April 23, 2019

Do I Need a Connection to Gain Admission?

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  • do i need a connection to gain admission into unilorin

Every now and i then i get this question; Do i need a connection to gain admission into any University or institution in Nigeria?

You see, it’s an interesting question that will provide value to a large number of curious aspirants who strive to achieve a long visioned dream of gaining admission to any University or Institution in Nigeria.

Before i provide a profound answer let me paraphrase the question to suit your perfect understanding.

The main idea here is, Does an aspirant need to be connected to any high official or family member in order to gain admission into the University or any concerned institution?

Now you understand perfectly where we are driving to.

Well, i am going to present the best answer that i know will be solid enough to cover this topic.

Whether you need to be connected to someone in order to gain admission into the University, it really depends.

Let’s discuss a lot around it.

For example, does connection still works in Nigeria for gaining admission as of 2019?

Is it actually an official thing?

How then can a student who has good grades be sure of his/her admission?

You see that this topic really goes deep, and I am as well ready to go deep while answering it, just so that before you leave my site you will know the next move to make.

First, let me start by saying whether or not it’s possible to gain admission into the University with a low or good grade through connections.

it’s quite possible in fact it happens year in and out.

We have seen many instances of students who did poor and got admitted, why someone who has got all the needed requirements gets excluded from admission.

We have to really dig deep into this phenomenon.

It happens and it’s not just in any particular University but all Universities in Nigeria per se.

Please, before we go into a solid answer, promise me you will not jump off this page until you read my last line. Remember i am only here to show you the exact way admission works in Nigeria and to answer this question intensely  “If you need connections to gain admission”

Do I need a connection to Gain Admission?

No, you don’t need a connection to gain admission into the University, to be precise, but getting a connection does help in most cases.

Well, that may be just the simple answer to whether or not you need a connection to gain admission into any Nigeria institution is, but remember that it depends on what your grades are?

That only explains 50% of the question.

In a nutshell, the answer comes in two variables which are:

Yes, you need connections to gain admission into any institutions in Nigeria, and No, you don’t need Connections of whatsoever kind to gain admission into any institution in Nigeria.

You don’t understand yet, Okay it’s fine. Allow me to explain a bit.

I want to site an example with Unilorin, assuming we are to say if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

Enrol jupeb

Unilorin gets over 100, 000 (One hundred thousand) applicants yearly and among this number. Only 11% will gain admission, the rest will have to wait for another year.

If this wasn’t so, then maybe i wouldn’t have any reason to say yes.

But unfortunately, it’s the shocking truth.

To be more precise only 11, 000 (Eleven thousand ) applicants will gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

That was the number of admitted candidate in 2017 and 2018 according to the data we recorded.  And the same figure will be admitted in 2019.

If you knew this you wouldn’t really ask if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

“The competition in the University of Ilorin is like three hundred people struggling to enter a bus  that can only contain 50 people”

That’s the best concept i can use to explain this.

Let’s assume the bus fare is N100 (One hundred Naira)

Imagine giving the conductor N500 ( Five hundred Naira) to consider you, he will eventually create a space for you to enter the bus, maybe through the roof or boot.

That is the same way admission works in Nigeria.

If you can be able to struggle enough to enter the Bus on your own before it gets filled, good for you.

Enrol jupeb

That is the exact reason i gave my answer as Yes, you need a connection to gain admission and No, you don’t need a connection to gain admission.

But that’s not all……

Should you do it or not?

What if you have no one or no money to do it?

Relax we are going to cover all these.

But i want to make a proper reference to some ideas most people have that drew my attention.

Someone answered this question and a lady answered ” You don’t need a connection to gain admission if you pray you will get admission”

I could not help laughing when I heard such a biased answer that most religious folks seem not to understand.

Yes, somehow along the line, prayer speaks if you believe it would.

But see the way it actually works.

Let assume there are are 10 different persons aspiring to gain admission into Unibadan including you and I, and there is only space for 2

If you pray diligently, I pray diligently and every other person prays diligently, now the equation is balanced.

Whom will God give? And whom will God leave?

Enrol jupeb

Let me see how you will answer that question.

In essence, it would be wise to stick to another plan if you truly want to gain admission apart from your belief and the result you have because everyone else believes and everyone else has the same result as you and even better.

Come to think of it, Nigeria is naturally corrupt.

I agree, but let me explain why it is actually is fair to say you need a connection go gain admission into the University, college or polytechnic.

Why you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

I have explained with two concepts above.

Here is an overview!

Only 11, 000 (Eleven thousand) student out of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) or lets us bring it down to 30, 000 ( thirty thousand )assuming that is the total number left after sitting for post utme will gain admission into Unilorin.

How do you think the school will select the best 11, 000  ( Eleven thousand) assuming 23, 000 (twenty-three thousand ) out of 30, 000 (thirty thousand ) candidates are all qualified?

Admission connection in Nigeria

So that only brings us to the conclusion that it’s fair to get a connection in order to secure a guaranteed space using the advantage of the corruptness of the country in Nigeria which is actually not a corruptness.

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Secondly, have you heard of Universities admission grading system.

Once again, If you sure know it; you would not ask if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

Here is a brief overview of how Unilorin, for example, Give admission.

do i need a connection to be admitted into Unilorin

The school will first look into your post utme score, next they will look at your jamb or direct entry score, next they will check your state of origin, next they will check your O’level result.

To balance it all they will check the course you applied for.

The same thing happens in all Nigerian Universities, there is a quota of admission for each region including the catchment area and the majority of them come from the catchment area, while the minority comes from other areas.

Here is a structure of the admission quota.

how to get a connection in unilorin

50% Admission is kept for the first list simply know as the Merit List.

The merit list is strictly based on your performance and they start to choose from those who score high.

No matter where you come from even if it is Jamaica. As long as you are one of the best performing students most especially if you get admission from jamb caps.

Enrol jupeb

You will make it into the first list.

35% Admission will be given in the second list. Here it depends on the catchment area and a bit of connection from high officials.

I will explain more soon.

The last list is the Vc list 15%, don’t get too excited because sometimes it could be just a 100 available space.

Most especially in favor of educational less privileged and a bit of connection.


Why you don’t need a Connection to gain admission

Well, sometimes i believe ones grace is different from another. Luck can be placed on anyone.

Even with the so-called connections, 50% don’t get admitted so its not always about connections.

From the graph of how universities give admission that i showed you above.

Notice that the largest quota is given in merit list.

No single person no matter the connection he/she uses will find his/her name in the first list unless the person has merits.

That is why i said, even if you use connection it is not actually a corrupt practice, it just a system of selecting students for a session base om priority.

And if those students cannot foot the bill of admission given to them by chance, they will get flushed out over time.

So it’s fine to conclude that you don’t need whatsoever connection to gain admission into any Nigerian tertiary institution if you can hold the bull by the horn and stand firm.


I mean you don’t need to know anyone in order to get admitted into any school, but on the grounds that you perform brilliantly.

Here is the kind of admitted students you will find in the first list.

  •  Those whose jamb score is higher than the cut-off mark with 20 and above depending on the chosen course.
  • Those who score above 65% least in post utme.
  • Those who use one sitting in O’level or those who have More A’s and B’s.

73% of the students that will be admitted in the merit list will come from this category.

So if you want to escape connections to gain admission then present good grades and you will make it through.

How Connections Work In Nigeria Universities.

You see! High-rank university staffers such as the VCs, Deans, HOD’s and lectures usually have free slots or simply put admission space and if you can actually find one you will be more than a million times lucky.

Here is the caveat: Most people will use this opportunity to collect money from a curious student with admission promises and fail to give it.

But finding a reliable person to help you is seldom.

However, when you find one, the slot will be added to the second or third list but not first.

Most of these lecturers and staffers have 10 slots, some 5, some 2 and even 1 depending on the rank.

So this means if you meet someone who has available slots, maybe relatives. As long as its a valid slot, you will eventually find your name added to the second or third list.

Moreover, all these cannot be possible if you don’t meet the main cut off mark, else it’s not real.

Always remember that connection will be stronger if you come from the catchment area.

But it’s quite possible for you if don’t, just meet the right person if you have to.

Some of the staffers who do not have relatives, who have someone that can also be more like a relative he will transfer it willfully.

The conclusion to the question “Do i need a connection to gain admission into the University?”

Always remember this, connections can fail and your good result can fail likewise.

As for prayer, it’s good but you need to work so that your labor will be blessed.

My conclusion here is, have a good result first, so that it will speak for you.

I mean good O’level, good Jamb/D.e score, and good post utme score.

And if you know anyone good for you. Meet him/her and act accordingly so that you will have two grounds to stand one.

Trust me that’s the best and surest means to gain admission into the University as of 2019/2020.

You may be Like “Osas…what if i don’t know anyone?”

“What if i don’t have the money to pay for connection?”

“What is the surest means for us”

Relax, there is a solution for you that you can count on.

But that will be only revealed later in this article.

In order not to miss it before admission starts, subscribe to my blog and you will get all admission juice to make it this year into the University and other institutions.

All the best!

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