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How to Gain Admission into Unilorin 2019/2020

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how to gain admission into unilorin no matter what


In order to gain admission into Unilorin, you will have to go beyond the pale. If you are truly curious about how to gain admission into Unilorin no matter what happens, then relax and grab a coffee lets explore what you might be needing.

Every once in a while, i browse through Nairaland and see countless number of threads pertaining to Curious Unilorin aspirants that want to know how to gain admission into Unilorin after making Unilorin their first choice.

With the course of this article you will get to know more about unilorin 2019 admission strategy.

I feel perplexed when i see how students let admission slip out of their hands due to a little flaw and lack of information.

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No wonder the old saying still holds true today; Information is Power.

Unilorin admission has never been easy and i don’t think, it will ever be easy.


Step by Step Guide on how to gain Admission into Unilorin.

Here is a step by step guide for you to gain admission into Unilorin 2019. Follow them and you will find your name in Unilorin admission first list.

#1 Apply Only for a simple course:

I so much admire daydreamers.

You will find them everywhere, who knows if you’re one.

Okay! I am sure you don’t get what i mean by daydreamers.

Do you remember how you used to wish you were a pilot when you were growing up as a child? If not pilot it could be a doctor or engineer!

Well, i admire those dreams and i sure miss those days when i saw myself as a doctor too.

But where are we today?

This is exactly what i mean. I know in your heart you truly want that course but i have to be frank with you.

If you have struggled for so long trying to get a particular course it’s definitely not your way and its time to change it.

It is a telltale sign that you should not be aiming for that course.

That’s is why i called it a daydream.

Maybe its a course you love but things are tough most especially in the University of Ilorin.

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Yes, the wait and delay might be worth it most especially when this particular course is all that exisits in your admission but in most cases, you have to leave those tough courses and opt in for a simple course to gain admission into the University of ilorin.

Very soon i will show you the exact Unilorin admission criteria for admission.

But i want to first let you know that when choosing the University of Ilorin as the first choice you should only apply for a course you can contest for a course you are ready to provide the best requirements for.

Enrol jupeb

” Unilorin admission is like gambling, there is no guarantee that you will succeed through even with the requirements.”

The reason for this is quite straight forward. There has to be a strong criterion for determining the best among over a 100,000 contenders.

And yes, those criteria exist ( i will show you soon.)

This is an important subject matter every unilorites must take seriously.

Many students are struggling year in and out, writing unilorin admission over again.

But, today i want to let you in a little secret.

Take the risk of applying for a course that is less competitive and you can contest for.

What i am referring to contest is, having a good O’level that is solid enough when comparing, having a good post utme score that beats others.

Now if you are able to gain admission you can later switch courses to your main course.

You may ask ‘” Osas Won’t this waste a bit of my time?”

Obviously, it would waste your time but isn’t half a loaf better than none.

However, i only recommend changing your course when you know your jamb or direct entry result is not satisfactory.

Enrol jupeb

And just before i forget, trying to study a course anyone forces you to study will not be the best for you.

There has to be a strong passion from your emotions that can enable you to gain admission into Unilorin.

#2 – Before you Pursue admission have a standard O’level result

O’level is the backbone of admission these days.

For one to gain admission into the University of Ilorin, One needs to have a good O’level result.

Trust me, this is a secret most people think its all about having all the required credits!
easy ways to gain admission into Unilorin

We did our research and interviewed most students who were already admitted.

We conducted the research in order to know the exact factor that works for or works against gaining admission into Unilorin.

From the data achieved when the research was conducted.

60% Of students who gained admission into Unilorin in 2017-2018 actually had a higher percent of A’s and B’s ( in their required subjects) grades in their O’level result.

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And we discovered that in 2018, there were fewer combinations of Waec+neco combination.

Majority if this 60 % were either.

Waec – One sitting
Neco – One sitting
Waec + Waec ( two sittings)

In 2017, we found only a little percent of Waec+Neco combination.

Enrol jupeb

Meanwhile, 35% of students who gained admission were actually just one sitting. And the majority of these fall under the first 60% percent.

In another scenario, at least 25%- 35% were the usual students who used two sittings having A’s, B’s and C’s as in a normal ratio.

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From this theory, it’s conclusive that O’level is a very strong factor that determines your chance of gaining admission to the University of Ilorin.

And most genuinely, students with one sitting have more chance of getting admission into Unilorin.

We are still trying to find how the exact aggregate is calculated and the specific points for Using one sitting and having more of A’s grade.

One thing is for sure though. O’level still matters for admission.

In order to secure admission into Unilorin you have to, by all means, get good O’level result first. Else, you will be wasting your time.

Ensure your get credit in all the required subjects in Unilorin for your specific course.

#3 – Change Your State of Origin if Possible


Last week, i broke down some of the vital juice for Unilorin admission, as well as providing benchmarks to aim for if you don’t want loose admission this year in Unilorin. There is nothing really much to know on how to gain admission into Unilorin 2019/2020 session if you know about these.

In that article, we answered a very trending question.

Does Unilorin Use catchment area for Unilorin admission processing? And the big answer was yes.

If you aren’t familiar with what Unilorin catchment area means, check the article I linked to above.

So, how do you go about catchment area issues?

Hey! Just as i said it is important, but it isn’t a direct or exact factor for admission.

The catchment area is only an extra spice for Gaining admission into Unilorin.

In order words, you would not be conceded for admission assuming you don’t meet the other requirements.

But if you meet the requirements and you’re a citizen of the catchment area states.

It will be a surplus bonus for you.

Enrol jupeb

The post utme cut off mark for Kwara state citizens and non-indigene students are quite different.

If you’re from the catchment area (specifically, Kwara state) the cut-off mark will be low for you.

In light of this, every student who has a tribal name related to the catchment area changes their catchment area direct to Kwara state.

Sure, changing State of origin to any of the catchment areas will help you.

And the new state should be included in your form.

That’s how the majority of students gain admission into Unilorin.

The very secret that no one will tell you, but now you know it.

The caveat: This does not fully guarantee your admission alone. So don’t ignore the other factors for Unilorin admission processing.


#4- Look for someone to back you Up if possible

Here is a chat i had with a curious Unilorin admission seeker.

Admission issues


Wait! She asked the right question. Didn’t she?

Obviously, if you were in her shoes wouldn’t you ask me the same question?

It’s a question everyone will like to ask.

Does one need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin? Awesome question. But I will give you the same answer i gave her. Yes and No!


It’s so sad that i even have to say yes because it would not speak well of the school.

But who is gonna stop me from saying the truth, when it’s eventually one of the secret rules of securing admission into the University these days in Nigeria.

Everyone knows that the admission is not such a straight forward task, to get selected out of 100 thousand applicants you need more than your score.

An iron hand will center you and keep you in a high chance.

So my, Yes and No, depends on these factors.

(a) Do you actually know anyone that could do it rightly?

(b) Can you forget about anything as connection and risk your chance?

(c) Did you get the required cut off mark in post ume, jamb or direct entry?

(d) How does your O’level result look?

#5 – Ensure you have a qualified result/certificate.


Don’t even think or bother yourself with admission if you don’t have the required cut off mark.

It’s is as good as saving your time and effort because not even the admission officer can help you.

Rules are rules.
And failing is failing.

#6 – Do your best to Score 70 + in post Utme

70+ in post utme can dramatically turn your story around.

It’s easy to gain admission with such an impressive score if you can follow the rest strategies i have taught you.

It’s hard to score such but the reward is appealing.

I can guarantee that if you read this: How to pass and score high in Unilorin post Utme.

#7 – Consult any Unilorin Fresher for the Admission process S/he went through.

The final tip i have for you is to meet one or two fresher who have been admitted into the school.

Ask them for the steps they passed through and see if you can learn anything.

Unilorin Admission will be easy if you can follow the steps and pace of others.

Their mistakes will keep you away from such mistakes too.

So don’t sit at home and be waiting for admission, its time to show them that you’re ready to gain admission this year.


I see you smiling, jubilating and enjoying all that life has to offer, i see you in Unilorin admission matriculation gown this year.

Just follow these steps and make it come true.

Don’t be lazy.


How Does Unilorin Give Admission

I am fully set to polish you thoroughly for Unilorin 2019  admission so hang on a bit let’s learn a few more ways on how to get into Unilorin.

A very powerful question was asked!

How does Unilorin Give admission? Now i am going to show you all that is involved in Unilorin admission system.

This guide will empower you to learn more Unilorin admission secrets. And you should be expecting your name in the first list after patiently reading all this information.

Years ago, Unilorin admission was easy to contend for. But now its ten times difficult.

There are now so many criteria that may affect or favor you when hoping to gain admission in Unilorin.

There is no significant reason for this apart from the high competition and the excellence the school hopes to achieve by producing great students.

Eventually, those that don’t know how admission works and the criteria involved will get left out.

The University of Ilorin uses something simply known as Unilorin admission grading system.

Below is a chart of the grading ratio
Unilorin admission statistics


This is the admission metrics and grading system deployed by the board to select suitably qualified candidates.

These either favors or affect you.


  • High Jamb/D.e Score
  • High Post Utme Score
  • Having more of A’s and B’s in O’level
  • From catchment Area
  • Using One sitting in O’level
  • An indigene ( from Kwara State)
  • Have a way of connection

The University of Ilorin (Unilorin) will use these admission factors in their admission grading system in 2019, so as to choose the most appropriately qualified students for every session.

Knowing these variables will give you all the more understanding of how Unilorin gives admission.

There is no hidden way on how else you gain admission into Unilorin if you fall below these factors it’s wise to change your institution why the time is right.

Realize that you and I have a lot of business today.

Because we are going to fully examine how unilorin gives admission.

So as to know how unilorin gives admission to students, here are the five standing components utilized.

So stick around for a couple of minutes and get this right.

These are the exact factors Unilorin uses to process admission.

I want us to discuss some of these thoroughly.

#1 – Unilorin Gives Admission base on Jamb/D.e Score


The very first factor that will determine if you are fit for jamb is done in this Ratio.


Let’s bring real-life data.

Ade scored 235 in Jamb and he wants to study pharmacy at the University of Ilorin.

The requirement for Pharmacy in Jamb is currently 230.

Let’s say 5, 000 students applied for Pharmacy also in that session.

Out of that number 3, 800 are jambites/remedial student.

1, 200 are Direct entry candidates.

Let’s say for the 3, 800 jambites

1, 632 students scored above 250.

700, scored below 230.

Making a total of 2,330.

It should remain 1, 470 candidates.

These 1, 470 candidates scored between 230 and 250 and ade is among them.

What is ade chance of admission?

Eventually, ade only has a 27% percent chance due to the fact that the competition in pharmacy is high and he had so many students who did far better than him.

Ade chance may increase or decrease depending on the other factors.

The University Of Ilorin Pays high consideration to your qualification regarding admission processing, and they will never deny your admission if you have a very good jamb or D.e score.

I.e to state, unilorin give admission base on the qualification you present on the grounds of competition.

Each medium you use has an effect and they are not measured similarly in Unilorin admission system.

For example, someone with Jupeb results and Jamb result will be graded with a different specific metric.

Do you get this?

Someone who scores 240+ in Jamb can’t be contrasted with someone with 290+, so they will initially pick the one with 290 and they consider other admission factors.

So in order to gain admission into Unilorin, you need to present a good jamb/D.e score.

Coming up next are other factors, but let me show you the only means of qualification in the University of Ilorin as at 2019/2020.

Jamb (100 Level) [High Rate]
Ijmb (A’Level) [Low Rate]
Jupeb (A’Level) [High Rate]
HND/OND ( A’level) [Meduim RatNice
Nce (A’Level) [Meduim Rate]
Nabteb (A’Level) [Low rate]

Remedial (100 Level) [High Rate]


These mediums have ups and down and are not treated equally in the University of Ilorin, that is the reason I indicated the rate in order to give you a rate on how these qualifications are accepted by the board.

Unilorin Aspirants who score 260+ or more in Jamb have a chance of admission depending on the course.

Unilorin Admission system for students with Ijmb and nabteb A’level result would be low in 2019, dissimilar to the previous years.

Chances are, the number of students that Unilorin will give admission with ijmb or nabteb A’level result would be less and may be based on the catchment territory.

Except if you have connections with an office which is likewise a little percent admission factor.

Essentially, students from Unilorin catchment area or Kwara State precisely will clearly profit more with IJMB but i don’t think NABTEB A’level would be considered.

You may be accepted though; However, it might not be the course you chose.

Unilorin Jupeb program has taken over.

Which infers that Jupeb students are increasingly guaranteed admission on the off chance that they meet the necessities in the University of Ilorin since they can’t ignore their own students who meet the requirements.

I believe you get this!

So whichever medium you are using, your odds are base on your rival’s profile.

The surest capabilities are Jamb, Jupeb, and Remedial.

Different qualifications are asserted however the aforementioned ones have higher conceivable outcomes.

#2 – Unilorin Gives Admission base on Post Utme score

Now you are gently beginning to understand how Unilorin gives admission and how to gain admission into Unilorin.

In the event that you have to ask me again, ” How does Unilorin give admission?”

I will be correct if i say to you that Post Utme score is the primary thing Unilorin takes a gander at before giving admission.

What you score in your post utme will be assessed close by various variables.

Along these lines, in case you didn’t meet the required score in post Utme, and for example, you are not from their catchment area, simply forget admission for that year.


Take a look at the Admission metrics image above again.

Although your jamb score/ D.e score will have the most influence.

But your post Utme score will determine if the first metric  (jamb/D.e score) will be used at all.

As in, you need to get above the cut off mark first before attention would be paid to your jamb or direct entry result.

I hope this is easily comprehensible.


#3 – Unilorin Gives Admission base on catchment Area


I have explained a bit before that catchment area may not be a direct metric or Unilorin admission grading system.

But catchment area can boost your chance to gain admission into Unilorin.

It boosts your chance combined with another factor.

This happens eventually at all federal University in Nigeria.

If you’re an indigene your post utme cut off mark and admission quota would be less than others.

That is a perfect world proposes that students from a Schools catchment area have more odds of Admission into the University of Ilorin.

In like manner, any students from the Catchment regions are given great position, as they have more opportunities to be offered admission faster in that particular Institution where they are among the Catchment area.

So ‘how does Unilorin give admission?’. The vital plain English answer is, They will consider you on the off chance that you’re an indigene/from the catchment area or not and they will know how to put your name before or underneath others.


Click Here to View the Unilorin Catchment area states:

As such, it’s doesn’t totally suggest that students who are not from the catchment Area are left out for admission, as there are other assessing admission factors in the University of Ilorin.

What this marvel implies is that unilorin gives admission boost to their citizens.

What to Know about Unilorin admission metrics with O’level.

I have talked about the importance of O’level.

It will greatly boost your admission if you have A’s B’s and at least two or three C’s.

Whether in one sittings or two.
However, it pays more if you’re using only one sitting.


Unilorin will pay respect to that.

Does Unilorin Accept Second Choice for Admission?

Okay! Here is another question i received from our Facebook page. The simple is, No! Unilorin does not and will not accept any second choice for admission in 2019, not even one unless on special grounds.

Putting Unilorin as your second choice is actually to beautify your jamb form, in the case of admission, even the majority of candidates who will apply as Unilorin first choice will be obviously rejected let alone the second choice.

That’s the simple answer in English.

Does Unilorin Accept Lower Credits for Direct Entry Candidates for Admission?

Another question i came across on nairaland. The simple answer is no! Unilorin does not accept lower credits into any of her programmes. The only accepted grades are first class and second class Upper credits.


Does UNILORIN accept Nabteb A’level

No, Unilorin no longer accepts Nabteb A’level to gain admission into Unilorin unless on special grounds.

Does Unilorin Accept Awaiting Results in Post Utme?

Unilorin only accepts awaiting result for direct entry candidates provided the result comes out before the registration closes. But Unilorin does not accept Awaiting Result for O’level.

I hope i have shown you all you need to gain admission into Unilorin.

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We hope you enjoyed this Unilorin Admission guide.

All the best!


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