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How Does Unilorin Give Admission -2019 Update

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How will unilorin give admission

Howdy, have you been asking yourself this question, how does unilorin give admission? If you’re not, then i will be the first to call out on your bullshit.

Indeed, I am going to show you how Unilorin admission will be in 2019.

How does Unilorin give admission or what will Unilorin use to give admission in 2019/2020? What will be the Unilorin admission grading system this year? From today, you will have a genuine answer to all these.

This guide will enable you to learn Unilorin admission grading system and it applies strictly to all jamb students and direct entry candidates.

The best part of it is.

This guide is exactly picturing Unilorin admission system in 2019 ( as such, you don’t need to worry over outdated content since things change any time).

I am going to at last nail this topic on the table ‘How does Unilorin give admission?’

In those days, when there was less competition. Unilorin admission criteria were likely less, it was a simple admission system.

Fast forward to today, there are currently such a significant number of criteria that Unilorin uses to give admission, the system has changed and now difficult.

You know why?

How would you select the best out of 100, 000 students if for instance there are just 11, 000 students accessible spaces?

Let assume 60, 000 among these all crossed the cutoff mark. How will the school choose 11, 000 for that session if that was the required number?

Will they pick haphazardly? No!

That is the reason the school drew out a new system that has been utilized for a couple of years now. This system is what i want to show to you know, in that way you will know your pretty chances

The University of Ilorin (Unilorin) will utilize these admission factors in their admission grading system in 2019, in order to select the most suitably qualified students for each session.

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Knowing these factors will give you more understanding of what to pay special attention to, to realize whether you’re qualified for admission or not.

In any case, what the hell are these factors?

Please know that you and I have a great deal of business today.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


In order to know how unilorin gives admission to students, here are the five standing factors used.

  •  Jamb or direct entry grades (for course qualification)
  • Analyzing your Post Utme score
  • Confirming your birth origin ( Catchment area factors)
  • Checking the competition in your chosen course.
  • Checking your O’level grades.

These are the factors Unilorin deploys in giving admission. I hope that answers your question.

But wait, hang on with me for a moment remember I told you, we both have a business today.

I am actually going to talk with you one on one and I shall present your data to our team and make sure we bring you to your destination ( Unilorin admission first list)

But Before i do that, if i don’t explain the above 5 factors that Unilorin uses to give admission, you will only have half of the information.

So stick around for a few moments and get this right.

PS: The above list isn’t comprehensive, however, it’s 80,% precise. To such an extent, Unilorin has some different elements not revealed to people in general.

In any case, regardless of whether positive or negative, there is no other existing admission system that Unilorin uses to give admission better than what i have shared with you.

In the event that there is some other factor it should fall underneath these five variables referenced previously.

So get it straight! The less you fall under these unilorin admission grading system, the less shot of admission you have.

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That’s is how it works. So ‘How unilorin gives admission depends on your Jamb/D.e score, O’level, post-utme, catchment area, and course competition.

Now, let’s go in-depth details.

Jamb or direct entry grades (course qualification).

To be frank with you, Unilorin no longer grades admission with your utme score, it only what qualifies you for a course.

Unilorin won’t consider you for admission without having meting the required utme cut off mark for your course either in jamb or merit in your direct entry certificate, that’s is conclusive.

I.e to state, unilorin give admission base on other criteria, but they do not calculate your jamb score to get your total aggregrate.

Every medium you use has an effect and they are not rated equally in Unilorin admission system.

For instance, somebody with Jupeb results and Jamb results has distinctive grounds to stand on.

Do you understand this?


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In the new system, someones who scores 270+ in Jamb is now equivalent to someone who got 290+, so they will consider post utme grade and O’level to determine admission.

If the person that scored 270 has a more powerful post utme score and O’level, if the person is super lucky and he is from the catchment area they will pick him first, assuming the other scored low and both seeking same course.

This comparing and contrasting also concerns the Ijmb, jupeb and remedial students.

This is the simple trick that Unilorin uses to give admission.

Give me a chance to elaborate profoundly.

The following are the acceptable qualifications in the University of Ilorin as of 2019.


  • Jamb (100 Level) [High Rate]
  • Ijmb (A’Level) [Low Rate]
  • Jupeb (A’Level) [High Rate]
  • Nice ( A’level) [Meduim Rate]
  • Ond (A’Level) [Meduim Rate]
  • And (A’Level) [Meduim Rate]
  • Nabteb (A’Level) [Low rate]
  • Remedial (100 Level) [High Rate]

These mediums have ups and down and are not treated similarly in the University of Ilorin, that is why i specified the rate so as to give you an idea on how these qualifications are handled by the board.

From the above, it’s fair to conclude that Jambites with a higher score is not a big deal provided you pass post utme and get the required utme cut off mark for your course.

The individuals who score 270+ or more are positioned by their course competition and other factors, which we will talk about soon.

What you Must know: on How unilorin gives admission.

Unilorin Admission system for students with Ijmb and nabteb A’level result would be low in 2019, unlike before.

Odds are, the number of students that Unilorin will give admission with ijmb or nabteb A’level result would be less and may strictly base on the catchment area.

Unless you’re associated with any high authority staffers.

Basically, students from Unilorin catchment area or Kwara State precisely will obviously benefit more with IJMB and NABTEB results.

If not, you might be conceded. However, it may likely not be certain, and you may not see it in the first or second admission list.

Unilorin Jupeb program has gained a superior advantage.


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Which implies that Jupeb students are more assured admission if they meet the requirements in the University of Ilorin since they can’t disregard students from their very own program.

Medical students who made Jamb are additionally on a 90% high odds of admission.

I trust you get this!

So whichever medium you are utilizing, your chances are base on your competitor’s profile.

The surest qualifications are Jamb, Jupeb, and Remedial.

Other qualifications are affirmed however the above mentioned. Referenced ones have higher possibilities.

Analyzing your Post Utme score

If you ask me intensely, ” How does Unilorin give admission?”

I will be right if i tell you Post Utme score is the first thing Unilorin looks at for before giving admission.

This is where the issue comes in.


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What you score in your post utme will be evaluated close by different factors.

So, on the off chance that you didn’t meet the required mark in post Utme, and for instance, you are not from their catchment area, just forget admission.

Read this: What to do if you scored below 50% in Unilorin post utme

This is the primary thing that the University of Ilorin pays special attention to in Unilorin Admission grading system.

Ensure you do well.

This article will Suffice: How To Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme

 Confirming your birth origin ( Catchment area factors)

Catchment area; basically, are the states proposed by the Federal Government that every single Federal University must conform to.

That ideally suggests that students from a Schools catchment area have more chances of Admission into that University.

Accordingly, any students from the Catchment territories are given favorable position, as they have more chances to be offered admission quicker in that specific Institution where they are among the Catchment area.

So ‘how does Unilorin give admission?’. The principal plain English answer is, They will think of you as in case you’re an indigene/from the catchment area or not and they will know how to place you before or below others.

Since you know this, what are the States that is connected with Unilorin Catchment Areas?

The Catchment Area for University Of Ilorin (Unilorin) are:

Kwara State, Kebbi State, Kogi State, Nasarawa State, Plateau State, Sokoto State, Zamfara State & Benue State

In this manner, it’s doesn’t completely suggests that students who are not from the catchment Area are left out of admission, as there are other evaluating admission factors in the University of Ilorin.

What this phenomenon means is that unilorin gives admission with your indigenous inception first. Those from the catchment Areas have higher odds of admission over those that don’t.

In light of these, numerous students change their territory of Origin to maybe the catchment area or Unilorin indigenous state (Kwara), just to have a higher possibility of admission.

The entire Summary of this is, Someone hunting down admission from Kwara State, who meets the other admission prerequisites will be viewed as first for admission than somebody from Lagos State.

Checking the competition on the course you chose

The next thing to ask yourself is, what is the course Competition? How many applied for [ fix in your course] in Jamb, Jupeb, Ijmb etcetera.

Don’t Scream when you find that, the Univerisity of Ilorin is one of the most competitive institutions in Nigeria.

They cannot admit everyone, a water jar can holy hold what it can base on the available space.

Keep in mind, what the school is endeavoring to do is to choose the most qualified student for that specific course and session.

Nobody is going to see your face, and they don’t admit just anybody but the most qualified.

Have it at the back of your mind that, if there are more applicants applying for your course, the farther you will be to admission.

The lesser there are, the closer you will be.

In synopsis: One of the most unconventional Unilorin admission grading systems is course competition.


 Checking your O’level grades

If your O’level result is poor, please don’t choose a competitive course.

Request for a change of course, or you’re inviting a frustrating life as a student.


Do you want a quick and frequent update? Get Unilorin Latest Daily News On the Unilorin News App, it’s 100% free and reliable.

This phenomenon explains why students get a changed course order than what they applied for.

A decent course merits a decent O’Level result.

So your admission possibility additionally has an impact with your O’Level.

Numerous students disregard this.

I agree you made Jamb and you made Post Utme.

But, poor O’Level result, at that point they either give you another course or deny your admission, period.

Unilorin isn’t a playschool as they are serious in admitting only qualified candidates.

Until then will the motto have a true meaning and color ( Better by Far )

So return to your O’level result now, what number of A’s and B’s do you have?

Please doing embarrass me! Do you mean it’s battered with C’s and D’s?

Well, that now brings another question; is it one sitting or two sittings?

All these are considered when choosing the most suitable candidate.

Be that as it may, I ought to caution you!

Utilizing two sittings when it’s WAEC + NECO doesn’t count anymore.

It won’t have more ground in 2019 and may get rejected!

In any case, that is the harsh truth! You can utilize two sittings when it’s Waec + Waec or One sitting in Waec and Neco aspects.

Not that it is totally precluded but rather it won’t work for a competitive Course.



You have just read one of the best resource online on how Unilorin gives admission. More information coming soon

The reason why these factors are there is that; the school doesn’t want to give admission to just anyone considering the school’s name, aim, and competition on among students.

So take things the way they are and don’t try to question why.

Give them what they want and you will get what you want.

Now to fulfill my promise, i really want to work with you one on one, in order to make sure you get to make the first list, but it depends on how serious you ‘re.

How does Unilorin calculate their aggregrate.

A lot of students have been worried, they all want to know how Unilorin calculates post utme score and grade admission.

If you just sat for the University of Ilorin Post Utme, I am sure you would like to know how Unilorin grade their admission i.e how they come about with their total aggregrate.

Going to other websites, you will see most formulas given to you as the formula Unilorin uses to grade admission, like dividing your Jamb score or whatever.

This is what you must know.

Whatever formula you have seen online or what you have being told, I am sorry to say it does not apply to Unilorin anymore and you have probably read an outdated content.


However, Unilorin has not for once let known it admission strategies to the public, so whatever you see out there is people’s opinion or common idea.

The formula Unilorin uses to analyze admission is not known and it is something very internal within the Varsity, only the board know how they calculate their aggregate and we advice you not to bother about that.

Nevertheless, if there is anything you need to know, it is the fact that Unilorin Calculates admission base on your post utme and O’level score only.

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129 thoughts on “How Does Unilorin Give Admission -2019 Update”

  1. My daughter scored 229 in jamb and chose nursing in unilorin in one sitting . what is the chance of being admitted if she pass post utme

    1. Hi,
      She is got a good chance. However, she needs to score above 60% in post utme to have real chances due to the competition at the University of Ilorin.

  2. Hello, I scored 255 and want to study Mass Communication, what’s my of being admitted and what should my target for post-utme be?

      1. Hello Osas, thanks for the reply.
        I love that term “definite”, it made me smile when I read it. I’ll probably aim above 60(to make more definite).

  3. Hello, I scored 260 and want to study medicine and surgery, what is my chance of being admitted

    1. Your chance is very slim. The competition at Unilorin is high. However, if you are from the catchment area and you score 83 above in post Utme, Unilorin will give you admission.

  4. please i score 180 in jamb and i want to study public administration ,,please am i good to go in uni ilorin

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    1. Yes very well, what you need is 220. With 246 you don’t need to beg for admission. Your chances will be stronger if you get 60 and above in post utme.

    1. If you do well in unilorin post utme, you will get admission to study mass communication with your jamb score (244). Your O’level is okay, provided you have 5 credits in relevant subjects.

  7. Hi, i scored 274 in jamb and am applying for medici e and surgery…my o’level results is good (2A’s, 5B’s, 2C)… Am also an indigene of Kwara state…

    Please do i stand a good chance of admission??
    i know i will do my best in the post-ume

  8. *Kindly answer my question, Osas…

    As a Kwara indigene, what is my chanace of gaining admission to study my choice course if I had 246 in JAMB, and I want to study nursing in Unilorin with two sittings?

    Kindly answer my question.

    1. Yes, you are good to go for nursing. As long as you have the relevant subjects with the right subject combo. You just need to do well in post utme.

  9. Hi,i scored 256 in jamb nd i applied for medicine nd surgery nd am nt frm d catchment area. Is there any chance of me gettin admitted

    1. You would be redirected to change course at the cause of your registration for post utme simply because you need not meet the utme cut off mark which is 260 for Medicine and surgery in the University of Ilorin.

  10. pls. am from oyo state. i scored 210 and C throughout my o level result and i want to go for linguistic, pls watz my chance of gaining admission?

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  12. I did jupeb result is not yet out and am using 2 sittings weac and nabteb what are my chances pls help me out

    1. I can’t really ascertain your chance, unilorin will no longer accept waec+nabteb two sitting combination. O level is now an important pre-condition.

  13. I scored 229 in jamb and I want to study finance and I’m from kwara. Pls do I have any chance of admission

  14. Please I scored 217 in Jamb and I changed to optometry , I made a good O’level result in one sitting , and I am also from the catchment area , please what are my chances of admission at better by far?

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    1. That’s super good, unfortunately, jamb score doesn’t count that much, 250 is equivalent to 400 jamb score.

      Unilorin focuses on your post utme score and Olevel so work on your post utme to get sure admission.

  16. please when will unilorin update their portal for those that did change of course;because the post utme registration will close next week saturday

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    Can i be given admission to study Information and Communication Technology in University of Ilorin?

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    1. You cannot change course after admission neither can you study computer engineering in Unilorin with 207 as your utme cut off mark.

  22. hi,i scored 212 and i want to study biomedical engineering,am from kwara state and am using awaiting i good to go?

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  24. Hi..I’m Joe by name..I’m an A’level jupeb student..Plz What’s d minimum point I need to study Computer engineering in Unilorin?..Plz include the post utme cut off mark for computer engineering.

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    Also, how does the grading work for jupeb students. How high are the chances for non-indigenes to gain admission in ilorin? Do you have any idea how many students applied for medicine and surgery through direct entry in ilorin?

    1. Regardless of utme or direct entry, catchment area/indigene or non indigene; admission is sure provided you score high in post utme, have the required direct entry grade and good O’level result.

  31. Pls sir,I scored 208 in my jamb and am having c’s in my o’level result in neco + waec,which is two sittings.pls can I study business education with this in unilorin.pls sir..

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  33. Hi I scored 229 in jamb and 72% in post jamb my aggregate score is 64.5 and I want to study biochemistry I’m not from the catchment area please what are my chances

    1. Unilorin does not have an aggregate score of such, whatever you used to calculate is not valid. But i am certain you have a chance of admission.

  34. With 48% in unilorin postutme and 197 in jamb ….WAEC- Chem B3,Physics C6,Biology C5 ,Maths B2,Eng c5 ….is there possibility for admission in the school into the course CHEMISTRY?

  35. Hello Sir, I scored 194 in my utme, O level result is one sitting, 36& in PUTME and from the catchment area, I want to study industrial relations and personnel management. Do I still have a chance as my aggregate is 42.24.

    1. And who told you that is how Unilorin calculates admission? If you didn’t get up to 50% in Unilorin post utme there is no admission regardless of what other qualifications you have. I am sorry to say.

  36. Hey, I applied for Anatomy, scored 224 in jamb and 66% in the postutme exercise, I’m using two sittings but at the same time I come from a state that is on the list of states in their catchment area so I wanna find out what chances I’ve got in gaining admission into the institution and plus the results are Waec and Neco. I’d be glad to hear from you soonest, thanks.

  37. I scored 271 in jamb and 66% in post jamb. Waec result is 4 B’S and 4 C’s with a D7, Whats the probability of being admitted to study Accounting course

    1. It was your D7 that messed you up ,but hopefully if it was not a relevant subject you have a Chance of entering

  38. Good evening sir my jamb score was 186 to study education biology and my post utme was 54% and I registered with Neco awaiting
    Is there possible chance of gaining admission sir

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  44. Course, anatomy; two sittings, waec and neco; 246 in jamb, 64% in ptume and also from catchement area, kwara to be precise.

    Have I got a good chance, sir?

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    I applied medicine and surgery DE with 13points… I scored 80% in the post utme.. Pls what are my chances? I am from Ogun state.

  48. Firstly l’d love to appreciate your efforts sir concerning scholars.. Actually sir,l had 259in my jamb and 60 in Post UTME…
    What are my chances of admission to unilorin…
    And even if I have a slim chance..will I be given some other courses?
    And yes,I am from Ilorin..

  49. Good evening sir. I chose Biochemistry. I had 277 in Utme and 88% in Putme. I had my o level requirements at one sitting. Plus, I’m from Kogi state (one of the catchment areas). What are my chances of admission?

  50. I scored 68% in post-utme, in waec; had one A1, two B3, and two C. All in 2 sittings. Applying through DE with ND upper credit 3.09. Want to study architecture. Want to know if i am good to go.

    1. It still depends on God my dear, you cannot fully predict Unilorin admission, a high score does not fully ascertain admission, but i can say you have a pretty cool chance.

  51. with a post utme score of 60, 3B’s, 1A, 1C in the five relevant subjects, what is my chance of being admitted to study pharmacy?

  52. Jamb:225
    Course:Computer Science
    Cutt off 220
    POst utme 56%
    Waec Maths B2 ( Physics Chemistry Biology)B 3 English C4
    AM FROM the Catchment Area

  53. Good morning sir, I scored 210 in Jamb and 50% in my post utme, With Bs and Cs in my Neco o’level,,,,,what are my chances of being admitted to study history and international studies in Unilorin? Am also from Kwara State

  54. i scored scored204 in jamb
    60% in post utme.
    5b and 4c in waec.
    agricultural and biomedical engineering.
    pls what is my chance

  55. Hi I passed the utme cut off mark and my o level result is very good but I had a low mark in my post utme exam can I still gain admission

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