you want to gain admission in a competitive school.

Top competitive course in nigeria


Top competitive universities in nigeria


Should you use a connection for a competitive School.

Eventually, we have to talk about admission connections in Nigeria, since this article aims at showing you the best ways to gain admission in Nigeria in 2019.

In the context, we had earlier talked about the significance of using a connection to gain admission.

Is it advisable?
How sure is it?
How do I get a connection?

We have treated the significance of connection as a single topic for Unilorin aspirants.

Show me someone who scored 250 in jamb and did not get admission and I will show you someone who got 235 and was admitted into Medicine and surgery in a competitive institution in Nigeria.

Oh, yes! Connection is one of the surest means to plug your name into the admission list by force.

However, most candidates are now abusing the purpose, while some deem it as corrupt practices.

It is the system of admission in Nigeria that you must accept, even if it’s a corrupt practice!

How can one gain admission if the competition is way high and the majority of the seekers are all qualified?

Remember the quote about the brick wall. You have to prove how desperate you want the admission by breaking the wall with any tool you have.

If the connection is what you have so been it if your brain is all you got; then so be it.

Fight for your chances!

If we try to hide from the truth, believe me, you’re going to stand on that line waiting for admission until corruption finally disappears from Nigeria.

I really doubt if it would be this generation.

A lecturer has family members waiting for admission and you think he won’t trade places with those who qualify while they consider the number of admission spots on the ground.

It is actually silly that I may even have to suggest this as a means of gaining admission in Nigeria.

But you see if you are looking for admission in another man’s state you need something outside your result, so do not be surprised that I have to paint this as normal.

If you score very high, apply in a school where you come from and you will not have to pay money for admission.

But when you have a very low grade, in a state where you do not originate, how do you intend to get selected when there are much admission seekers from that catchment who are even qualified and are in the same line waiting for admission as you?

I sometimes think the truth must be told.

So should you use it?

Do not rely on it, but if you have got someone reliable feel free to.

However, please your first priority should be your qualification and trust me you will surely be doing the right thing which will definitely give you admission.

Gaining Admission in Nigeria no matter what; Conclusion.

I have thrown light on the most salient areas of how to gain admission in 2019.

Take time again and read this and you will find one or two things useful.

Please kindly share this if you love the information in this article.

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